and my parents are both really happy

The joke isn’t that they’re cruel or bad at parenting or have any particular disdain for the world at large. They aren’t unkind to their neighbors or to the animals and their deeply devoted to their children and to each other.

The joke is that they’re happy.

The Addams Family is missing a lot of the typical sitcom tropes. There’s no mother-in-law jokes, no arguing over who’s supposed to fill what gender role, both Morticia and Gomez spend roughly equal amounts of time parenting the children and the most remarkable is the relationship between Morticia and Gomez. You see Morticia Addams and it really highlights how rare it is in family films and TV sitcoms to see a wife and mom character who isn’t like this “dissatisfied housewife always mad at my big dumb husband but I love him gonna stay with him because this is the world and he’s the best I can get and I am always right because wifes are the smart ones hey you can relate to this average American I guess”. Morticia and Gomez in contrast are usually working together you know rarely party A will keep something from party B but for the most part the form little schemes together as partners both are heads of the household and they almost never disrespect each other - remarkable in a genre where that’s usually the joke.

But the reason the Addams are happy is really beacause they exist outside of society’s expectations. Gomez is a man child who plays with his trains and that’s fine. Morticia fences with her husband and plays with weapons often and it doesn’t occur to them to care what other people think.


26 | Happy Birthday Jack :D

I am extremely sorry about the late birthday gift… even the idea isn’t that orignial…
Oh well, hope he had a grand ’ol time with his mates over there in LA haha

(But hey, did I also tell you there is a really shitty speedpaint too that I made?
Here’s the Link to it :D)

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Requested by Anon.

Request: Oh my god, I’d totes love to read more Harley Quinn and Joker with child!reader!!!!! Maybe like during some deal negotiations, a guy makes a rude remark to the child and both parent are not happy!!

A/N: I really life for Jarley/Jorley and kid!reader! Awww, I really hope you like it, and thanks for your Request! Love them. 

“What is that doing here?” The man covered in tattoos and piercings snarled, looking down at you with disrespect. “Do something useful, kid, and fetch me a drink.” Your pierced eyebrow rose. Did the man mean you? You looked around, no one else was in the VIP-Lounge beside you and the negotiating partner. 

You gave him a fake smile and nodded. “Of course, Sir.” You left the lounge and made your way to the bar, ordering a last drink for the man. You knew he wouldn’t survive the next ten minutes as you saw your infamous parents enter the VIP-Lounge.

“Muffin’, what are you doing with the drink?” Your mother asked, frowning at the drink in your hand. You weren’t legally allowed to drink yet and while your father didn’t care about that, your mother was the strict one when it came to alcohol and drugs.  

You saw the man stiffen in his seat and smirked, shoving the drink over the table to the man. “The man here told me to fetch him a drink.”

The Joker’s eyes narrowed. “You told my child to fetch you a drink?” He asked suddenly very serious, his red lips pressed into a tight line while his hands clutched his cane. “No one’s telling my baby to fetch something. My baby is not a dog.” 

“I-I didn’t know, J.” The bigger man stuttered, lifted his hands and cleared his throat. “I thought that kid was yer employee.”

“Oh so you didn’t know!” Your father laughed and waved his hand and patted the man’s cheek playfully. “And I guess you didn’t know that that kid was your negotiation partner?” 

You pouted. 

“Oh Puddin’, he hurt our Muffin’s feelings.” Harley fussed, her facial expression turning very serious. “Punish him. Punish him!” 

“Hey, J… I didn’t mean to dis-”

“Oh no no no no… I wouldn’t dare to kill my baby’s first negotiation partner.” The Joker ignored the man. You knew your father wanted to hurt him so bad. He didn’t like to be disrespected and most of all, he hated when someone disrespected his family. 

“Actually.” you began and you could see the sweat dripping down the man’s forehead. With a smile you pulled out your pink gun and played with it carelessly. The man’s life was in your hands. “I’d like him very dead, daddy.” You pointed your gun at the man’s head, closing one eye, toying with his fear. “But I know you like to play with him first.” 

You stepped back and sat down, a huge grin on your lips. 

“I’m sorry, J., Harley.” 

