and my other one is hella popular

Oh hey for the record I sent a letter to one of my Senators today and am sending the same letter to my Rep. and other Senator tomorrow on why we should abolish the Electoral College and institute instant runoff voting (IRV) in addition to national popular vote. Let me know if anyone is interested on more information on both and also contacting your legislatures, as basically the only way we could achieve this (at least fully) is a Constitutional Amendment which by Article V of the U.S Constitution requires hella support from Congress, so we need as many people to get their Reps. and Senators to support this. :)

(For the record, Electoral College is what gave Trump the Presidency despite Clinton winning Popular Vote by 1%, and IRV is an alternative to first-past-the-post, our current voting system, which would replace the pick one system with rank candidates in order, allowing Americans to vote their conscious. This is entirely constitutional and already in place in many local elections in America as well as in some other countries including Australia and the Republic of Ireland.)