and my two front teeth

Little Sister

Request: I love your BSM imagines! Could you do a Ethan Dolan imagine/ Dolan twin imagine BSM really where your young and Grayson videos you both doing something cute on snapchat and soon all the fans are talking about it on social media?

a/n; so I wasn’t sure how young you wanted the little sister to be so I went with a fairly young age, also I gave it a little bit of a backstory so it would be longer than just Grayson posting something on Snapchat

Word Count: 583

Pairing: Dolan Twins X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I laughed as Ethan pushed the swing, making me fly forward. “Again, again!” I cheered, I heard him laugh at me, they tell me that I talk funny because I just lost my two front teeth, my first ever ones too. I went straight to them when they came out, they told me to go see mom and dad, saying that they would be more excited because I’m their youngest kid and I just had a milestone, whatever that is. 

“Y/N!” Ethan shouted as I fell off the swing, I started crying when I felt a stinging feeling in my arm. “Why did you let go?” He said, sounding a little angry with me which just made me feel worse. I cried harder and he frowned before trying to make me stop. “Hey, hey, I’m sorry.” He told me, lifting me up off the ground. I allowed myself to latch onto him, feeling better when I was off of my arm. 

“What happened?” I heard faintly, it sounded like my other brother, Grayson, but I was too sad to look. I jumped feeling another hand on my back, I lifted my head up to find both of them looking at me, Grayson touched my arm where I fell on it and I frowned moving it away. “Sorry.” He said sheepishly, watching me lay my head back down onto Ethan as he started walking. 

Grayson followed behind us, taking his phone out. I watched him, not thinking anything of it. He started talking and it just made me think of when they make videos, they tell me I can’t be in them because I’m too young, or I’ll be mad because I’ll get dirty. I just want to be in one, I feel left out. 


“Y/N, come here!” Grayson shouted from downstairs, I grabbed the railing as I walked down, not wanting to fall and hurt myself like I always do. “What?” I asked, placing my tiny hands on my hips. “Do you want to be in a video?” Ethan asked from his spot in a chair. I clapped my hands together making them both laugh, “really!?” I asked rushing over, “yes.” Grayson answered, sitting me on a higher chair. 

“Yay!” I smiled, looking at the camera. “We’re gonna ask you questions that fans sent us, okay.” Ethan explained, tugging the skirt of my dress down, claiming that all the other six year old boys will stare. I nodded, waiting for them to start. “How old are you?” Grayson asked, I looked at him in shock. “You know how old I am!” I told him, he laughed, “they want to know.” He said, pointing towards the camera. “I’m six.” I said looking at the black thing with a round thing sticking out of it, apparently the camera has people in it. 

“Who’s your favorite sibling?” Ethan asked, I looked between them both, “Cameron.” I smiled, “between us.” Ethan corrected himself, squeezing my ticklish spot because I said Cameron. “Ethan.” I said, looking at the camera, only to look at Grayson when he started fake crying. 


By the time we finished I had gotten really tired and ended up on Grayson’s lap, I tightened my grip on him as he stood up, my eyes closing before he even got to my room to put me in my bed. “No.” I whispered when he tried putting me down. He laughed and sat down on my tiny bed and waited for me to fall asleep. 

I used to be insecure about the tooth right next to my two front teeth that is crooked. I used to want to fix it with braces or a retainer because I saw all these people with insanely straight teeth. The weird thing is that now I get a lot of compliments that my personality shines through my teeth.
Funny how the things you think are wrong with you, are actually the really unique and cool things about you. Don’t let your mind fool you, you are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed.

Jake Ducey

Incredibly relatable

i cant handle fluff. like i really cant handle it. i dont know what to do with myself. once when i was 6-7 i was at a the daycare, and us kids was watching cartoons. it was hey arnold, and he and helga finally finally kissed. and my little kid heart couldn’t handle it! so i had to bury my face in something! but there where no pillows around so instead i smash my head/face first/ in the couch armrest. which would have been fine if the armrest hadn’t been made of hard wood with just a thin layer of fabric’s very weird going to the hospital for a suspected broken nose. and when they ask you what happen all you can say is ‘they kissed’…
—  if your having a bad day.remember this
I think the happiest moments of my life involved playing on the playground

It was a safe haven.

