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“Step out of the rain.” A pairing of your choice! =)

Sorry I took forever to answer this!! So here goes and thank you for the prompt! This is a short for Warden Mel and Morrigan (my first canon couple).

Warden, My Warden

Kieran, though thirteen, had taken to dancing in the rain. Morrigan watched from the kitchen window, while washing the dirt and debris away from a few mushrooms she had picked that morning. The rain was barely a drizzle, and it brushed against the window with only a whisper of a sound. Morrigan smiled to herself when she saw Kieran jump into a large puddle, soaking his breeches to the knees.
She turned back to the task at hand, chopping perfect lines into the stiff and pliable flesh, making little slices to throw on top of the greens she’d already washed an prepared.

Suddenly she heard the rain pick up, it was coming down heavy now, plinking loudly against the window glass. She ran her hands under the water to rinse them clean and wiped her hands on a nearby towel. Just as she went to turn, she felt strong arms wrapping around her waist.

“Let him play.” Said the deep rumble of her lover’s voice.

“ Twould be best if I had him step out of the rain.” She replied logically.

“He will be fine. It is only rain.”

“But he could catch cold!”

“And I will just heal him.”

She sighed. “It is foolish to have him catch cold, simply because you can heal him.”

Mel laughed and began placing bearded lips to her throat. “You fret too much.”

She tried to contain the giggle that begged for release with the tickling bristles of his greying beard. She managed to say, “I do not fret,” before breaking out into a laugh that shook them both together.

He pulled away from her neck to spin her around. “It is so good to be back. And for good this time.”

She cupped his face fondly and stared into his sparkling green eyes. “I, too, am glad you are home.”

Then, she was greeted with a firm and greedy mouth on her own and she drank up the taste. Honeyed tongue and apple-y breath, made her lose all sense of self as she melted into his groping hands.

“Papa?” The two broke apart abruptly and Morrigan watched as her love threw arms out, open wide. “Papa,” Kieran exclaimed as he raced toward his father’s arms.

Nothing made her smile more than that moment. Mel swept up their little boy (though no longer little and nearly his father’s height) into a bear hug and swung him around and around until they were both in a fit of laughter.

She would never dare to admit it aloud, but she had missed her love sorely.

Am I the only one upset that Leliana and Morrigan have a so little interaction during Inquisition? Well, I am and I thinked some dialogues in Skyhold’s garden (just examples):

(player did the Dark Ritual)

Leliana: So, it’s him.
Morrigan: He is my son Kieran, yes. 
Leliana: Did he… (lowering her voice) did he know about his… origins?
Morrigan: Kieran knows all what is necessary to master his skills and that is all he needs to know.
Leliana: I suppose we have no choice but to hope you know what you’re doing.
Morrigan: Indeed.

When she’ll return from her research, she’ll want to meet him. And you too.
Morrigan: We won’t be here when she’ll return. And I suppose Alistair will be able to keep her busy for a little.
Leliana: Probably. But she’ll want to know if you, both of you, are safe.
Morrigan: Then do your work and reassure her.
Leliana: Simple words might not be enough.
Morrigan (sighing): I know. She’s a stubborn woman.

(general stuff)

Kieran: My mother told me that the crows are all yours. 
Leliana: Indeed. Clever and loyal animals as they are are perfect for my job.
Kieran: Sometimes, I give them some scrumbles.
Leliana: Do you?
Kieran: I can stop, if it’s a problem.
Leliana: No… no, it isn’t. Would you like to come in my tower and meet all of them?
Kieran: Mother, can I go?
Morrigan: Return in time for your afternoon lesson. 

Kieran: Mother told me that you two travelled together, once.
Leliana: I’m surprised your mother spoke about the past.
Kieran: Sometimes she did for me, when I can’t sleep.
Leliana: Do you have bad dreams?
Kieran: They are not bad, but the voices are loud.
Leliana: I’m… sorry, I suppose it’s not easy.
Morrigan: We can handle this. Kieran, it’s time for yours lessons.

(player didn’t do the Dark Ritual)

Leliana: So, you are really here.
Morrigan: You seemed surprised, my dear Spymaster.
Leliana: Not exactly. I’m just wondering when you’ll disappear this time.
Morrigan: When your dear Inquisitor will start to take foolish decisions and act like an idiot as the Wa…
Leliana: Don’t you dare say more.
Morrigan: Very well, shall we talk about the weather, then?

