and my ovaries are crying too

In a heartbeat Headcanon

Jonathan comes off as this suave, literate, jock, straight A student type to everyone including Sherwin and he is but he’s also a lonely nerd that reads a lot of books/comics/manga. He doesn’t really have close friends to confide in until he met Sherwin. So when Jon told him this “embarrassing” info, Sherwin giggled in relief and said his fave superhero is Impluse. Sherwins a huge nerd too. Jonathan’s fave is Blue Beetle. Every Friday they go to the book store and read(nerd out) in Sherwin’s tree house .

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chanyeol stans: why is chanyeol missing a contact lens lol


kyungsoo stans: i swear i’m probably pregnant and crying and both sobbing

jongin stans: shook. shooken. SHOOK. SHOOKEN.

kris stans: asdfghjkl; i’m dead

yixing stans: hot but would be 69 times hotter if yixing was there sobbing

luhan stans: woah i have no words just wOAH SHOOK

sehun stans: yeah bitches, admire my flawless me- STFU ABT SEHUN GTFO

junmyeon stans: he’s shook, i’m shook, we’re all holding eachother and shook

tao stans: lmaoooooOOOOOO OH GOD MY OVARIES i’m dead again lol

minseok stans: minseok like did something and that killed me thx good night




…. here it is in slow motion because I couldn’t help myself…. 

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Distraction: todoroki is legally adopted by Aizawa and Mic. The first time they take him home with them with his stuff, he starts crying. (they all teared up a little shhh...) Cue big family hug! Give the boy fatherly affection please. (also are you ok? Why the gynecologist?)

OH GOSH I LOVE BIG SAPPY FAMILY SCENES GOSH I feel like erasermic would be very emotional after bringing a kid home and Todo might be a lil taken aback by it, but takes it as permission to be emotional too. Mic totally starts blubbering like a baby, that big softie.

Also I’m here because I have a bunch of non cancerous cysts on my ovaries. They’re very painful, especially when they burst, which is part of the reason I was in the hospital back in August. I have pcos which is the cause of this and it’s getting really bad, sooooo I’m here to talk about my options. Except because of shit in the past, I have trouble with examinations, to say the least.

Did I ever tell the story on here about how when I asked to get a hysterectomy back in Chicago, they told me no because I “might want to have kids”?

I said something about Surfing The Crimson Wave to a girl in my class and she thought they were a band.

Since that idea appealed to me so much, here are some top hits by The Crimson Wave from their hit album, ‘Fuck it’s here again’:

'I’m crying for no reason’
'thirsty all the time’
'shit I flooded the bed’
'I haven’t been stabbed (it’s my vagina)’
'monthly blues/reds’
'nipples on fire’
'girl I got u (with this spare tampon)’
'I’m crying for no reason pt 2’
'Betrayed by the ovaries’
'Clots’ (to the tune of 'Shots’)
'Where’s all my money gone?’
'fuck the uterus be my duderus’



BTS x reader
genre: angst

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (tentative)

A/N: I have nothing to say except that I am so emotional about this whole epilogue concert situation I haven’t been able to check my dash bc I just keep crying and like the fire dance music video I just can’t it’s too much to handle at one time my ovaries and my heart and my brain and my throat and everything omfg sos

Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 4

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So I just could keep myself from writing the next part, so now you little lovebirds get the next part. It’s funny how easy this story is to write since I have a good plot to this :D I hope you enjoy! ♥

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3

Summary - You and Miles, your best friend, just talk about your latest crush from Tumblr, when a superhero Captain and a Winter Soldier decide to come into the book store you work in. First it’s nothing super exciting, until you notice that your crush James is actually James Buchanan Barnes.

Words - 1,944

Warnings - panic attack, hyperventilation, angst, crying, language

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A/N: This man is soooo gorgeous…holy shit…my ovaries are going to explode if I look at it for too long xD

“It’s James!”

It took you some time to understand it yourself, but now that you did, you wished you just didn’t put one and one together. 

This James you talked to just yesterday, was actually James Buchanan Barnes…Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, who is right outside talking to his childhood friend from the freaking 40s about the freaking book “Sleepless in Seattle” he freaking talked about just yesterday. An former assassin from some secret organization and now part of the famous and loved superhero squad “The Avengers”. This freaking beautiful man right outside is the one, who complimented you mutiple times already, without even seeing your face. He won your heart with just his beautiful words and his beautiful voice, you couldn’t mistake.

