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How Prometheus will kill Vigilante?  - and how Adrian can be both Vigilante and Prometheus?

Reblogging fro the morning crowd.  This is a new post to make the connection to my old theories and how Prometheus will kill Vigilante.  Please read to the end.

Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s, left the league to pursue her own life.  She meets and marries Yao Fei.  They have twin daughters Shado and Mei.  One day Yao Fei goes missing and Shado goes to Lian Yu on a rescue mission to save her father.  Yao Fei is shot in the head by Friars while he saves Oliver Shado and Slade.  Later Sara shows up and Ivo shoots Shado because Oliver chose to save Sara.   While Oliver is en-route to Hong Kong, Sara is found by Nyssa and the League of Assassins.  Sara tells Nyssa her story; who probably lets Talia know.  A year later Talia is called to Hong Kong after the Alpha Omega outbreak for the death of her other daughter Mei.  She meets Masaeo and sends him to her father with the virus.

Talia decides to seek Oliver and get her revenge but she doesn’t want to just kill him she wants him to suffer so she decides to make him into a monster.  She finds him in Russia and trains him and sends him in the right direction of his legacy.  She then sits and waits for Oliver to be arrested. For him to self destruct.

Oliver comes back to Starling, starts to go through the list.  Kills Claybourn.  His son Adrian is devastated.  Not only did he lose a father but he also lost a possible legacy and inheritance that his father never had a chance to bequeath to him. He is distraught and wants revenge on the Hood that killed his father.  He erases his existence and sets on a path of vengeance.

In season one Oliver loses Tommy and any chances of reconciling with Laurel; he feels so guilty he runs back to the Island.

In season two, Sara comes to Starling; and so does Nyssa to follow her; Slade comes and Talia thinks; that Oliver’s sins have come to collect.  Then later her own league come to assist him.

In season 3 Ra’s tries to recruit Oliver to be the heir; and Oliver kills Ra’s

In season 4 Oliver helps Nyssa disband the league and Talia watches Oliver battle an ex-league member and she hopes that Damian Darkh will eliminate him. Yet Oliver triumphs again as Green Arrow is declared hero; Oliver Queen is proclaimed mayor.  Her original plan to let Oliver destroy himself has officially failed.  Its time for a different plan!

Just like Talia found Oliver Queen, some time between 2012 and 2016 she recruits Adrian, he is probably lost just like Oliver was in Russia.  She trains him and guides him to his legacy of avenging his father from the Hood.  She trains him to be Prometheus

Talia also recruits Alena a girl mourning the death of her sister Brie Larvan the bug-eyed bandit; blaming all her problems on Felicity Smoak for not only sending Brie to prison, but also for denying her sister the chip that she needed to survive spinal cancer.

I am not sure about Billy Malone.  He seems to be more effective in death than in life.  But I do think she uses him either willingly or as innocent victim and throws him Felicity’s path in the summer of 2016.

I think Talia’s plans come into action the summer of 2016.   She starts by trying to eliminate Oliver Queen’s support system.  Thea and John had left the team voluntarily.  Felicity was the only one left in the bunker with Oliver, so she starts with Felicity.

Talia effects a plan that alienates Felicity from Oliver causing her to close the door on them and start dating Malone.  We have yet to find out about the plan in 5.19, an episode set in the midst of Felicity’s dark arc episodes of 18 to 20.

She also makes sure Adrian comes in to fill Laurel Lance’s vacancy as DA in the city; guaranteeing a position of closeness to Oliver and access to all files and SCPD evidence.

Then she lets Prometheus present himself, he starts to haunt the Green Arrow, kills an officer in the ACU,  Malone gets promoted to the ACU; kills 4 innocents with anagrammed names.  Oliver realises through Human Target that Billy is Felicity’s boyfriend Prometheus threatens Tobias Church to leave Oliver alone.  But Tobias doesn’t.  When Prometheus comes to kill Tobias; Tobias reveals that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.  Up until that point Adrian knows that his enemy is Green Arrow, he doesn’t know it’s Oliver Queen.  Talia does; but Chase doesn’t.   At the moment, Adrian finds out that his long term enemy of Green Arrow is Oliver Queen.

Some time in 5.06, Adrian goes to Talia wanting to kill Oliver Queen and she refuses. Adrian is part of Talia’s team.  As Prometheus, he can’t kill Oliver Queen because Talia would know that he disobeyed her orders.  He has to find another way to try to kill Oliver outside of Talia’s long revenge plan. So he invents Vigilante.

