and naruto never knew his parents

Naruto Uzumaki.

- Forgave and befriended the demon that killed both of his parents and lived inside him for years, causing the villagers around him to treat him like scum even as a child, because he knew that it wasn’t Kurama’s fault to be manipulated and set free that way.
- Protected his entire village with his chakra during the fourth great ninja war. The very same village who shunned him and never apologized for it.
- Cried when he met his mom.
- Never, ever gave up on Sasuke. Even when he couldn’t quite understand him. And when he understood Sasuke’s pain, he offered to shoulder it and die with him, so his best friend (boyfriend) would never be alone again.
- Smiles so bright he can light up an entire town ok.
- Loves ramen noodles, protect him.
- His voice goes soft™ when he talks about Sasuke Uchiha (same my dude).
- “I don’t care who I have to fight! If he rips my arms out, I’ll kick him to death! If he rips my legs off, I’ll bite him to death! If he rips my head off, I’ll stare him to death! And if he gouges out my eyes, I’ll curse him from the grave! even if I’m torn to shreds, I’m taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru!”
- Literally is so passionate and determined.
- Have you seen his eyes.
- Understands people’s feelings so well.
- Loves plants.
- I love him.

I just realized something I think is pretty significant.

We all know that Sarada addresses Naruto as “Lord Seventh” implying that she’s had very little contact with him even though Sakura and he were on the same team, which is bizarre considering how important friends were to Naruto and how close he was with Sakura. I say was as, thanks to the terrible ending, nobody seems to be close to anybody anymore. However Sarada seems aware that Naruto and her parents used to be close, even before she speaks to Naruto.

But Naruto’s kids didn’t seem to have any idea who Sasuke even was. Like he’s called the “Shadow Kage” and is supposed to be Naruto’s strongest bond but it seems Naruto never bothered to mention him to his kids at all. Boruto knew him as Sarada’s dad but you’d think that, since once again he and Naruto were so close and that Sasuke played a very big role in ninja history over the last few decades, that Naruto would bring him up at least a few times. Have at least one picture of him somewhere.

But when Boruto first meets Sasuke he has no idea who he is. Even when Hinata says Sasuke’s name there’s no recognition; Naruto’s son has literally no clue who Sasuke is. Naruto never once bothered to show his kids a picture of his supposed “best friend” and “Shadow Kage.” Evidence given to us by the narrative would even suggest that most of the “new” generation have no idea who Sasuke is, considering that ChoCho didn’t recognize him either, and that his name and picture have been almost completely erased from history.

So what can we gather from this?

1. Naruto not only didn’t keep in contact with Sakura, but also practically hid Sasuke’s existence from everyone. Especially his own kids and history itself.

2. Sasuke, who isn’t in the village only once every decade or so, doesn’t seem to know how his story is being erased because he’s trusted it to Naruto.

3. Sakura is either completely clueless because she hasn’t kept in contact with anyone and just stays home all day or knows what’s going on but doesn’t care to try and correct it.

4. Hinata never knew anything anyway so she continues to be irrelevant even now.

5. Everyone who lived through the 4th Shinobi World War and knew of Sasuke’s contributions either turned a blind eye or, more than likely, has been silenced.

6. Even with only two Uchiha left in the entire world, they’re still being oppressed and they don’t even know it.

7. Team Taka’s contributions to not only Naruto and Sakura but the 4th Shinobi World War have been completely washed away because of their involvement with Sasuke and how tightly connected they are.
(Side note: It’s bizarre that Naruto will go so far out of his way to avoid talking about Sasuke’s achievements to the new generation, going so far as to make up lies about himself and Sasuke, and Sakura will tape herself over a picture of Karin but nobody seems all too concerned that Orochimaru’s kid is a ninja for the village. A man who experimented on children, tried to destroy the Hidden Leaf, and is known for planting spies in the village (Kabuto) is perfectly accepted but Team Taka is continually treated like criminals.)

So I’d really like to see the pros try and explain away this complete disrespect to Sasuke and Team Taka’s characters.

When Sakura died, Sasuke had already been dead for several years. Just like Sasuke died in her and Saradas arms, with a smile on his face, calling her “annoying” a last time, poked Saradas and Sakuras forehead and whispered “Mata kondo na”, before closing his eyes forever, Sakura lay in the arms of her daughter, with a soft smile on her lips. She said to Sarada, she should not cry, that her and Sasuke will love her forever, and that she, Sarada, was the greatest thing, she and Sasuke had in their lives. Sakura whispered an “I love you” to Sarada, shortly before she collapsed lifeless in Saradas arms.


When Sakura opened her eyes, she was in a strange place. She felt an unbeleavable peace and warmth. She stood up and noticed, that she wore her read quipao dress,which she had already worn in her genin days. She looked around, but it seems she was alone in this misteryous place, Sakura starts to walk a few steps, until she heard a voice. A voice that she would immediately recognize everywhere. The voice and the words echoed in Sakuras ears, made her heart beat faster and tears came into her eyes.

