and my parents are both really happy


From this picture. We can observe a few things.

-This place is pretty local. We see Yuuri and Victor carrying fresh groceries (which literally imply once again, they probably live together lol). If this place was not local, I doubt Viktuuri would be shopping for gorceries there.

-Yuri is definitely DRESSED UP from his usual street fashion of tacky leopard print or tiger stripes. Similarly, Otabek, my boy, my light, is wearing such an elegant and cute sweater. Both of these boys EVIDENTLY made an effort in looking more formal than they usually do. And in the context of this situation, they definitely cared a lot about this date in order to change their usual style.

-THEY WERE SHARING MUSIC??? MY SKIN IS CLEAR??? MY LIFE IS COMPLETE??? They were probably super into it because they both look super interrupted and surprised at Viktuuri’s intrusion.

-OK LEMME POINT out how fUCKING PROUD BOTH YURI’S PARENTS LOOK? Yuuri looks so happy and looks as if is wishing Yuri a happy time while Viktor is just “man, my son is growing up and finally not that much of an angsty edgelord.”


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Ok ok wlw story time!!! When I was 6 my parents and another girl's parents met at a school event. The girl and I made fast friends and I wanted to hold her hand. So, being 6, I did and she held it back and we held hands literally all day. Our parents of course just thought Hal's being pals. She moved away when I was 10 and I was heartbroken. This year was my first Year at college and I shit you not I got paired with her as a roommate. She's sleeping right now spooned up against my chest (1/2)

And we’ve been dating for 6 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier!!! She’s so amazing. Kind. Caring. Beautiful. Just everything you know? Our parents don’t know, and they’re really really conservative so we’re keeping it quiet for now, but we’re both in the same major so we’re hoping they’ll let us room for the rest of college. Then we’ll deal with the parents. You and Eliza are such an inspiration and we love you guys!!!


OKAY THIS IS THE CUTEST SHIT I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I’m obsessed with this wlw love. Please definitely keep me updated because this is amazing and I’m so happy for you both

Both my parents never had the opportunity to study english, so they only speak portuguese, and since I’m very interested in languages they’re so proud to announce that to everyone. And now my uncle who speaks danish says both my danish and norwegian are really good, so my father now tells everyone smth like “mY DAUGHTER SPEAKS 5 LANGUAGES FLUENTLY SHE’S A MASTER” and though I don’t speak 5 languages at all I think that’s so beautiful because it’s like they’re helping me accomplish what they couldn’t and I’m so happy for that

The Future/(is now)

I can’t believe this is something I saw with my own two eyeballs, because apparently all that’s happened so far wasn’t coincidence, or carelessness - apparently Dabb watched Season 8 and made a deliberate bet with someone - he’d make it gayer, or else. And so here it is, (almost) out of the subtext (Sorry, Dean and You can’t just go dark like that. We didn’t know what happened to you. We were worried. That’s not okay and I needed to come back here with a win for you and We’re just better together and I’d like that and THE TAAAAAAAPE). Honest to God, I think I read twenty versions of that fight yesterday as people scrambled to write pre-codas out of nerves and excitement, and they were all magnificent and yet, somehow, less shippy and less obvious and less romantic than what actually happened on the show, wtf? And Dean sulking in his room, Cas knocking at his door, hesitating, coming in? 

I swear to God - when Dean called him back, when he started telling Cas all those things - for a second, I actually believed he would yank on Cas’ tie and kiss him, because that’s always, always what happens in that scenario. Or, you know, Dean gets overwhelmed by his own feelings, by how much he’s just showed his hand here, and walks away. That’s also textbook fanfiction, and yeah, so it’s fluff instead of angst, but, come on - this is Supernatural - did anyone doubt it’d be angsty? Let’s just hope in a happy ending, because that Kelly voiceover (I love you. But we won’t ever be together. There is no happy ending for either of us.) gave me the creeps.

And what about the mind control, someone might argue. Mind control, schmind control. That’s like, the number one Prove that you love me forever and ever trope, and even if we’ve seen it before (if simply because Destiel has been built with every single love trope in the book, and, in this case, they used it over and over and over again), we’ve never seen its final form. During the crypt scene, Cas deflected instead of admitting the obvious (let’s be generous: maybe he didn’t know himself), and in the Bunker, Dean just barely managed not to kill Cas, and had to walk away before the Mark overpowered him, so no, that was not a good time either. So this thing we’ve been promised for a while - this My love for you is stronger than time or tide or evil curse - is yet to come, and with the way things are going, I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Also: however Dean will read this when he wakes up, Cas is choosing love, and he’s choosing free will. He went to Heaven hoping they’d have a way out of this mess so that Sam and Dean would be safe, he stole the Colt so they couldn’t face Dagon and be hurt (which is text, by the way, not subtext), he went against orders because he felt that was the right thing to do (a human feeling, because angels are created for a mission), he stayed away from Sam and Dean to protect them - all of that is unangelic behaviour, and man, Dean and Cas are going to get into so many fights, aren’t they, because Cas learned how to love from Dean, and that means he’s got that same kind of stubborn, maternal, overbearing way to love Dean has, which means lots of I didn’t tell you because I love you and I walked away because I love you and I booped you to sleep because I love you and I really hope Sam’s going to stay out of the way, because there will be a lot of storming through corridors and huffing and outrage and Can you believe that bastard and it will be absolutely glorious.

