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sorry to be that person but why are you against mcclain as lances last name? at first glance i was like oh i guess it can be seen as whitewashing, but then lots of people said it was fine because that was his canon last name in voltron: defenders of the universe. i also saw the point being made that lots of latinx people have white sounding last names and lots of white people have latinx sounding last names so either way names arent perfectly representative of a persons race. what do you think?

Okay. Hoo Boy here we go! Sorry for being Extra Blunt, but to me you don’t seem all that sorry, considering you still decided to send this ask, lmao. Anyways! This is actually gonna get hella long, so let me just post a Table of Contents here in bullet point form to let you know what I’ll be covering. The rest will be below the cut.

  1. Disclaimer-ish
  2. Why are you against Lance having a White surname?
  3. But other people said it was okay, doesn’t that mean it’s okay?
  4. I’m Latinx/Mixed and my surname is White. What about my representation?/Are you saying I’m not valid?
  5. But his original surname is McClain, isn’t it? Why not just keep it?
  6. How is it “whitewashing” if this isn’t about skin tone? How is this racist?
  7. It’s not that big of a deal, is it?
  8. Conclusion

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famous greeks at house parties

(since my other one suddenly got HELLA POPULAR, what the shit) 

  • solon and lycurgus: the two people that had organised the party, brought all the beer, and then promptly left to get high in the basement before anyone could say if they were there or not
  • socrates: drunkenly getting in people’s faces to ask them questions and not letting them in the bathroom unless they talk to him
  • alcibiades: Trying to drag socrates into the bathroom to suck his dick
  • plato: came with socrates and alcibiades. considering leaving them and joining in the fight.
  • thucydides and herodotus: fighting. it started as a debate, then a shoving match, is now escalating into full-blown wrestling. thucydides keeps screaming that herodotus a Liar.
  • leonidas: did too many shots in a competition. is passed out with 3 other friends that were involved. 
  • themistocles: stealing people’s drinks, including one person’s bottle of wine and finishing them. doing a little too well for himself. 
  • pericles: holed up in the kitchen, defensive about the remainder of the beers. 
  • alexander: possibly having the most fun, has taken control of the playlist, the drinking games and the best chair in the house. hephaestion is on his lap and they’re sharing homemade, very alcoholic drinks, while getting ready to also take over some of the house parties going on down the road to try and make a huge street party.

@ajax-daughter-of-telamon​ tagged me in an art rec meme, and I decided to do three of them because I’m just that extra. So. Part one of three.

Art Rec Meme, Non-Star Wars Fan Art Edition:

So I’m in a few other fandoms, but the one I’ve drawn the most for is the anime/manga One Piece so there’s a lot of that but anyway

This is Nola, she is from One Piece. She is a massive mile-long snake. I put hella detail into this one. :3

John Silver is from Disney’s Treasure Planet, and remains one of my biggest animated crushes ever.

Nico Robin is also from One Piece. She has a special devil’s power that enables her to multiply parts of her body, and she most often does it with her hands.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, One of the most popular canon couples from the anime/manga Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

This is Usopp, he is also from One Piece. His nose is the butt of jokes in the series, which is a shame because he’s a fucking awesome character and I love him. And I am very proud of the tree he is sitting in.

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Headcanon of RFA + V with Polyglot MC? :D

