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When you realize Julie truly just gave up on Even/Evak and nearly every scene with them this season has actually been written by elli_skam


The Reality of Breeding

This will be a longer talk, but I really wanted to address some things I’ve encountered this season. This has been my 5th season and also my smallest, most difficult, and most unsuccessful. I wish breeding was all rainbows but it’s not. When dealing with livestock, you’ll also have to be dealing with death in those animals. You can tell yourself over and over that you’re aware of the risks and ready to handle them, but when it comes time, it can be very difficult. This season I’ve had nearly every problem you could hope to avoid while breeding or just even owning geckos; first Flare prolapsed. I saw that his hemipene was not red and healthy and took him to the vet ASAP. She told me the hemipene was actually fine, just had fecal matter on it so it didn’t look normal. After cleaning the hemipene, they sutured it back in and told me to give the hemipene a week and come back for suture removal. After the suture removal, they advised to give him two months off. I decided after this to give him the season off and he hasn’t been bred since. I did try to see if he was interested in a girl 3 months after the incident, but he didn’t have any interest. After Flare’s recovery, I thought I’d be done. Around a month ago, Cira became eggbound. She had already laid one perfect clutch of two fertile and nicely sized eggs. Only seven days later she already had two huge eggs inside her and was lethargic. I will admit I panicked a lot here. I was calling emergency vets who told me this isn’t an emergency and to wait until tomorrow for an appointment. I didn’t think she would make it through the night. She’s always been a calm and easy-going girl, but she was very unresponsive to stimuli and wasn’t moving much. I gave her warm soaks every few hours and syringe fed her calcium. She didn’t dig and showed no signs of wanting to lay. The next day at the vets, they took two x-rays that showed the eggs were abnormally shaped and very large considering she laid eggs only a week ago. We went through a couple options (antibiotics to see if there was an infection in her reproductive tract, waiting to see if she’d lay on her own, calcium injections, spay+egg removal, or egg removal). This was a really tough decision for me, especially considering that she was fine a few days ago and had a perfect first clutch and was more than two years old. I thought since she was old enough, very healthy, and had never had any issues before that I’d never have this problem but there I was. I was told there was a chance she could go right back to becoming egg bound with her next clutch, but they’ve also removed eggs from geckos and that was the end of their reproductive troubles. I asked the vets to make a decision based on what they saw during the surgery. During her 24 minute surgery, the vet saw an abnormal reproductive tract and went ahead with a spay and removal of the eggs. Cira came home and was extremely thin (32 grams; her eggs weighed 6 grams and she’s usually 53-55 grams). She gained weight very quickly (10 grams in one week) and the vet was so happy with her progress. She still has 4 of her 5 sutures and will shed them out on her own, and is back up to 50 grams and is eating so well. $800 in vet bills and I was sure that would be the end of the troubles for the season, and I was wrong. Yesterday an egg that has been incubating for two months began sweating and made slits in the egg. Twelve hours had passed and not much had changed besides how deflated the egg had become. I candled the egg and saw no movement, and decided to cut the egg. Inside was a fully formed and seemingly perfect bell sunglow that had died in the egg somehow. This was one of only four viable eggs I had this season and was the only bell egg of them all. Mind you, I had 10 girls I was planning on breeding. Only five mated, and only three produced viable eggs. This season has been a huge reminder that breeding is so much more than cute baby geckos. Before you consider breeding, please take this into consideration. Breeding any animal is not glamorous, it’s a shocking reality that puts your animals in danger and makes you realize that horrible things can always happen, no matter how much you try to prevent them. I’d also like to make the comment that you can never have enough money saved up for emergencies like these, and that despite being marketed as an easy and cheap pet, medical attention is so important but also very costly for any pet. 