As for the rest of it - though, to be perfectly honest, I barely noticed a ‘rest of it’ because my eyeballs were glued to the unbelievable Gay Feelfest unfolding in front of me - I’m really happy with it. I’m happy we’re finally talking Big Things again - Could either of you kill an innocent, do our parents determine our destiny, is there such a thing as innate character, and so on - and I’m happy with the insight we were given both in Kelly’s and in Dagon’s minds, and why they do what they do. I loved every scene Cas and Kelly had together, that kind of, We’re not heroes, and we may be worthless, but we’re what’s left vibe, and Cas’ smile when the baby was kicking, and I like where they’re going, how they’ll try to get this pregnancy to term. Sure, this baby’s got a lot against him - he’s Lucifer’s kid (although, we still don’t know who and what Lucifer was before he was forced to carry the Mark), and one of his temper tantrums could possibly destroy the Earth, but, then again, so could a lot of other things - he’s not special (to quote a famous tumblr post). And if we’re going with free will and self-determination of our own destiny, then we should have the courage not to nitpick: everyone should be able to decide for themselves, and this baby is no exception. 

(I mean, think about it. He’s clearly able to give anyone extraordinary powers - he gave Cas enough ammo to take down a bloody Prince of Hell - so he could have chosen anyone as his protector. He could have picked Dagon, he could have stuck with Kelly, he could have chosen any lesser demon or angel or random doctor they’ve been in contact with over the last few weeks - and yet he chose Cas, and Cas - as we’ve known for a while - is the curiosity, the abomination, the miracle: the angel who can love. No, I want to believe we’re headed towards good things here - narratively or otherwise.)

Final point: again, I know it’s not ideal to carry around a nuclear warhead in your belly, but the beginning of this episode gave me heavy The Handmaiden’s flashbacks (superb show, by the way, go watch it), so the fact they’re giving Kelly some kind of choice - that’s uplifting. Because yeah, maybe she’s slightly brainwashed, but this isn’t like any kind of brainwash I’ve ever seen on the show, because both Kelly and Cas are also lucid, completely themselves. They resemble most closely what Dean was like when he lost his memories, and I think now I’m going to go and cry forever at the implications. But hey, at least Cas’ got his own room at the Bunker and Yes, dumbass - we

Please reblog if you think it is appropriate for a woman to wear pants to a cocktail party

I thought that my mum had finally accepted the fact that I’m gay. It was really difficult at first (I won’t go into detail except to say that she was not supportive when I first came out). I have been with my partner Frankie for over 6 years now and she gets along well with my family (including my mum). 

I have recently started studying vet science (a huge deal for me and something that I worked super hard to get into). Frankie lives 7 hours away while finishing up her final year of med school. For the past couple of weeks, Frankie has been staying with my mum and I while doing a placement at our local GP.

There is a fancy dinner coming up for first year vet students and we are allowed to invite our parents and partners. A lot of my classmates are unable to bring someone because their parents and partners live too far away. I was so happy that both my mum and Frankie could come! They both seemed keen until I mentioned that it was a cocktail party. My mum asked Frankie if she was going to wear a dress. Frankie said she would wear pants and a tie to which my mum scoffed and said, “Well then I’m not coming!”

I was pretty quiet about the whole thing. Last night, mum asked if it offended me that she was refusing to come. I told her that it did. She asked, “So you REALLY don’t feel uncomfortable about going with Frankie even though she is wearing mens clothes?”

I tried to explain that her views are outdated and that it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear pants, ties etc in this century. She acted like I was the one being unreasonable. 

It makes me sad that my mum is still so judgemental and cares more about what other people think instead of just being supportive. 

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Yes, Dee, you really should be working. Bet your horses and their owners miss you when you spend all day on here. Why don't you be a regular fan & stop spreading lies & conspiracy theories about Sam & Cait. Wonder what the uni would think of Professor McD's wife being such an obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic. And it would really be embarrassing for K to know that her mother is considered an Outlander tinhatter. Light shipping with no conspiracy theories spread is the way to go, Dee.

Awww, anon, am I spending too much time on Tumblr for your tastes? Debunking too many of your sacred, but not very well supported opinions? Sorry about that- but what I choose to do with the publicly available information that is available to me is my prerogative, as also is how I spend my free time. That’s the time when I am not working. My tag line is a bit of humour, anon, not to be taken seriously. All the work gets done and then some, anon, never worry about that!
And speaking of publicly available information, I see that you have also availed yourself of some and done some poking about as to me and my family. No problem as far as I am concerned, or my family either. It is, after all, publicly available information and you are quite welcome to it. But you leave me at something of a social disadvantage, anon, in that you presume to address me on a first name basis- but, as you have chosen to remain anonymous-I don’t yet have your name to reciprocate properly with our first name basis communications. Oh, well, I suppose there is nothing for it but to just go on addressing you as “anon” until you see fit to introduce yourself.
But I suppose I should now get down to answering your questions. Since you have troubled yourself to learn so much about me it’s the least I can do to reciprocate your interest!

