and naruhina too


clears throat. sasunaruhina

heres a not so well known ot3 of mine

so theres a biologically narusasu kid and two biologically naruhina twin sisters (if kishimoto thought i’d forget how he accidentally confirmed trans naruto and hinata hes dead wrong,) but no ones keeping tabs tbh its just that they have the sharingan and the byakugan or at least some watered down version of it (and whisker marks) so its p obvious but as i said everyone is everyones kid and sibling

hinata is reforming the hyuuga clan + has a genin team w sasuke that practically lives w the family, and naruto and sasuke are reforming the System w the help of sakura, who, before anyone asks, married ino

+while naruto is romantically involved with both of them, sasuhina are mostly friends

+yes, the pasta necklaces are made by the kids


Last words…

  • Boruto: My parents kiss everyday in the morning before dad goes off to work. On the lips! I think that's disgusting.
  • Sarada: Be grateful! Mama and papa don't ever let me see them kiss. They prefer their privacy when being affectionate.
  • Mitsuki: ... I'd rather not comment on my parent's lovelife.
  • Inojin: I caught my parents f**king behind the counter in our flower shop once.
  • Shikadai: ...
  • ChoCho: My poor virgin ears!!

Menma & RTN-Hinata :3

I prefer Menma’s black hair tho <3
I think Menma’s personalities like Sasuke+Garaa..
He just too shy to say “i love you” to RTN-Hinata, but he finds her cute when she annoyed or sulking (you can say Menma is sadistic type)..

And for RTN-Hinata, i love to draw her with lipstick! XD
When she married with Menma, she dressed carefully and not-so-openly (i mean, she not showing her skin quite often)..
Still temperamental and always seducing Menma.. 
But she also always nagging when Menma didn’t do what she says :B