Morrigan: Oh, here you are again. I want to ask you something.
Leliana: I’m listening.
Morrigan: I’m curious: what’s happened to you, where is the annoying, singing woman I met once?
Leliana: Time changes people, Morrigan. 
Morrigan: Maybe. Well, I won’t complain if that means you won’t try to redeem me anymore.
Leliana: I’m the last one who should try to redeem people.
Morrigan: You’ve really changed. (quietly) Pity.

(general stuff)

Morrigan: You have interesting companies here. This make me…
Leliana: Don’t tell me that you are feeling nostalgic.
Morrigan: Don’t be ridiculous.

Morrigan: Tell the elf to stay away from me, my room or my properties!
Leliana: Beg your pardon?
Morrigan: She’s going to beg if I find again honey on my chair and my sheets stolen.

Characters Ask

I was tagged by @draco-illius-noctis. This looks fun! I hadn’t seen this one yet. :) 

Number your favorite characters from one fandom (in any order you want) 1-12

Fandom Choice: I’m doing DA, since that’s my primary (and kind of only) fandom… 

  1. Alistair
  2. Anders
  3. Morrigan
  4. Cullen
  5. Isabela
  6. Dorian
  7. Solas
  8. Christien Hawke (my hawke)
  9. Bella Surana (my warden)
  10. Icis Lavellan (my inquisitor)
  11. Fenris
  12. Merrill

If you wrote a fic about Four, what song would you use to inspire yourself?

Oh… well, I’ve done this… and there is a whole playlist of misery associated… but the song that is going to remind me of the Cullen I write for the rest of my life is “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service.

One/Nine and Six/Ten. Which pairing is happier?

Well, 6 and 10 is impossible… so I’m going to go with 1 and 9. Alistair and Bella Surana were lovers… but if you’ve read my story, Boyish and Brave, you already know that it’s more complicated than meets the eye. I think of them like so many first loves: They were important to each other. They taught each other lessons…but it wasn’t meant to last forever.

Have you ever read a fic about Seven/Twelve?

I have not… I can’t imagine how that would work out. Although I’m sure it exists… fic writers are resourceful! :)

FMK, but with extra options (to finish off the remaining numbers). The choices are: Fuck, Marry, Kill, Become, Live With, and Fight. Choose from numbers One, Two, Three, Five, Eight, Eleven.

LoL… this is great. I’m changing one, though. Instead of ‘Adopt’ I’m doing ‘Become’.

  • Fuck - Anders–I’m pretty sure he has skills
  • Marry - Morrigan–she’ll keep the marriage interesting with sarcasm, wit, and secret devotion
  • Kill - Christien Hawke–don’t worry, he’ll die heroically
  • Become - Alistair–he’s me in every fic I’ve written (even the ones that are not from his perspective)
  • Live With - Isabela–I think we’d be awesome roommates… with occasional sex…
  • Fight - Fenris? I’m very likely to get into a heated debate with him–we don’t agree about anything.

Any favorite fic moments for Four?

I have many… I always shipped the secret affair idea between Cullen and my Surana in DAO… and I liked the idea that he was doing all this templar stuff under duress–because of something tragic in his past. And then I’ve made up a LOT of favorite things for him to do in my fics. :)

What tags/warnings would be included in a One/Twelve fic?

LoL… well, Merrill and Alistair would NOT be in a romantic fic. Like, I’m sure someone has written it, but I can’t imagine what that would be like. So let’s say it’s a roommate AU where they are having a dinner party. We’d need: #cheese #roommates #theoddcouple #90sSitcom 

What would Eight say if they saw Six and Nine kissing?

Well, clearly Surana and Dorian would be kissing in a non-romantic way… so let’s say they’re doing it because they’re undercover somewhere. Eight (Hawke) would say, “you’re not fooling anyone!

Last Question! Make up a summary for a fic including Two, Three, and Eleven.

haha. This is going to be great:

Despite her better judgement, Morrigan has agreed to help Anders with his freedom fighting, following the events of DA2. After facing innumerable trials together, they forge a tenuous bond of friendship. Unfortunately, their plans are thwarted when someone from Anders’ past (Fenris) joins the templars in their crusade for a return to magical normalcy. 

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