and my terrible kanji

More Tokoyami doodles! @saltwatersky inspires me to draw stuff.

Embarrassed molting bird son ft. earnest square son.


04/09/2017 - what’s in my pencil case?
This is the set up for my pencils cases for sixth form which is starting next week.
I made the white & red pencil case in textiles class a couple of years ago. My terrible kanji (*´ー`*).
The muji pen case is my class essentials, what I use for the lectures and note taking.
The other pen sets are colour coded for each subject (red- comp sci, blue - physics, green - maths) so I can rewrite notes during frees.
The calculator and long ruler are left loose in my bag.




School Grade: 3rd (8 years old)

The origins of this character are somewhat obscure. Older forms show that it was once written showing a person (大) with what many scholars take to be a yoke on the neck. It is felt to have originally meant “restrained at the neck,” and subsequently the idea that the neck represents the “central” line of the body came to prevail.