“You are still annoying.”

She slowly turned around. Green eyes met black eyes. Sasuke stood there, with the navy blue, short-sleeved shirt he wore in the genin days. He just looked like back in these days; in his 12 year old self. Sakura just looked at him. “Sasuke….kun…..” Then she couldn’t stop herself. She ran towards him, in his arms and just cried. She felt his arms around her; he pressed her gently to his body. Sakura just cried and Sasuke sighed, poked her forehead.

Sakura let him go and tried to suppress her tears, but failed. Sasuke looked in her eyes,gently stroked her cheek and gave her a soft short kiss on the lips. They both were reunited. After all those years. Sasuke and Sakura both knew, that Sarada would grieve them, but they also knew,that the bond of love that connected the three of them, would never break. It would connect them forever.  Sasuke took her hand, smiled at her and said: “Come. Kakashi and your parents are already waiting for us. And besides….there are other three people, that I want you to meet.”


Naruto sat in the Hokage office, with his paper work and sighed. Suddenly he felt a pain in his chest, He gasped and clung to the table. The Hokage knew this pain. He felt it before. Naruto heard a crack-sound. The jinchūriki looked to the photograph of his old team,which was his family. He saw the resulting crack in the glass. It was a new one. The other two where above the figures of Kakashi and Sasuke. Naruto felt the same never-ending pain in his heart when the two of them died. But now, there was a new crack in the picture. It was above the pink haired kunoichi and Naruto felt the tears ran down his face. Again. “Now you too…..Sakura-chan……" He collapsed above the table and started crying.

"When will I see them again? When will we be reunited? The four of us?”

Fic Prompt/Request: The Other Other Talk

Anonymous said: 

Heii, your stories are amazing and you are such an inspiring writer! Since you are taking fanfic requests for Friday, can I ask a drabble or a short part.2 of “the other talk”? Sakura and Sasuke inviting Boruto (perhaps hinata and naruto along with him) for dinner or sarada and boruto deciding to formalize their relationship or anything you are inspired to write on the matter! thanks you :)

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OSF AU - “All the Little Children” (11/?)

Part 11: In which a really bizarre custody battle ensues.

Content Warnings: Garp.

Gramps looked worse than Ace could remember. He had a big ol’ knot on his head, bigger than the ones Ace and Sabo and Luffy usually ended up with whenever he came calling, and his knuckles were busted up like he’d been hitting stuff way harder than rock. And being hit back, too. On the other hand, while Kei’s clothes had some blood on her and dirt and two missing sleeves and stuff, she didn’t really look hurt. Not like anyone else would after fighting Gramps.

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mixed feelings on naruhina moment

Naruto admits he doesn’t know how to be a father because he never spent time with his own parents.

Me: Awww, see, he does care, he just doesn’t know how to balance discipline with affection. 

Also me: This makes absolutely no sense. We see photos all over the house of Naruto playing with his kids and being an involved parent. Are you telling me he knew how to be a good father and then forgot? Or that he somehow finds parenting a seven-year-old more difficult than parenting a toddler? 

Naruto admits in this very conversation what the real problem is: he doesn’t spend enough time with his kid. He has a (relatively) good excuse for this, but it doesn’t change the consequences of his absence. He prioritizes his job over his family, so his relationship with his family suffers. Duh.

Naruto and Hinata both know what the problem is. They just don’t want to say it out loud, because then a) Naruto would have to change his behavior, and b) Hinata would have to admit that Naruto is less than perfect. Instead they blame Borate’s acting out on him being a moody teenager. Or seven-year-old. Or however old these kids are supposed to be. 

Impressions of the Boruto Movie

Warning: This is heavily anti-NH, anti-Hinata, anti-Boruto movie, anti-Naruto ending, anti-Sarada, and like one anti-SS comment at the end. Don’t bother reading if you’re pro for any of those things.

So my best friend and I were going through the movie and commenting on it as we went and screenshotting like crazy. So I’ll post the screens and go through the entire movie and my thoughts on it. Basically if you don’t want to watch the Boruto movie but want to know what happens this should be useful.