After reading this post by @angrydennisreynolds  about Women contributors on sunny, it made me think of this quote from Kaitlin “That extended to the crew behind-the-scenes. “We have an amazing diverse crew, lots and lots of women, lots of gay women with families, which makes me very proud, lots of female directors, female ADs,” she says. “It’s really important for me, having a female-driven show, to have a bunch of strong driven women around me.” In this first season of ‘The Mick’ so far there have been 3 women directors-

Kat Koiro - 2 eps, Geeta V Patel - 1 ep, Silver Tree - 1 ep.

There’s been 4 writers, Harper Dill - 1 ep, 9 story editor creditsChristine Nangle - 1 ep, Lindsay Golder - 1 ep, Laura Chinn - 1 ep.

There have been 6 women producers, Kaitlin Olson - Co Executive Producer, Laura Chinn - co producer, Caroline James - Producer, Christine Nangle - producer, Julie Hrebec - producer, Susan V McConnell - Producer. 

There have been 5 AD’s, Michele LaBrucherie - 2nd assistant director - 8 eps,  Stacy Murphy Gold - 1st assistant director- 4 eps,  Janell M. Sammelman - 1st AD- 3 eps,  Shea Vargé - 1st AD - 2 eps, Helena Lamb - 1st AD - 1 ep. 

The Mick hasn’t even finished the first season yet and has nearly beaten Sunny in every bracket. It’s Always Sunny has been on for 12 years. So what I’m saying is -  

The Mick is fucking hilarious and is doing a pretty bang up job so far, you should all be watching it!!

I work at a ticket office, and we have graduation season right now so we’re super busy. And nearly every call I answer is someone saying “I bought my tickets online and it told me they would be picked up in will call - what’s will call?”. Will call is a common term! And it says pick up right there! Stop wasting my time with your basic-ass questions!

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I love Lars to death, but what is the deal with so many people calling him mentally ill? I mean, I can see it a bit but people seem to really harp on that. thoughts?

Sorry this took a while anon but…

*cracks knuckles* I’ve honestly wanted to take a time to outline why exactly people say that Lars is–and truly is–mentally ill and now I’ve found a reason to! So, I’ve taken the liberty of detailing out everything in canon that speaks about Lars’ mental state. With so many different symptoms it is clear as day there is something going on with him. Whether it’s just from genetics, being bullied when he was younger (a headcanon I heavily lean toward), or a mixture of both is not clear. BUT, there is something deeply off with Lars and his thinking, so without further adieu:

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Desert Madness Part 1

@madasakuweek Rated E for everyone 10 and up…for now

The desert was a part of her and coming back to it was like being born again, suddenly her bones could sign with the frequencies of a earth soaked in mystery. Sakura pushed back the brim of her cap and grinned at the deep blue sky. Summer was nearly over and the monsoon season was out in full force. Every other night was a lightning storm full of dry thunder and bolts of crackling electricity.

She missed her desert.

Nothing seemed to have changed since coming back from university. The people were all where she left them and the builds only grew dust with the passing seasons. The few exceptions to this norm bit at her heart painfully when she realized on of her closest friends was gone. Naruto had gone off the same summer as her, but he was still tied up with classes, not having rushed through courses like her. Sakura was too eager to return to the land of her ancestors. Bloodstone was her home.

The room in her grandmother’s house was exactly as she left it. The posters of UFO sightings and newspaper clippings still stuck to her walls, and even the Christmas lights turned on when she plugged them in.

For a second she saw the ghosts of her childhood crowded on her bed as Sasuke brought his transmitter up for them to hear. Thicker than thieves they trio had been inseparable in their youth, chasing down ghost lights in the desert, mysterious radio station signals, tracking the clues left by old Dutch miners, and recording low res video of what they could just off the highway.

Old warnings like, ‘never drive down the interstate with an empty passenger seat’ were ignored and dared as the group stole an Uchiha chevy and drained it going up and down the old interstate after midnight. Nothing ever came from it, but the memories were a nectar to suck on when life drained her.

And she was drained.

