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what's your title/sidebar from?

my title isnt from anywhere, and my description is a quote fragment from dare me by megan abbott! this is the section:

“Pretend you’re me,“ she says. I can barely see her over the frothy mound.

And it happens just like that.
A feeling of sinking, a falling deep inside.
And I’m her.

And this is my house, and Matt French is my husband, tallying columns all day, working late into the night for me, for me. And here I am, my tight, perfect body, my pretty, perfect face, and nothing could ever be wrong with me, or my life, not even the sorrow that is plainly right there in the center of it. Oh, Colette, it’s right there in the center of you, and some kind of despair too. Colette–

–that silk sucking into my mouth, the weight of it now, and I can’t catch my breath, my breath.

wlw don’t consume gay content in the same way that straight girls do and I’m tired of people acting like we do, it’s literally just that lesbian and bi women representation is so much rarer than representation of gay men and we’re so fucking desperate to see ourselves and y'all have the audacity to accuse us of fetishizing you because we find comfort in mlm content because it’s just about the only gay content out there and p.s @ mlm please consume and support the rare wlw content that does exist because I’m tired of seeing us have to find ourselves in mlm content meanwhile y'all can’t be bothered to even try to relate to a woman