and my parents are both really happy

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So, now that you have your two AMAZING Ryder twins, do you have a wishlist for things you hope will and won't happen in the game? :D

Oh boy, I really hope Bioware won’t kill the other sibling. They already did it in Dragon Age 2, and it broke my heart so much *thinks about poor Bethany and starts to cry*. I seriously haven’t forgive them for it.
And don’t make them hate each other. I want them to be happy!
I seriously want my babies to have a happy and normal relationship with their parents and with each other.

But what I really, really want to see (and I hope we will) is some kinda interaction between the kids. Maybe a mission where the both of them are there. E-mails, calls, SOMETHING to know the other one is okay and alive, and how is their own mission is going on. Maybe a lil bit teasing if the Ryder we play has a LI. :D

This is pretty much what I want and hope from the game. :’DD
*flies away to find a four leaf clover and hopes it will grant her wish*

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Tw for genital talk? my friends parents are transphobic and wont allow him to get anything without them. Im saving up for an Amazon gift card so I can buy both of our packers and idk Im just really excited for both of us? I just wanted to share this

That’s great! I hope you will find a way to get it to him without his parents interfering so that you’ll both be happy with your packers <3

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Parents are weird about being supportive, especially to a musician. I remember when I got into uni, they were happy and proud, and as the years spiral on, they are less happy and questioning my commitment to art (I get really bogged down with the academics), but then I have a concert or a recital and suddenly they have to know when it is b/c they have a "wonderful" "musician" for a daughter. I actually had a huge fight with my mother a couple weeks before term started about going back to school

the hard thing is, I’m very dependent on my parents for $$, both to live on and for tuition

I assume both of these are the same anon? Anyway, that’s not great of them. While yes, your parents get a say in how their money is spent, I personally feel that if they are willing to help with tuition, they should be willing to do so regardless of the major being taken. You would likely struggle with a subject you don’t care for far more than you do with music. I would see if you can talk to them in a calm environment about their fears, and see if you can round up some sources about A) the number of people whose careers match their majors, and B ) jobs that involve creativity (or possibly straight up music education jobs).

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Yusuke for the character meme


CHARACTER: hate them | don’t really care | 💗 like them 💗| 💗LOVE them💗 | 💗THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS💗💗💗💗💗

SHIP WITH:  WITH THE MC. SHUKITA HAS BECOME MY OTP they work really well together and he cares so much for the MC plus they look so aesthetically pleasing together (red/black + white/blue yes please) plus they’re both really charming and really dramatic and I feel like Yusuke would 100% be into the romantic gentleman thief thing Pego’s got going on and pego would be more than happy to indulge him (and Yusuke would totally make him his muse just saying). Also special Brotp mention goes to Yusuke and Haru, as the (gay) team parents of the group I’m looking forward seeing them get along and be super supportive of each other and the rest of the team

GENERAL OPINIONS: he looks so interesting just from his design and his background alone (a tall prettyboy painter with eccentric tendencies and ambiguously gay who likes to pose dramatically and do body rolls at the end of his AOA move? Yes please sign me the duck up). And Honestly once i learned that he’s also my fave arcana (aside from Empress) and that he’s voiced by Sugita I knew he was going to be my best boy I love him so much I would die for him i hope this game treats him well and i’m looking forward to his character arc and his interactions with his teammates

sometimes I remember how privileged I have been and continue to be and I’m like so fucking grateful??? like I love my parents so much yall. they’ve given me the world in every aspect of my life. 

Straight up I’ve been going to private schools since before I was 2, I have always had healthcare and they have always taken me to the most inconvenient, expensive places just to make sure we’re healthy and happy. I’ve had amazing dental work and orthodontic work since I was literally like 7. My parents paid for braces for both my sisters and me AND I had to get invisalign too. They both work full time as the heads of company (my mom works the equivalent to 3 full time jobs like how mom) and they’ve still ALWAYS had time to play with us and hang out and make meals and just be really fucking happy together. we’ve always had everything like all kinds of toys and art supplies and classes and we even used to have a personal chef cook meals for us. once when i was younger my mom arranged for a limo to take us to the airport just because she knew my sisters and I would like it. my parents pay for my expensive ass tuition for my expensive ass fancy school and all they ask is that I do my best and try to be happy. they’ve bought almost all of my piercings and have supported (financially especially) all of my crazy hair adventures. Not to mention the fact that they continue to support me emotionally and they pay for all of my therapy and treatments and medications for the depression,anxiety,eating disorder, abandonment issues, etc etc. 

like basically you guys I love my parents very much and I really wanna be able to support them and eventually have kids of my own who I’ll be able to spoil and love even more than I have been. 