Sakura dropped her bags at the foot of the bed and slowly lowered herself onto the twin sized mattress. The blanket from her great grandmother was just as soft as she remembered it being, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes.

She set the radio to her favorite static station and set to work cleaning up her old room and putting away what she had packed with her. It was a fuzzy mess and she loved it like that, but her heart still ached for the voice that would punch through in her youth and whisper things like a secret that didn’t make sense.

Every time the man from the dust came on it was a big enough deal to make her drop everything and anything to commit his words to memory. He had still speaking when she entered high school and she doubted he had spoke anytime since, otherwise Sasuke would have texted her from the military compound where he could still get a signal.

The man from the dust would talk about places lost to the ages, the ancient fossils of water monsters frozen in red stone, the government bunkers buried in the desert, the abandoned railroad that drove like a ghost through the desert on hot midnights in summer, and Oasis.

‘Oasis is the key to it all, or maybe just the reason. Oasis is what made the world look at bloodstone and it’s also what made her hidden.’

None of them knew what Oasis was but they had theories as kids growing up. It had been their treasure to hunt and dream over. Naruto thought it was a gold village from the ancients like El Dorado, Sasuke thought it was a secret UFO crash site, and Sakura believed it all. She needed to. Bloodstone was a part of her and Oasis was somewhere in the valley, waiting for her.

“It’s finally starting to cool down. Cool enough for-kch,” a voice cut through the white noise, making Sakura go still and white. She turned stiffly to stare at her little red radio. “Im going to the petroglyphs for answers. The trail is paved with good intentions, just like hell. Maybe Oasis is hell. It’s been hell finding it so long. But I’m at the end.”

The white noise returned and there was nothing else but static.

His voice. Low and tickling in her ears and belly, like it was a thing that filled the listener up. There was no way she would mistake that voice. It had been younger once before, when she was just a child, but it had always been the same man, aging with his pursuit of the truth.

The day she came back to bloodstone he came back to the radio. It was a sign.

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Yeah, now I'm convinced 100% Lena is Morgana 2.0 and Rhea will be her Morgause. Only diference is that Morgana didn't have a Kara that promise to always be there and protect her and I HOPE that changes the outcome

I definitely see the road that they are trying to take with Rhea, but I am still not convinced enough to dial Lena down to Morgana 2.0. There are way more things to consider than the negative aspects that make them alike.

First, let us consider those that Morgana was against. By the time Morgause moved in on her, Morgana had already started down her dark path. She wanted Uther (a “good” character) dead. She hated a canonically good person. She had even gone as far to make an attempt on Uther’s life before changing her mind. Of course she had excellent reasons to hate him but in the battle of good vs. evil trope, she went to the wrong side. Morgause’s manipulation only continued to ease her down the path that she had already started on. Let us not forget that while Morgause did use her, Morgana went to her first. She told Morgause what she wanted and what she initially tried to do. Following Merlin’s attempt on her life, Morgause had a whole year to finish poisoning Morgana’s heart and mind against those she used to love. Morgana knew what she was, just not exactly what she was capable of.

Lena isn’t there. And I don’t think she will be. At least not anytime soon and not by Rhea’s doing. It is clear that Lena is not going to be initially aware of who Rhea is and what her intentions will be. I mean, give her some credit. I find it extremely hard to believe that Lena would be so open and welcoming to someone that approached her with an evil plan. Yes, she is vulnerable. Yes, she is going through a hard time experiencing loss. But in light of all of that, she is still quite self-aware. She knows of the dangers she faces of being just like Lex and Lillian and the fact that she not only knows that but is afraid shows that she wants to make sure it doesn’t happen. The fact that she has Kara to hold on to helps her with that. The only ones that Lena is against at the moment are her mother and Cadmus. There is not a good character that Lena is at odds with.

She is at a point in her life where she wishes to surround herself with people that can positively influence her. She doesn’t know many at the moment. So when someone approaches her under a seemingly genuine guise of friendship, reaching out when she is in need, of course she is going to be trusting. It is the perfect manipulation – taking advantage of her vulnerability and her good nature. Rhea knows how to capitalize on that. She knows what Lena is missing and can sense what she wants.

