and my new nose piercing

I was tagged by @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross to upload a photo of my face. Hasn’t changed much, but the hair and the shirt have ;) 

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Anon asked for a selfie earlier, so here you go 💕 (featuring my new nose piercing!)

  • So I went to my local body piercing shop today to get a new nose ring and the woman saw my Ant Man shirt and she was like
  • Woman: Ant Man is the best, don't you think so?
  • Me: Yeah, he his. I'm a huge fan of Marvel
  • Woman: So who's your favorite character?
  • Me: Bucky Barnes.
  • Woman: Why's that?
  • Me: *shrugs* I don't know, I just really love him, he's the best!
  • Woman: *smiles* Can't argue with that.