First, my clients are all quite aware of my blog, and of its direction. In fact we often laugh about the absurdities of social media, and the proclivities of certain of its users to take it upon themselves to tell others how they should think. ( that’s a polite way to say “NSTer, anon)

And then there is my husband, who as you point out, anon, is indeed a professor. He was a little miffed to learn about your interest in him, anon, but only because your research seems to have failed to turn up, and refer to him by, his actual job title. He is actually a Distinguished Professor- which means he holds an endowed chair, anon, which means he is a very important part of his department, he teaches the advanced courses, sits on important committees, oh, and he also has tenure. Which means that it doesn’t really matter to him, or to his uni, what sort of things his wife might choose to do with her spare time. Even if that thing is to be an “obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic” lol! He is also well aware of my blog, and it’s content. In fact we both get a really good laugh together most mornings when he shares with me the latest political news a la Trump and friends, and I fill him in on the latest fandom happenings (that’s also a polite way to say “NSTer happenings, anon)

And then there is my lovely daughter, anon. I am so glad you didn’t leave her out of this as I am always happy to talk about her- that’s what parents love to do! She’s also well aware of my blog, and it’s content as well, anon. In fact she was the one who got me started in Tumblr. She ran a fandom blog in another fandom for several years and is also well aware of ships and shipping- and how the term "tinhatter” is applied to any ship that an individual disagrees with (which is a polite way of saying “NSTer”, anon)

So now that the pleasantries are sorted, anon, let’s get down to your real reason for writing. The conspiracy thing. You advocate “light shipping” for me, but there is no such thing. Not in the dictionary, not in the Urban Dictionary, and not even on Google. It doesn’t exist as a word, or a concept. It is only a “thing” in the minds of certain bloggers. The truth is, anon, you either ship it or you don’t. No heavy or light to it.
And as to any “conspiracies” that is also a thing that comes with the territory in this fandom. The position of both sides requires there to be a “conspiracy” for their position to exist. The Sam Cait ship requires the “official” narrative of Sam and other girls to be a put on. And the Samzie ship requires the whole of the matter between Sam and Cait, as displayed by them their own selves, to be a put on. Either way someone is doing a put on, anon, it’s just a difference of opinion as to who.

When I add it up I get sam and Cait, as do my family and friends. Others get a different answer. So be it. Live and let live, and it is all public information after all. It’s not illegal, or even immoral to form opinions about it. Or to print those opinions or discussions.

And that brings me to your last point, anon. The implication that I am putting my family at risk by looking at publicly available information, and printing my opinions about it. Or that I am doing something wrong that I, or they, would not want known about.
It’s obvious that is not the case. If I was doing wrong, and if you were actually someone with the power to do something about that, then we would be having this communication via letterhead, and not via an anonymous submission to my Tumblr blog.

And maybe you should ask yourself what it is that you are really saying when you resort to threats to try to silence the words what you claim to be nothing more than an “obsessed, out of touch with reality fanatic”. If I was truly just a “tinhatter” shouldn’t it be easy to simply ignore me the same way that everyone ignores the homeless guy who stands on the busy intersection preaching loudly, every day, about the end of he world which according to him is directly upon us?
Instead you take the time out of your life to research my family and compose implicit threats- and no one likes to waste time. That tells me that my words are not meaningless. That tells me that my words are believable- and that they are believable enough to cause a threat to your worldview. And that you had no facts at hand, or even a good argument to make to refute them. No reason to need me silenced otherwise that I can see. There really isn’t a higher compliment

So thanks, anon, for taking the time out of your day so send me such a gracious compliment. My family and I send you our regards. Sorry we can’t thank you personally at this time since you are still anonymous, but perhaps in time you will feel comfortable introducing yourself. Or maybe not, since your choice to remain anonymous rather confirms the view that revealing your true identity would also be a reveal that you are in fact nobody whose opinion actually matters- or you would be using your real name and revealing that your opinion DOES matter after all. But this all is making even my eyes roll, anon, so take care of yourself, anon, whoever you are!
Until then- Cheers!

Beautiful Disaster (Part 4)

Story Summary: Your best friend asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family gathering and you reluctantly accept his request [Modern AU].

Word Count: 2,115

‘Beautiful Disaster’ Masterlist

A/N: Sorry it took me forever to write this part! 

“Please stop telling these stories, Ma. You’re embarrassing me,” Steve whined as you laughed along with his parents. All of you were in the dining room eating dinner and exchanging stories about Steve. Your best friend was less than pleased about being the target of the narratives that were told at the table. While he tried to shift the topic away from him, his parents always found a way to place him on the spotlight once more.

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No Matter What

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

 Pairing: Stiles x Reader


 A/N: I’m actually kind of proud of this 🙈 Let me know what you think! 

A huge thank you, to my favorite co-pilot Em @fillthevoid-stilinski, for editing again 💖 


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The joke isn’t that they’re cruel or bad at parenting or have any particular disdain for the world at large. They aren’t unkind to their neighbors or to the animals and their deeply devoted to their children and to each other.

The joke is that they’re happy.