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Imagine Luffy, Zoro, Law, Usopp, & Franky meeting the ninja from “Naruto”
  • Luffy would admire Naruto’s “freak/monster” nature and would ask him to join the crew
  • Luffy would probably ask Naruto if he ate the “Clone-Clone” fruit
  • Zoro and Law would be most interested in the concept of Chakra and how it works
  • Usopp would be insanely jealous of Neji and Hinata’s Byakugan
  • Franky is super (no pun intended) impressed with Lee’s Taijutsu and his manly nindo to never back down from a challenge
  • Law and Shikamaru would bond over their calm, calculating approach to situations
  • They’re also both grumps that would probably complain about their hyperactive, impulsive allies (Luffy & Naruto, respectively) to each other like they’re disgruntled parents (cue eye roll in unison)
  • Shikamaru’s shadow possession jutsu would remind the Straw Hats of Moriah and Luffy would probably ask Shikamaru if he knew the former Warlord
  • Zoro would want to learn more about Sasuke’s Shurikenjutsu

anonymous asked:

You know what i want to see? The second generation to see their parents when they were their age.Who would be disappointed,who would be happy,who wouldn't even realise that it's their parents at first.I want them to time travel somehow and see what have happened,and then of course bulid their opinions up.I personally think Sarada would be disappointed since Sakura always tells her how much she and Sasuke loved eachother.In Boruto's case i have no idea. What do you think about this?

I think sadara wouldn’t be disappointed well she would be a lil but then she would be like “I knew it” she always thought her parents relationship was weird and she would see that sasuke never showed any interest to sakura before and he still doesn’t show any interest in her even though they have a kid

Boruto would just think his dad was stupid because it was obvious hinata liked him however naruto needed a genjutsu to see that

The other kids idk there parents really aren’t that cringe worthy except sai he grown a lot since his first appearance in shippuden

Thanks for the ask 🏮

Prepare for a rant
I recently just got back into Naruto and I knew about the Boruto series, but I never made an effort to watch any of the stuff that was happening. Until, today. As I finished the video of Naruto getting kidnapped to save the Leaf Village, I saw SOOO many comments dissing Naruto about being a “horrible father” or “not raising Boruto right” and after watching more videos on their relationship, I was confused on why people were saying that.
Have we all forgotten that Naruto had NO parents what so ever growing up? He had fatherly and motherly figures, but they weren’t his real parents. It’s like being raised by your parent’s friends, you’re thankful for them, but you yearn for your parents more. Naruto never had a real parent connection that carved his way to being a “good parent”. Yes, he met his parents, but that was for a brief time. They didn’t talk about how to parent, or how hard it is to raise children, they wanted to make Naruto stronger in strength and in mind. SO. You would think that Naruto has a hard time parenting all of this. “Well, he has 2 kids, and aren’t you better with your 2nd kid?” Better? I believe more experienced. Naruto being Hokage is completely different from him being a father. I bet that Naruto was there for his kids when they were new borns until a certain age. Naruto wouldn’t just stay at work all day, that’s stupid.
Can we also discuss how bratty Boruto is? I understand your father isn’t here for you everyday, but you don’t need to be such a bitch about it. Naruto gets called to the office, and Boruto goes ballistic and leaves in a flurry. ????? Like, I’m sorry. What???? Naruto is doing this to PROTECT you. In the beginning, Naruto wanted to be Hokage so that he would be accepted by everyone, but his reason changed. His reason now is to protect the ones he loves *COUGH COUGH BURRITO BORUTO*. If Naruto just wanted to be accepted, he wouldn’t have given two shits about his family, or getting married.
Let’s conclude with this. Naruto is a good parent who shows his love in different ways. Yes, he may not be there all the time to have fun times with Boruto, but he’s always there to help him guide down the path of good. Naruto is trying to be the father he never had, and Boruto just needs time to realize.
( Also can I just say Boruto kept on changing to “abortion” and I’m literally dying of laughter )

Sakura Mocked Naruto For Being An Orphan!

I’ve debated many anti-Sakura fans over the years, and there are a few arguments against her that seem to be so common and often said by those who dislike her, that I’ve decided to rebuttal the most common ones with my own knowledge on the stories events. I’m starting with one that has been bothering me for a while.

The argument is that Sakura mocked Naruto for having no family in Chapter 3, when she was speaking to Sasuke about Naruto’s behavior. Reading back on this scene, I’ve found that it was really taken out of context.

This scene starts with Sakura speaking in regard to Naruto’s behavior. She talks about how Naruto just keeps causing fights with Sasuke, and she goes on to say that Naruto hasn’t had a normal childhood, hence why he is able to do whatever he wants and cause trouble, because he doesn’t have parents to tell him what to do. Sakura speaks about how lucky Naruto was, being all alone, without parental restrictions, and if it were her doing the things he did, she’d never be able to get away with it. These are not the words of someone who is mocking a person for their situation.

If anything, she is speaking as if his situation was fortunate. You don’t go around calling someone’s situation lucky, if your intention is to mock them; which incidentally, wasn’t the point of this scene at all. The scene was not about her mocking Naruto, as Sakura thought he had a childhood that allowed him to do whatever he wanted, with no parental restrictions, and that someone like her would never be able to do this kind of stuff.

Rather, this scene was portraying one thing: Sakura did not understand the pain of loneliness.

At that time, she had only considered the benefits of him being without authority figures in his life. Based on her thoughts about Naruto in this case, it is reasonable to believe that she likely never considered that because Naruto didn’t have parents, he would be lonely.

