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After reading this post by @angrydennisreynolds  about Women contributors on sunny, it made me think of this quote from Kaitlin “That extended to the crew behind-the-scenes. “We have an amazing diverse crew, lots and lots of women, lots of gay women with families, which makes me very proud, lots of female directors, female ADs,” she says. “It’s really important for me, having a female-driven show, to have a bunch of strong driven women around me.” In this first season of ‘The Mick’ so far there have been 3 women directors-

Kat Koiro - 2 eps, Geeta V Patel - 1 ep, Silver Tree - 1 ep.

There’s been 4 writers, Harper Dill - 1 ep, 9 story editor creditsChristine Nangle - 1 ep, Lindsay Golder - 1 ep, Laura Chinn - 1 ep.

There have been 6 women producers, Kaitlin Olson - Co Executive Producer, Laura Chinn - co producer, Caroline James - Producer, Christine Nangle - producer, Julie Hrebec - producer, Susan V McConnell - Producer. 

There have been 5 AD’s, Michele LaBrucherie - 2nd assistant director - 8 eps,  Stacy Murphy Gold - 1st assistant director- 4 eps,  Janell M. Sammelman - 1st AD- 3 eps,  Shea Vargé - 1st AD - 2 eps, Helena Lamb - 1st AD - 1 ep. 

The Mick hasn’t even finished the first season yet and has nearly beaten Sunny in every bracket. It’s Always Sunny has been on for 12 years. So what I’m saying is -  

The Mick is fucking hilarious and is doing a pretty bang up job so far, you should all be watching it!!

I am so tired of all these damn drag queens crying about having to sew every damn season. With all that “Beyonce doesn’t sew her own customs.” Bitch do you honestly believe that Beyonce would enter a fucking competition where sewing has been a factor nearly every season and not have picked up a lesson or two????? Beyonce show up to a competition unprepared??

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You are one of the only people I could find that still really believe destiel could become canon. I'd LOVE for that to happen, but I mean... We've had much more obvious romantic storylines between Dean and Cas before (looking at you season 8), and they still didn't make it canon. I'm really hoping you're right about this, but I don't see why it would happen this season


Well, I follow quite a few people who I believe are pretty positive about canon Destiel, but I think the important thing to most of us (including me) is that it is clear to us that the story is there, that we are not making it up.

Whether they decide to follow through on what has been laid down in the text and on screen is another matter and while I am cautiously positive I also am not deluding myself that it is a certainty.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the production side, but from what I can tell since Dabb took over (I believe officially since s12 but really since mid s11) the Dean/Cas story has really ramped up and I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to ramp this up without following through at this point. It has already been a PR disaster for the show, Supernatural is the no 1 show that comes up on google when you search ‘queerbaiting’, the fandom is divided, it is a controversial subject. Why would you even touch it with a barge pole let alone increase the subtext and lead it even into the text at this point?

TBH I got to early season 11 feeling like they had decided not to follow through and it was only with the Casifer / Dean’s reaction / Sam’s reaction to Dean story that I started to sit back up and think hang on, I feel like there’s been a turning point in TPTB here and then found out the showrunner had changed? And now we have a whole host of new writers too, under this showrunner, who when he writes, writes AMAZING DESTIEL EPISODES. So perhaps I’m reading too much into it but as this is how I felt at the time it felt like it was kind of obvious to me?

Listing my favourite episodes recently I realised many of them are written by Dabb. Most of these are extremely heavy on Destiel (either between them or by paralleling them with canon couples), so I feel like Dabb gets it and is working towards this as endgame.

So, mid s11 onwards made me sit up and notice this again. Now the story so far this season has heavily rested on focusing on the emotional side of the characters (as Dabb said it would).

With Dean it focuses on the dropping of his façade and his wanting to be honest, also letting go of his brother and letting him grow up. With Sam its his self forgiveness arc and his misunderstanding of his brother. With Mary it’s the guilt. With Cas it’s his sense of belonging and family.

Meanwhile we have whole Cas-centric episodes resting on stories about Angels loving Humans, the whole Lucifer arc rests on the result of ‘love’ between Angels and Humans. The whole BMOL arc rests on (dis)honesty. The honestly arc for Dean, the love arc for Cas - these are things they didn’t have to have the whole season focusing on repeatedly, nearly every damn episode!

Do I think they’ll end this season in each others arms kissing and declaring their undying love to each other? Hell no. I believe in endgame Destiel. In the meantime it’s gonna be painful. Because that’s how narratives like this work and that’s how this show works. But I will be surprised if it’s not endgame given everything we have now seen since mid s11 and the choices they have made regarding their story.

Am I right? Who knows! We shall see!