The Addams Family is missing a lot of the typical sitcom tropes. There’s no mother-in-law jokes, no arguing over who’s supposed to fill what gender role, both Morticia and Gomez spend roughly equal amounts of time parenting the children and the most remarkable is the relationship between Morticia and Gomez. You see Morticia Addams and it really highlights how rare it is in family films and TV sitcoms to see a wife and mom character who isn’t like this “dissatisfied housewife always mad at my big dumb husband but I love him gonna stay with him because this is the world and he’s the best I can get and I am always right because wifes are the smart ones hey you can relate to this average American I guess”. Morticia and Gomez in contrast are usually working together you know rarely party A will keep something from party B but for the most part the form little schemes together as partners both are heads of the household and they almost never disrespect each other - remarkable in a genre where that’s usually the joke.

But the reason the Addams are happy is really beacause they exist outside of society’s expectations. Gomez is a man child who plays with his trains and that’s fine. Morticia fences with her husband and plays with weapons often and it doesn’t occur to them to care what other people think.

About Greek forms of love: Please take note

{About eros and agape mostly, and how they are misrepresented, so *please* don’t scroll past this, I keep seeing posts about things that have nothing to do with what they mean even so many months later!}

OK, Yuri On Ice has a permanent place in my heart and they have done really well in their effort to portray different cultures, countries and their citizens respectfully and accurately. Also the fandom is sweet and respectful and you all do your best to portray unfamiliar concepts well, but for the most part these concepts get misrepresented. So I ’m finally writing this post to explain them properly. So for all of you sweet people who have taken a liking to these concepts and/or like to write fics/meta/edits including them, please take note of the following. I will try to explain as much as I can.

Eros: it’s not physical attraction or sexual love. And it certainly isn’t sex appeal. It’s a passionate emotion that may or may not include sexual attraction, it’s first and foremost romantic love. You may be young and not sexually active or be in the asexual spectrum and still be in love. Basically anywhere you ‘d use “x is in love” that’s where you ‘ll use eros.  In love = feels eros. In short, eros is passionate romantic love. You can follow this up with adding the precise feelings and types of attraction x person feels (romantic, sensual, sexual, aesthetic attraction). The word erotic originates from eros and it often means something sexual, but that’s a part of eros not the definition. In modern Greek we say x is erotevmeni/os (f/m) which means x is in love, we don’t say x feels eros (sexual feelings/attraction).

That “show me your eros” line? Completely nonsensical and really irritating. It makes eros sound like it means sex appeal or sexuality when it means the feeling of being passionately and irrevocably in love!!

I ‘ll quote myself from another post: Someone who feels eros for another person doesn’t necessarily love them in an unconditional way, they just have strong feelings (see above) about them. How they act in a relationship largely depends on the nature of the person in question (if they are egoistical, possessive or thoughtful and respectful).

And this is where you can find one of the differences from agape. Because

Agape: In it’s first and foremost definition it’s unconditional love. Yes, in Greek it’s also used as simply love, like it does in English, (but not always, you wouldn’t say I love this post it’s meant for people/animals or things you feel really strongly about “I love my job”. You‘d use “really like”.) So while it can be used as simply love, it’s true meaning is unconditional love, and it comes in every form, between friends/lovers/parents & children/family menbers/anyone. The best example in the show is both Yuuri and Viktor being willing to give up their skating careers for the other to be happy. But the issue that bothers me the most is the godlike agape I keep seeing. There’s nothing about agape that relates to the christian god whatsoever. You can use it if your god means a lot to you to describe your love for him or the love you believe he feels for you as well. But that is one use out of many and it has nothing to to do with the true meaning of the word which by the way originated in the ancient times. And personally it irks me to no end to see a word that means unconditional love be used for a god whose whole legacy is allowing his believers (and everyone else) to get hurt, tortured, killed and what else, oftentimes in his name. But that’s a rant for another time. In short, agape means unconditional love or simply love, and can be used to describe any type of feelings (platonic, romantic, parental etc.)

Also, when a person feels eros combined with agape, it is true unconditional romantic love. It’s the type of love we see in great love stories, where the characters are so in love and care for the one they love so much that they are willing to sacrifice themselves or things important to them in order for their loved one to be happy.

Moving on to other forms of love I ‘ve seen explored.

Philia: love between friends, friendship.

Storgi: it’s not family love or parental love. It’s one way agape manifests, it is tenderness/fondness/affection. It comes in every form of love stated above. If I am feeling storgi about you I am feeling warm and fuzzy affection about you and if I am going to show you that, it will be with tender gestures, like a caress, a hug, a homemade meal, with my being a good listener when you need me to. I ‘ll show you by taking care of you. It is mostly used when talking about gestures rather than feelings.

Philautia: Narcissistic, egoistic, extreme self adoration, a word that is never ever used in Modern Greek and most Greeks will give you a puzzled look if you use it and will have to open a dictionary to remember it. The main reason it’s worth a mention is because everyone in the fandom upon hearing the definition instantly recognizes: JJ.

So, that’s all I can think of right now, I wasn’t planning to write a post like that, (and it’s unpolished and imperfect, having written it fairly quickly) but I have seen too many posts misrepresenting these concepts for me to stomach it any longer. On that subject, I ‘ll say once again that everyone who has tried to tackle these concepts has been respectful and done their best to portray them accurately even if sometimes they didn’t manage to do so. I am more sour about the show to be honest, they should have done better research. Even so, the end result was so great and YOI means so much to me personally that in the end, it’s fine :).