I have no doubt that Lena will have a sense of attachment. But I also have no doubt that when she learns the truth about Rhea, she will definitely feel betrayed. Because there is someone else that wanted nothing more than to use her and her resources for ills. She’s been used and hurt by a lot of people in her life so she would not be willing to help someone that did the same – especially if that person not only aims to hurt her but others as well.

We already know that Lena will be Team Supergirl and she will be working with the DEO and Lillian to take down the Daxamites so let’s guess where that will leave Mother Figure Rhea. Gone. Back on Daxam. Dead. Who knows? But her grip on Lena – also gone. It has also been stated that Kara and Lena’s friendship will continue to develop and be explored into the next season.

My final point: They have put way too much development into Lena having her lean a certain way to have her go bad at the end of the season for someone she literally just met. Lena Luthor, the woman that saved Supergirl a number of times, went out of her way to see justice done, worked late hours to help find kidnapped aliens – with a smile on her face – and single-handedly saved the aliens of National City (possibly even the world), isn’t going to turn on a dime and fight for the big bad. She just won’t. It literally goes against everything that they have put in place for her. It goes against nearly every message and moral of this season. Our girl will be just fine. Lena and Morgana are two different entities. There are negative aspects in the stories that are shared, but as Kara said:

There are too many things to consider in Lena’s favor. Kara’s influence is only one of them.

Let’s see what happens on tonight’s episode.

Supernatural 08x01 and Prolonged Purgatory

Part of Falling Deeper in Love with Supernatural, Episode by Episode

Before I get into an intertextual analysis of “We Need to Talk About Kevin” and the book/film the episode’s title references, there are two pieces of miscellanea about this episode that I cannot ignore.

1. Kevin Tran is officially the best ever in this episode. The manner in which he uses his wiles to outsmart Crowley on multiple occasions will never cease to put a smile on my face. Nor will the way in which Osric Chau perfectly delivers one of my favourite lines in the entire series.

What’s going on?

There’s a demon in you, and you’re going to your safety school.

2. Season eight is well-loved in certain circles for being perhaps the queerest season ever. Season twelve competed for that distinguished honour but - holy hell - this episode is one of those ones I want to thrust in the face of folks who deny that there is any LGBTQ subtext in Supernatural. Because this episode - it’s a treasure trove of Ho Yay! Moments.

(all gifs from @deanfightswithmonsters)

Including Spanky the Demon, the one who uses too much teeth.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, onto the relationship between 08x01 and its titular material. There are those occasions in Supernatural where the references are clear: “Jus in Belo” is an homage to Assault on Precinct 13, “Stuck in the Middle (With You)” is a love letter to Tarantino, “Appointment in Samarra” directly connects to the Talmudic tale and its many retellings. Songs not only work within the show’s soundtrack to shape its mood and tone, but often find their way into episode titles. These gestures are not meaningless.

But that is not to say that every allusion is equal - some are gestures rather than directives. “We Need to Talk About Kevin” falls in this category, in my opinion. There’s of course a superficial reference there - Kevin Tran’s importance continuing to assert itself over the course of Season 8. Sam’s neglect and abandonment of Kevin is indeed something a resurrected Dean forces him to confront.

But there are many ways to say Kevin will play a central role in this season’s arc that do not reference another work of art. The book the episode is named after was published in 2003; the film adaptation in 2011 (a year before this season). It is wholly possible that the writers did not intend to engage with this source material at all, but that will not stop my little meta brain from insisting otherwise.

I admit - I have not read Shriver’s book, but I have watched (and loved) Lynne Ramsay’s adaptation. The plot centers around Eva Khatchadourian and her struggles to cope with horrific violence perpetrated by her teenage son, Kevin. It is a story of trauma, guilt, loss, pain that unfolds in fragments - Eva’s memories of the past haunt her in the present. It is a tragedy about a fractured family - about psychological damage - about keeping secrets - about avoiding unpleasant and frightening truths. Its title insists it is necessary to confront a problem of which we’d rather not speak.