“Stop with the pathetic chit chat.” The Joker rolled his eyes and hit the man with his cane across the face. Harley cheered. “You come into my club and disrespect not only your negotiation partner but also my child.” The Joker shook his head in fake disbelieve.

“J., man please…” He pleaded and cradled his cheek.

Your father hit him again, harder, leaving a bloody cut on the cheek. “Blah blah blah blaah. You bore us.” He pulled out his gun and pushed it against the man’s forehead, between his grey eyes. “Lets skip the playtime.”   

A loud bang followed his words. 

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 

Today I had a young male teenager come into the bookstore

And he was really excited to see what books we could recommend for him. He was the kind of kid that you would [mistakingly] think wasn’t much of a reader, but his excitement and specific tastes in literature both surprised me and made me happy.

I am always amazed when parents come in and talk about their 8 year old avid readers, or with older people reading young adult books, or with voracious readers who leave with an armful of books.

What amazes and humbles me the most, however, is seeing these reluctant readers become excited about literature because of ONE book that grabbed their attention. People like this customer make my job all the more worthwhile.

It just takes ONE book, guys. Just ONE. It’s wild when a reader finds that one book that pulls them in. It’s almost as magical as watching others read–because you’re watching a mind expand, a heart grow, and hope blossom.

That’s literature at its finest.

uncharted territory.

pairings: kim yugyeom x reader
genre/warnings: college au, romance, fluff; language and implied smut
word count: 9,509
description: it all started with being his fake girlfriend.
a/n: i really wanted to write a fake dating au, and i wanted to do something for frat pledge!yugyeom, and then this happened. also, happy birthday to my precious dancing baby~

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Thank you, Hannah!

I’m really excited, and grateful to see Hannah using her voice to talk a little about healthcare. And for doing so in a laid back and open-minded fashion. 

I’m also really excited and proud to see our president reaching out to a community that so many people don’t seem to understand. I’m so happy to see that President Obama not only wants to reach younger Americans, but knows how important it is to do so.

I’m 24 and currently I’m covered under my parents insurance. This is important for me because I have Asthma and Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), both of which need to be monitored regularly by my doctor so I can be physically healthy. I need glasses to see. I have a mouth full of teeth and I want to keep it that way. Just 2 years ago I caught a nasty bug and ended up in the Emergency Room twice needing IV fluids. Having health insurance has been hugely important to me and I’m incredibly fortunate to have it.

However, there are a lot of people who have not been able to have access to healthcare like myself. This makes me very sad because I am of the mind that access to healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. If we have healthy bodies and minds, we are better able to contribute to the country, and the world, that we live in. 

Right now in the US we are making some BIG changes with healthcare reform. These are incredibly important changes. 

In a year and a half I’ll be 26 and I won’t be covered by my parents insurance. I’ll hopefully be starting a program to earn my masters degree, and continuing to work at the great job I have now, working for my family’s small business winery. At that point, I’ll need the healthcare exchange so I can have access to the services I need to stay healthy. I want people to use the healthcare exchange because the more people who use it, the better it will become. 

So thank you, Hannah, for promoting healthcare and spreading knowledge to your viewers. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip to D.C. and your experience with President Obama. 

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its just a 3 years age gap. my father is 5 years older than my mom, my best friends parents have an age gap of 9 years and both couples have been happy together for over 20 years, for example. I dont want to be rude or anything, I just wanted to say that its not really a strong argument for a "Frazel break up"

3 years gap doesn’t look that big when you are older, but if a middle grader is dating a high school then it’s a fucking problem because their brains are not in the same maturity. 13 years old are still little kids. 21 years old Hazel dating a 24 years old Frank is okay
13 years old dating a 16 year old is bad
15 year old and dating a 18 year is illegal and wrong, so yeah. It is a problem, believe or not

So..because i wanted and not because i want to thank the mod for being nice to me…hehe…i wanted to make a beautifull drawing to show how much i love this beautifull comic BUT INSTEAD I MADE THIS GARBAGE!!!! well…i hope you like it and if not…sorry…i love your blog


EEeeee!! The two families! Oh wowie! TTuTT I’m just really happy to see the whole lot of them! Two somewhat different but both loving families. Everybody looks so cute <3 Honestly my favorite out of all of them would be Asriel, he’s so  adorable! But they all look so great! Thank you so very much for the fanart!

