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Of Loyalty and Duty

Prompt: In an effort to save two kingdoms, an arranged marriage was made. At his request, Prince Lin-Manuel Miranda was to be wed to you, the youngest daughter in your royal family. RoyalAU. Written for the hamwriters write-a-thon Day 1.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: a whopping 5,803.

A/N: Hate me if it’s too AU, it’s okay. I was nervous as hell to post this, but thanks for several special people (you know who you are) I continued and went along with the idea. I didn’t realize it would turn into this monster. I had too much fun writing this and I WILL continue it after the write-a-thon. I didn’t send this to my beta to proofread because I’m stupid and I get too excited to share my work, especially when I feel really proud of it. Cheers to @hamwriters for setting this whole thing up, letting me explore the limits to my writing, and bringing the community together as a whole. I will try my best to finish out the week without my brain exploding. As always, let me know what you guys think. <3 Lola

You blinked back the tears that threatened to fall as you surveyed the scenery outside the carriage. You had to admit that it was beautiful -  you’d never seen the leaves in such various colors nor fields of farms that expanded beyond the horizon. While the Miranda kingdom focused on agriculture, industry was predominant in your kingdom so the view was unfamiliar to you.

You angrily swiped at the tears that escaped your treacherous eyes. In less than two weeks, you were going to be ripped away from the place that you’d called home. The population of the Miranda kingdom was increasing exponentially and they lacked the technology to produce enough food for their people. Your parents, despite their indifference to the Miranda’s, offered them an accord: in exchange for the industrial secrets that would help them prosper, the Miranda kingdom must give them military aid if the hostile empire from the North decided to attack. The treaty took days to settle, but in the end an agreement was made.

However, there was one caveat: Prince Lin-Manuel Miranda was to be wed to you.

Your hands balled into fists at the thought of the Prince. You’d met him on several occasions, but your most recent encounter with him was forever burned into your memory. You attended a wedding with your two older sisters at a neighboring kingdom and the celebration feast was just as glamorous and lavish as the ceremony. Prince Lin-Manuel was the life of the party, batting his long lashes while he flirted and danced with the women on the ballroom floor. When he came to greet you, you felt woozy, having consumed endless glasses of wine, and he managed to convince you to dance. He twirled and chatted you up the rest of the night, shooing away others who wanted a chance with him. Before you knew it, he was tugging you along the corridors of the castle, hands fumbling against the corset of your dress and his lips hungrily kissing yours.

Heat crept up your neck, still vividly remembering when another guest stumbled upon the two of you. You were mortified – you were a good girl, you didn’t do those types of things, especially with a playboy like him – and promptly shoved him to the ground. He lets out a shout of surprise and you turned and ran back to the ballroom, begging your sisters to leave with you.

When your parents broke the news of the treaty to you, you were furious. How dare they choose who you married?! You wanted to marry a man that you loved, not some fool who chased after women like it was his profession. You became even more angry when they told you that he gave his parents an ultimatum, demanding that he was to be married to you and not either of your sisters. You were convinced that he only did that to infuriate and toy with you, a payback of sorts from that night.

The carriage slowed, pulling you out of your thoughts. You craned your neck out the window, staring as the gates to the castle swung open, allowing your carriage to enter.

“All I’m asking of you is to be on your best behavior tonight,” you father murmured across from you, “It would be beneficial to you if you treat them kindly, considering that you’ll be living with them from now on.”

Your mother, who sat next to him, reached over and placed her hand over your clenched fists. “I know this isn’t the most ideal situation for you, but please, think of the future of our kingdom. We would be doomed if it wasn’t for you.”

You stayed silent. You had fought a long and futile battle with your parents about the arrangement. As the youngest of three, you were less involved with politics and lived life as freely as you liked within the castle. Your eldest sister had the daunting duty of leading the people of the kingdom, a position that you were not jealous of. But now that you were to be wed to a future King, your dreams of being free from the responsibilities that came with royalty were shattered.

But your parents were right.

Your people would die if you chose to refuse the engagement. The military was too small and would be outnumbered and overpowered if the North attacked. You needed the help from the Miranda’s.

You took a deep breath. “I will try my best.”

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Where are they now?/Ethan Dolan Fluff

Originally posted by teenagedolan

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Basically! The original request that I tried to send was this: Ethan x reader fluff where neither of them can sleep and she’s feeling kinda upset without having a proper reason, so he tries to make her feel better :) You’re the best <3

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anonymous asked:

What about sidgeno where geno always gets injured or is in accidents and sid is the concerned paramedic/doctor that somehow is always around to treat him? Thanks !!

ask and ye shall receive! i loved this one. <3 written in celebration of the pens’ victory tonight, and crossposted on ao3 here!

Zhenya liked to think he wasn’t accident prone, but, his luck for the past several months seemed to be proving him wrong.

Or, he thought as he stared up at the paramedic who was fussing over him, he might just be the luckiest guy in the world.

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“Y/n, babe, come on and play!” Michael yells loudly as soon as my head because visibly through the kitchen window. The four boys were on a small vacation now that their tour had come to an end, and my best friend Calum was so delightful that he had asked if I wanted to come down as well. I hadn’t seen Calum – or any of the boys for that matter – since they had started off the European leg of the tour, which was ages ago.

Respective girlfriends or other best mates were coming over as well within the span of a few days. I had been in the neighbourhood, on a small holiday of my own as well, when Calum invited me. I decided to just come straight after, having me to clean after four very elated, childish men.

I wave at Michael who’s kicking the ball around. Luke and Ashton are chilling in the pool, and I have no idea where Calum is. I drop my bowl and spoon into the sink and grab myself a can of coke before I saunter outside to a pouting Michael. I grin at Calum who apparently occupies one of the lounge chairs out of the view of the kitchen window.

Calum was sporting his shorts, shirt discarded as his hand was shoved down the front of his pants. I raise my eyebrows as I bring my can to my lips. “See you’re feeling awfully comfortable.”
Calum merely shrugs his shoulders before he holds out his hand towards me and I let my fingers slip in his. “Come hang out, I missed you.”

“Ah, you’re too cute. But I kinda want to kick the ball around with Mikey first. We’ll hang out later, promise.” I wink as I hand him my can, Michael cheering on the grass as he heard our small exchange. I jog up to Michael and he passes towards me and charges almost immediately after.

“No, no! You’re cheating you filthy swine!” Michael yells as I kick the ball through his legs again, scoring another point in our make shift goal on the edge of the yard. I boisterously laugh at Michael, who apparently is a sore loser and I’m not quick enough in turning and running away before his arms curls around my waist and I’m hoisted off of my feet and almost flying through the air.
“Michael! Michael no!” I shriek, still laughing loudly as I drop onto my knees because he can’t hold me anymore.

I hear a cough behind us and Michael immediately lets go of me. Calum helps me back on my feet and I keep coughing from the excessive laughter as I clutch my best friend’s toned biceps. “If no one beats Y/n, we’re going to hear about this for the rest of the week. So, one on one?” Calum raises an eyebrow and I can’t help but reciprocate the gesture, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Why would I? Maybe you should make it more interesting.” If there was anything that had drawn Calum and I closer together when we were kids, then it would be our competitive nature. I loved this side of him but I could appreciate it when I lost against him, because he never gloated – that much.

“What do you want?” Calum immediately counters and I start giggling as soon as he starts speaking. “You’re my butler for the rest of the week. And I mean everything I want or need.” I wink and I see Calum visibly gulp. He knew that if I won, he’d be the piss pole for the rest of the weekend and that I’d never let him forget.

“Alrighty then. If I win – “ Calum taps his chin as he tries to think of something. “You clean my room and bathroom for the rest of the week.” A look of pure horror crosses my features because I know what a pig Calum can be when he wants to be. Although I’m not going to grant him this one. I agree.

We’re going neck by neck. He scores, I follow soon after. I’m doing my absolute best to prove my worth in football because face it, everyone knows Calum’s rather talented. I also know he’s going easy on me but he’ll rue that choice in a few moments. Only one point left to decide who is going to win this game.

“Go Y/n!” Michael yells from his spot on the grass and Calum momentarily stops to shoot his best mate a glare. “Michael, shut the fuck up!”

Calum is momentarily distracted and I push past him, stealing the ball and making a beeline for the make shift goal between two bushes. Calum groans loudly and I know he has started his pursuit but it’s no use anymore. I kick the ball between the poles and when I turn around, Calum almost crashes into me but swing his arm around my shoulders to stop himself from impact.

“Yes! Fuck yes! I won!” I shriek, laughing loudly as Calum curses and kicks the ball onto the other side of the garden into the bushes. I’m standing arms in the air, before I lower them to rest on my hips. Calum turns towards me and shakes his head. I see him glance – more like glare – in Michael’s direction as he steps closer, his arms curling around my neck to haul me into his sweaty, unclothed chest.