Intentional or not, 08x01 shares all of these elements. Both center around protagonists enduring a sort of prolonged Purgatory - one where the past hangs heavy over their heads, where a state of suffering persists through the endurance of painful memories of trauma and loss. Like the film, much of its narrative is told in flashbacks - a device that would be employed in nearly every episode of the first half of Season 8. In fact, Season 8 almost contains more flashbacks than the previous seven seasons combined.

The question is: why?

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I am so tired of all these damn drag queens crying about having to sew every damn season. With all that “Beyonce doesn’t sew her own customs.” Bitch do you honestly believe that Beyonce would enter a fucking competition where sewing has been a factor nearly every season and not have picked up a lesson or two????? Beyonce show up to a competition unprepared??

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Hi! :) After the no Fitzsimmons nonsense of this season, are they seriously thinking about separate them AGAIN or even break them up?? They have done nothing as a couple, except crying... and let's face it the apartment thing was a prank. I won't lie, I won't take it anymore, if the season begins with them apart, I will shut down the tv... If it is a "forever love" but they only show it the first day and in the very last ep without nothing in-between, following the journey is useless. :/ :(

Hi Anon!

We don’t know what they are going to do with Fitzsimmons when we first come back…there is a very good chance that the writers don’t know what they are going to do either.  I think that they have an endgame in mind…and its a matter of what route they take to get there.   And as they go into Season 5 they stand at a fork in the road as to what direction they want to take.  

Its okay to feel upset and even betrayed right now.  I did, and I still do a bit.  I’m getting better as I re watch and have a few metas under my belt.  But I definitely am going to be a lot more careful with anything they tell us from now on…good and bad.  I do hope the writers and show runners are more careful too.  Seeing the hurt.  IE don’t put things out there you don’t intent on paying off or worse lead us to believe it will be paid off when you very well know you won’t.

The way I’m looking at it is if they were going to break them up we would have seen the break up in the finale.   We saw Philinda take the step back, if Fitzsimmons were going to do the same I think we would have had a heartbreaking scene where Fitz pushed her away and said that he needed time.  But we didn’t.   We got a scene where he point blank said that there his his love for Jemma would never fade and that there was only room in his heart for her.  With the “other woman” who had orchestrated things so that she would be his “whole world” sitting right next to him and she meant NOTHING romantically to him.  Nothing.  He had the same amount of time worth of memories and “transferred feelings” for Ophelia as he did Jemma, and Jemma won hands down.

Originally posted by alfonsosherrera

We saw Jemma go through hell to get him back.  That her feelings hadn’t changed either, that she didn’t blame him for anything.  It wasn’t him.  And she saw that affirmation as well.  

Did we get a chance to see THAT desperately needed conversation.  No.  And not gonna lie or sugar coat it.  That totally sucks and the writers dropped the ball.  Not only did they run out of time, I think they honestly thought that what they did was “enough’ of a pay off.   Don’t get me wrong, that pod scene is now one of my all time favorite scenes.  It was amazing and powerful…and had that been the last thing we saw of Fitzsimmons this season I think most of the fandom would be good right now.  Because there it ended with them holding each other in that silent affirmation that they were there for each other through it all.   They really had no idea how much of a toll the Framework Arc would take on the Fandom.  And in the past we really haven’t been a hard fandom to please.  They are used to giving us epic moments that are spread out and we’re content to gif the heck out of it for a few months.  But we’re expecting more now because Fitzsimmons have grown both as characters and in their relationship and we want to see moments that reflect that.  

We did get some great moments, where they HUGE moments we had all been excited about going into the season?  Again,no.  But in more of Fitzsimmons fashion it was those little moments that spoke to their love and deep connection.