This scene was supposed to show the audience, Sakura’s ignorance to the pain of Naruto’s loneliness, and her arrogance to believe that she knew about his situation so well, that she could say these words as if it were the truth. Sasuke himself grew annoyed at her for this and speaks on it himself.

“All alone….the feeling of a parent yelling at you, is nowhere near what he feels…”

Sasuke is telling her that her idea that Naruto is at all fortunate to not have parents to tell him what to do or yelling at you, is nothing like what Naruto is going through. Naruto is all alone. He doesn’t have anyone to tell him what to do, but he also doesn’t have anyone by his side, or to care about him.

It’s a loss that Sakura hadn’t ever really considered, nor understood, because she herself has a family and cannot relate, therefore she never looked outside her own perspective. He calls her annoying for her words and walks away.

This scene is again referenced in chapter 181, where Sakura thinks back to that time, when Sasuke got mad at her for her words. And when he’s preparing to leave, she speaks about how he taught her about the pain of loneliness.

“Sasuke, do you plan on being alone again? You were the one who told me about the pain of loneliness! Right now, I feel that pain!”

Like several other character development moments when it comes to Sakura and her relationship with her teammates, this particular scene was called back from chapter 3, and that scene where Sakura supposedly “mocked” Naruto. 

But in fact, it was the beginning of Sakura’s journey to understanding the pain of loneliness. And she had begun to by the end of Part I and throughout Part II. That’s what the scene was about.

naruhina; their kisses, their love

prompt: kiss (D-11)
rating: T
a/n: this one’s a bit lengthy but had a lot of fun writing. first time writing something with uzumaki family, sort of lol. enjoy!


“The soul, the kiss, the heart; the first words of love.”


Despite his carefree nature, Boruto was actually rather observant.

Owning a trait on picking up meticulous details most may choose to ignore, even at a young age, Boruto noticed the more intricate aspects of his view – absorbing the minor nooks and crannies subconsciously. To say it was an annoyance was an exaggeration, in fact, he found much use of this hidden skill of his to hone his mischief making and conjure up ideas for pranks with a much more guaranteed rate of success.

Yet when it came to noting his parents’ romantic affairs, specifically their kissing, it became a nuisance.

To be fair, it was something he couldn’t have avoided should he even choose so, being that the hokage was known to be quite the expressive man. Naruto had always placed his emotions out on a silver platter for everyone to view without judgement, an attribute Boruto begrudgingly admitted he inherited from his father for he too failed to mask his emotions away easily.

So it was natural that Naruto would grab any opportunity he got to showcase his desires and love for his wife, which mostly meant a lot of kissing, much to Boruto’s disgust – because let’s be real, what kid wants to see their parents make gooey faces and smooch all the time.

However, being the attentive boy he was, he took notice of a few factors upon seeing his parents’ blatant public display of affection consistently. How the way they kissed varied depending on the situation and how each one taught him something new regarding his father.

The first one was when Naruto was ordered to leave for missions that had the high possibility of stretching as long as a month. Those days were some of the most despised days for Boruto, his possessive nature to keep his hero all to himself raging inside of him like a relentless whirlwind. Naruto would come into his bedroom, sit down on the edge of his bed with that genial smile and pull him into a long hug. Whispers of explanations regarding his duties as a ninja for their village as well as promises of his quick return would echo in Boruto’s ears yet his heart would clench in sadness over the thought of not having his guardian around him conveniently.

Naruto would ruffle his son’s golden tresses lightly, leaning down to kiss the top of his head before wishing him goodnight and to be a good boy while he was away protecting them. After he was left alone once more, Boruto would tiptoe cautiously towards his door, jarring it enough for him to peek at his parents as they exchanged their farewells. He watched as his father knelt down, placing his lips all over his mother’s bulging belly, bidding goodbye to his unborn sister. Naruto would then stand up to capture his wife in a sweet kiss. 

Boruto looked intently at the way his father’s arms fitted around his mother’s waist tightly like a cuff, holding her in place as the kiss seemed to never end. Boruto heard soft whispers of proclamations from his father, saying how he would miss her and the children so much, and that he’d always think about them every day without fail. He then heard murmurs from his mother reminding her husband to always stay safe and to come back soon for she will wait every day faithfully till he does. They sealed their promise with another long kiss.

Boruto never knew how loyal his father was until he saw that.

Hinata was notorious for her patient characteristic, a very strong value she held considering she had waited so long for Naruto’s reciprocating feelings. People barely saw her mood delve into anger so when it happened, most likely it was due to something rather serious. In Boruto’s eyes, his father was perfect and rarely caused anyone to feel upset, but to his astonishment, there have been a few moments where he had seen his mother feel a bit bitter by her husband.