That’s when it somewhat clicks. Not just today, but the other three days that had gone by had gone similar to the moment we just shared. My heart flutters as I step out of his embrace and wink in his direction as I turn to walk back inside. I may premeditatedly swing my hips a bit more than usual as I disappear from sight. I know Calum is following me.

I lean against the wall and wait for him to round the corner. When he does, he merely smirks and stops in front of me, his gaze flicking from my eyes to my lips, all the way down. Calum and I were known to have some slipups whenever we were both drunk, but I was willing to make those mistakes sober if he were. And considering his jealousy towards Michael, I knew it wouldn’t give such a problem.

“Well, what do you need?” Calum leans against the wall with his flat hands, arms stretched, head only mere centimetres from mine. I can’t help but let my gaze flicker from his darkened gaze to his plump, pink lips and I know I can’t ask it from him.

I don’t have to though, because he takes sudden initiative and presses his lips gently to mine. My eyes had fluttered closed and when Calum retreats, an instant emptiness fills me. I take deep breath and let my fingers brush along his neck before I haul him back in and reciprocate the gesture, Calum smiling against my lips as he takes a small step closer, hand coming off of the wall to grip my hip.
“You, you were jealous, weren’t you?” I chuckle against Calum’s lips as my fingers thread through his unruly curly locks.

“Ah, shut up.” Calum groans in return as he hovers over my lips, his eyes slowly opening to shoot me a playful glare. “It’s hot.” I breathe, flicking my own gaze up to meet his darkened gaze. Calum lets out a sound that almost sounds like a growl as I feel his large hands cup my thigh and hoists me off of the floor with ease.

Our lips and teeth clash together as he pushes the door to the guest bedroom open, it flying closed roughly by his foot. Our clothing is thrown into every other direction until we’re bare and I’m dropped onto the messed up, unmade bed. Calum doesn’t waste any time with teasing, and I’m incredibly thankful for that. Instead, he crawls up on my body to reconnect out lips and I feel him rest between my opened legs.

I move my hips along his to indicate what I desired, and Calum catches on in a split second. He lines himself up with my entrance, but he doesn’t do anything before he lets his gaze flick over to mine once to see if I was in distress. I answer him with a raised eyebrow and a smirk and I see Calum’s lips curl up into a wicked grin as he shakes his head.

“Unbelievable.” He smirks as he pushes into me, his lips catching mine to swallow the moan that tumbles from my lips. His hips snap and gyrate in circular motions, my hands roaming over his toned muscles on his back. Calum’s lips roam my neck and collarbones before dipping towards my breasts as his hands cup and squeeze them.

I can already feel my orgasm approach rather fast, my hips moving along with Calum’s as best as I can, moans tumbling from my lips like a chant, his name falling from my lips in a whisper. It seems to edge Calum on even more, his pace picking up as he hugs my body close to his.

Moans fall from Calum’s mouth like he’s in pure bliss and I can see the stars peek from behind my eyes. My orgasm hits me and while I contract around his thick erection, I feel Calum stumble as well to continue his thrusts. It doesn’t take him long to finish after me and I’m still trying to catch my breath as he drops down next to me and moans loudly, eyes fluttering closed.

He’s amazing to behold and I could stare at him all day, doing anything. But lying on the sheets in a thin sheen of sweat, heart hammering in his chest, it’s my favourite view of Calum.

“Is Mikey still this important?” I can’t help but roll my eyes as I turn onto my side and slap his chest loosely. “Jealousy really isn’t a good colour on you, Cal.” I huff before I press my lips against his shoulder and drop my body against his, hugging his frame close to mine.

Alone Together

Pairing: Sirius Black x reader

Summary: You and your boyfriend, Sirius, are both disgraced from your pureblood obsessed families, meaning you get to spend the holidays at Hogwarts with no one else getting in the way

Warnings: Extreme fluff? Also swearing and innuendos because it’s Sirius

A/N: I found this a while ago, it’s sound effects associated with the Gryffindor common room, I was listening to it while writing this so I thought it would be good for listening to while you read it

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

It was the unspoken truth that anyone who stayed at Hogwarts over Christmas either had no home to go to, or wasn’t wanted at home. The latter was the case for both you and Sirius Black. Both of you “belonged” to pureblood crazy families, which you had both been disgraced from upon being sorted into Gryffindor house six years ago. It wasn’t all bad, it meant you didn’t have to see them anymore, but it also meant that you had to stay at school most holidays.

The common room was barely lit, the heavy velvet curtains and the roaring fire casting a warm glow over the otherwise dark room. The curtains muffled the sound of the thunderstorm outside, the most noticeable sounds being the crackle of the flames and occasionally the turning of a page, as you were curled up in the armchair reading one of the books you’d brought from home.

It was a muggle book, entitled The Hobbit. When you’d seen it in the shop, it hadn’t immediately struck your fancy, but upon learning that it was a muggle book about magic, you had to buy it. You never missed a chance to disgust your family.

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4 Tier Survival
4 Tier Survival

4-Tier Survival. The tiers are as follows:

  • TIER ONE: This is your everyday carry (EDC) on person. You should have this with you 24/7 or as close to 24/7 seven as possible. Basically, if you have pants on, you should have these items with you.
  • TIER TWO: This is your EDC bag. You should have this with you or within reach 24/7. Take it with you to work, the grocery store, running to the gas station, etc. If you walk out the door of your house, it should be with you.
  • TIER THREE: This is your 72 hour kit, bug out bag, SHTF bag, or any of those other catchy names for them. At a minimum you need one. If you only have the funds for one, so be it. But, eventually I would suggest having one for the house, the vehicle and possibly at work if you have the space to store one.
  • TIER FOUR: This is for long term preparedness. This is long-term food and water storage and procurement methods. Always prepare your home to shelter-in-place first. Then, if you have a secondary bug out location, prepare it. Depending on the disaster or emergency you may or may not be able to bug out. On the other hand, you may be forced to evacuate or bug out.

Before I go any farther in this article I want to give you a great piece of advice:Develop and hone your knowledge, ability and skills over the knives, tools and kits. A vast amount of knowledge and skills with a minimum amount of tools will keep you and your family alive a lot longer than a vast amount of tools and minimum amount knowledge and skills will.This may seem contradictory to what this article is about. But, do not lose sight of this advice. Everyone knows someone who has the newest, best whatever it is but no clue how to use it. This makes them look like a fool. Don’t be a fool.
When creating the tiers, I kept in mind the basic needs of a survival situation, shelter, water, fire, food and I am going to add protection. In a the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) situation, protecting yourself, your family, home, supplies and gear could be a paramount priority. The first three tiers will enable you to get to your fourth tier. We all find ourselves away from 
Now, let’s discuss the tools and supplies I feel are needed for each tier. This is by no means the end all, be all list of what is needed. This is what I have come up with for my kits. Feel free to add or take away as you feel necessary. This is based off of my skill set and my family needs. I wanted to condense a lot of information into a single article and basically get you thinking about what you will need. I want you to come up with your own kits. I also wanted to show you that all of the tiers are possible. They will take some time, energy and money, but anyone can do this.
Note: I will not get very technical in the types/brands of items to carry. Use your own judgment; remember, most times you get what you pay for. Also, I go by the mantra, “Two is one, one is none.”
TIER ONE: On-person EDC