If anyone needs help with understanding and using these concepts, or for anything Greek related feel free to message me, I ‘ll do my best to help you out :)

Dear Journal,

Hey! Teddy here! So my dads had the brilliant idea to have a barbecue with the Potters. The thing is, James Sirius will be there and everytime he’s around, I get all blushy and nervous. He’s so cute and I just always want to touch him in some way. When we’re sitting together, our knees are touching and my heart beats faster. I haven’t really talked about my sexuality with my dads… I feel like i’m hiding things from them.. I feel like i’m lying.. But I will tell them tommorow, i’m ready. I was looking at my reflexion trying to figure what hair colour I should wear today. James Sirius really likes when they are light brown, so I decided to wear them that way. Being a metamorphmagus was awesome! I added a few freckles on my cheeks and My dadda came in, telling me that the Potters were here.

“They’re here!” He said, standing in the doorframe.

“Okay, I’m coming.”

“Are you okay love?” He asked, wearing his iconic jumper.

“Yeah.. I just.. I’m okay. I’ll talk to you about it tommorow.” I said, smiling.

“Okay. If I were you I would hurry before James eats all the chips.” He winked, walking away.

I walked outside and felt the warm sun hit my skin. The adults were around the table, talking about Quidditch. Pads was flipping burgers on the barbecue wearing his “it’s barbecue time.” T-shirt. I looked around for James Sirius and saw him sitting on the swing in the far corner of the backyard. I walked to him and sat on the other swing.

“Hey Jamie.” I said, pushing myself slightly ao the swing could move a bit.

“Hey Ted. Did you see your dads shirt? It’s actually the funniest thing ever!” He laughed.

“Yeah.. He doesn’t look so badass with it on!” I laughed too.

We talked until the burgers were done. While we were eating, I felt James’ hand touch mine on the table. It wasn’t an accident. He made sure no one could see us before doing it. My tummy was filled with butterflies. I sent him a look and he was smiling down at his empty plate. He knew. We often touched eachother like that. It was only as good friends though… I think.

After eating, we all got inside and I took James Sirius to my bedroom. When we came in, he looked at the books on my shelf, brushing the tip of his finger on the spine of the books.

“Do you want to go on my balcony and watch the stars?” I asked him, smiling.

“Sure!” He smiled back.

We sat close to eachother surrounded by pillows. It was a bit cold outside since the sun had came down so we shared a blanket. I was pointing stars to him and I didn’t realize that he was looking at me.

“This star is actually named after this greek god which is… Are you even listening?” I asked, giggling.

“Yeah.. I huh..” He said, looking right into my eyes.

And that’s when it happened. He kissed me. He softly layed his hands on my cheeks and moved his lips slowly against mine. His lips were soft. I tangled my fingers into his black hair and he stood over me. I was sitting with my back against the wall and he was sitting on my lap, his legs on each side. He deepend the kiss and I pulled away to catch my breath. He looked into my eyes again and smiled.

“You’re blushing..” He whispered, his lips dangerously close to mine.

“Oh am I? I just kissed the cutest boy ever I have the right to blush a bit..” I chuckled.

“No I just kissed the cutest boy ever!” He laughed, kissing me again.

I layed my hands on his waist which made him giggle through the kiss.

“Oh now the tip of your hair is turning pink..” He giggled.

“Stop teasing me! I’m just really happy that’s all.” I smiled.

“I’m happy too. I’ve been waiting for the right moment for so long..” He said.

“Well i’m glad you did it now.. It’s pretty romantic.” I smiled.

He cuddled into my arms and I covered him with the fluffy blanket.

“Do you think we should tell our parents?” He asked, frowning.

“Whenever you’re ready.. I was going to talk to them about me liking both girls and boys tommorow but.. If you’re not ready I could wait.” I said, stroking his cheek.

“No.. I don’t want you to wait for me. Talk to them but just ask them to keep it to themselves please? I’ll try to talk to mine as soon as I can..” He said, looking at the stars.

“Okay.. I’m glad you kissed me.” I smiled.

“I’m glad I did too.” He smiled back.

June 5th 2014

Anonymous said: Hello my gal! Your writing is so wonderfully fabulous, I’m in love with all of your zach imagines! I was just wondering (when you have the time) if you could do a reader x zach imagine where it’s the reader’s birthday and he organises the day doing what she loves best (pj movie day with loads of snacks) it’s my birthday on Sunday and it would be wonderful if you could :’) (only if you have the time gal!) anyways have a lovely day and I’m off to read all your other writings x

So I had some time to hurry and write this. Happy birthday, anon! Hope this is some of what you were looking for.

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“Hey, Y/N, what’s the theme this year for the big 1-8?” Sheri asks.


“Your birthday, silly!” The head cheerleader exclaims. “What are we doing?”

“Oh. Uh, I’m not actually doing anything.” Several surprised what’s sound from around the lunch table and you chuckle. “It’s not that big of a deal, guys. I just- I don’t want to do anything this year. I’ll probably just sleep in and eat junk food all day.”

“And your parents are cool with that?” Jessica wonders. “If I didn’t want to do anything, I know my Dad would still make me have dinner with the family at least.”

“Parents left on a cruise this morning,” you shrug. “They’ll be gone for two weeks.”

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Riverdale Photo Crackcap 111

Subtitled:In Which It’s Quite Obvious Bughead Did NOT Break-Up in 110 and I MIGHT Even Concede Douchie Doesn’t Hit on Betty….