(SWIGGITY SWOOGITY ^~^ I’ve seen quite a few of these floating around, so ima try to put my own lil bits into it.
ENJOY! And thanks for requesting, btw.)
• The moment you start speaking in another language, his mouth drops.
• He asks you what language you’re speaking, but you just giggle, brushing the question off.
• Noting you’re not gonna tell him, he decides to hire a translator.
• The translator tells him what language you’re speaking, and so Jumin spends the entirety of the week learning up on the language.
• He doesn’t learn too much, but he learns the basics. Enough to try and keep a conversation.
• He goes up, talking to you in said language..just for you to reply in a totally different language than he had learned!
• Rehires translator, to be honest.
• All in all, he’s really impressed. Even if it does get a little frustrating sometimes..
• Zen was never a big fan of school. He enjoyed the times when he was out messing with his friends, and all that good stuff..but not so much the learning.
• So, he never really studied up on his foreign languages.
• A foreign lady begins speaking in German, asking around for directions. No one was really answering her, so you decided you would help out.
• Zen was just so shocked when you had a full blown conversation with the lady. He asks you what you two were even talking about, and once you tell him..he pulled you into an almost bone crushing hug.
• “I’m just so proud of my babe~” he exclaimed.
• You tell him that you know a hella lot more languages than just German, and you bet that boy is gonna be interested asf.
• He asks you to teach him a couple of the more popular languages you know. That way, he would be able to speak to some of his foreign fans.
• Loves how smart you are~ he finds it just so adorable.
• You just wanted to confuse him, to be honest.
• He asked you what you wanted for dinner, and you had decided you would answer in one of your many other languages.
• He scratches his head, cutely tilting it to the side as he nervously asks what you even just said.
• “Ah..uhmm..What was that, honey?”
• You can’t help but laugh for a few moments, before telling him your answer in your normal language.
• He smiles, noting what you wanted in his brain. Then, he asks what language that was.
• He finds it really cool that you know a different language. When you tell him you know even more, he’s gladly willing to listen to you speak to him in them.
• He starts paying more attention in his foreign language class, and makes sure to get straight A’s in it from then on. Just so he could talk to you in it.
• Sometimes he pronounces them wrong, but you find this to be cute, and quickly help him get back on the right track.
• She’s shocked, to say the least.
• Jaehee is the type of person who loves to travel, so you can bet she has picked up on a couple of languages.
• You know the ones that she knows, and you tend to like to talk to her in them. Especially in public.
• Sometimes you’ll flirt with her, or say something a little bit on the dirty side while you’re out in public, making her get very flustered, very easily.
• She’ll give you a gentle slap on the arm, quickly whispering for you not to say things like that..not until you get home, at least. ;)
• One day, you book the both of you two tickets to go to (Insert country here.) and take her there on vacation.
• She is just so happy. She get’s to spend a good amount of time with the one she loves, speaking another beautiful language with you. To her, the whole thing is perfect.
• A lot of times you two like to mess with Yoosung using the power of your other languages.
• Ya’ll confuse E V E R Y O N E.
• You two like to have cheesy little play fights, like; “I love you more.” Or something like that, in as many different languages as you can. The first person to run out of sayings in a new language, loses.
• A lot of times, it’s just whoever starts first that loses the game.
• Occasionally, he’ll be thinking of something, and ask you a question in another language by accident. He starts to apologize, but you quickly reply, not even giving it a second thought.
• Sometimes, he’s still shocked that he ended up with someone who could just understand him on such levels.
• You two casually try to speak cat.
• Zen get’s pissed at this, but you both really don’t care~
• Like Jaehee, he loves to travel. He loves to see new sights for his pictures.
• So, yes. He also knows the basics of quite a few languages.
• When he finds out that you also know your fair share of languages, he’s instantly smiling.
• He tries talking to you in a variety of languages, often impressed when you respond back.
• One day, he has to go on a little business trip type deal, for his pictures. He puts some money together, and manages to afford you a ticket.
• Of course, since the hotel was originally only booked for one, you end up having to share a bed.
• He offers to sleep on the floor for you, giving you the bed..but you quickly tell him in (Insert the countries language here) that you wanted to sleep with him. (N O T L I K E T H A T.)
• He smiles, laying in the hotel bed with you. You both cuddle up to each other, as you whispered sweet nothings in another language, until you fell asleep.
Saeran: (He wasn’t asked for, but oh well.)
• The first time you spoke to him in a different language, he dropped whatever he was holding, looking back at you with wide eyes.
• He’s shocked, that’s a given..but also confused..
• Due to poor trust issues, he instantly assumes you were saying something bad about him, and we’re just too nice to say it in a language he would actually understand.
• He gets mad, obviously, and has a mild freak out.
• You quickly assure him that it wasn’t anything bad, in fact, it was a compliment.
• You pulled out a book, and used it to translate exactly what you had said, proving that it was good.
• He gets a little embarrassed, and pulls you into an awkward hug, quietly asking for forgiveness.
• You can’t help but laugh, and let him know it’s okay. You tell him how you know more than just that language, and he can’t help but ask you to speak in them for him.
• He loves hearing you speak in different languages. Hell, he loves hearing you speak in general. So, it was definitely a great experience for the both of you.