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality folding knife of your choice. Make sure it is sharp. You are more likely to injure yourself trying to cut something with a dull knife than you are using a sharp knife.
    • Quality multi-tool. There are many options available. Look at the type of environment you spend the majority of time in, consider your skills, and use this to decide the brand/style of tool you want to carry.
    • Lock picks/Bogota – I choose NOT to carry these as of now. Remember what I said about skills earlier. I know I don’t have the skills needed to use these. Now, once I develop the skills, they will be added to my EDC.
    • Small compass. Just to get a general direction if needed.
    • Pen and small notepad. I personally like the waterproof kind. Nothing like getting caught in the rain and losing everything you have made notes of.
    • Small survival whistle.
    • Cotton bandana.
    • P-38 can opener. I carry one on my key ring. I forget it is even there, until I need it.
  • Cell Phone
    • Pretty self-explanatory. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone that they carry anyway. [JWR Adds: It is important to also keep a 12 VDC cell phone “car charger” handy.]
  • Cordage
    • 550 Cord. There are lots of different, creative ways to carry. There are bracelets, key fobs, zipper pulls, belts, even lacing your boots/shoes with it. Learn how to braid your own items.
  • Fire
    • Small brand name lighter. Cheap and easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Small firesteel. Another cheap, easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Tinder. Could be a magnesium rod, dryer lint, or any brand of quick tinder that is out on the market now, you should know what works. I prefer magnesium rods; they take up less room and are light.
  • Firearm
    • I am not going to start the never-ending conversation of discussing brands and calibers.
    • Find a gun that you can comfortably carry and shoot.
    • Shoot, a lot.
    • Shoot from behind cover, kneeling, sitting, lying down, standing, off hand, from one yard to 25 yards.
    • Shoot some more.
    • Practice reloading, practice reloading behind cover, practice reloading standing, kneeling, lying down, off hand.
    • Practice some more.
  • Light
    • Small flashlight. I personally look for an LED version that runs off of AA or AAA batteries. Look for one that is waterproof or at the very least water resistant.
    • Keychain LED light. Look for one that has a locking on/off switch. These are easier to use in the fact that they do not have to have constant pressure on the switch to illuminate.
  • USB Drive
    • I use my USB drive to store all types of important documents and other information I run across and want to save. I have encrypted my USB drive in case it falls into the wrong hands. (I strongly suggest doing this.) Also, save the information under nondescript names. In other words, don’t save the file as: “Insurance Papers” or “Social Security Cards”, etc.
    • Birth/Marriage Certificates
    • Social Security Cards
    • Driver’s License
    • Insurance Policies/Cards
    • Vehicle Registrations/Insurance
    • Medical/Shot Record
    • Recent Check Stubs/Bank Statements
    • Stocks/Bonds
    • Property Description
    • Another option/addition to this is online file storage. There are many places available on the internet to store files on a remote server and be able to access from any computer or cell phone with internet access.

Some people I have seen carry as much as possible on their keychain. The only thing with that is if you lose your keys, you have lost a lot of your gear. I carry some stuff on my belt, some in pockets and some on a keychain. I have even seen and thought about carrying some items around my neck. Whatever you feel comfortable with and what works for you is best.

Tier two is going to contain pretty much everything from tier one except bigger and better.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife of your choice. Again make sure it is sharp.
    • Sharpening stone.
    • Quality multi-tool. I would look at one to complement the one from tier one. A little larger and possibly features that the other does not have. I personally wouldn’t want the exact same model from tier one. Look at the ones that have the screwdriver possibilities.
    • Small entry bar or pry bar.
    • Larger more reliable compass. Possibly a GPS system if you are so inclined. If you are in a large urban environment, I would have a city map in my EDC bag.
    • Pens and notepad again. Plenty of pens and permanent markers.
    • P-51 can opener.(A scaled-up version of the P-38.)
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • This is where I would keep a wall charger for my cell phone.
    • I would also think about one of the emergency chargers that run off of batteries at this point.
    • I also carry a pay-as-you go phone in my EDC bag. On some occasions when one service is down, others are still up and running. It’s a cheap insurance policy.
    • Radio of some sort. Depends on your location and abilities.
  • Cordage
    • I would carry no less than 25 feet of 550 cord in my EDC bag. The more the better. Again, options here, braid it to take up less space, key fobs, I’ve seen some braided water bottle carriers. Use your imagination
    • I have run across Kevlar cord, no personal experience with it. But, something I will check out.
    • I would toss in some duct tape and electrical tape here. You can take it off of the cardboard roll and roll it onto itself and it takes up very little room.
    • Possibly some wire, picture hanging wire works well.
    • Possibly some zip ties. Various sizes as you see fit.
    • I also have a couple of carabiners clipped to my bag.
  • Fire
    • Another cheap lighter.
    • Larger firesteel.
    • More tinder. Personally I prefer the magnesium, but whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Firearm
    • I personally don’t see the need to carry a second firearm.
    • I would however warrant the carrying of at least two spare magazines for the handgun in tier one.
  • First-Aid
    • Basic first aid kit.
    • Package of quick slotting agent.
    • Basic EMT shears.
    • Basic pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach tablets etc.
    • Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
    • Baby wipes.
  • Food
    • I always carry a couple of energy or meal replacement bars in my bag. If nothing else, I may have to work through lunch and need a snack.
    • Some people will toss a freeze-dried meal or MRE if they have room. Personally, I don’t.
    • A small pack of hard candy.
  • Light
    • I personally prefer a headlamp at this stage. You can use a headlamp as a flashlight; you can’t use a flashlight as a headlamp.
    • If you don’t go the headlamp route, choose a higher quality flashlight than tier one.
    • Extra batteries. On the subject of batteries, do your best to acquire electronic items that use the same size of battery.
    • Another keychain light. I have one attached to the inside of my bag to aid in finding items inside in low-light situations.
    • Some people carry chemical light sticks in their EDC bag. I have found battery operated light sticks that also have a small flashlight in one end I prefer to carry.
  • Shelter
    • I keep a packable rain jacket at all times and depending on the weather a packable pair of rain pants. Remember, your clothing is your first form of shelter.
    • I also keep a couple of “survival” blankets in my bag.
    • I keep a couple of contractor style garbage bags as well.
  • Water
    • I have a stainless steel water bottle that stays in my pack at all times. If I am traveling longer than my normal commute, I will toss in a small collapsible water container.
    • Ziploc bags.
    • Two-part chemical water purifier.
    • Filtering drinking straw.
    • Toss in a couple of standard coffee filters to filter sediment if needed.

Now, bear in mind, my EDC bag is not for long-term survival. I feel like I could sustain myself for several days if I needed to with the contents of my pack. However, that is not its intended use. All of the tiers are designed to sustain you until you can “make it” to the next tier.

My EDC bag is the same bag I use for school every day. Granted I cannot carry a weapon or ammunition into the school building. My point is you don’t want all of your Tier Two items to be so big and bulky that you can’t comfortably carry them. All of this stuff is in addition to my school books and papers and tablet. For those of you that are curious, I prefer a messenger style bag. But, again, whatever works for you and is the most comfortable.

TIER THREE: Larger rucksack or backpack

A lot of people would call this the 72 hour kit. I feel that this is a bit of a misnomer. Granted, 72 hours is a good figure for most people to shoot for. However, I feel that in this stage of the game, you should be able to carry enough to survive indefinitely.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife. If you want you can double up from tier two. Depends on your requirements. Remember, two is one, one is none.
    • Small quality folding shovel.
    • Quality hatchet.
    • Small machete. If you feel that your knife is up to the task of clearing brush, no need for one. Also, if you are in a true bug out situation where people could be looking for you, you don’t want to clear a highway through the brush.
    • Some type of saw or saw blades. There are some nice pocket chain saws on the market now. Or you could carry blades and fashion your own handle or frame.
    • Tools for forced entry if warranted. Pry bars, bolt cutters, etc.
    • Tool kit. Depends on your location and environment. At the bare minimum carry enough tools to repair anything that you are depending on in a survival situation.
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • Depending on the level of the disaster cell phones may or may or may not be working.
    • Again, depending on your location and abilities, depends on the type of communications you should carry.
    • One thing I have not seen widely talked about is two way radios. Obviously this would be if more than one person is in your party. However, now you start talking about batteries and chargers.
  • Cordage
    • At least 100 feet of 550 cord.
    • Depending on your environment, climbing rope, harness and gear may be warranted.
    • Tape, electrical and duct.
    • Zip ties, various sizes
    • Wire, picture wire.
    • Carabiners, various sizes.
  • Fire
    • Cheap lighter.
    • Firesteel.
    • Tinder.
    • Camp stove. Small, lightweight, portable. A lot of good information about this out there. Pay special attention to the type of fuel that the stove you select uses.
  • Firearm

This depends on the type of situation you are in. I will list the types of firearms I would have, not necessarily carry, and reasons why. If this is a true bug out situation obviously the adults in your party could carry at least one, more than likely two, long guns.