* Tem!Frisk takes your drawing with haste and places it on the fridge door. With love!

I’m not sure how many of you guys know, but to day is Semi’s birthday! to celebrate my swan child’s birth I wanted to make some birthday hcs for him cus’ I love him!!! Here goes!!!

  • He’s never been a fan of his birthday too much, mostly because his parents were always working and never really paid attention to him, his siblings’ birthdays always seemed to over shadow his too
  • Semi doesn’t really mind that tho,  I head canon that he has a lot of siblings, both older and younger, but somehow it’s always been him who took care of all of them when their parents weren’t around
  • #Semiforpresidant2kforever
  • But seriously, this boy is hella responsible
  • As he got older he still didn’t have much time to celebrate it, usually because of his part-time jobs or volleyball practices
  • He also never really liked the idea of having a party for something so “Insignificant” 
  • The others definitely do NOT agree
  • They, and by they I mean Tendou, decide to through him a surprise party and invite the entire team 
  • BUT Semi absolutely HATES surprises, though it’s partially because he doesn’t like getting jump scared, it’s also because he is always brought back to the memory of “Surprise, your gonna have another little brother or sister!”
  • Which by the way, was quit possibly the worst birthday present Semi has ever gotten. He’s pretty sure they waited to tell him on his birthday just so that they didn’t have to get him an actual present
  • The third years send the kouhais on a mission to distract Semi “At ALL costs,” and by kouhais I mean Shirabu and Kawanishi because Goshiki couldn’t keep a secret to save his life
  • Any ways, Kawanishi ends up falling asleep (of course) thus leaving Shirabu to fend for himself around a really annoyed, really salty Semi-san 
  • And because I’m a jerk, they start fighting! Semi is literally so stressed out, between school, practice, and work that he feels like he’s gonna explode. All he wanted was relaxation for his b-day 
  • So after all the yelling, Semi starts crying frustration tears and Shirabu has absolutely no clue on how to make him stop so he kind of just awkwardly hugs Semi until he stops crying
  • To his surprise, Semi returns the hug
  • cue romantic yet awkward SemiShira moment number whatever
  • Shirbau gets a text saying that the party is ready and so he take Semi to the designated party location
  • It’s a disaster
  • Yamagata gets punched in the face after yelling surprise cus’ he scared Semi, which ,in turn, caused him to bump into Reon, who tripped and fell on the table, which sent the cake flying and landing on Ushijima, wchich made Tendou laugh so hard that he collapsed lol
  • Kawanishi was still asleep
  • Semi is somewhat touched that they did that for him and couldn’t get angry at them
  • They end up just going to a pizza place and ordering an obnoxious amount of food
  • Semi thinks that it was his first good birthday 

*wipes away tear* Happy birthday, son. I’ve been waiting for these because I really love Semisemi~ he’s just as cute and precious as the others! Also would you guys want me to do some SemiShira hcs? I put a little bit in these but wasn’t too sure lol, anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEMI I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was really really nice.

I went out to dinner with my mom to a local pizza place. I offered to pay but she said no. We talked about Crush and how my trip went ( i literally never talk to my parents). She seemed really interested and it just felt “nice” and like the “old days”.

When we got to the show, she introduced me to a few people. We both got a black and white cookie and some peanut butter balls, and ate them in our seats.

The show was so good, so cute, and so funny!

My mom thanked me for coming with her and im really really happy i went.

My relationship with my mom was always black and white. Either bad or good. 

I’ve isolated myself from the world over the past few years and although i live at home, I BARELY speak to my parents.

But thinking about losing either one of them right now hurts because i would have so many regrets and i CANNOT live like that anymore.

so my goal is to try harder to build my relationship back up with them.

to push past my issues and just try.

ALSO something else that happened that i havent told the internet about is that im Officially Out to both of my parents as of a few days ago! they are not handling it perfectly, but they’re not mad or disowning me, they both keep saying they love me no matter what, but i think they’re really shocked. im the only queer person my parents have ever known! i feel so relieved and happy. it feels so good to just be honest with them!

