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JUSTICE LEAGUE FANCAST: requested by anonymous

Daniel Henney as Clark Kent/Superman 
Sendhil Ramamurthy as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Rosario Dawson as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash
Nicole Beharie as Joan Stewart/Green Lantern
Naya Rivera as Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl
Idris Elba as J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter
Naya Rivera/yn Dirty Imagine

Naya Rivera/yn 

I was sitting on the sides waiting for my girlfriend Naya to finish working. I don’t know why I came because I always get jealous and we always get into an argument. The director called break and and Naya came over to me for her water. “Good job babe. You’re doing great.” I said looking up at her. “Thanks baby.” She took a drink of her water and handed it back to me. “Do you know how much longer you’ll be?” I said checking the time. “Um around 5 pm.” She said putting he hands on her hips. “Oh maybe I’ll come back later and pick you up.” “Okay don’t make dinner without me!” She smiled cutely. I giggled and kissed her cheek.


I came back to pick up Naya and I saw her kissing someone. I felt a pang of jealousy in my chest and I rolled my eyes. It’s just acting. It doesn’t mean anything even though she’s one of the hottest girls here. When I looked back up she was still kissing the guy and he had moved his hand down lower on her body and she placed her arms around his neck. The director yelled cut and they pulled away. She smiled up at him and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. They talked for a few minutes before she finally came over to me. “Hey baby! I missed you.” I forced a smile at her. “Uh…you ready to go?” “Yeah let me go get my bag.” She ran into her dressing room and quickly came back with her gray duffel bag. We walked out to the car and she unlocked the door with her keys and got in the driver seat. I opened my door and stepped in. She started the engine and pushed her bag to the back seat. I put on my seat belt and looked out the window. I was still mad at her because when I asked if there were any kissing scenes involved she told me no. Naya reached over and grabbed by hand and placed it to her lips. “Babyyy.” She cooed. I tried to hide my smile and placed my free hand over my mouth. “What’s wrong?” She asked. I shook my head and slid my hand out of her grasp. “Are you jealous?” She said narrowing her eyes. I didn’t answer her and she sighed loudly and rolled her eyes. I bit my lip and rested my head on my hand. “You know I’m getting sick of your jealousy.” she said. “I didn’t say I was jealous.” I said raising my voice. Her hands gripped the wheel tightly as I felt the tension build up in the car. When we arrived at home I went upstairs to our bedroom and stripped to my booty shorts and a white cami. I turned around and slammed into Naya. She towered over me and I tried to walk past her. “Not so fast.” She said grabbing my wrist. “You think you’re gonna get jealous again and get away with it.” She said seductively. Naya dragged me to the bed and pushed me down. She had stripped to her bra and panties and was looking over my body. “You look so good baby.” I commented. “Hush.” She said looking around the room. She sat behind me and grabbed my tits through my cami and pulled it down and played with them a little bit. Naya kissed my neck and sucked on my sweet spot. I let out a light moan and tilted my head to the side. She stuck her hand inside my shorts and rubbed my clit through my panties. I bucked my hips and moaned loudly. I reached behind me and grabbed her head as she placed light kisses on my neck and my jawline. “Lift your booty up.” She purred. I giggled and slid my shorts and panties off. “Good now we’re gonna play a little game.” “What game?” I said wrapping my arms around her neck. “Turn around for me.” She said. I stared at her and turned around slowly, scared at what she would do to me. “Mommy’s gonna make you cum several times and if you try to stop me, I’m not gonna let you cum for a week.” She said nibbling on my earlobe. “so… No sex for a week?” “No we’re gonna have sex I’m just not letting you cum.” Naya said. God my baby was so hot. I felt moisture down in my Pussy. “Mmm. You’re so wet for me baby girl.” she said. “Please don’t tease.” “I do what I want with you.” She said demandingly. I rolled my eyes and leaned back into her chest. Naya spread my pussy lips apart with one hand and her other hand roughly rubbed my clit. “Oh shit Naya! Don’t stop!” I screamed out. She placed her fingers at my mouth and I spit on them getting them nice and wet for my tight pussy. Naya inserted them Inside of me and used a come here motion inside of me. I grasped onto the bed sheets and threw my head back as my toes curled. “That’s right sexy. Scream my name. Scream it.” She purred. I felt the knot form in my stomach  as she dirty talked into my ear. My orgasm was on the verge of coming as she took her fingers out and rammed them back into me. She repeated her actions and added a third finger. I gasped as my hole was stretched open wider. “NAYA! Baby!!” I cried out as my orgasm ripped through my me. My body shook as I tried to calm down from my high but she kept going. “Baby please stop for a second.” I whimpered. “Mmm I can’t baby.” She removed her fingers and licked them clean of my cum and brushed her fingertips against my kitty. “You taste sweet.” She complimented me. I smiled weakly still out of breath. Naya placed her 3 fingers inside of me again swirling them around. I jumped from my clit still being sensitive. She smacked my pussy and rammed her fingers back in without warning. I grabbed onto her arm and moaned into it. “Let everyone know who’s fucking you yn. let them know what a slut you are right now.” She purred. I squeezed my eyes shut as the pleasure took over my body and I squirt all over Naya’s hand and she chuckled lightly. “God that’s so hot!” She grinned making me taste it. I shook my head and refused to open my mouth. Naya slapped my cheek and forced my mouth open. “It’s nice to know that you can squirt. Lay on your back.” She said standing up. I laid down and tried to control my breathing but it wasn’t working. Naya came back with a dildo and smirked evilly. I groaned spread my legs wide. She sucked on it, making it wet. Naya wrapped her lips around my nipple and bit my peb. I ran my fingers through her hair and pushed her down onto it. She eased the dildo into my dripping pussy and grabbed onto my hips. “Yesss! Baby please don’t stop!! Right there.” I yelled loudly. I feel my high building again and I looked down seeing her rubbing her Clit as she pleasures me. “Ugh fuck me!” I scream as I cum. “Damn your so fucking hot.” She said placing a kiss on my soft lips. I smiled and closed my eyes as she pulled the dildo out.

Just so you know...

If Santana could ACTUALLY get Britt pregnant, there’s no doubt in my mind she’d be due right about now.

So, we getting that spin-off or nah?

the tiers of names u can call vinaya tabris

tier 1: tabris. you’re nobody special, or you’re simply on more formal terms than some. this goes for most people.

tier 2: tab. a little more fond, and you’ve been around long enough to make a nickname out of “tabris,” but not long enough for her to tell you her first name. (this isn’t something to be ashamed of- she only tells people she really cares about)

tier 3: vinaya. you’ve known her a while, and she probably casually suggested “oh, by the way- dunno if you knew, but the name’s vinaya, if you wanna use it.” she knew you didn’t know, but she trusts you with it now. by the end of da:o leliana, nyren, and morrigan call her this.

tier 4. god tier: naya. only family and closest friends call her this, and those are few. it’s usually something they start doing on their own, and she never comments on it, but it secretly makes her really happy. it’s proof there are people who know her enough to do it, and it’s always very comforting. usually heard by cyrion, shianni, zevran, larona, and alistair.

tier 5. shit tier: vinny. soris does this to piss her off.

(shoutout to @elfroots420 for getting me thinking about tabris and names lol 😅)


She Used to Be Mine (Sara Bareilles) – Brittana fanvid

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