  • We have already discussed a handgun.
  • “Modern Sporting Rifle”. Be it an AR based platform, an AK-47, Mini-14 etc. I personally like the AR platform. However, A’s can be a bit finicky if not properly cleaned and maintained. Something you may not be able to do well in a TEOTWAWKI situation. So, I would grab an AK-47. Whatever your budget and preference lead you to.
  • .22 caliber rifle. There are many options, I personally recommend the Ruger 10-22. There are several collapsible stocks available. This is for hunting small game.
  • Home defense shotgun. I would suggest a 12 gauge. The options and setups are endless. You can go as mild or as wild as your budget and imagination allow. This is not something I would necessarily always grab. However, this is something I feel that no home should be without. The sound of a shell racking into the chamber of a pump shotgun is a sound that will deter most people without even firing a shot.
  • Extra magazines and ammunition.
  • First-Aid
    • More advanced first aid kit. There are pre-made ones on the market or come up with your own.
    • Quick clotting agent.
    • EMT Shears.
    • Pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach pills, etc.
    • A week’s supply of any prescription medications.
    • Any supply of antibiotics or narcotics that you can procure.
    • Knowledge of natural/herbal remedies. Here is a great area where knowledge can help you a lot longer than supplies can.
  • Food
    • If you want to put in a three day supply of freeze-dried meals or MRE’s. Go for it. But here is where procuring your own food will come in handy.
    • I would suggest some type of mess style kit for cooking. Again, your choice.
    • Fishing kit. Fishing line, assortment of hooks, sinkers and artificial bait if desired.
    • Fishing “yo-yo” traps. Can be set and left alone to catch fish while you are doing some other task. I feel these are a necessity. They are light and take up little room.
    • Snare kit. I would suggest several pre-made snares and supplies to create more.
    • Traps. Connibear style traps, an assortment of sizes. 4-6 is all you should need.
    • Frog gigs. Could also be used for spearing fish, depending on your location.
    • You also have a firearm for taking small or large game.
    • Knowledge of wild edibles in your area or bug out location.
  • Light
    • Again, I would suggest a headlamp and extra batteries.
    • Use your discretion for what else you may want/need.
  • Shelter
    • Two changes of clothes. One for warm weather and one for cool/cold weather. Again depending on your environment.
    • I would suggest at least 3 pair of underwear and 6 pair of socks.
    • Packable rain gear.
    • Quality bivy style shelter or tarp.
    • Quality sleeping bag. Again, do some research. See what fits your needs and budget.
    • Sleeping pad if wanted.
    • Possibly a pocket style hammock.
  • Water
    • Stainless steel water bottle.
    • Chemical water treatment.
    • Water filter/purifier. Again, look at your budget and needs. There are several nice options out there.
    • Coffee filters for straining out sediment.
    • Collapsible water storage.

TIER FOUR: Long term preparedness.
Even though this is the largest of all the tiers, I will probably go into the least amount of detail. There are many great sources of information concerning long term preparedness, being one of the best, if not the best, in my opinion.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Obviously any blade or tool previously discussed. Except full size versions.
    • An ax, saws, shovels, garden hoes, rakes, etc.
    • Possibly a plow, seeder, etc, for planting a garden.
    • Variety of hand tools.
    • Automotive tools, carpentry tools, etc.
    • Sewing machine, needles, thread, clothing patterns, etc.
    • Begin thinking of ways you can use your tools and knowledge to develop a skill that can be used for trade or barter.
  • Communication
    • Short wave radios, ham radios, etc.
    • Two way radios.
  • Cordage
    • Large amounts of any cordage or supplies under cordage already discussed.
  • Fire
    • Cast iron stove.
    • Fireplace.
    • Begin thinking now about how you will be heating your home in the winter. Think about how you will be cooking your meals. Also, think about how you will get fuel for your fire.
  • Firearms
    • We discussed in tier three the types of firearms I felt were needed.
    • Begin thinking about amount of ammo you can and are willing to stockpile.
    • Begin thinking about reloading your own ammunition. Begin thinking about stockpiling supplies. This can be turned into great bartering items.
  • First Aid
    • Begin developing a large first aid supply. Think about what you will need to do without a doctor present. Suture kits, surgical kit, trauma kit, etc. There will be no running to the emergency room.
    • Begin thinking about dental supplies. Again, there will possibly be no dentists to go to.
    • Again, knowledge is key in this situation. There are some good books about this type of thing. Take a first aid class, learn CPR. Learn as much as you possibly can.
    • Study about and begin stockpiling medications.
  • Food
    • There are many more articles to be written and read on this subject alone.
    • Start developing a small reserve of foods that you eat on a regular basis that have a long shelf life. Start with a week; go to a month, then three months, then a year, then longer.
    • Begin thinking now about storage. A year’s supply of food for your family will take up a considerable amount of space.
    • Expand on the amount of items you have from tier three. Increase the number of traps and snares you have.
    • Think about obtaining a variety of seeds to plant in your garden.
    • Again, there is a vast amount of information to be found on this subject alone. The main thing I want you to understand is this is doable, on any income. Start small and work your way up to larger quantities.
    • Do not get yourself into a financial burden by going out and buying a year’s supply of food at one time.
  • Light
    • Begin obtaining lanterns, fuel, mantles, etc.
    • Begin thinking about candles and candle making.
    • If you are so inclined, begin thinking about solar panels for your home or shelter location.
  • Shelter
    • Begin making those small repairs to your home. Things that may be fairly quickly and easily fixed now may not be so easily fixed later. I’m not talking kitchen remodeling; I’m talking leaky faucets, broken windows, drafty doors, etc.
    • Think about having a metal roof installed if you don’t have one already.
    • This is the time to think about a secondary survival location. A remote, rural location. Think of this as an investment. It could be used now as a vacation spot. Use it later as a retirement home.
  • Water
    • Begin storing water. Think not only about drinking, but also cooking and cleaning.
    • Again, start small. Begin with a few days worth; then weeks and months.
    • Start thinking about long-term procurement and storage. Gutters that empty into water storage, etc. Think also about purification on a large scale.
  • Miscellaneous Things to Thing About
    • Sit down and make a list of normal, everyday things that you do around your house, cleaning, washing, “personal” business, entertainment, etc.
    • These are activities that require items that you will not be able to run down to the store to get.
    • Toiletries. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene, etc.
    • Cleaning. Bleach, disinfectant, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc.
    • Entertainment. Cards, board games, puzzles, books, etc.
    • Think about large quantity storage of fuel; for cooking, heating, anything with an internal combustion engine, etc.

Again, I have very briefly touched on long term preparedness. There are numerous articles and books on long term preparedness. Read them. This is meant merely as a primer to get you thinking about long term survival.


Marvel | Alex Summers x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Can you write an Alex Summers x reader imagine where they get into a huge fight because he doesn’t want her to fight and he ends up admitting that he wants to protect her because he is in love with her and at first, she is confused and then she says the feeling is mutual and the they kiss and just… Adorable? Haha

Charles called a meeting with some of the mutants but when we were all in the room, I noticed we were the only ones able to fully control our mutation. I sat next to my best friend, Alex, and assumed why we were here.

“Yes, Y/N, that’s exactly what you’re all here for,” Charles spoke, “Trask Industries has taken mutants to their facility and none have walked out. You all need to lay low and bring back as many mutants as you can find.”

“That’s vague,” I commented.

“Because I don’t need to tell you to get the job done by any means necessary,” Charles replied.

“You want us to kill?” Hank asked.

“If it comes to that,” Charles sighed and we all knew that wasn’t what he wanted, “the facility is heavily guarded and we’ve all seen what the sentinels are capable of.”

“And these are just prototypes,” Raven added.

“You leave at nightfall,” Charles dismissed. 

He’d been more stressed out than usual since Trask started taking mutants. I nodded and left, Alex shortly followed after me.

“You can’t go,” he huffed when we reached my room.

I turned around immediately and he bumped into me, “Excuse me?”

“You. Can’t. Go,” he repeated.

“And why is that?” I crossed my arms.

“It’s too dangerous,” he said obviously.

“Our whole lives are dangerous, Alex,” I scoffed.

“You can’t go.”

“If it’s danger you’re worried about, then be worried about our enemies.”

“Y/N,” he raised his voice. He was getting frustrated and it was ridiculous.

“Alex, I can literally stop time and when I focus, I can make sure only the X-Men are able to move through the facility.”

“You need to stay here, stay protected.”

“So should you! So should everyone! But we can’t do nothing about Trask!” I started yelling.

“You don’t get it!”

“Get what?!”

He started pacing and running his hands through his hair.

“Dammit, Alex! Where is this coming from?!”

“I can’t protect you and focus on the mission at the same time! I can’t keep you safe if I’m there with you! I can’t lose you, Y/N! I don’t know what I’d do if they caught you.”

“Since when do you worry about me? I’m physically capable of taking care of myself and you know it!”

“I KNOW! I want you here so you are safe and so I can come home to you because I’m in love with you!” he admitted.

I stopped time. The thoughts I had ran by my mind at a hundred miles an hour. Alex? In Love? With me? How? Why? When? I looked at his face. His features weren’t angry, just concerned. My best friend was in love with me and I knew I loved him. Time continued.

“The feeling’s mutual,” I said.

I closed the distance between me and Alex, lacing my fingers behind his neck. His hands were on my waist and I felt a little nervous. I felt my breath hitch in my throat. I looked up at him and his smile was one that could make me weak at the knees.

“I might kiss you,” he whispered.

“I might be bad at it,” I confessed.