In 5.07 Adrian dressed as Vigilante decides to present himself as a good guy who like the Green Arrow only attacks criminals; in the Vigilante persona he has a clean slate to seek justice on Oliver Queen and Green Arrow.

In 5.09 Adrian as Prometheus tells Green Arrow that he is a criminal and sets him up to kill Billy.  John is arrested.  Black Siren is taken by Prometheus and sent to spy on the team as Laurel Lance.

Later Adrian miraculously keeps John from being transferred and drops the hint about Walkers files at the NSA.  Felicity is lead down the rabbit hole with Helix and Alena and John is released in debt to Adrian.  

Everything Chase does in the persona of Prometheus is related to Talia’s plan.

Everything Chase does as Vigilante is related to his personal revenge.

 In 5.10 we find out the Adrian covered up the coroner’s report to protect the city from massive panic.

In 5.14 after Oliver visits Adrian’s mother, a letter is sent to Pike from her city showing the missing report that Adrian hid.  Later a news report lets it be known that it’s the Mayor’s office not the DA’s office that covered up the murder, while Oliver had told Pike that Adrian covered it up.  Pike accepts GA’s admission through Oliver and lets the GA go.

Adrian is not happy; because Oliver is coming very close to figuring out his identity and Talia still sees no need to rush things.  So in 15, Adrian suites up as Vigilante again to take out Oliver Queen as the mayor for failing the city and covering up the report.  

Prometheus appears and kills Vigilante. When Vigilante is unmasked he is found to be Adrian Chase.

It would be later revealed that Talia dressed as Prometheus killed Adrian for going against her orders and inventing Vigilante.

This would explain why Prometheus has had the physique of a man from 5.01 through to 5.15; but might be revealed as Talia later.

I want to thank @nalla-madness for the hours she spent listening to me go off into random space with my crazy ideas and @hope-for-olicity for editing and helping me vet my ideas.  Thank you both so much.

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the UPS guy delivered my twin brother’s electric guitar today and he saw our dogs through the window and left three dog treats on top of the box for them

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I recently found your fic 'You Left Me in the Dark'. I LOVE it! I love General Danvers but I think I love the sister fluff most of all! Thank you for writing! So excited for the next chapter!

aww thank you anon!!! I’m so glad you like the sister relationship (i assume youre talking about the twins?) because I’m really just going with my own interoperation of it, so it makes me really happy to hear that people like it!!! 

I’m sorry its taken me so goddamn long to update, but I’m nearing a stage where i think i can update soon, if all goes well!!! thank you for this, it was the extra encouragement i needed, i think! :)


Siblings AU~
But actually… This is just one big crossover AU UwU~

Here we have the demon brother trinity~ From left to right:
Will Cipher (Zero Gravity AU) the youngest
Bill Cipher (Zero Gravity AU) the middle
Kill Cipher (Fight Falls AU) the oldest

And the Pines twins from Zero Gravity also~ With Dipper as the college professor and Mabel as his assistance~ 

Who paired with who and how’s their life, please be patient for my comics UwU~<3
Well guys ya don’t have to know all the AU you can just focus on what I show you only XD

Kill Cipher design & Fight Falls AU belongs to @buryooooo​~
More designs HERE

i tried typing “kirby” but my right hand was misaligned on my keyboard and my left hand just kinda gave up toward the end and i ended up writing “lornus” instead

i like to imagine lornus is a relative of kirby’s that isn’t really unpleasant or anything but nobody really pays him any mind either. not so much an evil twin as he is an good cousin

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You're friends with a fucking jewish man. What the fuck. Bye.

My grandma escaped the holocaust and left half of her family in Germany, including her twin sister, to come to America. Anything else? 


I roamed the world. Then returning one night to this cold, dark place. I saw this… this magical thing. You were in my path. Do you remember? And since that moment, I have never wanted to leave the place that you were. Though you left, I remained waiting for my little bird to return. We are one, you and I. We have to be together. We are like those twins so intertwined in their senses and feelings that they can cry out to one another across continents, so close are their thoughts.

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fanfic trope of "there is only one bed"

“yuuri!” victor cries, dramatically throwing himself on the receptionist counter at the hotel.  “all the rooms are booked and they only have single kings available!”