It was during these instances where Boruto would be able to see his hero become the opposite of his usual image. His father’s movements would be hesitant, slowly approaching her with meek advances with touches so light, Hinata would shiver from just a brush of his skin against hers. The kisses Boruto saw his father place on her shoulder, her arms, her neck, were timid and soft, each one filled with apology while his blue orbs pleaded for forgiveness. His mother would eventually crumble and be swept away by him once more.

Boruto never knew how weak his father could be until he saw that.

The young boy remembered a time when he and his younger sister had spent an entire day under the care of Uncle Kakashi, a habitual occasion that arose whenever the silver-haired man wanted to shower his godchildren with endless spoils. With ice cream in each of their hands, they headed back to the Uzumaki residence, Himawari sharing her excitement over Uncle Kakashi helping her make the flower crown sitting nicely on her dark locks.

As they entered the house, Kakashi stopped his movements, blocking them from walking in further. Boruto watched as his godfather tried to avert their attention elsewhere but him being the observant child he was, saw what he wished he hadn’t. He heard his mother yelp in astonishment, quickly attempting to break apart from his father who had been biting her neck a few seconds ago. ‘Aa, dad’s doing it again,’ Boruto thought with a scowl, judging his guardian into being in one of those moods again.

Whenever Naruto was enchanted by this mood, it was like a spell had been cast where he would turn primal, rubbing his hands all over his wife in a rough nature, fingers leaving marks as though claiming Hinata for the world to see. He would kiss her until she was breathless, allowing little time for her to recover from his beastly advances before capturing her mouth aggressively again. Boruto had asked Uncle Kakashi about this, curious as to why his parents would always have red faces, covered in mild sweat and be so out of breath during these moments. His godfather had simply described it as 'Mom and Dad’s playtime’ and that it was best if he didn’t interfere. Not like he wanted to, it didn’t look fun at all.

Boruto never knew how possessive his father actually is until he saw that.

Of course, majority of the kisses he saw his father share with Hinata were more on the playful nature, considering how Naruto was actually a kid at heart. Boruto and Himawari would be eating peacefully at the table whilst their mother busied herself with washing dishes when their father would put a finger over his lips, signalling them to be quiet as he stealthily made his way over behind Hinata.

His tickle assaults always caught her off guard, her giggles filling the room along with his as he pecked her all over her face, neck and arms. His kisses during this always seemed so light and teasing, similar to feathers brushing against her fair skin and making her tingle more. Himawari would always run to join them in their little tickle fight and Boruto would somehow end up getting roped in as well, resulting in the entire household erupting with cheerful laughter. He watched as his father continued to place endless gentle kisses over his mother, grinning widely over the flushed reaction he got from her.

Boruto never knew how childish his father was until he saw that.

Though all these kisses differed in the emotions hidden behind them, what they all had in common was how his father’s eyes constantly radiated with love for his mother. It was like no other.

One night however, he saw a kiss he still couldn’t forget till today. 

It was late, the moon illuminating the dark sky showing how it was clearly past his bedtime. The only reason he was awake was to rid himself of the parched ache of his throat, eager for a nice cool glass of milk. He hadn’t expected anyone to still be awake so his eyebrows raised with curiosity as he saw the lights to the kitchen still turned on. The only assumption he could make was his father just returning from a long day of hokage duties so he scurried over to greet his guardian cheerfully.

Only to be stopped by an unexpected sight.

It was a kiss unlike anything he had ever seen before.

At first glance, he assumed his father was in one of those moods again for Naruto had lifted his mother onto the counter, her legs spread apart by his hands so he could move in closer, his hokage robes still draped over his trembling body. “Naruto-kun… the children-ah!” He heard his mother exclaim, her words dying down under the endless assaults of Naruto’s mouth over her body. He saw how his father’s lips hungrily sought for hers, his advances not slowing down as he continued kissing her passionately, his hands roaming all over her clothed body desperately.

Boruto knew he should leave them alone but he couldn’t take his eyes away.

For amidst all the kissing and touching, tears were flowing from his father’s eyes.

He watched as his mother realized it too, forcing them apart to clutch her husband’s face dearly while pouring questions hurriedly - asking if he was alright with a shaky voice filled with concern. He watched the way his father’s features start to contort and instantly break down as he sobbed into his wife’s chest, gripping her body tightly as though afraid she might disappear.

Boruto could barely make out his father’s choked mumbling but he managed to discern the faint words of ‘Don’t leave me’, ‘scared’, and a repetitive cycle of ‘I love you’. His intelligent young mind pieced the puzzle together. He knew of his father’s lonely childhood and how difficult his hero had struggled through the bleak phases of solitude life before the companionship of his mother thawed out the coldness and filled his life with the warmth of a family. Yet the scars from his fear of isolation still burned, evidently.

He watched as his mother held her husband firmly, kissing away his tears, kissing away his worries, kissing away his pain, her broken voice repeatedly reminding him she was real and further proved it by placing his hand over her beating heart. Boruto heard his mother uttering promises of her always being there and never leaving him as long as they live.