In seconds, his lips were on mine. Soft, supple, and gentle. It felt as if butterflies fluttered around us or a tender flame ablaze. This was new for us yet we were in sync. We broke the kiss and let out a soft breath.

“Definitely not bad at that,” he said, placing his forehead on mine. I blushed and couldn’t stop the smile that came.

Just; C.H. 8

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

“Oh no. What happened?” Sherilyn opens the door to her dorm and freezes in her spot, staring at my angry, seemingly permanent scowl before letting her gaze slip over my attire, the same she had dressed me in last night before leaving. She steps aside without another word and I shuffle inside, already pushing the dress back down my hips before I turn around with my arm covering my breasts as much as I can muster. “Lend me something please?”

Sherilyn nods her head and digs in her closet for a simple shirt and a pair of her old jeans, my body seeming to lose a bit of the tension when I’m back in my somewhat normal attire.
“You’re going to have to talk sometime, Y/n.” Sherilyn sits down on her bed, crossing her legs beneath her body as she fiddles with her finger nails. I’m sure she’s nervous because it was quite normal for me to end up at her door with mascara running down my face, she had never seen me so expressionless. I had enough time while walking here to calm down but seeing my friend made it all boil up at once.

“I slept with Calum.” A gasp leaves Sherilyn’s lips and I roll my eyes. Wasn’t that sort of the inevitable? I knew one day I’d succumb to his charm, and somehow I’m glad it was now. Gives me the summer to get over myself.

“It was – it was – fucking hell it was so good I didn’t even know it could be that good.” I yell, throwing my hands in the air and dropping down onto the floor before burying my face in my knees, my arms thrown around them.

“Then what’s the problem? Sounds like you had the night of your life, with your crush. I would be thrilled.” Sherilyn carefully asks, the tone of her voice indicating she wasn’t sure what the problem with this whole ordeal was.

“I expected him to be at least a bit sophisticated. Instead of fucking throwing me out like I’m a bubble gum wrapper. ‘Maybe you should leave, Ash likes to wake up early’. God damn it I hate my life!” I know that I’ve started rambling and Sherilyn just lets me, trying to get all of my anger out of my system before we try to figure out a game plan to follow from now on.

“Don’t tell me he –“
“Oh yes, he offered to call me later. I feel like one of the cheap slags of my brother.” I shudder at the thought of the girls sniffing while walking downstairs, their walk of shame becoming ten times as worse when she realized my mum and dad were probably in the kitchen waiting for their kids to join them for breakfast.

“It’s not like I can just ignore him and get on with my life. I have to tutor Luke in what? Four hours? I’ll be in that damn house over and over again for the rest of summer.” I groan, I predicted this tutoring would bite me in the ass one way or another, I just didn’t realise it would happen so soon.
“Can’t you just tell Luke you’re not up for it anymore?”

“He’s actually quite a nice guy. I don’t want him to fail. If I can kick Calum off of the stairs in the meantime though…” I chuckle dryly and Sherilyn lets out something that resembles a laugh as well.
“I’ll think of something, Y/n. Don’t worry.”

“Great. Then I’m heading home for a shower and a nap. I feel absolutely disgusting.”


“But why? I thought you didn’t mind coming over.” Luke mumbles into the receiver, somehow, and seemingly for no apparent reason at all, disappointment evident in his tone. I let a loud sigh pass my lips, pinching the bridge of my nose as I lean against the kitchen counter.
“I’d just rather have you here to study, Luke. Less distraction.” I nod my head at my little white lie. He wouldn’t be distracted that much, but I would.

“If that’s really what you want. The boys were wondering about you though. You didn’t sleep in Derek’s bed, did you?” I merely hum in return, not sure what to answer my new blonde friend. “We’re friends for a few days and you’re already keeping shit from me, auwch Y/n. Hurts.” Luke continues and I know he hopes that I’m going to crack, but I won’t over the phone. I’m sure once he’s here and he keeps asking I’ll let something slip, mainly because I know myself, but then it will be his problem of how to deal with such sort of information.
“So I’ll see you in a few, yeah?” I end the conversation swiftly and let my phone drop onto the marble countertop, groaning loudly as I smack my forehead with my flattened out palm.

“That face tells me you made one too many mistakes last night.” Rosalee laughs as she pushes her sunglasses back up on her head, an amused smirk on her lips as she stares at my slumped frame. “Oh, shut up.”
“You really did, didn’t you? Get dressed, we’re going to the beach. It’ll do you good.” She points to my shorts and oversized plain black t-shirt, my eyes following her motion.

“As much as I want to, I can’t. Luke’s coming over.” I roll my eyes, my head disappearing in the fridge for a beer. I haven’t drunk this much since my first year of college and I loathed the fact that I needed that to get through the day.
“Did you and Luke - ?” She doesn’t finish her question but my widened eyes are answer enough. Rosalee starts laughing as she slides her sunglasses back on her nose.

“He’s cute, but I didn’t figure him as your type.” I nod my head as I bring the can back to my lips. “So, is Y/n tagging along?” Linda asks as she appears in the kitchen, large duffel bag filled with toys and snacks for their day at the beach.
“Miss has to tutor.” Rosalee shakes her head and I scoff. It wasn’t as if I chose to do this every day. I figured that after a few days he’d advice for us to meet like once a week. But I think he really likes a study buddy and I regret my life choices right now.

“Cancel that bitch, come on Y/n.” Linda rolls her eyes. I know she’s already fed up with me but I can’t just bail on Luke every time my own ‘frat’ wants to hang out. “Sorry Lin.”
“Unbelievable. We’ll see you tomorrow, we’re having a camp fire and staying at a local hostel afterwards. Bye Y/n.” Rosalee and Linda wave as they disappear from my sight and Megan appears only moments after, greeting me before jogging after the girls.

It doesn’t take Luke long to arrive, his large blue eyes wandering around the place as if he had never seen a dorm before. “You girls are messier than I thought.”
This draws a loud, boisterous laugh from my lips as I lean against the wall, my arms crossed over my chest as I observe Luke’s wandering eyes.
“Cleanliness is a myth, Luke. I think I might be ten times as messy as your whole frat together.”

“Where did you sleep last night?” Luke suddenly questions, turning on his heel to stare me down. I feel my cheeks redden as I tense up under his strong gaze, trying to remain eye contact but wavering after a few moments.
“I did stay at Derek’s, really.”

“Come on Y/n, his room was so messy you could’ve never slept there. It was disgusting. Did you walk home?” I shake my head. I’m not sure if I should be honest with Luke. He was so friendly these last couple of days, confiding in me with some of his secrets he didn’t think the boys would understand, but I would. Asking advice on how to surprise his girl with a nice date because they were reaching their six-month anniversary. But, Calum was Luke’s best mate.

“Did you - ?” Luke stops his sentence and his eyebrows furrow, and I’m not quite sure what he’s implying right now. I walk over to the sofa in our open spaced living room, dropping down as a loud sigh passes my lips. “If you’re implying I might have stayed with someone else, then yes.”

Luke is quiet. Maybe a bit too quiet. The same confused look is on his face, eyes turned into slits as he tries to piece the puzzle together. All of a sudden his eyes widen and his mouth drops. “You’re – you left this morning didn’t you? You had an argument with Calum?”
“If you’d call that an argument.” I humourlessly chuckle, rolling my eyes as I let my back hit the plush cushioning of the sofa.

Luke starts laughing loudly, clutching his stomach as he drops on the sofa as well, on the other side. “You marked him pretty good, Y/n. Damn it. He didn’t want to tell us who he slept with.” I laugh along with him, remembering the markings down his chest, sending another shiver of want down my spine.
“But how – uh why – I mean do you have a thing for Calum?”
My cheeks redden almost immediately and Luke’s confused, yet amused grin turns into a frown, sympathy taking over his features when he sees my non-verbal reaction.
“This has to be kept between us, Luke. Seriously. You already know more than my best friend.”

“I’m flattered.” Luke winks as he presses his flat hand against his chest, near his heart, before dropping it back in his lap again. “I’m not joking. I don’t even know if I regret this or not.”
“You know Calum is uh – how do I say this nicely,” Luke chuckles dryly, scratching the back of his neck before he continues, “kind of a ladies’ man?”
I sigh and think back to the advice my brother had thrown my way before I left for college two years ago.
“He is the kind of frat boy my brother warned me about.”

