and ned :(

This crack pairing hits me in ALL the feels. Height difference, thick eyebrows, tiny blonde woman with a bob cut, unrequited love, antisocial, honest man, opposites attract (and maybe age gap?), and I’m probably forgetting a few. :D

I’m trying to rewatch this series, but as I don’t like the main female lead (I want to, but she is so manipulative, and I REALLY empathize with Olive), it’s hard to get through. But I love all the other characters, and the writing, so I’m going to give it my best shot.


Ned x Catelyn - Game of Thrones Meta

Gifs courtesy of @ryanranalds

This exchange between Ned and Catelyn is one of my absolute favorites. Just outside of Littlefinger’s brothel, as they’re about to say goodbye, Ned feels it’s important enough to take part of this moment to tell Catelyn Littlefinger “still loves” her.

Ned fidgets. He looks up at her shyly. Almost as if, even after all these years, he remembers he was her second choice. That Petyr fought his brother Brandon for her hand. That Catelyn could, still, be moved by the gesture. It’s an apology, of sorts, for being quiet, and reserved. For not being everything she might have wanted. 

“He still loves you” is, I think, a question as well as a statement. Do you still love him? Is this all right, Cat, this marriage we’ve built? Have I made you happy? 

And Catelyn just gazes at him with love built on a rock-solid foundation. Years and years of brick by brick and stone by stone.  She cares for Ned, loves him in a profound and nuanced way that’s a far cry from the romantic passion she had as a girl for Brandon.

The way she tilts her head down as she says “Does he?” transforms her words into an answer as well as a question. She’s telling him I love you, and you only, Ned. There is nothing you need to fear. You have my heart, completely.   

“Does he?“ could have come out so many other way. Catelyn could have waved Ned’s declaration away, but still been secretly intrigued. Catelyn could have been angry. We know she has a temper. But the deep peace that’s evident on her face gives Ned all the reassurance he needs. 

It’s also heartbreaking to me that this is the last time they see each other alive. 

Why is Happy on this?

That’s like having the lead character’s teacher’s best friend on the poster.

Like Neanke Leeds wasn’t important enough as the BFF of Spider-Man to make the poster?

Aunt May didn’t deserve a full body image or at least something noticably bigger than Happy effing Hogan or Michelle Jane Watson?

And if you needed any further proof that this is being sold not as a Spider-Man movie but a Marvel Team Up movie look at the composition and how the eye is divided between Spider-Man and Iron Man rather than being on Spider-Man himself.


On a more positive note in here, to everyone reading this (I am too lazy to tag ppl and i kinda want all of you to see this…idk, discord is useful w/ it’s @ everyone tag system…), And I love my friends who are here for me, always willing to listen and try to lend me a hand in my try to get back up. I love you guys, it means a lot to me, you are precious, all of you who care, i only hope I will manage to repay your kindness some day, because i feel like i am needing your help quite a lot these days. Thank you.

To everyone out there tho, Never forget, you are awesome, amazing and wonderful people, and there are always friends by your side who love you and appreciate you for who you are, even if you may not see that yet. And do not let anyone tell you otherwise. EVER!