So, my Mom totally ships Daryl and Jesus. It just makes me so happy, because when my parents were married they were both really homophobic. But now, my parents have been divorced for years, and she knows that I’m bisexual (and completely fine with it btw, & she’s no longer homophobic) :)

Me: I mean, either daryl is asexual or gay. I just feel it in my gut.

Mom: I know right, he belongs with jesus, come on, now!

This really makes me happy, you really can make a difference in people’s lives, even if you’re just being yourself, never forget that. Okay, I’ll go back in my trash can now.


Severus’ first day of school ever.

The “survival kit” had tissues and chocolate, which I loved. And then I read the poem which was cute up until “This is no way to behave” and then I stopped reading it.

Please, for the love of candy corn, stop telling parents not to show an emotion that isn’t pride or happiness in front of their children. Teaching really works! Teach your children about emotions, why you’re feeling them and they will get it. They will understand. Me, knowing myself, I told Sev yesterday that I would cry - and he already knew that, because he knows me too. I told him that my tears are not tears of upset or sadness, but of joy, excitement and some worry. I told him that he didn’t need to be concerned, that we would both have a great day and asked him to be brave.

So today, when he stood in line with his classmates, he looked back at me and saw the tears streaming down my face and he smiled at me. He gave me a thumbs up, which I returned, and then he followed his teacher out of the cafeteria. When I picked him up I asked his teacher how his first day was and she said he was great, in fact, the words “I LOVE HIM!” were the first she ever spoke to me, and there were no tears from him at all.

I have cried at every first day - including the ones I didn’t get to be a part of - and so far, none of my children have come running after me or attached themselves to my ankles and refused to follow their teachers out of my presence.

Making a “scene”, I get. If I throw myself after my child and loudly wail in a corner, please, escort me to some sanity and composure. Otherwise, take a seat. I’m leaving my child in this building for 6+ hours, every weekday, after spending near every day by his side since his damn conception. I’m not a robot, nerves of steel are not my forte’, and I am not going to apologize.

Maybe We’ll Meet Again - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, sorry I was off for a few days! but I’m back! and I have more free time this weekend so I’ll do my best to catch up with all my requests! :D 

gerardsninjastar submitted: Hi could I have a Sirius Black imagine where I’m a Ravenclaw and we sit next to eachother in Charms and James and Remus always tease him because he has the hugest crush on me and even I know it but I want to focus on my studies. James always jokes with Sirius cause I have red hair and green eyes and so does Lily so James laughs about the fact they’ve both fallen for redheads. I really liked Sirius but my parents didn’t want me getting in any kind of relationship so on the last day of 7th year I kiss him and say ‘maybe we’ll meet again’. I join the Order of the Phoenix and I see Sirius again where he’s all shocked and really happy and is really fluffy. My name is Evangeline. I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW!!!!!

thanks for loving my blog dearie! xD I hope you guys like this! :D

*EDITED! I used to do personals but now I add the box so you can submit your name so I changed it :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Maybe We’ll Meet Again

“Ready for Charms, Padfoot?” James said sitting next to his friend at breakfast.

“Of course he’s ready, Charms is his favorite subject, isn’t it Sirius?” Remus said with a big smirk on his face.

“Shut up!” Sirius said running his hand through his hair nervously while Peter laughed.

“What is wrong with you?” Lily asked Sirius sitting down next to James and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Nothing, he’s just nervous because we have Charms right now” James informed his girlfriend.

“Oooh, and that means (Y/N) is there” Lily said smirking and making Sirius glare at James.

“Prongs! You told Evans?”

“Oh, please I knew” Lily informed him.


“Everyone knows” Remus said rolling his eyes.

“Wha-? What do you mean everyone knows?” Sirius said panicking a little.

“Pads, it’s pretty obvious, really” James said rolling his eyes. “And we all find it very amusing” he mocked him. “Look at it this way, we both fell for beautiful redheads” he said kissing Lily’s cheek.