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This might be an unpopular opinion but I think Feyre and her narrative are often misogynistic. She constantly looks down on other females and their abilities and believes she can do better if she was in their shoes - Mor, Cresseida in ACOMAF, lesser fae females (she did this I think in ACOTAR), her sisters. This is something I blame Maas for though, SJM probably believes she wrote a great feminist character.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

YO FAM I AGREE 110%. WITH ALL OF THIS. It’s just… icky? Like… *sigh* I’m trying to think of a really good example. I’d say Cresseida. Maybe this is Feyre’s perspective, maybe this is just SJM being misogynistic, but Cresseida is the most powerful women in the Summer Court and she’s seen as an arrogant bitch who’s trying to get into Rhys’s pants and pouts when she can’t.

That’s not cool. Especially since she’s (one of the only) WOC in the entire series.

This goes beyond Feyre, too. It’s Nesta judging Mor for showing more skin than she does. It’s Ianthe and Amarantha using their sexuality and being beautiful and thereby being villainous. It’s the female characters having to get their power from their male counterparts, no matter how often SJM claims that Rhys hands it over to Feyre as her “gods-given right.” He’s still having to hand it over because he has the power in the first place.

Anyways, I got kind of off-track from your original point (if you could shoot me some other specific examples of where Feyre is misogynistic I would be greatly obliged, I can’t think of many other ones with Feyre specifically besides Cresseida), but basically the series is hella misogynistic even though it says it isn’t. *jazz hands*

send me unpopular (or popular) opinions!

Raise your voice against tumblr’s latest (and shittiest) updates (ever)


As you may already know, tumblr’s @staff recent updates have been more and more disappointing. The disappearance of the comment button, if it wasn’t dramatic (to me at least) was in no way improving this website - you could simply disable this function if you didn’t want it on your posts.

However, two other updates I learned about just today just FUCK UP EVERYTHING FOR US ARTISTS IN NEED TO GET POPULARITY. Namely, the tag tracking and the selective dashboard (or whatever you’ll call the fact of showing only some of the posts from the people you follow).

  • First of all, the Tracked Tag was an awesome tool to keep in touch with the tags/fandoms we liked, as well as artists. It was an easy and hella quick access to the newest posts (also with the information on about how many new posts were to be discovered). The staff proudly claims “Now you can follow a search, just like a blog”. If you don’t look twice, you’ll see it as a normal feature to compensate the old one. Except I find it problematic. Because when you have to track a tag, you have three ways of doing it (and none is as good as the old one):
  • Browse your dashboard: Which is something I don’t always have time and will to do. If I get back from work and just want to see what happens in my favorite fandom, I will have to scroll down and down and pay attention to every single post to be sure I won’t miss the tracked tag related post. I’d lose 20 minutes instead of the 5 I just wanted to spend - also at the ads if by any chance I were too stupid to use an adblocker (thanks God, I’m not, and thanks again, actual clever people exist and created those).
  • Actually search for the topic in the search bar, and then get the results by popularity (in the context of art and especially for the bigger fandoms, this is a Mount Olympus only artists who are already popular can achieve). There’s a way of sorting results by newest instead of popular but not everyone will set “newest” as default, also it’s one more button to hit before getting your result. And to think it only took 3 seconds to get them in the good old times!!
  • If you want the posts displayed in a single column, like in the dashboard, as it used to be, you can type the url in your browser, like this: and then you get the same result as before the update but this is not intuitive to people who didn’t knew this trick before and you also have to type it by yourself. Again, you lose time and energy thinking of a solution to get back your beloved tracked tags.
  • Including the tracked tag in the dashboard also apparently doesn’t let you see everything about the tag but only (randomly?) selected post that may or may not match with what you expect from the tracked tag. It backfires even worse: You end up ignoring the goddamn post and scroll away from it. Wow so useful.

