and my skinship otp in the back

Anon: So what exactly made you ship kook/min? Was there a particular moment that you remember that made you realize that they were your otp?  

I got into BTS because of Jungkook (stupid sexy Dope era), but my first ship was actually v/min. Somebody else asked me if people actually believed in Kook/min in Korea or if it’s just a shipping thing, and I’d say it’s a mixture of both? Even back then, I like most other fans was aware that Jimin really liked Jungkook. But I just assumed it was a hyung liking his dongsaeng and that was really that..

But as 2015 went on, this kid (JK) started acting weird. I noticed small things at first. A little more skinship here, a little more skinship there. Okay, whatever, all idols are touchy feely. But by the end of 2015, it became pretty obvious to me that something had shifted between them..

It wasn’t just a hyung doting over his dongsaeng - the maknae was also doting over the hyung.

The former is natural in Korea, the latter is rarer. After all, there is even a word here that describes that phenomenon: 내리사랑 or basically, the unwritten law in life that says the elder naturally love the younger. It’s why parents love their children or why the maknaes get extra attention.

So the kind of affection that Jungkook displayed, the sort of tenderness he showed to Jimin in particular blindsided me. Call me conservative or sheltered or whatever, but I’m the maknae in both my family and in most of my social circles and all my life I’ve never called my elders “cute” or “pretty” or anything like that. Yeah, I respect older people but seeing Jungkook (who’s also rather conservative) being so fond of Jimin and taking care of him.. that did things to my heart. It still does things to my heart.

2016 cemented it for me. It was when Jeonlous came to life. When back hugs became a staple diet in this fandom. And it’s when Satellite Jeon really became a thing.

So, I guess to sum it up..

..Jungkook made me do it. It wasn’t one particular moment but a culmination of them. I already shipped Jimin with Tae (and I still really, really, really like v/min.) but there was a definite shift in Kook/min’s relationship that even I noticed and couldn’t ignore. My bias loves Jimin and fuck, who am I to deny him that?

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm the anon who asked about whether Chan may have said something to Sehun. I didn't mean that Chan asked Sehun to make it happen. But you know when you tell your friend you have a crush on someone so they start teasing you everytime you're around that person and they'll try and make you guys hug and sit next to each other etc :)

Hi again darling~ oh okay I get it now haha. What you said is actually not far from happening (for me, at least). Since the members (esp Jongin) have been smirking or giving obvious reactions whenever they see Bh and Cy doing something, uknow, couple-y. wat haha.

For example,

gif cr: @awkwardmickey

Kyungsooo fist pumping after the BaekYeol hug as if it’s such a big achievement. And he must be thinking “Fina-fcking-lly”

JUST LOOK AT THOSE REACTIONS MY GOSH. I esp love Chen’s reaction tbh it’such a bestfriend reaction towards the situation lel.

Our Nini has been a BaekYeol shipper waaaaay before the hug.

Jongin telling Cy to put his heart in Bh’s.

And then looking satisfied af. BaekYeol shippers would make the same face tbh..

“Oh my…Chanyeol hyung’s hand.”

“So happy.”

Oh y’know, just Jongin thinking he’s subtle in checking out his OTP at the back. With that satisfied smirk of his. Jongin is the embodiment of BaekYeol shippers’ reactions tbh.

And ofc our almighty Oh Sehun who waited for the right moment to finally DO SOMETHING SO THAT HIS HYUNGS WOULD AT LEAST DO A BIT MORE SKINSHIP BC THEY LACK SO MUCH OF THAT TBH. Not that it makes them any less shippable/real :P

And as the bitch naughty maknae that Oh Sehun is, he must’ve wanted to tease his hyungs and make them feel embarrassed so there goes the hug~

Just look at the absolute mischief painted on our maknae’s face. Isn’t it just beautiful? /sighs/

Anyways thanks for elaborating darling, now that I’ve understood what you actually wanted to say, it actually is possible. Since Sehun reaaaally likes teasing his hyungs. And seeing such a perfect opportunity to tease Cy, our maknae wouldn’t possibly let the opportunity pass, hence the awkward but so fcking adorable hug IF there is something to notice. Which we never know~ only the members do. But their reactions almost give out everyhting tbh.

My delulu is coming out again, feel free to throw bricks at me. I won’t even make the effort to dodge them haha. Thank you for sending a message again darling! ^^ Have a good day~~~