He watched as his father started tearing away from the sadness, a crack of a smile lighting up his features among those tears as he cupped her face between his hands, touching their foreheads together – the young boy saw how his father’s lips mouthed words of gratitude over and over like a mantra, hypnotized into confessing his feelings until Hinata silenced him with a finger, telling him she knows.

They then kiss again and Boruto realizes, this was what separated it from everything he’s seen before.

He had heard of this, from the fairy tales of noble princes and beautiful princesses his mother would share with his sister as bedtime stories. The talk of tales highlighting that despite any sadness or misery in the world, love will find its way.

Only this time, it was in front of his eyes.

Boruto never knew how human his father actually was until he saw that.

‘So that’s what a true love’s kiss looks like.’


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It bothers me sakura had all the potential of the world to be the best kunoichi in history

hell even hinata may have been the strongest of his clan  

BUT NOOOO kishimoto decided to make sakura a useless housewife who faints and no longer fights with the strength of before and humiliating herself with a man who will never value her  and hinata a irrelevant housewife with big boobs but at least glorified by pierrot showing her family as “the sunshine family” 

when the reality is that naruto barely is in his house, he is tired all the time and hinata couldn’t  raise his son well because burrito hate his dad 

and sasuke? he seems as if he didn’t exist and wanders aimlessly to a path to remedy his sins when his anger and hatred was totally justified and now he is more solitary than never 

and the worst part: team 7 is not together anymore. and that was the biggest plot of the whole damn story

neither burrito nor sarada knew the connection of his parents and supposed sakura, naruto and sasuke were a team


Sasuke's Feelings About Sakura Throughout the Series- Part 1

Dedicated to anon and caramelpocky- thanks for requesting this :) I figured it’s because of all the salty ASSes that you wanted this rant ;P I’m going to split this rant into Part 1 and Part 2 since it will be very long.

Well, I want to look at the first interaction we get between SS.  It was the bench scene:

Sasuke was annoyed at Sakura- who was she to judge Naruto and say he was lucky? She had parents- she never knew loneliness and the pain. To Sasuke, Sakura was just some mindless fangirl who was running her mouth to try to impress him- which is why he calls her out on her biased viewpoint.

He tries to explain to Sakura what loneliness is but he saw that all she wanted was his approval and wasn’t listening at all to his explanation. So what does he do? He tells her right to her face how annoying she is with a sneer because he’s saying that she’s just some fangirl who knows nothing. Needless to say, Sasuke was not impressed at all by Sakura.  She was just another clueless girl who chased after him for his looks.

But I like the effect Sasuke’s words had on Sakura.  It developed her character a little more because now she understands just a smidgen on how Naruto feels when he’s called annoying.

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The intensity of the moment didn’t quite hit Naruto until he laid his eyes on his baby boy and girl. Sakura smiled happily for her friends as she handed the bundled up babies over to Naruto, his arms reaching out eagerly to receive them. He held the newborns close to him. They looked so small, so fragile, so innocent. He caressed the boy’s head gently with his nose, brushing it through his soft patch of raven-black hair. Naruto felt his heart ache with happiness as he leaned back and tiny eyes opened to reveal beautiful light blue irises. He held him closer, tears beginning to stream down his cheeks. All the pain and agony he’d gone through only a few minutes before seemed like a distant memory as he held his children in his arms. He turned to look at the fussing newborn girl cradled in his other arm. There was no question where her golden yellow hair came from, but unlike his and his son’s hair hers only seemed to stick up in the back. Naruto chuckled, realizing she was probably going to have Sasuke’s cockatoo-ass hairstyle. That wasn’t the only thing she got from Sasuke, as she opened her eyes and revealed dark blue irises, “Her eyes, they’re almost as dark as yours. But they remind me more of a clear night sky. They’re so pretty. And his are like little ice crystals.” He then looked at Sasuke, “They’re so beautiful…and they’re ours. We made them. Kiseki-chan and Kaida-chan.” They had chosen the names a few months prior, deciding on “Kiseki” for “miracle” and “Kaida” for “little dragon”.

Sasuke smiled, the most intense feeling of happiness he’d ever felt swelling in his chest. “They are beautiful, truly beautiful. They’re perfect.” Sasuke looked into their little eyes as Naruto commented on them. They really did look like the perfect mix of their traits. Sasuke leaned over and kissed Naruto’s forehead lovingly. He couldn’t believe this was happening, that this was all real. For so long he’d lived in darkness, avoiding or trying to destroy the one light he had remaining in his life. And even after he’d returned to the village it had been difficult to get used to allowing himself to feel happiness again. But now here he was, bathed in the light of his dobe and the fruits of their love. He couldn’t imagine living in that darkness ever again, not when he had these precious suns to protect.

