and my shitty handwriting

Here’s a quick little flip through of my thinspo journal. It’s kinda pathetic how obsessed i am w this that i bonded a fucking book and spend so much time on meanspo + a blog but i’m sure some of you relate haha. Im not finished w it or anything and my handwriting and glue job is shitty sorry ah i wasn’t expecting to show people.

Well I saw this so I had to do it.

Thanks Foo for the amazing effect (:
Bonus Jotaro Being There for his daughter…I just really needed that :(
Edit: fixed Hermes’ triangles.


Hi <3 This is the comic page I did for the Run! multifandom charity zine back in march, along with the full illustration I did first before moving to the comic page.

I guess there is never enough Renee art on this blog. 

I honestly still don’t know where I found the strength to do a proper background.


been wanting to use this dumb scene since forever but it looks like itll never happen in my fics so here take my mediocre art instead 👌


im so glad fake frank and kōhe are boyfriends best friends

so i started writing a dream journal a while back and like i had envisioned it to be like this cool artistic thing but instead it’s just a very Bad book filled with my shitty unreadable handwriting with entries detailing how my brain betrays me at night by making me have dreams where i’m cinderella and macklemore is my fairy godmother

Look look saracchi it took me 6 hours more but I did it Anyway, this will be the postcard bundled with the limited edition of volume 1 of Taishou Stray Dogs!

(lol I wish)

For those who don’t know Taishou Stray Dogs, it’s an AU @akutagawaprize made for April Fools’ Day, and it’s absolutely awesome. I’m not shamelessly plugging or anything but seriously, go read it if you haven’t. I’d pay an arm and a leg for this to be the official ver. 


Second contribution for the Lapidot Anniversary Week !

Tuesday 23 May:  Fusion

I knew Genghis Khan by Miike Snow for a long time (thanks to @teratologue-en-herbe​ for this horrible mistake… xD) and I wanted to draw Lapis and Peridot dancing on it since I heard it in a Lapidot playlist (but their role was inversed in my mind, Lapis being the spy and Peridot the bad guy xD) and I totally lose my shit when I saw Lauren Zuke’s drawings about it.
I wondered why Peridot was the prisoner and Lapis the bad guy (since it was the contrary in Jailbreak) but I guess little Peri didn’t want to Lapis being a prisonner again, even for the roleplay xD

@lapidot-anniversary-week @jenhedgehog

By the ways, it’s Turquoise x)