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Christmas at Holmes Cottage - The Fifth Ficlet

John had kissed him.

John had kissed him.

Sherlock was amazed that he had managed to return a compliment at all, let alone one that got such a reaction out of the other man. His mind had gone totally offline the moment John’s lips had touched his cheek. 

Taking a hearty sip of his drink, he moved into the room and settled himself on the right side of the sofa, near the chair John had chosen. At this point, he just wanted to be close. He was curious as to how much John could do with this act if given a chance. Might as well make the most of it before they went back home and it was business as usual.

After a few minutes, Mycroft and Greg had been welcomed by his parents, and everyone was settled in the room. There was a bit of conversation between John, Greg, and his parents, but then Mycroft asked the question he’d been anticipating since they’d first arrived.

“So, Doctor Watson, how is it that you and Sherlock got together?”

“Well,” John started, looking over to Sherlock - who could only nod in encouragement - before continuing. “Greg, you remember the case we were on a while ago when Sherlock got too cocky and put himself in serious danger because he thought he could handle those three professionally trained martial artists and their henchmen alone?”

“Yeah, I remember that.” Greg nodded. “I remember you were worried sick about him too.”

“I was. And I made sure he knew that it was definitely not good to run off on his own like that, especially after…” John trailed off, the allusion to Reichenbach and the two years that followed heavy in the air. And the expression on his face made Sherlock’s heart ache. He knew now that he had caused so much pain with that decision, and he still felt really horrible that he had done something even remotely close to it again. Even if he honestly hadn’t made the connection at the time.

“Anyway. I know you heard me when I was mad at him,” John continued. “But later, after I’d had some time to calm down, I… I told him I was only upset because of how much I care about him; how he means more to me than life itself, and how I never want to risk losing him again..”

Sherlock smiled, love in his gaze as he looked over at John, laced with just a trace of pain over the fact that none of this had ever happened. It wasn’t real, and never would be, but oh how he wished it could have been. “Then I told him how sorry I was, and that I would never leave him like that. Because I care about him too. So very much,” he added, giving in to the urge to reach over and place his hand over John’s. And the look John gave him when he looked over and their gazes met was well worth it. It felt like time had stopped; like they were the only two people in the world and nothing else mattered because they would always be together.

But all too soon the moment had gone, as John looked away and focused back on the rest of their company. “Since then, we’ve been taking things kind of slow, but the feelings are there.”

Sherlock nodded in agreement, heart leaping as he felt John twist his hand to properly hold his own. It was so natural; why was this not how they actually were together??

He was so caught up in his own feelings that he barely noticed how the story had made his mother tear up. John had done his job, that was for sure, but the fact that it was a job and not just the truth made him hurt. 

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The one where our hearts beat in unison,

The one where I’m no longer a monster,

The one where you’re not too far away,

The one where a touch of your hand melts me,

The one where a kiss from you is all I need,

The one in which you’re smiling,

And making me fall in love,

With you,

All over again.

A parallel universe, indeed.

- DG

Inspired by words of @justscribbledwords on the same topic.

madamopalay26  asked:

Can you draw yuuri holding the twins after he gave birth to them?

Yuuri finding out he’s pregnant/giving birth/post-birth hospital scenes are all comics I have planned, perhaps to be in a physical doujin, though it still seems a bit far off at this point ^ ^;

I have a great many things planned for this AU, I have a mental queue of literally hundreds of comics and illustrations >.<; I draw everything I can in the time given to me, with various factors determining priority on any given week, and I’m constantly stressing about not having yet drawn X, Y, and Z. I thank you for your interest in my AU but I assure you that things will come in their own time. ^ ^;

anonymous asked:

If you were a raccoon you would look friggin adorable as Tom nook from animal crossing (I like the dude he’s adorable)

even though i would never be as cute as tom himself (or timmy and tommy. all of these guys were some of my fav nps,, u know me well anon), i gotta thank you for that idea… its wonderful :’’0

unicornscandraw  asked:

hello tj i love ur writing so much like holy FUCK. if you'd like, perhaps write a little bit of alfreyco cuddling and/or smooching in extra life?? 👀

Hello Bee uh I adore your art? So much?! And you. You’re a great person. <3. 

BUT YES I bring EL Alfreyco. Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it! (I amused myself way too much while writing this.) 

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@teknon replied to your post “@ladyhoneydarlinglove replied to your post “[[MO if most of the…”

I think the thing missing is that Weekes tends to go with ~intense emotional impact~ versus motivations that make sense, if The Masked Empire and Wicked Hearts is anything to go by

Same with the Fade sequence in Inquisition too tbh. Twists for the sake of feels are cute for the first playthrough but by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th run, once it loses impact, it starts to stand out in a bad way. Esp for a game players are encouraged to replay multiple times. Like why is Erimond even working with Corypheus? Because stock evil and stock evil mustache?? Why is Clarel framed as incompetent and naive and called a ‘stupid bitch’? Because ???? desperate ?? emotional !

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how do you make your bio neat like that? I mean, mine won't let me make another paragraph or space...

I got you! What you’re gonna have to do is be on a computer and go to your page, ie [insertusername] There should be some widgets in the corner:

Click the one in the middle, the paint palette. It’ll take you to the customization page. Your bio is labelled “description” and is under “appearance options” on the left side of your screen. Here’s mine:

To make separate paragraphs, just put “<p>” before them and don’t forget to put “</p>” after! To make a bigger space, use “<br>”

Want a link? Just use “<a href=“”> Here’s the text I want to be a link</a>”

Save and exit. These < > won’t show up on your page or your mobile description. The finished product should look like this:

If you edit your description on mobile or in “edit appearance” after this, it will reset it.

I hope this helped! If you still don’t get it or if I answered wrong, I’m happy to help more

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speedbee  asked:

girl what camera do you use

Nikon D5200 ! All credit goes to the fancy-ass lens tho, a AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm 1:4-5.6G II ED

Which is a combination of letters that means very little to me beyond “take good pics of dog going zoom”