The momentary peaceful silence was broken when Naruto burst out laughing and hugged the newborns to close him, “We did it! We really did it!” It was like in the midst of the wonder Naruto felt just seeing his children he’d almost forgotten that he had just done the impossible in bringing them into the world, and all at once he was overwhelmed with pride. For anyone else such a feat would’ve at most resulted in a C-section and at least would’ve never been possible from the outset, but Naruto’s own sexy jutsu gave him an option most wouldn’t have thought existed. World’s most unpredictable shinobi indeed. Naruto had taken the impossible and made it possible in a way only he could. And he couldn’t possibly be happier with the end result.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter, not just in our lives but for the whole world, I can feel it.” Naruto looked up at Sasuke, his eyes shining with tears.

Sasuke nodded, “I don’t doubt that. Now, more than ever, we have to work to make the world a better place, for them.”

Naruto smirked, “Of course! I haven’t forgotten my promise, Sasuke. I’ll never let anything bad happen to them, I’ll make sure of it that they’re the happiest children in the world and I’ll destroy anything that tries to hurt them.”

“Dobe, we can’t start thinking about smothering them their whole lives. They can’t even hold their heads up yet, we don’t need to think about being overprotective parents.”

“I know, I know!” Naruto rolled his eyes. He looked down and watched as the twins fell asleep in his arms, “I just mean, they won’t grow up like we did. They won’t know that loneliness we knew, they won’t know the anguish we felt, they won’t be victims of this world like we were. Once I’m hokage, I’ll make sure of it.”

Sasuke smiled, leaning forward to rest his head on Naruto’s shoulder as he caressed Kaida’s soft golden hair. He whispered softly, feeling Naruto begin to drift off beneath him, “I believe you.” If anyone could keep such a promise, it was his Naruto.

[ Shinachiku Uzumaki Namikaze ] Part 1

The sound of a baby crying echoed, faded in into the blond man’s ears. He could’ve sworn that his heart had skipped a beat. He could feel the air disappearing from his lungs for a short moment. 

He’s here.

He’s finally here.

Naruto looked into his wife’s eyes, her emerald orbs glowing with life despite exhaustion. Her skin was covered in a thin sheet of sweat, her short and quick breaths continuously repeating in the same rhythm. Naruto looked at her, the woman who had stolen his heart since the moment he laid eyes on her. Her teary eyes looked deeply into his, her dry lips soon formed a soft little smile – the sight was enough for him to forget his hand, turning white from his wife’s hard grip.

“He…He’s here. ” Naruto breathed out, tears rolling down his cheeks as he gave his wife one of his trademark smiles. “ Our son is here ‘ttebayo! ”

Sakura’s gaze tiredly turned to the little baby in Tsunade’s arms, he was wrapped in a small little blanket. She soon felt him close in her arms, crying against her chest. Her eyes were locked on him. She had never seen anything more beautiful in her life, his cute little blond locks and his slightly tan skin. She knew that from now on she would devote her entire life to protect and love the little boy in her arms. Naruto was watching them, his wife and his newborn son – the sight was overwhelming, it had filled him with a feeling he had never felt before. He knew that he had to protect them, love them, both of them. A tan finger softly stroked the baby’s cheek, the boy responded with a little smile. The parents let out a little chuckle, one of them in tears.

“ Shinachiku Uzumaki Namikaze.. ” Naruto whispered, both him and Sakura quietly admiring the sight of their son. Shinachiku softly opened his eyes, and for the first time let the light of his new wold pass through his emerald orbs, mirroring his mothers. 

NH Month Day 6

It took two weeks for Hinata to tell Naruto that she was pregnant.

Honestly, she hadn’t expected for it to drag on this long but Naruto had been coming home late and exhausted from work every time she tried to approach him. She didn’t want to pile the news on top of everything else he had. And she didn’t have the heart to wake him everytime he fell face down their bed; his puckered face and swollen cheeks were too adorable to be disturbed. So Hinata had decided that she would build up to the news, leave subtle hints for Naruto to find and maybe, hopefully, he would catch on like the bright boy she knew he was.

When she meant subtle, however, she meant Naruto’s subtle. Thus she had free reign to do whatever she wanted.

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the thing is: sasuke/naruto/hinata could have been perfect

the manga ended with naruto and sasuke reconciling and for somewhat unknown reasons choosing to settle down, but it didn’t change the fact that sasuke, for the most of naruto’s life, is the most important person for him

sasuke was the first bond he wanted to make, he said. but he actually meant to say that sasuke could have been the cure of his loneliness. he empathised with the only person who could have been receptive to his pain, and he recognised this slowly. at the end of part 1 he wondered if he was really alone after all, that sasuke didn’t want his friendship, that sasuke thought nothing of him, but by the start of the war he doubted no more, even if he was borderline imposing his feelings on him

“i’ll take the burden of your hate and die with you”