“Oh god”, you cry out again, hyperventilating, tears spilling out of your eyes and it feels like the already small room gets even smaller and the air gets sucked out of the room.

“Y/N! Calm down! Calm down.” Miles grabs your shoulders and breathes in and out visibly. “Follow my breathing. In….and out…” You finally calm down, the tears still messing up your little make-up you have on. Miles smiles seeing that you’re calm again.

“And now tell me what you mean. You can’t be serious, saying the Winter Soldier is on fucking Tumblr chatting with you about…movies for christ sake.”

“It has to be him! Their voices are literally the same. I can’t mistake them. And he told me yesterday that he rewatched Sleepless in Seattle yesterday and now this Winter Soldier has the same freaking book in the hands. And it can’t be a coincidence that his best friend is also called Steve and he lives with him and around ten other people called Sam, Natasha, Wanda, Tony-” “Okay, okay.”

He motions you to come over to him, as he stands at the door, his ear on it to listen what the guys are talking about and his expression tells you that they seem to talk about something interesting. You join him and lean your ear against the door.

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That gif set you just posted of Daryl feeding Judith - HIS SMILE in the 3rd one!!!! LOOK AT HOW PROUD HE IS!?! Like check it out y'all, I can dead ass kill a dozen walkers single handedly but also gently hold AND feed a baby w/o dropping her *proud smile* I'm positive that's his first baby experience. I want to cry but at the same time I want to have his babies 😍🍼🙋

OMG I love my anons :D

My dear sweet adorable Nomy, That loud noise you heard after that scene was sound of a million sets of ovaries exploding all at once. I mean how could not love him and want to bear his children after seeing that. 

 I could look at gifs of that moment all day and I have because it’s one my favorite Daryl moments ever. Because I mean he looked like a pro there, for someone who has likely not handled too many babies in his life. Like you said, for a guy that could slay a shit-ton of walkers on his own, taking care of that baby seemed to come very naturally to him. 

That proud smile is so cute (and I love seeing a grinning Oscar in the background too haha) it was like ‘i can’t believe I’m doing this, Merle would shit..’ But damn he was happy for that one moment and it was lovely. 

Remember how adamant he was about going to get the formula in the first place. Because ‘we can lose her too.’  How willing he (and Maggie) were to risk their lives to get the formula in the first place. And I love  how he ran in with the formula and coaxed the baby out of Carl’s arms  so  carefully, and gently held her. I love the way he was talking to her in a soft voice as he was feeding her and rocking her back and forth on his feet. And when he he called her ‘li’l asskicker’  well I think all our hearts melted. It was such a sweet moment. 

The only complaint I have about that scene at all was that Carol was not there to witness that. Her heart would have exploded if she saw that. Her face would show so much pride and love seeing him with that sweet little girl in his arms.  It gives me massive feels just imagining it. 

*takes a moment*

Ok on a serious note, its worth noting that Daryl was essentially looking after Rick’s kids while he took his ‘once a season’ nutty. And I was thinking that even though he was not able to save Sophia or Beth, Li’l Asskicker was one girls life he AND Carol did succeed in saving. 

And Nomy I will always bring this up when anyone wants to talk shit about Daryl, because when Rick  took that hiatus from reality, Daryl was the the one that stepped up, kept things together and looked after his children for him. 

Thank for allowing me to live this lovely moment again. :D <3

You're on Your Period.

