and named it basty

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Name: Bastian

Nickname: Usually Basti but apparently Bastain also became a thing

Gender: Male

Sign: Libra

Height: About 171cm if I remember correctly

Age: 17

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Hogwarts House: Uhm, I don’t know much about HP but Hufflepuff sounds really cute

Favorite Color: Gotta go with Pink, Beige and Orange

Time right now: 7:43 PM

Average Hours of Sleep: Usually about 9-10 but I try to get it down to 8 

Lucky Number: 12

Last Google Search: “dnd hit dice”

Favorite Fictional Characters: Oh boy uuuh…
Dorian Pavus (Dragon age), Jesse McCree (Overwatch), Harvey (Stardew Valley) and definetely alot more but those are my big faves

Blankets I Sleep With: 1-2

Favorite Bands/Artists: Young the Giant, Starbomb, Pentatonix, just to name a few

Dream Trips: Definetely wanna go to like, Norway or Sweden once

When Did You Make this Blog: Uff probably like 2-3 years ago? I’m not totally sure ;;

Follower Count: Should be around 2100 right now

When Did Your Blog Reach its Peak: I’ve gained alooooot of followers when OW came out and I started reblogging McHanzo stuff. I’m not sure what my post with the most notes is though

Why Did You Choose Your URL: It’s the name I used since like, 5th grade for everything online. Soul comes from Soul Eater which was my first anime and Kiba from Kibago which is the japanese name of the Pokemon Axew. I’ve been thinking about a new URL but I just can’t really come up with one.

Tag 10 People: Uuuh I’m gonna go with @warriorvolga @jogro00 @fraxis2305 @nueps @pastelnuva and @udonbullets but you don’t have to this if you don’t want to! <3

anonymous asked:

what's hc's you got for jo's arrival at bayern

Joshua Kimmich? I don’t really have anything exciting but one of my earlier (pre-the move that shall not be named) hcs was Basti mentoring him. I liked Jo in the midfield as a successor to Basti. The Lahm narrative doesn’t gel with me because I refuse to believe he’s leaving. Carlo will find a way to make him stay shhh.

I do love Jo’s friendship with Manu and Thomas and I still owe someone a fic on that. A hc for them is that they do really like boring adventures like walking Manu’s dog and hiking. Stuff nobody else wants to do because WHERE IS THE FUN in getting more exercise. 

Not exactly his arrival but I always find myself thinking of Joshua at a crossroads of what the media paint him to be and the way he thinks of himself which is like a kid trying his best and having a great time with this team that will hopefully be a home for a long time! and the media constantly pushing him to be compared, to be one of the best youngest talents of the bundesliga and not to mention whatever magic he’s supposed to fulfill on the NT. 

So I guess I hc Jo to be very aware of how he is perceived but maybe still has Mario and Holger’s phone numbers to reassure him he can take his time, not to listen to anything and work hard.