Part 9

Rooftop ~Gerard Way Imagine~

Hello humans! What is this? A Gerard Way imagine? Yup! I used to be absolutely in love with him when I was 12-15 (still am, but that’s besides the point lol). Anywho, I hope you enjoy this! :)

*Not My Gif*

We sat with our backs against the brick wall on the roof of my apartment building. Almost every night we would climb up to the roof, watch the stars and discuss what had happened that day. We had always done this…even when we were dating. Gerard and I dated for about 2 years before things started escalating. Fights about nothing, long silences and nights where I would fall asleep crying. So, we decided to remain friends and things were okay again…for him at least. I, on the other hand, was still madly in love with him. No matter how much we fought or how many times we were at each other’s throats..he was still my everything. His laugh, his smile, his everything was contagious. I missed his touch and the way he would wrap his arms around me from behind and kiss my neck sweetly, but I knew our breakup was probably for the best…I guess.
I leaned my head against the wall and glanced over at him as he explained a new comic book character he was creating. The passion and creativity in his eyes caused me to smile to myself. I studied his features, from the way his black hair was always slightly messy to the way his eyes lit up when he smiled. I blinked slowly and tried to fight back any threatening tears. As he spoke, he looked over at me and slowly stopped mid sentence.
“I’m sorry…am I rambling again?” He chuckled nervously.
“I like when you ramble.” I mumbled as I laid my head on his shoulder.
He was taken back a bit, but just smiled and laid his head against mine. I placed my hand on his arm and scooted closer to him to keep warm.
“So how was your day?” He muttered.
“It was okay..I didn’t do much, honestly, this is the highlight of my day.” I chuckled.
He glanced down and smirked.
“I could say the same thing.” He spoke.
I lifted my head up and stared at Gerard in awe. He stared back with a small smile playing on his lips. I bit my lip and resisted the urge to grab his face and kiss him. I took a deep breath and looked at my phone before standing up.
“It’s getting pretty late, we better get some sleep.” I mumbled as I extended my arm out.
He hesitantly grabbed my hand and stood up next to me.
“Yeah..” He mumbled.
“Goodnight, Gerard.” I spoke as I turned away and walked towards the ladder.
He looked down at his shoes and moved his fingers slightly before hollering “Wait!”
I turned around as he walked towards me and waited for him to speak, but he didn’t. He simply grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine sweetly. I felt my stomach flip and my head go fuzzy as our lips locked together. The same butterflies from 2 years ago came back, causing me to smile into the kiss. He pulled away slowly and leaned his forehead against mine.
“I miss you.” He whispered.
“I miss you too, Gee.”
He smirked slightly and intertwined our fingers.
“I love you and I really want to work this out. No more fighting, no more ignoring each other. If we have a problem, we’ll talk about it. I don’t want to lose you again.” He stated.
I nodded and smiled lightly.
“I’d like that.” I whispered as I pressed our lips together again.

~Requests are currently closed! (Sorry about that!) BUT FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!~ 


I practically ran to the elevator, my feet screaming to be released from the high black pumps I wore and my stomach rumbling to remind myself I had skipped breakfast and it was now noon so my body was yearning for a taste of any food at this point. A lunch break was highly welcomed as I rushed towards the elevator in the club’s office building.

With my purse on my shoulder and a pair of flat sandals I pressed the button for the elevator and sighed with relief as it quickly arrived empty. I walked inside and immediately began pulling off my heels to replace them before reaching out and pressing the button for the first floor.

Unfortunately for me, the elevator was not sent down but instead the doors began opening again to welcome another person. I looked up, one sandal on my foot and the other foot bare to meet the eyes of Cristiano. A dissatisfied groan immediately left my lips. Of course I’d end up riding an elevator alone with him.

I had despised Cristiano since we met for the first time a few weeks after I started working for Real Madrid. I must have been one of the few women who did not faint at his gaze alone because he always seemed to find a way to make my days a living hell in retaliation whenever he saw me.

Like the time I went to a corporate-sponsor dinner and he ended up “accidentally” bumping into me with his drink and sending it spilling down the front of my dress while I was talking to an attractive man I was hoping could end my dry spell of no sex in 8 months.

It had now been a year and 2 days but who’s counting?

He found a large bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate I was told were quite expensive and nice as a suitable apology. I ended up sending the flowers to the trash and passing off the box of nice chocolates to my best friend who gladly welcomed the sweet substance into her home instead.

And there were plenty of other subtle instances that made me cringe at the mention of his name but it was hard to escape him when he made his random pop-ups in the office.

I shook the thoughts of hate from my head when he entered, an annoying smirk on his lips as he pressed the button for the first floor that was already lit up. I just rolled my eyes and continued putting my sandals on.

“Well hello to you too,” he confidently spoke as the doors began to finally shut. He gave me a glance over which immediately made me stick my tongue out and pretend to stick a finger down my throat as if I was close to puking. Please, get me off of this elevator soon.

“Cristiano,” I spoke bitterly which only made him chuckle in amusement. I simply raised my eyes away from him and watching the numbers of the elevator descend to one. It seemed to be taking much longer than I preferred, my foot tapping impatiently.

“You know, you don’t have to pretend to ha—“ His words were interrupted by the elevator lights shutting off abruptly. I looked worriedly to the lights of the elevator buttons to see they had turned off.


If now wasn’t the time to panic, I wasn’t sure if there would ever be one but thankfully, I was able to remain relatively calm. My eyes seethed with anger as I glared over in his direction. “This is all your fault.”

That obnoxious laugh bobbed his Adam’s apple up and down while he held up his hands in innocence. “I didn’t touch anything.”

“All I wanted to do was go to lunch but oh no, I end up trapped in an elevator with you. Great.”

I threw my bag down to the floor and leaned against the walls, huffing a deep sigh forward. Cris just looked at me as he seemed to pull a granola bar from thin air and taunt me with that twinkle in his eye. “Hm, that’s too bad.”

He began peeling the paper from the small snack, causing me to roll my eyes. “If you think I’m going to beg you for your stupid granola, I’m not.”

“I never suggested you would.”

He had that smug look of satisfaction on his face that always made me cringe. “I wish I could smack that look off of your face.”

“You could actually. I do tend to like my women aggressive but in bed only,” he winked.

“Thankfully for me, I am one woman who will not sleep with you.”

“Ha. Join the long list of women claiming that.”

Another feeling of wanting to puke pretended to rise from my stomach. “You are so…disgusting. Stop talking. The more you talk the hotter it gets in here.”

It seemed then he started to pay more attention to the fact we were currently stuck on an elevator. Or at least I thought. “Yeah. It is pretty hot in here.” Without warning, he began reaching for the buttons of his white button-up, unclasping them one by one while I watched in horror and a handful of other emotions.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Uh unbuttoning my shirt? It’s hot in here. I don’t want to sweat through it.” He got through the buttons rather quickly and pulled the shirt off, hanging it over his arm while I tried not to let my gaze linger on him too long. I may have hated him but it was pretty hard to ignore a physique like that.

“J-Just stop talking.” I focused on the elevator buttons, electing to push them in hopes it would work some miracle and have everything back to normal. I went to press for another button until I felt Cristiano’s hand reach out and grab mine, holding it tightly. “What are you doing?!”

There was a slight chill that ran through me when we touched, feeling his strong grip on me but I quickly shook him off before I could feel anything any longer. “Trying to get this thing to work.”

“Pressing random buttons won’t get things back working, sweetheart.”

“Sweetheart? Stop talking.” I retreated back to my side of the elevator, leaning against the wall and sighing. My lunch break would definitely be over by the time I got out of this thing. I closed my eyes, enjoying the quick moment of silence before I felt the gentle tug of something around my neck.

My eyes fluttered open to see Cristiano face to face with me, his hand and eyes busying themselves with the silver necklace I wore. “What’s this?”

“Uh, a necklace?” I responded harshly but that didn’t get him to stop fingering the chain and charm. “No I mean what does this mean?” His eyes lifted to me for a brief moment before lowering back down to the charm he was holding.

“It represents loyalty. My best friend got it for me.”

There was that slight touch again as his fingers came in contact with my chest as he wove them around the chain, all the way to the back of my neck where the clasp was. “Interesting.”

I was sure in the dim light I was blushing at this very moment and I just hoped it wasn’t noticeable to him. Cristiano’s eyes fluttered back up to me and a smile graced his chiseled features. “You seem flustered,” he remarked.

“I’m not,” I insisted.

“You sure?” He teased with a raise of his sculpted eyebrow. I could only muster a small nod, my throat practically growing dry as the intensity of his stare picked up. “You’re not…hot under that?”

He didn’t break our stare with his questioning to look at my outfit. I gave a small shake of the head. “Positive?” He probed once more. I was beginning to open my mouth this time to respond but it seemed just as quickly his mouth crashed onto mine aggressively, his hand entangling the hair on the back of my head and the other clasping my waist hungrily.