Michael: You and Michael had been planning a beach party for months. You hadn’t long been in Australia when you decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather by suggesting a little get-together. Everything was mapped out; the barbecue, the beer, the guests. You’d even picked out a beautiful white swimsuit to sport at the gathering. On the afternoon of the party, the glistening sun shone through the cloudless sky, illuminating the twinkling, foamy sea.  Michael was just setting out a few deck-chairs when you felt a sharp, shooting pain in your lower abdomen. Your hand flew to your stomach, your eyebrows furrowing in hurt.
“You alright babe?” Michael asked.
“Uh yeah, sure, one second.” you said hurriedly before sprinting off to the nearby bathroom. “Fuck!” you thought, as you looked at the red streak down the inside of your new swimsuit. Poking you head out the door, you called for Michael, who quickly came running over to you.
“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” he questioned anxiously.
“No, but I think you need to get me some tampons.”
You and Michael spent the party by the fire, cuddling and laughing with your friends. He got everything you needed and always had a comforting hand on your belly, ready to rub soothing circles on your skin should he see you flinch in pain. At the end of the night, when all your friends had left, he cheered you up by promising you a new swimsuit. :)

Calum: You hated English Lit. It was so boring. Why the hell couldn’t you just read for pleasure, rather than analysing everything to death? Why was dissecting literature and plucking it to pieces necessary? You sighed in defeat as you laid back on your bed, knocking the empty Ben and Jerry’s carton that was next to you. You were currently on your period and just didn’t have time for homework, however important your teachers made it out to be. Your thoughts drifted to the mountain of Sociology work you had on your desk and you couldn’t keep it in anymore. You just cried. You weren’t even too sure why, you just knew that you were tired and missing your boyfriend, Calum, who was currently on tour. Hardly bearing your separation from him, you rang him and sniffled down the line.
“I-I’m sorry I know it’s late there.” you cried softly. Calum hated hearing you cry and his senses took over him, wishing he could reach out and cuddle you, remind you everything would be okay.
“Hush now baby, don’t worry everything’s gonna be fine, okay?” he cooed.
“I-It’s not! I c-can’t take it anymore! My tummy is killing and I miss you.” you snuffled, your tears falling freely now.
“I know baby, and I miss you too. I wish I was there to hold you and rub your tummy. I wish I could watch soppy romance films and hand you tissues when you cried. I even miss the emergency tampon runs.” he chuckled, “Just a couple more months I promise, and then I’ll be in your arms again.” he reassured you. He choked back his tears as he said his goodbyes, leaving you to fall asleep without him.

Luke: You didn’t like flying on a normal day, but on your period? It was hell. You and Luke had managed to get quickly through the airport, somehow dodging the swarms of fans that stuck to you like glue. During the take-off, you gripped Luke’s hand and bit your lip, hating the ringing sensation you got in your ears. When the seatbelt sign was taken off, you and Luke watched films on the plane’s TVs, him lifting his arm rest to snuggle you into his side. About an hour into the journey, you knew you had to change your pad, so you got up reluctantly, only to be pulled back down by Luke.
“Lukey please,” you giggled, “I need the bathroom.”
“I think you left it a little late.” he muttered into your ear, pointing out the dark stain on your shorts.
“Shit,” you mumbled, “What the hell am I supposed to do?” you whispered frantically.
“Don’t worry.” Luke said. He wrapped the blanket around your waist before pressing your back into his chest, covering the space the blanket couldn’t. You did an awkward shuffle towards the bathroom where he waited outside for you with a change of shorts, hastily grabbed from your carry-on. When you were done, he smiled lightly as you thanked him, the two of you returning to your cuddling session.

Ashton: You sat on the black, leather sofa with your 5th carton of ice cream. Ash had made you a hot water bottle that was currently pressed against your stomach, as he was away in the kitchen making the two of you some lunch. You were watching Batman Begins, a film you’d watched countless times but still fell back on during times like this. Devouring the cookie dough, your eyes lazily scanned the screen before you heard the thud of your spoon colliding with the bottom  of the carton. Your bottom lip trembled at your lack of ice cream as Ashton walked in with a plate of lasagne for you.
“Hey baby, how ya feeling?” he asked soothingly, setting the plate down on the coffee table. Tears brimmed your eyes, threatening to spill as you looked up at him.
“Oh no gorgeous don’t cry on me.” he said as he jumped onto the sofa next to you. You buried your head in his chest as the explosions in the film played in the background, representing your ovaries. You cried for a while before Ash cleaned you up with a tissue. You ate your lasagne and watched films together all day.

A/N: Hi guys so this is my first imagine and I’m still getting used to how to pitch it. I’m not sure, what are your thoughts? Too long? Too short? What do you guys want to read? Please send me some requests as I enjoy writing little things and I’d love it if you read them. :)