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During Curtain call for GW Okki rushes into introducing himself while James is being applauded. It just continues to go down hill from there with Okki and his bizarre airhead introduction and thank you.

You can just see the hamster in Okkikun’s brain trying his best. 

I relate so much to Uechan’s reaction.  ( ✧Д✧)

Fantasy AU: Naga Izuku

I recently looked up some things about naga and idk I just think that they’re really cool and I wanted to make Izuku into one XD

-Shouto and Katsuki are already in an established relationship before they meet Izuku. Izuku actaully scares them in the forest one day, not meaning to, but wanting to see humans up close. Everyone usually runs away from him, so he tries to hide, but he’s kinda bad at it? He tries to get too close and they hear them, then they SEE him, and very nearly have a stroke.

-While Katsuki initially wants to get the hell out of there, Shouto stays. Something about the way Izuku looks at them makes him stop. Izuku is shy, and apologetic, and is asking THEM not to hurt HIM. So Shouto doesn’t leave; he introduces himself and becomes quickly fascinated by Izuku.

-Izuku is a naga, a half-snake half-human being. He looks pretty normal from the waist up. But he has no legs. His body dissolves into dark green scales and a long, thick tail. He has clawed fingernails, but tries to file them because he doesn’t wanna accidentally hurt someone. He has retractable fangs too, and narrow pupils. Despite all the strength and power he has with all of these traits, he’s a quiet soul and really just wants to become close to humans.

-Katsuki thinks that Shouto is insane for even attempting to talk to this…thing. But he can hardly just ditch him. So he stays too.

-They end up talking for a long time that day. Even Katsuki can’t help but get into the conversation. There’s so much they don’t know about Izuku’s kind and so much that Izuku doesn’t know about theirs. It’s endearing to see how his face lights up when they ask a question or mumbles little things to himself to remember later. When they finally leave, they promise to visit him again.

-They start visiting nearly every day. Izuku shows them different things he can do, climbing trees with his snake’s body draped around the branches and showing off his fangs. Shouto brings him human clothes as a gift and Izuku loves trying on hoodies and shirts and such. He even grabs a long sock and stretches it over the end of his tail. (It doesnt fit at all and hangs off the end, but it’s adorable)

-Katsuki pretends that it’s a huge burden to be dragged along with Shouto to these meetings of theirs. But he always goes. He even brings paint with him one day and Izuku lets him paint savagely beautiful designs on his scales. Shouto didn’t even know Katsuki was that talented until he watched him do it.

-They begin to realize that there’s something more between them when the gang is jumped by mountain lion. Katsuki was ahead on the trail, too far away to do anything when the lion leaped out onto the path toward Shouto. Shouto had fallen onto his back and was sure he was about to die, the lion stalking toward him, growling. It lunged at him. But in midair, a great tail swept down and knocked it to the ground.

-Shouto was shocked to see Izuku throw himself between him and the lion, body curling and looping up into the air threateningly. The lion hissed at him, jaws wide and challenging. Izuku snarled right back, looking fiercer than they’d ever seen him; fangs out and glistening, body undulating to make himself look bigger. He scared off the lion in the span of a second.

-The minute it was gone, he was back to their worried little Izuku, dropping down beside Katsuki as they knelt over Shouto. “Are you okay? Did it hurt you? I’m so so sorry, I didn’t know there were any lions around here.”

-From that moment on, Shouto is smitten. The fact that Izuku would place himself in danger for him means so much. When he talks to Katsuki about it, he’s surprised by how much he was affected too. He may not talk about it as much, but Katsuki had felt that horrible twist in his chest when Shouto was in danger, like he was about to watch a car wreck, watch someone he loved taken from him. He felt that same twist when Izuku placed himself in harm’s way. He can’t ignore it.

-When they finally mention all of this to Izuku, he is absolutely elated. He’s had a secret crush on these two for so long, to the extent that he’d even say he was in love. He has fears of course. He’s not human, they are, they can hardly be seen in public together… But Katsuki insists that he doesn’t care about all that at all. Shouto says they can be careful, they can make it work. It’s worth it.

-So they decide to give it a chance.

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fuck now i want a ghibli-style animated movie about snamjoon and co. with the bright color palettes you use 😩😩😩😩😩👌👌👌👌👌

i tried 2 make sum fake screenshots 4 this concept! idk if it looks nice anymore,, but i spent my day on this so here u go. i couldnt come up w ideas 4 sobikook and jin in this but maybe someday ill draw them in ghibli style too!!

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Hello Faeb! <3 Congratz on your new NPC and amazing new art! I've been wondering who is your favorite lore character and why? :3

That would be Azshara, hands-down. I really like characters who are unabashedly evil. She’s arguably, if not, the most powerful mage Azeroth has ever seen and pure 100% baaaddd to the bone. If you do the quests in, I think they’re IN Azshara, with some of the ghosts in her court, they are so chilling. And on TOP of all that, she’s responsible for one of the coolest races in the game, the Naga! Also I love the idea of the prettiest night elf ever becoming this hideous sea creature–like her inner evil became her outer self. Anyway, I dig her a lot and I think I haven’t seen her in-game yet the way I feel she deserves.