The update mentioned above was already super shitty, but what now I find SCANDALOUS is the fact that the dashboard becomes somewhat “selective”?? Not all the posts from the people you follow will appear on the dashboard?

  • Okay then, first tell me why I should follow them? Why not keeping a notebook aside my computer with the list of all the artists and blogs I like and go check those manually if they have a update. It’d be so hipster and tumblr was designed for hipsters right?
  • Also it should seem obvious that artists with a little fanbase because they are not as talented / successful /experienced/famous as others have a hella hard time to get noticed. I see everyday artists that’d deserve a larger fanbase because they make original stories and art so unique, but all the popularity is for the ones who make fanarts from popular series or just have a plain artstyle that just happen to suit people who have no taste in art. Here on tumblr, they are people struggling to live from their art, and visibility is ESSENTIAL to them and the prosperity of their creative activity. If you hide their posts to their followers you may be putting in danger this prosperity because they’ll have to find other ways to get noticed. It may cost them time to find the solution, to get their fanbase aware of it (and many won’t see it as their problem) and even money if they need to pay for advertisement…Or premium account maybe? Because it all looks like the signs of some shitty premium advantages only the richest or most popular will afford. Because that’s how it works isn’t it?

I’m usually not into this so-called tumblr social justice but I now think enough is enough. DeviantArt’s latest updates were no less shitty than tumblr (let them eat Core!!!). To me and many other artists, tumblr is a source of inspiration and one of the windows by which I can contemplate the beauty of art today, and also a window by which people will look at mine. What made the success of tumblr was the freshness of the concept, a sort of twitter with unlimited post lenght and high quality, customizable blogs. Constant updates isn’t a synonym of constant progress and I think useless updates is the sign of a decline which will gradually play with the nerves of your users. They are probably here to relax, and if they can’t they’ll just move their content to another platform and tumblr will only be memories…of one more great website that ruined everything just for the sake of money.

So, if you are an artist, if you are a fan or a customers of artists here, if you are there because you liked keeping in touch with your favorite stuff, reblog this post and add your voice to the choir of miscontentment this stupid update led us to. Silent majority accomplishes nothing, but the minority who’ll rise and fight will.

high school aus
  • i always get in fights and you’re always sick so we usually end up in the nurse’s office at the same time but this time she’s not here so guess you’ll have to stitch me up huh
  • our teachers inexplicably always make us sit together in class and it’s starting to get suspicious
  • my older brother left school and he’s put you in charge of watching out for me but woops feelings develop
  • we’re two undercover (and surprisingly youthful-looking) cops at a highschool and we have to date to explain the amount of time we spend whispering at my locker
  • i’m hella popular but i have to join the chess club as compensation for keying the chess club president’s car and oh ok these people are cool and one of them’s kinda cute
  • we’re third speakers on opposite debate teams whose snarky and often profanity-riddled rebuttals have become school legend (kudos to creativity of insults)
  • so i accidentally mixed up the normal brownies with the weed brownies at your bake sale and now everyone’s acting weird but hey wanna get high
  • our gay friends weren’t allowed to go with each other to the dance so we’re going to dirty dance as a show of solidarity and this is kind of hot and i think im kinda gay for you also wanna make out

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but srsly, the gifs you just reblogged of dean looking at castiel's lips?? like it happens so many times for different scenes and if it is not in the script and destiel isnt a thing then why the hell does this keep happening??

