and my new icon and my new url etc

Hello, everyone !! I just hit a major follower milestone. It’s about time I had an awards to celebrate !!


☆ Must be a studyblr, langblr, etc.

☆ Mbf me {@smart-and-sarcastic}

☆ Likes are okay for a bookmark, but only reblogs count

☆ I’ll choose the winners on July 23th


Each category will have 3 winners !!

☆ Fave themes 

☆ Cutest icons

☆ Unique URLs

☆ Best aesthetic 

☆ Nicest original posts 

☆ Prettiest handwriting 

☆ Overall favorites

{ Perks }

☆ A follow from me !!

☆ Mass queuing sprees (trust me, I will be your #1 fan)

☆ A spot on my new faves page 

☆ A new friend !!  

All winners will be based on my opinion only. Regardless of your follower count or number of awards won, you should keep studying and keep growing !! As always, you are welcome to talk to me if you have any questions or anything else.