I learned about sex up there from my gay friend Nick.

Read some goosebumps up there.


Knocked my two front teeth out on the monkey bars, swallowed one, then used my other tooth to terrify the other children.

I also went up there to make apocalypse plans with my friends.

I still do that today.

Just not on playgrounds.

11 Facts Tag!

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  1. When I was 6 I was playing tag outside at school and I wasn’t paying attention to where I was running and I slammed face first into a metal pole and knocked out my two front teeth
  2. I’ve been dyeing my hair since i was 13 (I don’t even remember what my natural hair color looks like)
  3. I used to be in marching band
  4. I want to become a published author someday
  5. I can speak 2 languages (English and French)
  6. I want to teach abroad
  7. My favorite candy is the blue raspberry airheads
  8. I make bath bombs and other bath products
  9. I love space
  10. I want to be able to speak 5 languages by the time I’m 30
  11. I never wear jeans and haven’t even owned a pair in the last 6 years

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Kylo Ren and Rey, having a chat… sorta. 

I’m trying to draw a thing and this still isn’t quite the thing, but I thought it turned out ok, you know, for what it is.

To @unapologeticreylotrash re: my last post: I had an idea of what they were discussing in those scribbles. Maybe I will post about it with more sketches later. I’m glad you enjoyed them. :3 And about the teeth thing: I am missing my two upper canine teeth. I was simply born without them. My dentist and doctor couldn’t find any reason for it (like a health problem), but I did have to wear braces to correct a gap in my front two teeth caused by the lack of the two other teeth. Wearing braces suuuuuuuckks.

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1, 5, 22 :3c

1 will be posted in a second!

5. Is there anyone who can always make you smile?

Hm…Probably @satansnumberonehooker because she’s a giant sunshine but like, I have this thing with my face where I almost never smile??? like, even when I’m happy my facial expression is agony. I blame it on the fact that my eyes are always half closed and I’m insecure about my front two teeth being two different lengths so I never really show my teeth if I can avoid it. thus, smiles aren’t a thing I do a lot.

22. Description of a crush

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh um. Current crush or a past crush? I’ll go with a past crush because I’m me and they fit the archetype of people I tend to fall for to a T. This crush was this super smart guy who seemed ~cool~ and ~mysterious~ at first but in reality, he was just a giant nerd who liked to talk to me and also listened to me talk which was gr8. I told him a whole bunch of personal stuff and trusted him with everything and was totally head over heels for him. He was also hysterically funny and a genuinely sweet person and straight up harbored no ill will towards anyone unless they were abusive. He was great honestly. He was just the best. He was really something else. Really. I had him saved as “The Encyclopedia With A Heart” in my phone for almost a year until I changed it to an insult because of Things. Thanks for the ask!!!

Get to Know Me!

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when i was 12 I slipped on a tile floor and broke my front teeth so my two front teeth are fake and i have a shard of a tooth in my lip

when i was i think 12 too i found out that i have one tooth less than i should have. i was born without one tooth bud and that’s why i had to wear braces for 2 years. couple years later it turned out my younger brother has one tooth more so everything stays in the family.

tell me an interesting fact about yourself and i will reply with an interesting fact about myself that i think of when i read yours 

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Shinsou-kun, besides the Sports Festival, have you ever used your quirk for your own benefit?

Depends on what you mean by that, I have used it on some of the bullies I had in elementary but I don’t want those types of memories to surface up again.

… After thinking about this I started to remember one instance that I used my quirk for a very selfish reason. I believe at the time I had just lost my two front baby teeth. I was at an ice cream shop and notice the vendor was calling out an order for a large special calico cone. It was a two scoop ice cream cone covered in chocolate and caramel. Two waffer pieces added to make the ears, pocky sticks for the wiskers, a spoon for the tail, kiwi gummies  for the eyes and a liechi gummy for the nose. No one picked up the order so it might have been a bad prank on the vendor or the customer wasn’t able to wait long enough for it. Staring at the vendor holding the cone I ask for him to give me it since I thought he would just through it away. With the vendors confused reply the tasty treat was mine.