Tralalala taking breakfast to mah daddykins…so happeee….because I have kicked a jerk’s ass, let my lady in completely, maybe had sexytimes, maybe gonna finally ditch those fucking Andrews and my daddy has….

SHAVED!!!! Because he has cleaned up his act and there is totally nothing shady/undercover/gonna have Roscoe try and hang a murder on him or ANYTHING!!! Tralalala!!

Soooo…in town to finalize dumping me, huh? Are we gonna do it?

Old, spackled model who ditched me

New, hotter, mob wife model….with her shady dealings

I have no idea how Curious George ever gets or ever got ANY action and I’m married to a pretentious jackass. However, I DO have to kiss all their asses because SoDale SoPale $$$

We’re soarinnnn’…..flyinn……we’re breakin’ freeeeeeee!!!

He was supposed to Bop to the Top with meeee!!! And how dare he wear that jacket he prostituted himself for???? But they both really DO suck! But I’d still sing with him….or murder him…like Jason.

But Kevin, I need you to PRETEND they didn’t suck and work the registration table!!

Even if I do understand perfectly why Kevin’s running away. Jesus Christ they’re bad

And thissss…totally isn’t awkward. AF. At ALL.. But at least, since we’re their parents, we actually think they’re amaaahzzzinggg….

DW, babe, I’m so freakin’ happy since we kicked Chuck’s ass, opened up to each other completely, took things to the next level and my dad dried out I don’t even CARE how horrible they are. And yeah, that’s MY hand, giving you a preview of later….

Oh and have you noticed no one’s wearing plaid or drinking maple syrup, we’ve broken the hold Plaiderdale had, we’re FREEE!!

Oh and also….tralalalalala…..

My God listening to the two of you young hooligans was pure torture. Is THAT what they did to poor Jason for a week???? He probably put the bullet through his own brain just to escape

Can you believe how aaaammmaaazzzinggg everything is going tonight??? And how great my dad is doing??? No glitches tonight! First even we’ve attended that didn’t get totally fucked! However, you guys sucked when you were singing. But still tralalala…..

Greatest night of my life….better take this call……tralalalala….

OMG!!! Why do I always get fucked at these things!!! In life??? Why do I never get to be happy (other than with Betty, because we love each other)? Daddddddyyyyyyy!!! Fucking Roscoe!! (on the plus side, my woman and I really DO get all the best material, amirite???)

Is he screaming because Roscoe’s framing his dad or cause they live in this hideous, tacky trailer??? Is this my future if I don’t perjure myself on my actual criminal daddy’s behalf? But it will be “historic” when we all look at it from SoDale SoPale, riiiighttt??

Foreign line's reaction to you surprising them with tickets to their home country

Request: Foreign line reacting to you surprising them with tickets to their home country?

A/N: I wrote this like if it was their s/o who surprised them, okay? 


He would be one of the calmest in this situation. He would smile at you and hug you immediately, whispering how thankful he is to you for doing this in your ear. He would start telling you lots of stories from his childhood and promise you to take you to those places as soon as you’re in Chicago.

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His eyes would shine more than never and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling and hugging you the whole time. He would be in disbelieve at first and then he would start thanking you again and again. “I’m so happy we’re going back, I need to tell this to my parents right now!” Unconsciously he would be more cuddly and clingy with you since you surprised him with the tickets until both of you already came back to Korea, I guess that’s his way of showing how grateful he is.

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Other baby who would be very calm but still really grateful to you, and would let you know about this with his words and actions. He would also get a bit homesick and would tell you lots of cute stories about him while you’re in cute dates or cuddling. Basically, he’s really happy that can accompany him back to China and with who he can create lots of new memories.

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He would react instantly with his body and expressions. His eyebrows would raise and his mouth would be wide opened in surprise. “Are you for real, Y/N?!” He would get closer to you and hug you tightly as he thanks you again and again. He would be really excited about both of you getting to see his family again, and would be a 100% ready to show you all his favorites places of Bangkok.

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He would have a confuse look in his face for five good seconds before understanding the whole situation. He would smile widely and hug you shyly as he thanks you for doing this for him. Once you’re in his hometown he would take you to lots of sweet dates and buy you cute stuff to show you how thankful he is.

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He wouldn’t be able to believe at first. Even if you have the plane tickets in front of his eyes he wouldn’t be able to believe it yet. He would hug you and thank you non stop for like a whole month, lmao. He would also be more attentive with you, and in both of you are actually there he would take you on dates to lots of different places he remembers from his childhood so you get to know him a bit more.

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He would be really happy when you show him the tickets and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from giggling and smiling the whole time. He would hug you and thank you sincerely, telling you how much he loves you and how happy he’s feeling now that both of you are going to travel to China.

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He would start screaming and jumping around for the rest of the day. Like Yuta, he would also get a bit more cuddly but most of the time he would just be talking about how excited he is for going back to China with you and looking for cool places where he could take you on dates.

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Good vibes: my transphobic parents made me wear leggings, which really shows my butt curve, to a dinner party. Although i got to wear my masculine sweater. Anyways, my dad was talking to this old woman with my brother and I and he ask her is she's met both his kids yet and she responded with "Oh, yes! I've met both your sons!" My smug face said it all. That was the first time I was ever referred to as male. I'm ultra happy about it.