  • Bed cuddles
  • Adorable in the lab with the boxes “Cue Jemma Gasping”
  • Love Nest Shopping
  • Fight
  • “She’s out there all alone and I’m gone”/the ENTIRE team affirming how much they mean to each other.
  • Beautiful Reunion hugs
  • Fitzsimmonsing to stop Eli and double gun shot
  • Tormenting Talbot
  • Comfort Kiss
  • I mean the whole of 12 for me I just love WITH bonus “Your the best” face grab kiss.
  • “Don’t do that” with you didn’t die hugs and working together
  • Comforting Fitz and we’ll fix this together
  • Rip our hearts out but yet look he was thinking about Marriage before this all went to hades.
  • Jemma digging myself out of a grave to get to my man Anne Simmons
  • “If you do this I lose him forever” “I love him”
  • Pain, more pain, but we started to suspect that AIDA had stolen Fitzsimmons relationship for herself. along with Fitz.
  • Uniting behind our collective hate for Papa Fitz and cheering Jemma on as he went after him….after totally sneaking out when Daisy said they had to leave him behind.
  • More pain but Jemma would rather die than say she meant nothing to him.
  • Fitz woke up from a nightmare he was the monster in we need to get to him
  • Confirmation AIDA stole Fitzsimmons relationship for herself
  • Leopold “I”ll only ever love Jemma” James Fitz….with Jemma hearing it.
  • Beautiful reunion crying hugs
  • Tricking the obsessed, crazy android with a fake fight.
  • Jemma getting to unload a ton of bullets into AIDA
  • FItzsimmons getting to watch The Rider and Dad Off Front runner Coulson take care of the contrived roadblock in epic fashion.  
  • Jemma’s “amen” to that they weren’t letting him face whatever alone, didn’t blame him, and were going to help him heal.  

I likely missed some but we had something in nearly every single episode this season.  Again, no not the big sweep us off the feet and make us swoon traditional shipper moments.  But the more quiet Fitzsimmons ones we’ve had all along.  Again, I’m not saying I wouldn’t love me a really nice over the top shipper moment (because really writers would one good proper kiss have killed you, no), but they did give us something in nearly every single episode (which is uncommon for a show like this) and I would be bereft if I didn’t mention that here.  

Yes, they took the Love Nest from us…and now I know why.  Because its not time for Endgame yet…they let us and them get THIS CLOSE.  Not only were they looking to move off base but Shield was back on the up and up, they didn’t have to hide anymore.   Then,they and we lost it.  Jed and Mo constantly talk in interviews about the cost of the job and the toll it can take, how Fitzsimmons is one of the best ways for them to show it, this was a way of showing that.   We started the season so close and now they’ve been pulled deeper into the shadows by whoever took them than they were before.  And I’ll take losing the Love Nest to losing them together…sorry breakfast nook.   

  • The Love Nest is the Seychelles of this Season, that thing we lost because of the crap that happened.
  • This continues to give pull to my theory that eventually Fitzsimmons will say enough is enough and choose each other over the job once and for all.  And they had that decision taken from them in this finale as they were whisked way by who knows who to god knows where.

As ‘betrayed’ as I feel by the writers right now believe it or not I do have faith that they are going somewhere with all this.  That Fitzsimmons with Perthshire, Wedding, and Babies is all in the cards.  But its Endgame and until they are ready to have that happen, they will continue to put roadblocks in the way.   I’m honestly okay with roadblocks to endgame but they do need to give us Hope in between and need to let them face the next ones together as a couple.  

The one that seems to have been set up is now getting Fitz to forgive himself.  They’ve set it up that Jemma is the one who will help him do that.  Real couples face difficult situations all the time and don’t break up because of it.  This is their chance to show a couple dealing with a traumatic event while staying together and helping each other heal.   I don’t think they’ve set up them breaking up and getting back together, that is a traditional trope and if anything AOS doesn’t do traditional tropes in the traditional way.