A girl in my kindergarten class said that
the gap in between my two front teeth
made me ugly,
for the last nine years
I’ve kept my mouth closed in pictures.

A boy in my first grade class said that
I talked too much and that it was annoying,
for the last eight years
I’ve been nervous to talk around people.

A boy in my fourth grade class said that
I was fat and then laughed as he strutted away from me,
for the last five years
all I’ve wanted was to be pencil thin.
One week later,
a group of boys tell me that I am fat
and that I am ugly
as they snicker and high five one another,
they neglect to realize
that there are oceans forming in my eyes
and that the salt water stings too bad to keep my cheeks dry
and waves roll down my red face
as if it is a sandy beach
polluted by self hate.
For the last five years
I cringe every time I am near a mirror.

Upon the beginning of middle school
I realized that I look different than everyone
I felt as ugly as my fellow classmates said I was.
“Why don’t boys like me?”, I ask myself.
Suddenly it dawned on me,
boys like pretty girls.
For the last four years
I’ve tried to make myself look pretty.

A girl in my sixth grade class said that
I dressed like a middle aged woman
and wore too much make up,
for the last three years
I’ve refused to wear skirts.

A girl in my seventh grade class
made fat jokes about me.
So did her twin brother.
Little do they know
that their “humorous” remarks
are one of the reasons for my tear stained pillow.
For the last two years
the urge to thin myself down has increased greatly.

An insecure and sad girl in the eighth grade
stands before me in the mirror
as a distorted image is displayed
all I see is flaws.
I blame those who have said these things to me.
for the last nine years
I’ve hated myself.

—  “when will people realize their words hurt?”
S. K. Stinziano



  • NAME: Daisy (Dais/Dase pls)
  • PRONOUNS: She/hers
  • TAKEN OR SINGLE: well if you’re offering…


  1. I have an extra tooth behind my two front teeth. It’s called a supernumary and when i was a kid I thought it gave me super powers.
  2. I can ride a horse pretty well? It’s been a few years and it’s SUPER expensive in the city but I can ride dressage (english/show) and I’ve done a couple of lessons in western but shit man that’s hard respect to anyone who can do that
  3. I am 21 years of age and I still don’t know my left from my right. I never will.


  • HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): TOO LONG but i believe since I was about 14 so 7ish years.
  • PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  Neopets forum, forums, omegle, tumblr… you name it folks. 
  • BEST EXPERIENCE: it’s hard to pinpoint, but i miss all the old chatzy rp parties in groups? they were amazing even if groups turned into toxic shitty places. also meeting tea in real life has to be up there, and missed me if i ever get back around to finding muse for it because OH GOD. just meeting so many wonderful friends is like xoxo


  • FEMALE OR MALE: Complex humans pretty please
  • MULTI OR SINGLE: Well thought out and painfully flawed is all I care about


  • FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: ANGST. I try fluff but it never ends well.
  • PLOTS OR MEMES: Plots, but memes are a good jumping point.
  • LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: loool actually doing replies that’s my preferance
  • BEST TIME TO WRITE: stupidly late when i shouldnt be
  • ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): In some ways. We’re from the same part of London, and we share an accent but that’s about it. Alex is a lot less needy than me.

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I got my front two teeth taken out when I was really young and the only thing I remember is getting the mask put on my face to put me under and I started crying and asked my mom if I was going to die and she laughed. Then I woke up and I was awake but I felt like I was sleeping and I got a donut

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Ship please? I'm 18 and 5'3. My bday is on the same day as Sodapop's bday! I have "Dark Golden Blonde" hair. (that is literally the name of the hair color I dye it). My natural hair is mousey dirty blonde. I have blue eyes and a funny looking smile because I have a gap between my two big front teeth. I'm sweet, warm, and charismatic. I am also a bit possessive, envious, and I get jealous easily. My style is very romantic and ingénue. I love singing, and I'm like a shy social butterfly at school.

I ship you with Sodapop!

He thinks it’s cool how both your birthdays are on the same day, and he thinks your smile is beautiful and he won’t let anyone say otherwise. He loves to hear you sing, and he’s all for being romantic with you!! 

(I’m sorry if this sucks i’m on my tablet and everything is screwy)