Honestly though, joking aside, but also in no way to I expect it, I just really want this for this season finale as Cas gets dragged off to I don’t know where ;)

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Every Supercorp fanfic ever (a pick and choose list)

1. Kara gets drunk and texts Lena
2. Kara or Lena shows up at the others apartment unannounced (if it’s Lena at Kara’s apartment Alex is there)
3. Lena falls in love with Supergirl and Kara gets upset
4. Kara is forced to reveal herself as Supergirl
5. Lena already knows that Kara is Supergirl
6. Kara and Lena make dumb work related excuses to see each other
7. One of them kisses the other and the other is too shocked to respond so they take it as a bad sign and things get awkward
8. Lena flusters Kara with her direct flirting
9. Kara nervously rambles and ends up confessing her love to Lena
10. They have a chill movie night while wearing pajamas and eating potstickers

Bonus: they get a puppy even though Kara basically already is one

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Just wondering if you enjoy coming up with new designs and people when the 5 are introduced to a new world? Is it fun or does it get boring after awhile, and whats your favorite character design in the show?

I love it! It never gets boring. If anything it’s been too much of a challenge at times, given our TV schedule. No show in TV history has the sheer volume of new designs, both character and environment in nearly every episode. Revisiting worlds in season 1 and 2 was a production necessity, and also a lot of fun to build out the worlds and level up the characters and relationships– and more of that season 2 in a BIG way…. hard to pick my favorite? Each show I’ve lead our design team to do right by the genre specifics we are working on…. some of my faves were the dinosaurs in Dinosaur Cowboy World, especially the blue Brachiosaurus and the T Rex … and honesty there’s a very unique world in Season 2, our big double mid season episode involving an alien mountainous world, where the species have antlers and the villains are yellow fuzzy insectoid peeps that ride huge beasts called grunts… and there’s a massive Mountain Beast- this episode I had the most personal influence on, it’s not based on anything except designs in my own brain. I’m most excited about that one for its uniqueness… But I love all the episodes and all the designs - we worked hard to achieve variety and consistency on every single world and epsiode– no easy feat.

Someone Get Misha Outta Here!

Author: castielohcastiel

Characters: SPNActress!Reader, Misha, Rob, Rich

Relationships: SPNActress!Reader x Platonic Misha

Warning : none

Word Count :1639

A/N: Honestly, this just popped in my head, I never thought I’d actually ever write a fic with the actors, but I guess my brain is weird. 

Summary:  You play Mona, the hunter, on SPN, attending your first Con since joing the cast. Misha crashes your panel and learns an interesting fact about you.

Be nice. This is my first and probably only time I’ll write this kind of fic. 

You stood backstage, waiting for your name to be announced. This was your first SPN Con since you joined the show a year ago. Rich and Rob were on stage, riling up the crowd for you. Nerves rattled you, because you’ve never been in front of a crowd this large. Couldn’t believe how many fans were here to even see you. Glancing down at your attire, wondering if you went too causal, with a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt, black jeans and black hoodie. It was too late now, as you hear Rob speaking, “Welcome Supernatural’s Badass Hunter Mona, Y/N, Y/L/N! Everybody!” A Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Can’t Stop” is playing, your SPN family knew you too well. The crowd cheers, as you walk on stage, waving your hands in the air. A smile beams across your face, there was a sea of faces and you wished you could hug them all. Your nervousness suddenly vanished, as you danced along to the music towards the two men. Rich smiles at you and hands a microphone off to you. Rob side hugs you,  pulling his microphone down to speak to you, “You’ll be fine” his words of encouragement give you comfort. The boys leave the stage, as you take a seat on the chair, placed in the middle of the stage. 

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Yorktown holidays headcanons?

boss’ memo : but of course ! <3 and ,, i do not think i will find a gif of all of ‘em, but oh well !! here we go ! =DD

(yorktown : polyam ship consisting of alex, laf, herc, john, and gwash !)

