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i know this is really dumb but seeing you draw the boys with self harm scars and them just not freaking out about it makes me feel a little less insecure about my own self harm scars. sorry if this is weird it took me 5 minutes to write this because i kept erasing it thinking i sounded stupid so

((Oh trust me you don’t sound dumb at all!!!

I know i say this A Lot in this blog but the reason why i do that kind of stuff is actually to make myself feel better abt having them!! So having other ppl say that it’s helping them as well is honestly one of the best kind of messages i can get. I love all of you tbh))

it’s weird when my friends talk about fond memories they had with my middle school bully. it’s weird when they like her pictures on social media, and it’s really weird when she likes mine. it’s weird to see her now and again at school events or someone’s party, weird to think that she was just another kid in our class to so many people at the same time she was destroying my budding self confidence. weird to think how long it’s taken me to finally get it back. it’s weird to know who I am so solidly and confidently now, to love myself finally after years of work, and the most weird of all to know that she still hasn’t found that confidence for herself.

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Making fun of my trout comment I see 😠. The reason I asked that is because I have one my self😡 do you think I'm weird or something😓?

Jesus dude, calm down its not really a reason to become angry, it was just funny to me that it was a really specific thing to draw, and it was a trout, so yeah dude its a little funny but you are not weird to have a fish as a pet. There are people who have piranhas as pets and its p common.

Um this isn’t a fandom blog or any kind of blog really but I had this conversation with fellow fannibal @franicie about murder husbands on social media and I. I had to. And then she suggested I put it on here, so. Just a little sketch thing, used references but drew it quickly so excuse my lazy handwriting/general sloppiness!!

when you fuck up his lovely face..

“fic authors self rec! when you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

I am so honored to have been tagged by you, dearest @plaidshirtjimkirk!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much!

I, too, am a little hesitant to call any of these “favorites” as it’s tough to say anything like that about my own writing, but I’m prouder of some fics than I am of others! So we’ll go with those!

1. Sha Ka Ree (K/S, Explicit, 176k words)

Simple summary: Jim and Spock (strangers at the time) get stranded on an alien planet together and a whole lot of shit goes down.

You all know all about this one since I couldn’t stop talking about it while I was writing it. Haha! I’m more proud of this than I am of any other writing accomplishment of my life. It’s the longest thing I’ve ever written, and I think it’s actually readable! And people seem to like it! Which honestly makes me cry at least once a day.

2. Refuge (K/S, Teen, 70k words)

Simple summary: When Vulcan comes under attack, a young Spock goes to live on the Kirks’ farm.

I have to put this on here because Refuge was the first big thing I’d written after five years of practically nothing (except the occasional RP). I took a huge writing break in college and a little afterwards when I was dealing with some mental health stuff, and Refuge basically broke through five years of fog and gave me something fun to write with no stakes and no expectations. Infinite thanks to my wife (@thewaltzrio) for giving me the original idea and telling me to just write it and not worry about what people thought. She saved me and helped me love writing again.

3. Request (K/S, Explicit, 5k words)

Simple summary: Sex pollen happens, sex happens, then sexual tension happens. Then, you know. More sex.

I admit, I do actually kind of like this one. I’d wanted to write a sex pollen fic since I’d heard the words “sex pollen” as an impressionable little teenager. But I totally just cut out the middle man with this one and didn’t even EXPLAIN the pollen. Whatever. Smut has no rules.

4. Love Song (K/S, General Audiences, 3k words)

Simple summary: Jim gets jealous about Spock spending time with Uhura, but he soon finds out what they’ve been doing together. 

This one is SO LAME. JUST SO MUCH FLUFF. But, whatever, I love fluff and I always push it aside for the sake of either sex or angst, so this might be the single pure, happy thing I’ve ever written. XD

5. Ardor (K/S, Explicit, 4.7k words)

Simple summary: AU where everything is the same except Vulcans know their mate based on very specific– and insistent– pheromones.

I’m only including this one because certain people whose opinions I admire and respect GREATLY have given me very sincere compliments on it. So thanks, y’all! I wouldn’t like this one at all without you!

I genuinely want to tag every writer I know, so please if I don’t tag you do it anyway and tag me in it!!!!! But for now I tag @smolangrybeanyuriplisetsky, @noodleinabarrel, @falsepremise (haha, tagging you in another thing!), @captain-raven-knight, and @cate-adams!

No pressure if you don’t want to do this! For serious! I just love you all.

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Mmmm peridot demon and lapis lazuli human ?? ;w;

Ei dude not sure what kind you wanted so I made up an AU for it and drew that.

I realized that my strong aversion against getting into a relationship is my fear of being vulnerable and being intimate with someone. I’m all ready to get my heart broken since I’m fully aware how hard relationships work and I’m more willing and prefer to receive the hurt than be the one who made the offense. But why is it so hard, awkward, and weird for me to open up to someone I’m romantically attracted to?

  • Morgana: Would you fuck a clone of yourself?
  • Akira: Yes.
  • Haru: No.
  • Mishima: I don't want to fuck my clone because that would be gay sex and I'm not gay.
  • Shiho: I'm gay, but I still don't want to fuck my clone, that's gross and weird.
  • Ryuji: I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is that strong.
  • Mika: I'd fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck me than me?
  • Hifumi: To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy.
  • Yusuke: It's basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal.
  • Ann: It's not the same as masturbating; it'd be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!
  • Futaba: I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone is evil?
  • Morgana: You guys are nasty and I'm frankly a little concerned.

Day 48 of #365Days
& Day 6 of Rizumo Week

“Demonic Powers”

Honestly, I wished for a scene like with Shiemi and Rin.
Even just a small panel where Izumo tells Rin she likes his flames or feeling comfortable with his flames.


Looks like staying up too late to draw bakushimanari comics that make sense only to me is becoming an ill advised habit

I’m very disapointed that the fandom haven’t already made this joke yet and that I needed to do it myself.

But here you have it, a very chilled Eclipsa. Uh, by the way, this may be considered spoiler-ish? so yeah, watch out for that….
But if you’re reading this then you’re probably already seen the spoiler, so… whoops?

Excited for...

- pretty tattoos

- xs jeans

- old clothes starting to fit again

- early morning beach swims

- running in public

- careless adventures

- taking up less space

- bigger eyes and lips

- experimenting with hairstyles

- experimenting with makeup

- heels 

- short skirts and shorts

- dancing with confidence

- ballet classes

- travel

- new wardrobe of clothes

- late night swims

- cute, delicate, sexy lingerie

- being naked

- getting my nails done

- bubble baths

- pretty jewellery 

- being my complete and utter weird self in confidence


Ever feel like an alien when compared to the people around you? It’s like everyone breaths the same air, but you don’t. No, you’re breathing something foreign, not only to them, but to yourself. You live in a world portrayed by everyone in colour, yet the portrait painted in your head is black and white. You tend to look at things from a peculiar angle, and think in a way that many deem incomprehensible.

I do, and it scares me… my oddness, as for once I would want to see things from the ordinary lens, to be normal. I know many say that exceptions are beautiful, but I’m convinced that if they lived for one day in my shoes, had eyes as cynical as mine and wore a heart so sensitive, they’d change their mind. And I can’t help but feel hopeless whenever times like these dawn on me, so hopeless that thinking about my hopelessness is all I can do…

—  MD