  • Take the “love triangle” we had this season.  The ‘traditional’ or easy way of doing this would have been for Fitz to fall for AIDA in the real world.  But NOPE in order for it to even happen…he had to be kidnapped, brainwashed, and manipulated while being thrown in to a nightmare hell world designed by a Robot who wanted his mind and his relationship with Jemma.  

I do have concerns they will have them split up physically or make it so even if they are together the situation they’ve been forced into is somehow keeping them apart.  Be it they have physically been taken to separate locations or whoever took them won’t allow them to be together outside the lab kind of thing (though Coulson seemed to have some sort of freedom on there).  

I know none of what I just said will take the pain away or ease that distrust for the writers now.  They made their bed and have to lie in it.   A lot of this comes down to us and them having very different definitions/expectations of words like reward and soon.  Its okay to be tired of being given the run around too, because I’m there too.  They have made it so its more frustrating than fun.  They crossed a line thinking what they had was enough to make up for it, and for most of the battered fandom it wasn’t.  I’m ready to see them be a couple dealing with this stuff, not fighting to get back to each other.  There are plenty of interesting stories to tell there.  

However if you really feel empassioned and want to make your voice heard you can do that. Just like when we were fighting for renewal.  And I can not emphasize this enough that if you choose to send feedback to do it  POLITELY, POSITIVELY, AND RESPECTFULLY! We learned from AIDA that throwing a tantrum doesn’t get what you want.   

  • ABC has a feed back form that you can fill out on its shows.   We busted this out a few months ago to fight for renewal, now you can do it if you want to send in your opinion.  HERE is a post that has the link and instructions…just change from renewal to your thoughts on the story. 
  • Tweet at ABC and Agents of Shield.  Using #fitzsimmons and #agentsofshield
  • DO NOT tweet at Jed, Mo, Colo, Mark, the other writers, or the cast personally with this stuff. 

Going forward I’m going to be incredibly careful with ANYTHING we get from Jed and Mo.  I pretty much already disregard anything from the Jeff’s since they troll us so much.  I don’t want to get burned again.  I will not go into next season expecting kisses, romantic dinners, and heartfelt conversations about recovery, love, and forgiveness.  That is what fan fic is for.  

Rather I’ll watch for and appreciate those small moments while reveling in the big ones.  They like to surprise us with the BIG moments, Sandwich, Maybe there is 2.22, Sunrise/Perthshire 3.7, First Kiss 3.8 (we wouldn’t have seen that one coming a mile away had they not released that pic to EW), Handhold in 3.15,  Kisses 3.17, Undercover and ensuing sexy times 3.18 (again we had the undercover tease and waited MONTHS to see that…and most of you likely though I was downright crazy for that prediction too) Love Nest 4.4, Thinking of proposing 4.15.  So I’m going to sit back and wait for the next one to surprise me!  

And I will hope that the writers see they did hurt us and dial back the trolling, teasing, and pain.  Don’t tease things they have no intention of delivering or be a bit more honest about the timeline of such things (cough engagement cough).   Not only throughout hiatus but into next season.  

Every Supercorp fanfic ever (a pick and choose list)

1. Kara gets drunk and texts Lena
2. Kara or Lena shows up at the others apartment unannounced (if it’s Lena at Kara’s apartment Alex is there)
3. Lena falls in love with Supergirl and Kara gets upset
4. Kara is forced to reveal herself as Supergirl
5. Lena already knows that Kara is Supergirl
6. Kara and Lena make dumb work related excuses to see each other
7. One of them kisses the other and the other is too shocked to respond so they take it as a bad sign and things get awkward
8. Lena flusters Kara with her direct flirting
9. Kara nervously rambles and ends up confessing her love to Lena
10. They have a chill movie night while wearing pajamas and eating potstickers

Bonus: they get a puppy even though Kara basically already is one

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You are one of the only people I could find that still really believe destiel could become canon. I'd LOVE for that to happen, but I mean... We've had much more obvious romantic storylines between Dean and Cas before (looking at you season 8), and they still didn't make it canon. I'm really hoping you're right about this, but I don't see why it would happen this season


Well, I follow quite a few people who I believe are pretty positive about canon Destiel, but I think the important thing to most of us (including me) is that it is clear to us that the story is there, that we are not making it up.