“i won’t die because i don’t want to leave you alone”

he is a moron, but deep down he understands sasuke’s feelings, that’s why it’s not necessary to have sasuke verbalise it. 

imagine them deciding to stay together after the war

imagine them slowly reconnecting

imagine them treasuring each other so much because they could both have died but they were alive because they struggled so hard and emerged victorious

but there’s no denying that they will have the most brittle relationship even after the war

sasuke didn’t end the story loving himself, he ended up choosing naruto to be his living emotional crutch

naruto didn’t end up bringing sasuke home, he ended up making himself sasuke’s home

god they make me emotional

but this is where hinata can come in

the one other person aside from sasuke who loves him the way sasuke does is hinata

the one other person aside from sasuke who idolises him the way sasuke does is hinata

the one other person who loves naruto without naruto having to prove himself worthy of loving other than sasuke is hinata

even iruka and jiraiya grew into loving him sincerely but sasuke and hinata, they both


they both loved him from the start, on their own terms, without naruto doing anything, without external nudges, without additional conviction, without him calling their attention to him

sasuke and hinata’s love for naruto, both astoundingly similar kind of love, both could have nurtured him

the last is a self-pandering movie gone overboard, but if there’s one tiny thing that i believe they got right is naruto’s receptiveness to the love that was given to him unconditionally 

consider this: 

he never knew his parents, but after he knew the story of their sacrifice for his sake, he never stopped talking about them

he loved iruka to the moon and back, but his love grew exponentially when he saw iruka took the giant shuriken for him

he loved jiraiya, but his love exploded when jiraiya agreed to take him under his wings, and exploded even more when he found out that jiraiya fucking named him

but all are cases love from older people, parental figures, actual parents, and perhaps he thought that somewhat, it’s a kind of love that partially derived from obligation

one could argue that if sasuke and hinata were to confess to him when he was younger, it would change his life

but people often forget that naruto, as a child, loathed himself intensely, and chose to channel the self-loathing into an obsession for recognition, because if people stop looking down on him, he would be able to find his worth

but first he had to be open to the fact that he could be loved for who he is 

and yet he wasn;t 

so he spent most of his life thinking that love is to be earned when it’s exactly the opposite


think about this

sasuke have baggages that couldn’t be put down for years, he needs slow healing, he needs patience, and naruto willingly volunteers for that. he believes that he could heal sasuke, and he pretty much is the only person who could do that. sasuke needs him, he knows it. 

and naruto doesn’t need sasuke to do anything but to stay alive, but the fact is that he can’t jump into a relationship with sasuke right off the bat because of how sasuke is

and it could be damaging. he can take it, but it will damage him

think of what he has been doing for the past few years before he reconciled with sasuke

he pined, he got depressed, he started hiding his true feelings, he willingly went into self-destructive mode, he gritted his teeth and endured everything just so that he could see sasuke, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for sasuke and sasuke, the way he is, even if he’s around naruto 24/7, he can’t offer naruto the full range of love sasuke thinks naruto deserves

naruto would give everything, sasuke would try his best, but their balance will have to tip exactly on the middle of the scale or otherwise they would crash

hinata could provide a balance, hinata could sheath naruto’s sword if he so much as thinks about using it to stab himself for sasuke’s sake. hinata could cool naruto down when his fire burns too strong. hinata could pull him back when he and sasuke fall off a cliff when their balance goes off

and the best thing is that sasuke doesn’t affect hinata. sasuke spent his childhood putting no trust in people because they see him as a pretty face first, traumatised boy much later. sasuke spent his teenagehood wary of people because they see him as sharingan prodigy first, broken young man much much later. at this rate, he will spend his adulthood hiding from people because they will see him as the beautiful anti-hero first, but never a damaged man. unlike naruto, his worth is seen, and tragically, misconstrued by people who never mattered to him

itachi could get to him because itachi loved him as who he is, naruto loves him because he gets him, and hinata could love him, platonically or whatever, because she is pretty much the only person without the kind of bias that sasuke’s eternally resenting clouding her vision of him

just, think about the beauty of it

Naruhina Month, Day 13

Day 13: Nightmare

Summary:  Hinata and Naruto are finally able to have some alone time. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by an untimely bad dream. Light lime warming.

Day 12:

It was late when the Hokage returned home to his wife. Navigating seamlessly through their bedroom with his enhanced sage senses, he collapsed against the bed with a deep exhale, the weight of his body stirring Hinata from her sleep.

“Naruto-kun?” she asked groggily, turning to face him.

“Tadaima,” Naruto answered, his voice slightly muffled against the bedsheets.

“O-okaeri,” Hinata replied, stifling a yawn as she sat up. “Did you only just get back now?”

“Yeah.” Naruto grumbled. Though she couldn’t make out his face as he looked down, Hinata could tell his face was set in a childish pout. “There was a stack of paperwork, and Shikamaru wouldn’t let me use shadow clones to speed up the process.”

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