“Shut up! I haven’t fallen for her” Sirius told them. “I just…”

“Fancy her?” Peter mocked him.

“No! I-“

“Love her?” Remus told him.

“What? Moony, you’re delirious I do not love (Y/N)-“

“Really? Because here she comes” Lily said all of the sudden.

“What? Where?” Sirius said getting up a little too fast from his seat and falling in front of the entire Great Hall. The worst part was, (Y/N) wasn’t even near him. Sirius stood up furiously glaring at his friends who were too busy laughing their asses off. “That was not funny! Potter! Control your girlfriend!” he snapped before grabbing his stuff and storming out of the Great Hall.

“That was funny” Lily said between laughs.

“I think I have never loved you more than right now” James said kissing her.

Sirius walked out of the Great Hall and stomped his way over to Charms. He grunted frustrated and kicked a chair once he entered what he thought was an empty class.


He lifted his head to find the owner of that voice; that beautiful voice that haunted him every day. This girl drove him insane. And he loved her.

“(Y/N)” he said nervously. “Um, hi” he said walking over to her.

“What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at breakfast?”

“I could ask you the same thing” Sirius said with his signature smirk that made every girl fall for him. But apparently, not this girl.

“Oh, I just came here to practice my spells before the last NEWTs” she explained.

“You study too much, did you know that?”

“Yes, you tell me all the time” she said smiling and rolling her eyes a little. “I am a Ravenclaw after all, remember?”

“Yes, but I still haven’t even seen other Ravenclaws work as hard as you do” he said sitting down next to her.

“Well, I just… really want to have good grades, is all” she said looking away from him.

“But don’t you ever have fun?”

“I do” she argued.

“Really? When was the last time you went to Hogsmeade? Or to a party? Or a Quidditch match? Or a date?” he blurted out before thinking.

“Well, I don’t have time for Hogsmeade or parties or Quidditch or… dating” she said sadly.

(Y/N) had been in love with Sirius for as long as she could remember. But her parents really wanted her to concentrate in her studies so there wasn’t much she could do about it. Sirius noticed the sadness on her face and gently lifted her heard to make her look at him.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve told you but, you’ve got the most beautiful green eyes I’ve seen” Sirius said making her look at him. She noticed just how close he was and felt her heart pounding hard.

“Um- I uh” she said getting lost into Sirius’ grey eyes. (Y/N) couldn’t have been more thankful for the students coming inside of the classroom and making them jump apart. Sirius decided to ignore the smirks on his friends’ faces as the class began and ignored them all the way through it.

After class was dismissed, (Y/N) quickly picked up her things and left. Sirius wasted no time in going after the redhead.

“(Y/N)!” he said catching up with her in the hall. “Um, hi” he said putting his hand behind his head nervously.

“Uh, hi Sirius” she said smiling at him.

“Um, l-look, I was uh, w-wondering if uh- well, the last Hogsmeade weekend is coming up a-and I thought m-maybe-“

“Um, Sirius” she interrupted him sadly. “I uh- I know what you’re about to say and, trust me, I would love to go with you” she said feeling even worse when she saw the smile on his face. “But” she continued making the smile disappear. “I really need to concentrate on school and… I’m sorry” she said apologetically placing a hand on his arm.

“N-no, don’t worry” Sirius said trying to smile. “I understand” he told her. “For what is worth, you’re the prettiest girl who’s said no to me” he said brushing it off.

“I really am sorry, Sirius” she said with a sad smile.

“Yeah” he said sighting sadly. “So am I” he said turning around and walking away.

It was the last day of school. Every seventh year was celebrating. The Great Hall was decorated to honor all those graduating. Sirius still had the small ache in his chest about (Y/N) but he couldn’t really let it bother him right now. He was done with school and he couldn’t be happier.

“Sirius!” Sirius turned around and spotted (Y/N) making her way through the crowd and towards him. His smile got bigger than ever. “I just um… wanted to say goodbye” she said nervously. “I’m going to miss you” she told him wrapping her arms around his torso and Sirius quickly wrapped his around her shoulders.

“I’m going to miss you too, (Y/N)” he said smiling sadly thinking that this was probably the last time he would ever see her.