Thanks so much to @dreadpiratedee for commissioning me to write this fic in my househusband!Steve verse! Get more info on commissioning me here. Enjoy the lovey fluff:)

“When I was little I asked my papa why he always held my daddy’s hand.” Sarah smiles, waving her arm in her parents direction. There Papa is, his hand intertwined with Dad’s. Papa’s hair is gray finally. Daddy went gray completely almost decade and a half ago. Sarah remembers them looking younger, but this is just as good.

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1/15/17 Glo Up update ✨

Hello sweets 🍭
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Over winter break I was sick with a really bad cold. And since my college classes have started, I’ve been concentrating on that and working.
I’ve never really talked about myself on here that much, so I feel like I should post a few facts about me

1. I’m 20 years old, college student, and live with my parents.
2. My goal is to be able to make money on my lifestyle blog, freelance writing, and possibly open my online store one day so I can quit my job and still make enough to move out and live on my own.
3. I’ve been dating the same guy for about 5 years (since we where freshman in high school) and he is my best friend. We are very close and have been through a lot, but we stick together. To be completely honest, we are both very codependent on one another. So I’m using this blog to really make myself independent and happy even when I’m a lone, and get my glo up. Because I’ve kind of let myself go because I’ve gotten so comfortable with him.
3. I want to double major in marketing in finance and I want my masters degree. I want to own my own business one day.
4. I screwed up really bad my second semester of college so I am behind in getting my degree, but it doesn’t matter how fast you go, just keep moving. 🙌🏻🙏🏻👊🏻
5. I’m the most clutter brained person ever, and I’m super indecisive

As far as my glo up, I’m getting things in order to redecorate my bedroom so it can be my creative space. I also got a gym membership and have been better about drinking water so woohoo!

