and naga is lovely

  • Rhys: *sends music in her cell, keeps her from breaking apart, speaks to her about his thoughts that no one knows about, rescues her from Tamlin, comforts her and helps her with her PTSD, gives her a house and salary, trusts her with information he would trust no one else with, does everything she asks...*
  • Feyre: You love me?
  • Me: ...
  • Rhys: ...
  • Inner Circle: ...
  • King Of Hybern: ...
  • Tamlin: ...
  • Ianthe: ...
  • The Naga: ...
  • Boge: ...
  • Amarantha's ghost: ...
  • Suri: Oh for the love of god!

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Hello Faeb! <3 Congratz on your new NPC and amazing new art! I've been wondering who is your favorite lore character and why? :3

That would be Azshara, hands-down. I really like characters who are unabashedly evil. She’s arguably, if not, the most powerful mage Azeroth has ever seen and pure 100% baaaddd to the bone. If you do the quests in, I think they’re IN Azshara, with some of the ghosts in her court, they are so chilling. And on TOP of all that, she’s responsible for one of the coolest races in the game, the Naga! Also I love the idea of the prettiest night elf ever becoming this hideous sea creature–like her inner evil became her outer self. Anyway, I dig her a lot and I think I haven’t seen her in-game yet the way I feel she deserves. 

During Curtain call for GW Okki rushes into introducing himself while James is being applauded. It just continues to go down hill from there with Okki and his bizarre airhead introduction and thank you.

You can just see the hamster in Okkikun’s brain trying his best. 

I relate so much to Uechan’s reaction.  ( ✧Д✧)

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Namjoon, sorry if the question seems weird but... how big are you? Like compared to a normal human? I'm just curios

nj: i guess, compared to human proportions, i’m not that much bigger? i’m way bigger than jimin, though he hates when i point it out..

jm, offscreen: namjoon i swear to your fellow gods if you use my head as an armrest again i will bite your holy hand off


Camarines Sur Sidetrip

I had a chance to visit Camsur for one of my field work and I’m glad that despite of the stress of our event, from preparation to ingress to the very day of that event to egress… We can still enjoy the adventure and the beauty of the province. We went to the Camsur Wakepark Complex and I had experienced wake boarding. At first, it was soooo hard! But thank God, I did it right in my last two tries. Haha! It was fun because my team mates were so funny and it was a good bonding for all of us. But I think the best part was sitting at the back of this pickup truck while traveling! :)

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Dark, you have mentioned that you cannot feel love, yes? Then, what do you feel for Naga?

Dark slid a hand down Naga’s recoiled body, the bumps of slickened scales, worn by time, slightly paled by age, but still gleaming just as strikingly as always. The cobra’s eyes always seemed to tell a story of her conquering, and it was what allowed her to remain at Dark’s right hand, the symbol of his danger and poise.

“Possessiveness. She belongs to me in the same way a pen does. I take care of what is mine, why try to handle something that is broken? That would be foolish to attempt to do so, so of course I have to treat my possessions properly. Naga doesn’t seem to mind, and even if she did, what choice would she have?”