He pulled away a little and saw her looking down nervously. She slowly looked up at him and before he knew what was happening, she had stepped on her toes and smashed her lips against his. She pulled away to face a shocked Sirius looking at her.

“Maybe we’ll meet again” she said smiling at him before she turned around and walked away leaving a confused and shocked Sirius Black behind her.

“Cheer up, mate. It’s been three months already” Remus said laughing at Sirius as they walked to one of the Order’s meetings.

“I can’t, Moony!” Sirius said frustrated. “I can’t get her out of my mind!”

“Wow, I never thought I’d see the day when Sirius Black would lose his mind over a girl” he said laughing.

“Shut up!” Sirius glared at him before they walked in.

“Hey guys” Frank came to greet them. “Did you hear we’ve got a new member?”

“We do?” Remus asked.

“Who?” Sirius asked him confused.

“Oh, Sirius, I think you are going to like her” Frank told him.

“Her?” Sirius asked even more confused and Frank nodded smirking.

“Well, now that everyone’s here” Professor Dumbledore said getting everyone’s attention. “I would first like to welcome our newest member to the Order of the Phoenix” he announced. “I believe most of you know her” he continued.

“No bloody way” Sirius muttered to himself.

“Please, give a warm welcome to our dearest (Y/N)” Dumbledore said as everyone clapped for her and she smiled gratefully before she locked eyes with Sirius.

After the meeting, Sirius wasted no time in going after the redhead.

“(Y/N)!” he said catching up with her. “Um, hi” he said putting his hand behind his head nervously.

“Hi, Sirius” she said smiling up at him feeling this scene a bit too familiar.

“I uh, I didn’t know- um” he stuttered. “I didn’t know you were joining the Order” he said cursing himself for not having a better opening line.

“Oh, right. Um, Lily asked me a while ago and I finally decided to join” she informed him.

“I’m glad you did” he said excited.

“Me too” she said smiling brightly up at him.

“Um, would you uh- like to get a Butterbeer maybe?”

“I would really, really love that” (Y/N) told him.

“Uh, can I just do something first?” he asked confusing her a little. Sirius leaned down kissing her on the lips and holding her closer to him. (Y/N) smiled into the kiss wrapping her arms around Sirius’ neck. “You have no idea how long have I’ve been wanting to do that” he said once they pulled apart.

“I think I have an idea” she said laughing before he leaned down again.

The End

A/N: hope you guys liked it :)


Hey guys I’m back :) So last summer I did some art commissions (I earned like £60 haha I’m so so happy) and that was kind of a stepping stone for me, I was testing out how commissions go like and I really enjoyed it! The best thing is, my parents were really proud of me and that made me really happy myself because I’m helping them out (I havent really told anyone this but yes we do have financial problems at home). My dad opened me a bank account. All that I’ve earned last summer, and about to earn hopefully, goes to this account to fund for uni (I really want to go to uni).

Now I’m doing it again but this time, I’m only doing watercolour portraits, and also, after gathering opinions and advices both here and outside tumblr, I’ve decided to change the prices. 

1st Row

  • face portraits; colored +extra charges for how much detail you want £13- £15  ($21.27- $24.54)

2nd Row

  • cute/chibi style portraits with geometric shaped background +extra charges for additional characters £10 ($16.36)
  • face portraits; minimal colour palette £10 ($16.36)

3rd Row

  • bust portrait; minimally coloured; can be used for birthday/greeting cards etc £8 ($13.09)


  • type of portrait
  • photo basis if necessary
  • any other requests

Even if you’re not commissioning, please spread the word!! Thank you in advance! This would really help me a lot! Thank you guys! <33

matty-murdox  asked:

Queenie x Jacob (otp parent meme) ;)

