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Texts From Kylo: Prequel 2

A/N: so I'm back from Anaheim and I’m ready to write! I didn’t do much writing on vacation but I got a quarter of the way through a top secret fic I'm working on. sorry to say but it is not kylo related…. I will still be writing some kylo things but I want to venture and write outside the kylo bubble. unfortunately, the kylo and Adam tag have been polluted with drama by the ship-that-shall-not-be-named and the antis. both sides forgetting the purpose of the tag… anyway, I'm not here to lecture… I hope my padawans enjoy.

SIDEBAR: um- this- ahhh!!!!! more prequels to come????? I've also been debating on actually making a fic of your first date with kylo and how you two met…… it’s been something I've been thinking about for a while.

Warnings: none.

Text from Kylo Masterlist.

Requests are ALWAYS open.

(this is strictly kylo and reader pairing. you are in a relationship with him. occasionally there can/will be conversations with Hux but those are strictly platonic!)


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