and my pot of gold is all yours

  • Italy: Germany, Japan, I had a dream about all three of us.
  • Japan: oh, I heard that dreams can be a depiction of your true desires.
  • Italy: we were all eating one day, but than Japan turned into a centaur and barfed rainbows and then Germany started dancing because he found a pot of gold and then we trade it with a homeless man for a machine that could make my curl the size of Sicily~!
  • Germany: ... Or it could mean that you need therapy.

“The pot of gold is YOU!”

What my Coffee says to me March 17 - drink YOUR life in - the pot of gold shines bright inside you, it’s been there all the time. You are solid gold! Shine bright! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Chickadee dee dee dee (What my Coffee says to me is a daily, illustrated series created by Jennifer R. Cook @catsinthebagdesignposts for your gold infused mental health) 

anonymous asked:

😮... I have just got the time to come to your blog and read... YOUR MASTERLIST IS THE END OF THE RAINBOW! IT IS THE POT OF GOLD I NEED TO SURVIVE 😍 I clicked one of the first options only to be lead to another page... which the lead to another page FULL of stories!! I swear my heart skipped and I cried! My heart can't handle all of this goodness I was blessed with today! Thank you so much 🙌🏼🙌🏼😘❤

I’m approaching 400 separate links! Enjoy! And thank you so much! 😍😘❤

I would do anything to feel comfortable
Right here, but it is nearly impossible
When I can not seem to rid my mind
Of his presence. Know that I have tried
But maybe the timing just isn’t right
The ignorance of youth, the desperation
Manifesting within your soul
Craving any form of adventure, no matter
Where it lands you in the end. All I’ve ever
Wanted was to protect you, but I suppose
I can not manage to keep you safe
When your biggest enemy is yourself
My darling, please forgive me
But I can not bare to stay any longer
Not when my heart belongs to another
I believe it is time to chase after my own
Pot of gold and the end of the double rainbow
To seek a love, a passion of my own
Don’t you ever forget me
Because I can assure you,
I will not ever forget you
You and I, we were born to thrive
But my buds will not ever blossom beneath
The hands of one who refuses
To acknowledge my roots. So go on
Live your life on the edge of every cliff
Or safely behind the four walls of your home
Whichever you choose will be just fine
But this life you are living, it is not mine
It will not ever be

My face when you asked me to be yours. God damn I loved you so much. You had my whole heart.

We watched the sun go down and just laid there together in silence. But not the bad kind. The kind you can only enjoy with someone special.

You brought me sunflowers because you knew they were my favorite. I think I mentioned it once before we were even together. You remembered.

Envy. You told me she was your friend. That THEY were all just friends. Do you ask all your friends what they are wearing?

I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I lost myself when I lost you. Please come back. I’ll forgive you for cheating. Just fucking come back.

These dark circles under my eyes are getting worse and worse. How am I supposed to sleep when you’re not beside me? It hurts so fucking badly. I need you out of my system.

—  There was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
You don’t amaze me because I love you.
I love you because you amaze me.
Happiness was just a myth until we met.
Ever since then my world has been complete.
Never could find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
But when I looked into your eyes I found the most beautiful riches of them all.
Didn’t believe in love at first.
But now all I feel is the constant love that you give me.
The butterflies in my stomach.
The electricity in my skin when we touch.
The fireworks in my chest when we kiss.
The love in my heart when you say my name.
Its a beautiful thing really.
How I would go to the ends of the earth for you my love.
It is not by any means easy.
The situation we’ve been put into.
But I promise that I’m never leaving.
You loved me when I couldn’t love myself.
That’s the greatest thing I have ever stumbled upon.
So when you’re feeling down.
Know that my words are straight out of love and care.
I’m a mess dear.
This I know.
But for you princess.
I’d clean up and put it aside to see that smile.
Us against the world is too cliche.
Us until we disperse is a much better representation.
In love?
Why yes I might be.
And by golly if this is love I’m the luckiest girl on the planet.
Because I get to love God’s most precious angel.
—  I don’t know if that was about me but is this reassuring?