✰ * º ❛ beverly hills 90210 pt. 2 ask meme. ❜

‘  so tell me, what brings you by?  ’
‘  you know, i’ve been moping around for the past few weeks.  ’
‘  i’ve noticed.  ’
‘  the truth is, i miss your friendship.  ’
‘  i keep avoiding you, but why should i?  ’
‘  you and i are the only two people who haven’t gone completely mad.  ’
‘  i’ll be back next week, so you don’t make any plans.  ’
‘  take it easy, doll.  ’
‘  i did not invite you out this morning to hear you obsessing about it, so don’t do it.  ’
‘  focus has never really been my strong point. ever.  ’
‘  sex with her is just a pleasant diversion.  ’
‘  party was over and i didn’t have anybody to go home with.  ’
‘  i missed you.  ’
‘  i missed you too.  ’
‘  i was wondering something…  ’
‘  why can’t you be more like everybody else?  ’
‘  is that really what you want?  ’
‘  does your mom know you come over here every morning before school?  ’
‘  i don’t know what tastes better: these strawberries or you.  ’
‘  why don’t we just skip school altogether and just stay in bed all day?  ’
‘  we could have breakfast in bed. hell, we could have lunch in bed… dinner in bed. ’
‘  if you don’t, i will.  ’
‘  why don’t you just add that along to the list of things you don’t know.  ’
‘  you are crazy, but thank you.  ’
‘  word to the wise: don’t compliment her on her dress.  ’
‘  he didn’t even have the courtesy to call this time.  ’
‘  last time this happened, i called a friend and we got high in his parents pool house for three days.  ’
‘  i’m saying that was then, but some people do change.  ’
‘  i was so messed up back then.  ’
‘  what did he have to say about me?  ’
‘  i don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  ’
‘  i don’t know if i’m mentioned it or anything, but um… he’s a lucky guy.  ’
‘  you wanna slap him? you’re the closest.  ’
‘  you had to grow up too fast because your old man was a screwed up kid for too long.  ’
‘  you’re a woman i’d love to spend the rest of my life with… would you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?  ’
‘  how long are you back for?  ’
‘  you don’t look happy to see me.  ’
‘  i’m still waiting for my hug.  ’
‘  he’s, um, an old friend.  ’
‘  that feels really good.  ’
‘  two sleeping bags. no foolin’ around, i mean it.  ’
‘  have you ever camped under the stars?  ’
‘  stop it. you’re tempting me.  ’
‘  we might be able to figure out what the two of us have been doing the last couple weeks.  ’
‘  did i kiss? i’m sorry.  ’
‘  you’re bad.  ’
‘  oh god, i’m sorry. i didn’t know you were in here.  ’
‘  you aren’t not too bad on the eyes either.  ’
‘  we’re just friends, remember?  ’
‘  you still mad at me?  ’
‘  since he loved my mother and plucked chickens, it made him a mother lovin’ chicken plucker.  ’
‘  i’ve got you under my skin. i’ve got you deep in the heart of me – so deep in my heart.  ’
‘  is manual labor always this much fun?  ’
‘  do you and him laugh like this?  ’
‘  well, you know me – i don’t do details very well.  ’
‘  i came back because i missed you.  ’
‘  joke all you want, but i am flattered.  ’
‘  we’ll be linked for life.  ’
‘  i like what he said about us… that we’d be linked for life.  ’
‘  maybe you’re not cynical – maybe you’re just unhappy.  ’
‘  he’s cheating on me… with his car.  ’
‘  i hate to break it to you, but guys are gonna look at you. it’s the price you pay for being so beautiful.  ’
‘  why don’t you sleep on it? you might feel different tomorrow.  ’
‘  if you need anything, i’ll just be across the hall… just… right over there.  ’
‘  this feels different. different than the last time we were here.  ’
‘  it’s after midnight, so happy birthday.  ’
‘  thanks for staying.  ’
‘  where else would i want to be?  ’
‘  do me a favor and leave a key under the mat. i’m gonna have to stay at your house tonight. for awhile, actually.  ’
‘  it’s not forever – you’ll survive.  ’
‘  you can stay as long as you’d like.  ’
‘  you ready to be taken away from all your troubles?  ’
‘  you and i have been a lot of things over the years, but never best friends.  ’
‘  what you’re saying is that, somehow, i came between you two.  ’
‘  this has nothing to do with you.  ’
‘  you missed what we had.  ’
‘  you being here scares me because i hadn’t planned on it.  ’
‘  i did not tell you this so you could run over there and punch them out!  ’
‘  whatever, as long as you’re okay. you are okay?  ’
‘  if i am starting to get more inner strength, i think maybe it’s because you were the first person who ever took me seriously.  ’
‘  what happened to us?  ’
‘  we must’ve got lost somewhere.  ’
‘  you sure you don’t want me to whack him? because i will.  ’
‘  i think having a girl telling him to get lost is cruel and unusual punishment enough.  ’
‘  i will walk you to your car. that’s guy stuff, right?  ’
‘  she doesn’t hold a candle to you.  ’
‘  then it hit me: i realized you were going to marry someone else and i didn’t want to see that.  ’
‘  maybe i shouldn’t have brought that up, huh?  ’
‘  i keep telling myself we’re just old friends – something to do with your hands.  ’
‘  it’s an addiction. it’s a terrible thing.  ’
‘  i was doing okay before you came back.  ’
‘  you’re the one who fell asleep in my arms last night.  ’
‘  can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me we have no become more than just ‘good friends’ this summer?  ’
‘  i’ve worked too hard to change my reputation to start sneaking around now.  ’
‘  whatever gets you through the day.  ’
‘  i just think that has to be enough for the both of us.  ’
‘  you don’t have to keep checking up on me.  ’
‘  you can’t have it both ways.  ’
‘  you’re telling me to just go back to her and forget everything that happened?  ’
‘  i guess nothing lasts forever.  ’
‘  i didn’t mean to scare ya.  ’
‘  she said it’s time for us to start seeing other people. i think it’s time i start seeing you.  ’
‘  he’s the last person i wanna kiss right now.  ’
‘  i know that you’re probably still mad at me and i’m definitely still mad at you, but i have to kiss you right now in front of all of these people.  ’
‘  did you say please?  ’
‘  do you have guts enough to make a move in front of everyone?  ’
‘  i was such an idiot. i was selfish and jealous and mean.  ’
‘  i know you’re probably not going to believe this, but i never slept with them. i only said that to make you mad.  ’
‘  i– just realized it’s the second time i’ve seen you in a wedding dress to marry someone else.  ’
‘  can’t it wait till tomorrow?  ’
‘  you look beautiful.  ’
‘  i told you, there’s someone else.  ’
‘  we’re over. you don’t need me anymore.  ’
‘  i’ll always need you.  ’
‘  i think i’ve been swept off my feet.  ’
‘  as i recall, the last time we travelled anywhere together, we fought the whole time.  ’
‘  when you’re with me, you fight with me because that’s when we’re alive.  ’
‘  we were together in another life.  ’
‘  where you belong is with me. together, wherever it is.  ’
‘  wanna dance? it’s not a one-time offer. we can wait.  ’
‘  i know you’re in a tough position, but you can’t keep secrets from me.  ’
‘  this feels nice.  ’
‘  i think we should take it slow.  ’
‘  we have known each other all our lives. we can’t take it any slower.  ’
‘  he got a little jealous – pushed me in front of an oncoming car.  ’
‘  if you bought me that painting because you think there’s something between us – something unfinished – something that’s gonna keep us from being unable from being with other people then i say we finish it. commit to it – to each other. ’
‘  all or nothing?  ’
‘  i’m not gonna pretend it’s easy… it’s not.  ’
‘  i realized a lot of my problems started when i lost you.  ’
‘  it’s better that one of us be happy than both of us being miserable.  ’
‘  i was miserable, now i’m just terrified.  ’
‘  i’m just a stupid, blonde bitch who’s not really worth it.  ’
‘  that’s not what happened! that’s not even close!  ’
‘  we are two little kids who had to walk home from school because our parents forgot to pick us up.  ’
‘  i guess we’re both basket cases.  ’
‘  we’re soulmates.  ’
‘  i’m not unhappy to be alive and most of my life i couldn’t say that.  ’
‘  all i really wanted was hear your voice.  ’
‘  we’re connected in a way that you’ll never understand, ever.  ’
‘  the cool, calm me just knows what he needs for the first time in my life… i need you.  ’
‘  most beautiful or not, i would’ve fallen in love with you either way.  ’
‘  i feel like singing and dancing in the rain.  ’
‘  i want you. i’ve always wanted you.  ’
‘  maybe we each have more than one soulmate.  ’