  • who’s the one to wake up the kids: definitely Queenie, who occasionally levitates the really lazy ones out of bed 
  • who makes the breakfast: Jacob! pastries everyday 
  • who’s the one to cry for everything: they both do; they’re naturally sentimental, Uncle Newt and Aunt Tina are a tad confused at the tears but still happy 
  • who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Queenie is the disciplinarian, since she’s the one who can tell what you’re thinking and the reasoning behind it. it is impossible to get away with things in the Goldstein-Kowalski households when Queenie is around. Jacob is a little softer, but he knows it’s important to present a united front with Queenie, otherwise their kids would get away with murder if it was left to him (or Newt!)
  • who helps with the science fair: neither of them, that’s Uncle Newt’s territory 
  • who does baby talk: both them, until the kids are walking at least. 
  • who wakes up for midnight feedings: Jacob, because he keeps baker’s hours anyways 
  • who’s the one who always worries: also Jacob??? Queenie is the one who’s always, “oh honey, they’ll be fine” leaving Jacob to wonder what exactly is the style of parenting in most wizarding households, American or British 
  • who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Queenie, she takes them out to see their Aunt Tina or for some in the wizarding parts of New York (we are going to firmly but politely ignore the statute of secrecy in wizarding America as it pertains to wizarding/No-Maj relations) 
  • who’s the competitive parent: ALSO QUEENIE, to whom Jacob has to explain she cannot magic their kid’s ball into a home run, that’s not playing fair to the other team (“hogwash,” she says)
  • who kisses the ouches: either of them
  • who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Jacob. Queenie is unimpressed (“honey I am the queen of the sad eyes, just ask your Aunt Teenie”) 
  • who makes the “dad jokes”: Jacob gleefully makes up various and awful puns just to hear his kids groan and for his wife to smile fondly at him
  • who embarrassed their kid for fun: Queenie smiles sweetly and dreamily as she blithely does magic behind guest’s backs; as of yet, no one has noticed 
  • who’s the over protective one: no one in the neighborhood’s really sure if Mrs. Kowalksi actually meant it when she politely but firmly told the lady next door she’d hex her son into next week and give him a pig’s tail if he ever pushed her daughter down again while playing stickball, but for all of Mrs. Kowalski’s sweetness and kindness, no one dares bother her or her kids more than once
  • who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: Jacob and Tina have to cover this; Newt and Queenie are just like, “Warm enough? Okay let’s go” 

@mayapenlope lucas is literally right about to tell them his choice then maya is like stop u picked riley. and riley was like REALLY? YAY and hugs maya and maya said whoever he chose, lucas picked riley. (i guess bc maya thinks she’s been riley). + this is my opinion but lucas looked super confused/not happy when maya said he chose riley. later i think maya says something like riley and her need to discover themselves so they’re both kinda backing out of the triangle for now and lucas’ choice wasn’t ever voiced, the parents are the only ones that know it

We Survived!

How are we doing Alphas!

Did you cheer as loud as I did when Derek flashed those pretty blue eyes??Best moment of the show!

Okay, let’s do the first pass. There was so much here, we will be talking about it for a while, but these are my immediate thought.

Lydia/Parrish are a go!

Draeden is over and I honestly wish her well. It was really good for Derek to have that. But it’s one and done.

Stiles did NOT want to go into the church!!! The way he kept turning back broke my heart!

We need to research Manticore- NOW!

Interesting how both Peter and Kate survived. I suspect we will see them again in 5B.

5A Is probably going to be about the Desert Wolf. It might also have a side plot called Stiles- what is he anyway.

I’m amazed and SO HAPPY that all the parent’s survived! I was really worried about Chris and the Sheriff.

Mason is in the club! Rough initiation, but they can’t keep it a secret from him anymore. YAY!!! (Kermit flail)

I have to admit, Liam is not growing on me. Neither is Malia. 

Oh look, perfect Scott is still- Perfect. Lovely. (And boring as hell)

Loved Kira chatting with her mom.

I wonder if Noshiko is a Celestial Kitsune?

And YAY! I’m frankly shocked at how low the body count was. But that’s okay. Can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts!

“I waited my whole life to go to Disneyland and I was so happy my parents told me we where going last summer, I actually sprinted to the gates. But my mom kept telling me how bad of a sibling I am to my little sister because I wouldn’t hug her because I don’t like people touching and both my parents complained at me for everything I did and only spent about two hours in the original park altogether. I’m still grateful I got to go but I really want to go back when I’m older.”