  • george has always been iffy on snow for personal reasons, but he loves doin’ snowball fights !! he really does ! and he’s very good at them, too ! (i mean, he’s not a bad strategist,,)
    • plus, you’re gonna want him on your team to combat hercules’ enthusiasm and surprisingly light feet when he moves !!
      • alex gets a little too into it, eheheh,
    • you’re all soaking wet and covered in snow by the end of the snowball fight, and laf and george are outside, making an igloo–george just likes to build things in the snow, and laf just likes to be with george, so,
      • (they will be vv happy if you join them !! see if you can bring laf some hot cocoa, and george really appreciates it if you bring him tea !!)
  • (modern au) you wake up around four in the morning to find alex and john baking cookies, and then you hear the sound of the whipped cream canister,,,
    • george has the biggest sweet tooth, and he’s also a midnight snacker, and he’s also putting whipped cream in his mouth–
      • your laughter at seeing one of the most serious men you know, calmly spraying whipped cream into his mouth, wakes both laf and herc up, so now there’s a party in the kitchen !
      • (these ‘parties’ end up happening nearly every night during the holiday season,,, you’ve gone through several canisters now, though a sugar-high george is a very cute george,)
    • (alternatively, for hamiltime) george just eats strawberry preserve and if there’s any pie, he’s eating that too,,,,
  • ‘cause george is the newest member of your relationship, he’s v standoffish, and is still a lil’ awkward about interacting with you and the boys,,, he doesn’t know what’s okay and what’s not okay,,
    • don’t forget to remind him that you love him as much as you love the others !! it’s not often that he lets himself relax and be open like this !
    • he loves you all v much !! he fell in love with you before herc (but after john, alex, and laf), ‘cause he actually got to see how you interacted with the boys and when he tells you how he feels about you, you respond that you’ve always known, kinda, because he keeps a stoic disposition most of the time, so any small changes are pretty obvious–
      • but there’s a v big filter between his thoughts and his actions, so however much you think he adores you, it’s Always More !!!
      • (he and herc are v cute together because george gets Cold to the touch while herc is Warm and there are many cuddles to make up for lost time)
  • during the holiday season, herc and john knit sweaters, sometimes,,,
    • they always go one size larger, ‘cause alex’s weight fluctuates depending on what project he’s working on (laf makes sure he eats, don’t worry, but alex just kinda loses and gains weight v fast!!)
      • plus, they’re still working out george’s size for sweaters–he’s not as broad as herc, but he’s still A Tol,,,,
  • alex adores staying up until the early morn, watching movies with all of you,, he likes leaning his head against your shoulder and wrapping his arms around your middle,,,
    • he has a big ol’ grin the whole time,,,
    • laf will tease him about it, and him and alex may switch to french for their playful arguing (as they always do)
    • (herc is looking over at them and smiling–his mind drifts to how new years is gonna go down, especially because he’s got a bunch of people who he wants to smooch on the countdown,,,)

nearly every picture i’ve taken of dylan so far this season. watching this video makes me cry every single time. i never knew some dms over the summer and a tap on the glass at the home opener would have turned into getting recognized at every game and having him ask my best friend where i am when i miss a game, but it has and i wouldn’t change it for the world. i’ve had his back for two years now and i’ll have it for twenty more. he makes me the happiest person in the entire world and i will never be able to thank him enough for that. forever&always, 71.

Indeed. “We’re going to come face-to-face with Felicity’s Helix acquaintances and her allegiances to them,” David Ramsey previews, “and the stakes are going to get higher before they get lower. Diggle’s had a heart-to-heart with her, like he did with Oliver nearly every week in Season 1 and 2, and he appealed to her higher, moral self. But we’re going to get past talking at this point. Now it’s time to place foot to rear ends, as it were.”
Why doesn’t Dean go for lady cops?

So in this post I wrote about how Dean doesn’t have any female friends except Donna. Everyone else fits into a specific family category (mother, sister, daughter), the lover category (ranging from sexual relationships to Dean just viewing them as a casual sexual conquest), or the enemy category. And then there’s Donna, who could be considered family in a general sense, but doesn’t fit into any of the prescribed roles, and who could be a lover except that Dean has showed absolutely no sexual interest in her. And she certainly isn’t an enemy.

And then I got to thinking. There are actually two more women that come to mind over the seasons that had roles too small to be family, but which were not treated sexually either. They could also be considered friends, in a very acquaintancey way. And they were both also female cops. I’m talking about the cop in The Benders (Kathleen) and the cop in The Usual Suspects (Diana). Both of them let Sam and Dean go even though they were wanted by the law (both of them also killed someone right before doing that, but I’m not sure that’s relevant here).

Dean doesn’t make any sexual remarks towards them and isn’t even remotely suggestive in their direction (which, incidentally, can’t be said about male cops, just saying).

This is particularly remarkable because it was in the early seasons, where Dean treated nearly every woman as a sexual object, even enemies (Bela), and women who clearly (according to the social norms we all know and hate) were ‘claimed’ by Sam (Jess). In fact, Dean steamrolled over most taboos about flirting. He flirted with enemies, people in relationships, people who were clearly uninterested, strangers, older women, younger women, yes even men. But he drew the line at lady cops. I just wanna know why.

Was it because he thought they wouldn’t appreciate it? Because he thought he couldn’t get away with it? Because he’s afraid of women with power? Because it wouldn’t benefit him?

I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with attraction (that would imply that he only flirts with people he is attracted to, which I doubt is accurate if only because I think it more likely that he uses flirting as a tactic, to get people to react either positively or negatively). Although we do know that Dean doesn’t think much of cops, which might mean he doesn’t find them attractive as a rule. That leads me to consider that he flirts with male cops as an act of aggression and a way to claim power over them, and doesn’t flirt with female cops because… why? He feels like the power dynamic is already balanced in his favor? He doesn’t think it will work? He feels some kind of outsider kinship with them?