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relationship status: single

pets: a cat! her name’s ella and i love her v much

favourite color: like pastels, but bright and happy colours? my friends says i like them because it reflects my personality lol

wake up time: 5.30 on weekdays, 7.00 on weekends

cats or dogs: both! all animals please i love them all

coke or pepsi: ehh neither

call or text: doesn’t really matter, but i prefer text i only call my parents and my friends lol

chapstick or lipstick: neither lol

last song i listened to: swim by fickle friends! 

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My Dad is getting remarried tomorrow, so excited for him. I actually really like both my step parents too. Makes me realise how wrong my mum and dad were for each other. Not going to pretend them splitting etc didn’t fuck me up a bit, made me think that love was pretty shitty and not worth the heartache, but I guess I’m very slowly getting over that.  But yeah, glad they’re both happy now. 

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1/2 After reading your asks, I guess I'm really friggin lucky my mom is fine with me wanting to study music without saying anything about my financial future. My mom's favorite phrase is "whatever makes you happy"

2/2 I actually had to bring up the conversation about “what can I do so I don’t end up on the street”

Woooooo supportive parents!! And I would Highly Suggest checking out your college’s career center and/or taking some business classes. Both of those things will help give you Real World Applicable Skills for Making Money.TM

If anyone’s trying to convince their parents to get them a pet just ask me lmao i got a puppy February 2015 and then to get a cat but when we got there i liked one of them and my mom liked another and she agreed to get both. And then.. And THEN a month later she saw a clinic kitten who was having a hard time being adopted bc of the black cat superstition so she got him for me.

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Hi. So about you feeling guilty of not having any kids or anything, does that mean you and your girlfriend will adopt?? That guilt wont lead to you two breaking up will it?

I have been guilty tripped since I was 20…My grandparents got kids when they were young and my parents were pretty young too. But my parents tells us to wait :) and are very happy that I put my studies and own happiness before having kids ^.^

But we are not really planing on adoption, we really wanna do a bone marrow pregnancy (but this kind of pregnancy is not well developed yet, but it would give us biologic kids) :) Otherwise, we might take one kid each and have the same sperm-donor for both of us (and we will do this in Denmark because we want the donor to be anonymous) 

And no, Louise and I are really tight, and we will stay strong through this as well ^.^ 

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anything with 8 for you also

8 and 18 were just answered… why u gotta kill me like dis

28. best friends name

I HAVE TOO MANY TO NAME THEM ALL tbH. AH. They’re all on my about page under baes lol. 

38. What country are you from/do you live in?

Land of maple syrup and tim hortons yo. aka Canada.

48. Are you good at giving advice?

People seem to come to me for advice a lot and I’m basically everyone’s mom so yeah I suppose I am. I try to be at least.

58. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

Yep! Very close to both my parents in different ways.

68. What are some things that stand between you and complete happiness?

Lol well. Depression for one thing. Otherwise… I don’t really know if complete happiness is actually possible. If you reached it, what would you do then? Gotta have something to strive for.

78. If you dropped everything to pursue your dreams, what would you be risking?

Um… I kind of am already pursuing my dreams so… nothing? lol. I mean what I’m risking I guess is that I will have spent a lot of money and might not end up with anything but fingers crossed things work out…

80. Describe the next five years of your life, and your plans, in a single sentence

Articling, become a full lawyer, and maybe if I meet the right person get married???

81. What would happen if you never wasted another minute of your life, what would that look like?

Is that even possible? What is considered wasting??? Is sleep wasting? Is relaxing wasting? I don’t know this is too deep a question for me lol.

82. If you could live forever, how would you spend eternity?

Probably hating the fact that I lived for so long haaa. I dunno. Explore the world I guess. Learn about new cultures and all that. 

83. How would you spend a billion dollars?

Pay off schooling, pay off any debt of my family/friends, then travel a lot. And get a puppy because yes.

84. If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

Past. I don’t wanna know what the future is like until I get there.

85. What motivates you to succeed?

I… want to prove to myself that I’m worth something I guess?

86. What dream that you’ve had has resonated with you the most?

Like sleep dream or aspiration dream– I’m not really sure lol. This question is hard. 

87. Would you rather live in the city or the woods? Why?

The woods. I don’t like all the noise of the city and I’d rather be around animals.

88. Do you believe in life after death

In some sense, at least, yes.

89. What teacher inspired you the most? How did they?

UH. The prof that supervised my thesis I suppose. She really helped me a lot and she was so supportive and kind and I was so proud of what I accomplished by the end of that.

98. How did your first crush develop?

I was in grade eight and I got to be a legislative page which meant for five weeks or so I didn’t have to go to my regular school and instead did this program in Toronto… he was in it too and he was so kind and we had a lot of fun times together so yeah. aha. I think that was the first “real” crush I had…? I’m about 80% sure he’s gay lol.