“um, sir,” the receptionist is trying, “we have plenty of double queens–”


“you don’t have to, we have–”

“ONLY TWINS LEFT? OH NO, JUST LIKE BARCELONA, YUURI, THERE ARE ONLY SINGLE TWINS LEFT,” victor says, crumpling to the ground. “i guess i can take the bathtub if you need your… privacy.”

yuuri hands the receptionist his card, nudging victor to the side with his knee.  “sorry about my husband,” he says. “he does this every time we travel together.  we’ll take the single king.”

new years eve
  • draco: uh yes!
  • draco: i can feel it! New years eve!!
  • draco: I can't wait for the weasley twins to play a prank on you using fireworks!
  • harry:
  • harry: well let's just hope that I don't lose my ring finger on my left hand
  • draco: why that specific finger?
  • harry: because that's where you'll put the ring git
  • draco:
  • draco: please teach me more about muggle marriage
The Signs as JoJo Characters

Aries: Suzi Q’s twin sister, Floozy Q
Taurus: Official Polnareff Tiddy Mousepad™
Gemini: Jotaro’s missing fatherly love
Cancer: The flu Fugo caught for leaving the house in holey clothes
Leo: Rohan’s left asscheek
Virgo: The charred remains of Danny reanimating into a horrifying entity
Libra: Johnny’s Lee™ Press on Nails™
Scorpio: HE̱̼̻Y̙̖͔̟̼ ̸B̡̲̥̟̣̣̗̰A͇͔̘͍͕̤̹B̢̭̻Y͍̺͞
Sagittarius: The first napkin
Capricorn: a tooth gap so wide you could drive an SUV through it
Aquarius:  Yami wo azamuite  setsuna wo kawashite
Yaiba surinuke yatusra no suki wo tsuke
Tsuranuita omoi ga  mirai wo hiraku
Like a Bloody Storm atsuku Like a Bloody Stone
Ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni
Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna  nigirishimete
Pisces: 15 year old pocky

I was thinking a lot about how when Chloe gets a miraculous, Sabrina is going to be left alone a lot because of obvious reasons. It kind of sat there in my head about how that kid doesn’t have any friends aside from Chloe and I was picturing her alone and I didn’t like it so I figured we could stick her with the other person in the class who doesn’t have any friends and has a little bit in common with Chloe and I think I kind of ship it now.

I also saw a lot of talk about femslash February on my dash and I don’t really have the commitment to participate all month so here is my contribution. 


「I’m a cat… My name? I’m called Chibisuke :)」
This kitty is a younger brother of Torasan. (Twin one)
These two cats have a diametrically opposite character.
Torasan is quiet, Chibisuke is innocent kitty.
I don’t know what will happen from now on..They and I need time more.
The story that I can describe in a painting is not left very much anymore.
I’m still pet loss. Therefore it is scary to keep small life.
But their curiosity will found a way to the future.



Momma Hale x Derek

Requested By @fangirlfreakingout

“What’s up with you guys?” Stiles asked as he shrugged his backpack higher on his shoulders and stopped walking.

“Derek and Momma Hale are getting all friendly, since Peter took over the rebuild of the new house and the twins started actually doing chores so they have free time.” Erica grumbled.

“They keep getting all cuddly, they didn’t have time to help do our homework.” Isaac added and Liam sighed.

“They left the crusts on my sandwiches.” He sighed sadly and Boyd shook his head.

“At least they still make your sandwiches.” He mumbled and Stiles shot him a look.

“Aren’t you like… the oldest would they make your sandwiches?” Stiles asked and Boyd shrugged. “You know what you need, some big disaster to pull them away from each other because if you don’t, Liam won’t be the puppy anymore.” Stiles teased and walked away.

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Jensen Ross Ackles

This man has played dean winchester for over 10 years . he has continued filming for all these years because of us. He has done all of this for us.
I heard that he has said that destiel isn’t Canon at a con and it’s blowing up my dash so I had to post something about it
The way I see it people is Jensen doesn’t ship destiel. Yes he was blunt about the fact to a fan but he has had destiel practically shoved down His throat by shippers since season 4 so obviously he is going to get annoyed at some point
If someone were to force their views on me hearly every day for around 7 years I would get annoyed too .
Jensen is a kind man who has just become a father again to two wonderful twins and yet he has left his family to come and meet you guys . to meet us . he didn’t have to do that . he could have easily said no but he didn’t
Jensen isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t believe the same thing we do and if you can’t accept that then can you really call yourself a Jensen fan??
Would a Jensen fan cause him upset because of him having different beliefs to them??because I sure as hell wouldn’t

Okay I’m done now