But then again, I don’t really want to say it’s respect either; because, again, that implies he doesn’t respect the people he does flirt with.

I’m sure there are other classes of people that Dean never flirts with, but this is the most solid example I can think of. And it holds true in more recent seasons as well. Dean didn’t flirt with Jenna, or the female sheriff in The Chitters. And we know Dean is uncomfortable discussing sex at all in front of Jody (see Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox).

This trend keeping up isn’t surprising since Dean flirts a lot less with women these days in general, but it still stands. I don’t think we have ever seen Dean flirt or be sexually suggestive with a lady cop.

Why do you think that is?

  • Pll season 1: Four girls are cyberbullied and deal relationships, grades, and other hardships of being a teenager.
  • Pll season 5: Four girls are nearly killed every day and constantly accused of murder. They deal with obstacles like being held captive in a life size doll house by a psycho murderer. Charles is there.
To: Peter M. Lenkov, Re: Steve and Danny

My mother, a conservative woman over the age of 60, is a Christian uncomfortable with the concept of characters previously established as heterosexual ending up in same-sex relationships. After the “Hawaii 5-0” season 6 finale, she called me and said “They’re in love. I don’t want to talk about it, but they’re in love.”

You’ve built the entire show around Steve and Danny’s relationship, in exactly the same way “Castle” did with Kate and Castle. Yes, Chin, Kono and Lou get storylines, but for some strange reason every time there’s a season finale you put Steve and Danny together onscreen for more time than they’ve had together the entire three months previous. Whenever one of them has any kind of trauma, you stick the other right in the middle of it. You literally get like 90 percent of your emotional pathos with either Steve or Danny’s storylines by focusing on the agony of the other person. 

You say you’ll play some more with Steve’s recklessness, with Danny’s absolute agony every time Steve gets injured. You say it will be “funny.” It was never funny, and it’s somehow getting even less so as time passes. It kills Danny every time Steve nearly dies. Yes, you never actually include it in the script, but Caan’s so good an actor it’s written all over his face. You must know this, or you wouldn’t have rested almost the entire heft of the season 6 finale on watching Danny’s pain.

And the banter that used to be so cute and funny? It’s no longer either, and in fact has been painful to listen to this entire season. I can only imagine how angry Scott Caan must be about the scripts, because nearly every line out of his mouth this season has had acid in it. And Steve comes off as confused and hurt, because he can hear the damn acid even if the Powers that Be pretend it isn’t there. We’re in that period of the show where the writers invent horrible, stupid, illogical reasons to keep the couple from getting together, and I hate it here just as much as I ever hated it in “Castle." 

And the whole storyline at the first half of this season, where Danny was practically ordering Steve to propose to Catherine? Even if you completely remove all questions of secret romantic feelings, the entire storyline was so ridiculously out of character for Danny that it physically hurt to watch. From the very beginning, Daniel Williams has always been the most cautious, cynical, paranoid person on the entire show. He always makes sure he does his research. He double and triple checks things. On top of all that, he has an entire TRUCKLOAD of issues related specifically to marriage. There is no land in which he would practically order Steve to jump into wedded bliss with an ex-girlfriend who just appeared in his life out of the blue. 

In fact, in a land in which no one had repressed feelings, Mr. "Leap Without Looking” Steve McGarrett would have been the one eager to propose, and Danny would have been telling him to actually think things through for five seconds and maybe find out a few things before he ran out and bought a ring. But what we got, with a surprisingly reluctant Steve and a Danny that was pushing the issue in Steve’s face with a desperation that was slightly terrifying, is only possible in a world where Danny, for some reason, needs Steve safely married off. Is there an even slightly platonic reason why a single, marriage-shy man might need his straight best friend to be safely married off? 

I don’t dare let myself imagine that you’ll do the right thing by these characters, but please stop doing things so wrongly. It physically hurts to watch.

Anyone else wish that all the male characters in Grace & Frankie would FUCK RIGHT OFF? I’ve nearly finished season 3, and whilst I’ve loved every scene with G&F, and Brianna (❤🔥) and her sister who’s name I can’t remember because BRIANNA (❤🔥), I’ve found myself growling at the TV and yelling “I don’t care” whenever the dudes are on screen. The only exception is Jacob because hello… GILF! The show is called Grace & Frankie, not Grace & Frankie and their annoying as fuck ex-husbands and pathetic sons.

On The Magicians, knowing the system is rigged to crush you is part of becoming an adult
The episode of the week for April 16 through 22 is “We Have Brought You Little Cakes,” the season two finale of Syfy’s The Magicians. In nearly every episode of The Magicians’ second season, I found myself thinking the show’s writers would fuck everything up. It would cut, wildly, between dimensions and universes, and its characters were often scattered to the winds. Read more