LOL! Oh yes, this is my favorite thing ever, actually. :p 

Mostly because it’s directly related to the whole ‘what came first, Cockles or Destiel?’ debate; if you are both a Destiel and Cockles fan, you can’t lose here. 

The great part is that it’s pretty clear that these aren’t scripted things. With this show and these writers, it’s safe to say that the script didn’t say (at any point) ‘Dean stares at Castiel’s lips’ or ‘Dean checks Castiel out’

And of course when you shoot a lot of episodes, or are on set for days in a row, you may find yourself being distracted/tired and looking at nothing in particular sometimes, and maybe on rare occasions the camera catches stuff that it wasn’t meant to catch even if you didn’t mean anything by it. However when it happens THAT often, it’s hard to believe that it’s merely a coincidence. 







Amazingly, seeing as there is a 99% chance that this isn’t scripted, that technically leaves two options. And let it be known that both of these options are totally floating my boat, if you get what I mean. 

OPTION ONE: This is an acting choice, so contrary to popular belief, Jensen is hella playing up the Destiel and this is why Dean checks out Cas over and over and over again. 

OPTION TWO: It’s not a conscious decision at all, and what we’re watching is actual evidence of Jensen being unable to keep himself from staring at Misha’s lips and other body parts while being close to him while acting. 

I can live with both, and I think that’s beautiful. 


yeah ok cue /rant time
I’ve seen this happen one too many times AND have had it happen to myself. put an ungodly amount of effort into something only for someone to show up, go all, “ayyy look at my popularity” and flaunt it around and. yep, they win - whether it’s a metaphorical contest or not.
like seriously I ain’t tryina’ toot my own horn here, I’m even preaching for others at this point too. I’ve seen people put a hella lotta effort into stuff only to be sniped out of their effort by a popular artist at the last minute. like god damn, seriously? are you judges so petty that you can’t even decide on a decent winner? I wouldn’t be so mad if the winner even DESERVED it. yes while I would have liked to win at at least ONE contest (so much time down the drain… orz), the thing that ticks me off the most is the lack of effort that the people that win put into their work, and solely because they’re popular, or because of god damn nepotism. (which is an entirely different topic, BUT it’s still relevant) also trashy attitudes when they win. way to be a sore winner. 8I
just I hate the art community a lot sometimes

Oh hey for the record I sent a letter to one of my Senators today and am sending the same letter to my Rep. and other Senator tomorrow on why we should abolish the Electoral College and institute instant runoff voting (IRV) in addition to national popular vote. Let me know if anyone is interested on more information on both and also contacting your legislatures, as basically the only way we could achieve this (at least fully) is a Constitutional Amendment which by Article V of the U.S Constitution requires hella support from Congress, so we need as many people to get their Reps. and Senators to support this. :)

(For the record, Electoral College is what gave Trump the Presidency despite Clinton winning Popular Vote by 1%, and IRV is an alternative to first-past-the-post, our current voting system, which would replace the pick one system with rank candidates in order, allowing Americans to vote their conscious. This is entirely constitutional and already in place in many local elections in America as well as in some other countries including Australia and the Republic of Ireland.)

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U think ur popular? ur not and ur style is ugly. I wonder what they see in u.

Oh dear lord, this is my first negative ask. No worries no worries.

Good god, thinking that I’m popular is something I avoid. I don’t want to think I’m popular, nor would I ever consider myself to be popular. Whatever it is I’m having is a stroke of luck and luck is temporary. The notes I get? I’m just one of the lucky people to have been featured by  wonderful authors and by wonderful people. The followers? Majority of them are fangirls/fanboys. So we’re just fans following each other and it so happens I kind of know how to draw.

I know my style is ugly, that’s why I’m practicing. Sorry if it doesn’t reach your standard of art. 

Yes, I also wonder what they see in me too. It’s not like I’m hella good. I also wonder why awesome artists follow me too. I’m just lucky, I guess. I always think I deserve these kinds of asks rather then nice heart-warming compliments, but hey, thanks for this message. It’s a push. I’ll improve.