I fell into the kiss, my slight shock subsiding to the overwhelming feeling of pleasure as I practically melted in his arms. The way his lips moved against mine held a certain passion I couldn’t quite describe but it was surely one I hadn’t experienced many times off of a simple kiss and he didn’t dare to stop any time soon. He continued his rhythm of the kiss, making me want to sink my hips against him and feel the warmth of his body even more.

A small gasp left my throat as soon as he let our lips apart for air and it seemed the universe had a funny way of working because just at that moment, the lights of the elevator flickered on. Was it bad that I wasn’t happy we would be able to return to what we were heading to before the elevator shut down?

I was sure now my cheeks were burning red but I dropped my head, allowing my hair to hide my face behind it.

“Glad that got fixed huh?” Cristiano stated in a satisfied tone as he reached on his arm and began putting on the button-up he had once discarded. I peeked as the shirtless view of him began to disappear, trying to burn the image in my mind to remember forever while I had the chance.

“Yeah,” I muttered. How in the world did I end up in a makeout session with the one guy I hated, now wanting it to continue?! I picked up my heels from the floor and cradled them in my arms along with my purse.

“I have a proposition. I’m sure you still have a little time left of your break. You could either join me or head off to wherever you were going to get food.” His eyes lifted to me and that smile popped up on his face again.

“T-To get food?” Crap, could I please stop stuttering around him?!

An amused chuckle filled the air. “I wasn’t thinking food but I’m sure I could satisfy a few cravings of yours.”

A warmth rose between my legs and on my cheeks as well as I began to picture exactly what he meant. I was definitely falling into Mr. Ronaldo’s trap. “Are you sure we have enough time?”

“My car drives fast,” he assured with a wink.

The elevator pinged loudly to signal we were finally on ground level. Cristiano took no time to begin walking out of the opened doors, turning for a moment to look at me. “So what’s your decision?”

I gulped nervously. I was in no way prepared for this today. Hell, if I had known I may have worn sexier underwear that actually matched my bra but this was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. Not with my body craving him as much as I currently was. “We really shouldn’t be doing this…”

I bit down on my bottom lip, my conscious mind reminding me of my status as an employee of the club and his status as a player. The star player at that.

A knowing smile was all he offered. “That’s what makes it exciting.”

I couldn’t deny that fact and before long, my feet were guiding me out of the elevator and to his side. “Let’s go.”

So much for food.

gif credit to wetalkfootball.

kiwixcalum513-deactivated201605  asked:

Hey lovely, the break up blurbs are just so amazing! Could you do one in which Y/N helps Calum after a tough breakup? thx, love

(thank you so much I’m glad you liked them!x)

The sound of your ringtone causes you to jump from where you’d fallen asleep on your sofa, the television still playing the film you’d put on. Calum’s face flashes up on the screen, your phone buzzing as he calls you. Sighing as you notice that it was nearing midnight, you slide the answer button along, pulling the phone up to your ear.

“Cal if this is your drunk ass calling me to pick you up again we’re not friends any more.” You mutter, only half joking as you already begin to get ready to go collect your best friend. When he doesn’t respond however, your eyebrows furrow together, your movements slowing. “Calum?”

“She left me.” His voice is quiet and you almost miss it, instantly snapping into action when realisation hits. “She’s gone.”

“What do you need? Tequila? Chocolate? A stripper? A combination of the three?” You ask, hurrying around your flat to grab anything he might need.

“My best friend would be nice.” Calum murmurs, and you stop, a sad smile slipping onto your features.

“On my way.” You assure him, pulling on some shoes before grabbing your keys and leaving your flat.

He’s a mess when you get there, hair ruffled and eyes bloodshot. Tears stain his cheeks and you can see his hands shaking before he’s wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“Hey, shh, it’s okay. It’s going to be okay.” You soothe, one hand rubbing his back gently whilst the other laces through his hair. You walk him backwards, kicking his door shut. “Everything’s going to be okay.”

“She said she never loved me.” He mumbles into your skin. You bite your tongue from saying what you wanted to, and let him cry instead. “She said she was only with me for fame. I thought she loved me Y/N.”

“I know.” Your voice is soft and you try and hide your anger at Calum’s now ex girlfriend. “I’ll go slap her if you want. Take a bitch down.”

“Can you just stay with me?” He asks, finally pulling away to look at you. You smile reassuringly, lacing your fingers with his and pulling him towards his room.

“For as long as you need me too.”

finishing up breakup!5sos night with @felicityash

Kiss Under the Star


Situation- 1. Best Friends

6. Perfume

10. Cuddling

Speech-  6 “God! Don’t do that, you scared me!”

9. “Shut up and kiss me”

20. “How can you be so perfect?”

Rating:  ♡♛ 


Lying down on the thin material of the blanket we’d spread out on the slightly titled surface of my roof top, Sehun and I talked for hours on end about anything and everything. It was only since the past ten minutes that silence had taken over and a cool breeze passed through, causing his grip around my waist to tighten as he pulled me closer to the warmth of his body. This had been a thing we’d done since we were in high school and the tradition had lived on even after he became an idol and he visited home. Whenever I had a bad day we’d come up here and I’d just rant about what I think was wrong with the world as he listened and it was the same for him whenever he had something on his mind that he didn’t feel like he could talk to anyone else about. But tonight felt different. Tonight it felt like he wanted to hold me a bit closer whereas I just never wanted to let go in fear of him disappearing again.

My heart gently fluttered when I felt him lowering his body a bit to rest his head on my shoulder, taking me by surprise as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck and breathed against it.

“God! Don’t do that, you scared me!” I lightly scolded him as he pouted whilst pulling me closer.

“You smell nice…” He simply sighed, trailing his nose up and down the side of my neck. A few minutes had passed as we stayed in that position, our heartbeats slowly becoming the only thing we could hear over the bustling noises of the city in the distance. I slowly turned around in his arms to face his closed eyes and placed my small hand against the side of his face; trailing my fingers over every sharp feature and every one of his perfect imperfections. I slowly kissed each of his closed eyelids as he lay still with my chest against his, and I proceeded to kiss each of his cheeks.

“How can you be so perfect?” I sighed and his eyes snapped open in awe. I lightly giggled at his reaction as my hands continued their journey, trailing past his jawline to the back of his neck.

“I learn from the best” He chuckled, holding my hand and circling his thumb around my wrist “And by best I mean this guy I met in the mirror a few years ago and…” He couldn’t finish his sentence before his eyes shaped into the adorable crescents as he broke into fits of laughter

“Shut your narcissistic ass up and kiss me will you?” I suddenly asked, making him stop in and take in a huge breath. Even I was shocked at my own request, but I couldn’t seem to process my apology as he leaned in and slowly captured my lips into a breath taking kiss without a second thought. Our lips moved against each other as his hands began to smoothly caress my waist and I played with the small hairs at the back of his neck. The kiss began to grow more heated as he pulled my body on top of his, with my legs resting on either side of his hips and his fingers running through my hair. I reluctantly pulled away from his lips and hovered above him as we both let out heavy breaths at the lack of oxygen.  But he didn’t seem to care as he let out a little whine and tugged at my bottom lip with his.  I shook my head at him and lightly pecked his puckered lips but pulled away quickly  before he could take the kiss further, giggling at the second frustrated whine he let out this night.

“You’re such a tease…” He grumbled, tightening his grip on my waist and pulling me to lay down on his chest. The rest of the night was filled with giggles and random kisses, momentarily making us forget the priorities we had to attend to once we were apart.

Hope you liked it Lovey! xx

Drabble Game

Reality or Dreams

Type: One-Shot (possibly more parts if requested)

Genre: Vampire AU

Pairing: Wen Junhui x Reader

Request: Nope

Word Count: 1,673

Summary: Y/N wakes up at the exact same time every night ever since she was young with the strange feeling of being watched and isn’t sure why, until one night.

A/N:  This is based on like 4 things haha its kind of based on Dracula, and Twilight in the vampire spots and also a little by The Intouchables because Jun literally plays a vampire or vampire like person on that show haha and its also got some things inspired by Alyson Noel’s book series, The Immortals, which is my favorite book series haha Hope you like this :) Warning, it’s pretty long lol.

Y/N P.O.V.

It was 2:29 AM. That meant I was jolting awake and gasping for breath, feeling terrified. This happened every night for as long as I can remember. My parents even informed me of the fact I’ve done it as a baby as well.

               Why did this happen? I don’t know. I’ve seen doctors, sleep specialists, hell even a few priests, and none of them gave me an answer, although I was informed by one priest that I was not possessed, so that’s good I suppose.