Whether they decide to follow through on what has been laid down in the text and on screen is another matter and while I am cautiously positive I also am not deluding myself that it is a certainty.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the production side, but from what I can tell since Dabb took over (I believe officially since s12 but really since mid s11) the Dean/Cas story has really ramped up and I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to ramp this up without following through at this point. It has already been a PR disaster for the show, Supernatural is the no 1 show that comes up on google when you search ‘queerbaiting’, the fandom is divided, it is a controversial subject. Why would you even touch it with a barge pole let alone increase the subtext and lead it even into the text at this point?

TBH I got to early season 11 feeling like they had decided not to follow through and it was only with the Casifer / Dean’s reaction / Sam’s reaction to Dean story that I started to sit back up and think hang on, I feel like there’s been a turning point in TPTB here and then found out the showrunner had changed? And now we have a whole host of new writers too, under this showrunner, who when he writes, writes AMAZING DESTIEL EPISODES. So perhaps I’m reading too much into it but as this is how I felt at the time it felt like it was kind of obvious to me?

Listing my favourite episodes recently I realised many of them are written by Dabb. Most of these are extremely heavy on Destiel (either between them or by paralleling them with canon couples), so I feel like Dabb gets it and is working towards this as endgame.

So, mid s11 onwards made me sit up and notice this again. Now the story so far this season has heavily rested on focusing on the emotional side of the characters (as Dabb said it would).

With Dean it focuses on the dropping of his façade and his wanting to be honest, also letting go of his brother and letting him grow up. With Sam its his self forgiveness arc and his misunderstanding of his brother. With Mary it’s the guilt. With Cas it’s his sense of belonging and family.

Meanwhile we have whole Cas-centric episodes resting on stories about Angels loving Humans, the whole Lucifer arc rests on the result of ‘love’ between Angels and Humans. The whole BMOL arc rests on (dis)honesty. The honestly arc for Dean, the love arc for Cas - these are things they didn’t have to have the whole season focusing on repeatedly, nearly every damn episode!

Do I think they’ll end this season in each others arms kissing and declaring their undying love to each other? Hell no. I believe in endgame Destiel. In the meantime it’s gonna be painful. Because that’s how narratives like this work and that’s how this show works. But I will be surprised if it’s not endgame given everything we have now seen since mid s11 and the choices they have made regarding their story.

Am I right? Who knows! We shall see!

Honestly though, joking aside, but also in no way to I expect it, I just really want this for this season finale as Cas gets dragged off to I don’t know where ;)

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shameless baseball plug™


Hockey season has now come to an end, and I, a simple baseball child, am here to tell you why these boys of baseball should have some room in your heart.

1. They play 162 games a year. That’s right, 162! That’s nearly double hockey season and almost every day. Plenty of baseball to go around!

2. Shenanigans! So many shenanigans! Baseball involves a lot of sitting around, so when the bench gets bored, great things happen. (see: carlos martinez and michael wacha’s cup incident.)

3. The game is pretty easy to understand. Baseball is more of a slow paced game and therefore, easier to pick up on. You’ll be hooked before you know it!

There are many more reasons, and I don’t want to bore you. The long story short, baseball is a great game and if you don’t have any sports to watch now that hockey is over, the ballpark boys would love to have your support.

And, lastly, my own shameless plug, Go Cardinals! 

I think part of what makes this season so disappointing is the fact that nearly every houseguest has some great quality/ability/skill, but it’s ruined by their shit personalities and behavior

Almost all of them have SOOOO much potential so it sucks to see them suck