               I flicked the light on and looked around the room and as usual, saw nothing. As I was reaching for the light, I felt a breeze on my exposed arm. I always shut my window before bed, so why was there a breeze? I crept out of bed and tip toed towards my window to see that it is, in fact, open. Did I forget to close it? It appeared to be opened… from the outside? My mind started to race. Who was in my room? Was he… she… it… the reason I always wake up? I decided it was in my best interest to back away from the window and crawl under my covers.

               That day was miserable, considering I had much less sleep than I was used to. It was coming down to the night once again and I had said goodnight to my family and retired to my bedroom for the night.

               I heard a thud and sprung awake to see a boy around my age dressed in all black standing at the foot of my bed. I was about to scream but he somehow ran to me at the speed of light and covered my mouth with his gloved hand, catching the sound in my throat. “Don’t scream.” He stated looking me in the eyes. His eyes were a terrifying deep red; they contrasted very nicely over his pale skin. His mouth was slightly hanging open to reveal two sharpened canine teeth. He had long-ish hair that hung slightly in his face. I kind of wanted to move the hair so I could clearly see his breathtaking features. “I’m sorry.” He said while leaning towards me. I started to writhe and move away from him, but his other hand came up and kept me in place while he placed his cold lips on my neck and sunk his sharpened teeth into my flesh, sucking out just enough blood to knock me out.

               “What’s on your neck?” My best friend asked me as she sat down next to me. I woke up with a bruised and bleeding neck, and only a very faint memory of how it got that way.

               “I was making food and I fell over while holding a fork and accidently stabbed my neck with it when I fell. Luckily, I missed any important veins and stuff, so I’m ok.” I faked a smile at the end to make my lie seem more believable.

               “Accidently stabbed yourself with a fork? Sounds like you.” She giggled before awkwardly wrapping her arms around me from the side and talking about how she worries about me and wishes I would be more careful. I nodded along with what she was saying and agreed to try to be more careful.

               I looked towards the window of the classroom and saw a man dressed in all black with an umbrella covering his head and a facemask covering his mouth.  My eyes widened and I stood abruptly, startling my friends, and myself. I quickly apologized for being so sudden and then sat back down slowly. I looked at the window again and there was no one there.

               That was the last time I saw him for nearly a month. Every night I had plans of staying up and waiting for the boy but they were always foiled by drowsiness grabbing me and inducing me into a deep, motionless sleep.

               On one random night, I jolted awake at my usual wake up time, 2:29. I immediately flicked the lights on and looked around the room. I held my breath as I turned my head and looked around the room.  My head turned a full half circle before I saw him. He was standing by my bed leaning down so we were eye to eye when I finally saw him. I jumped, but just like his last night visit over a month ago, he covered my mouth before I screamed. I ripped his arm away and whisper-yelled, “Who are you?”

               He shushed me before sighing. “You shouldn’t know who I am.” He stated and I shook my head.

               “I need to.” He was quick to shake his head, but I continued before he was able to stop me. “You need to tell me who you are. I’ve known you all my life, haven’t I?” I asked with an incredulous stare. He looked away sadly before turning back to me and looking me in the eyes.

               “You don’t remember?” He seemed almost amused, but I could sense sadness. I shook my head. “I’ve know you for more years than this body has been alive.” He scoffed and I wondered if I was supposed to find this funny.  

               “How? We’re the same age.” I said and he chuckled.

               “We look the same age.” I gawked at him and that must’ve been a demand for more information since he continued, “I’m sure you’ve figured out what I am now, by my last visit. Or did you forget that too?” He hummed lowly while still looking deep into my eyes, almost as if he was looking for something.

               “I thought that part was a dream. You don’t have fangs anymore.” I stated pointing towards his mouth.

               “They come and the go, and none of my visits are dreams, Forever Princess.” He grabbed my hand and lifted it up to his lips in a soft kiss. I was surprised how happy I felt when he called me that. “On second thought, maybe they are. Maybe all of my visits are simply bad dreams. To be honest, even I can’t tell whether they’re reality or dreams.” I saw him lean in and I soon found his lips at my ear whispering a low, seductive voice, “You like it when I call you that, don’t you? It reminds you of our life together, doesn’t it?” It almost felt like he wasn’t talking to my directly, but a little part of my soul.

               “What life?” I asked in a low voice, bringing about another chuckle from him.

               “I’ve lived a very long time, and you, my beautiful Forever Princess, was supposed to be by my side during that time.” He looked sad towards the end of his statement, and the little part of my soul he was talking to, stabbed emotion into my gut and willed me to comfort him, but I didn’t know him, I didn’t know how to do that.

               “What happened to me?” I asked and sighed heavily. I must’ve hit a sensitive topic.

               “You died. I wasn’t able to protect you, so you died. I looked all over for you, and I finally found you, here, in this form.” His words made me fill with sadness, probably coming from that part of my soul that remembered him.

               “How did you suppose I would be able to remember you? Am I able to tap into thoughts from my soul’s past lives?” He shrugged and I gave him a confused look.

               “I was being greedy and hoping that you would remember me.” I nodded along with words and we fell into a deep silence. We just stared in each other’s eyes, the little part of my soul now growing bigger and bigger until it took over the entirety of my soul and pushed my heartbeat to quicken until it was all I could it hear. It was pushing a word into a vocabulary, a word it felt right to know. It fell graciously over my tongue and spilled effortlessly out of my mouth without any need to be filtered, it just felt right.

               “Jun.” It filled the room and surrounded us and I could almost see them entering his ears and wrapping around his heart and bringing meaning back to his life.

               “Say the again.” I hesitated and he grabbed my shoulders and shook me lightly, “Say. That. Again.” He said sternly and I did as he said.

               “Jun.” He grabbed my face in his hands and smiled happily as he rested his forehead on mine. “That’s you. Isn’t it?” He nodded happily, tears peeking out of the corners of his bright red eyes.

               “How? How do you know my name? Please don’t say you just guessed.” He chuckled lightly at his own statement, but I could tell he was being completely serious.

               “I… felt it. It just came to me, like my soul was urging me to say it.” He must’ve liked my answer because he swiftly pressed his lips onto mine.

               You know in fairytales where they say you feel fireworks when you kiss the person you’re meant to be with? The people who said that, didn’t know this kind of kiss. It wasn’t fireworks, it was bullets. A war of undying love being fought by two dedicated soldiers, unwilling to lose. A series of bombs filled with affection.

               He pulled away from my lips slowly and then returned to previous spot of resting his forehead on mine. “You felt that? You felt how much I loved and missed you? I swear I will spend your lifetime, and longer if you allow me, making up for loosing you all those years ago.” He pecked my lips again before running towards the window and exiting through it.

               I felt his love in my entire existence. With every breathe, heartbeat, blink of the eye, everything, I could feel him. I urged my soul to give me information on our love, if it was possible, and even though I was certain it probably wasn’t by my lack of facts, I didn’t care. I will write new facts into my soul.

-Admin Coconut

Ending Note: So that ending is horribly cringey and I’m sorry haha I tried to make it as un-cheesy as possible but idk haha Please let me know what you think of this :)

-iloy-  asked:

((Let's see if asks work for me now!)) *they hug him to their chest, stroking his spine. They kiss his temple* I love you, so much. I...have to admit, it's kind of unnerving, being this vulnerable with someone. I hadn't had the best experiences with others...but, I trust you. I guess that's what's important in relationships like these, right?

*he relaxes under your touch and you see a very genuine smile cross his features* I LOVE YOU TOO… IT IS GOOD TO KNOW THAT WE ARE IN THE SAME MIND SET OF CAUTIOUS BUT TRUSTING. *he wraps his arms around you and nuzzles into your neck* I TRUST YOU WITH MY HEART, AND MY SOUL. I KNOW THAT I CAN TRUST YOU, I JUST HOPE THAT I CAN KEEP YOU SAFE. *he pauses you can just feel him breath, he seems to be thinking* I WOULD DESTROY THE WORLD IF IT MEANT KEEPING YOU SAFE OR MAKING YOU HAPPY.

((That feel when Sir Edge-A-Lot gets sappy, he’s secretly a scared bean. I have officially received an ask from you! YAAAAAAAAAAAY -Mod K))

anonymous asked:

4/4 where he has a really bad nightmare and you're there to help him calm down and feel better? ^.^

Sorry it took so long x


“No….no….please….NO” I woke to the sound of Luke cries, he was covered in a thin sheet of sweat and he was twisted in the bed sheets. He had tears running down his pale face as he carried on twisting and turning kicking in a struggle as if some invisible force was hiding him down and not letting him wake up from this nightmare he was having.

“Luke” I whispered worriedly taking hold of both of his broad shoulders and shaking lightly. He didn’t wake from his deep slumber and I was scared for him. What ever he was dreaming seemed to be horrible. I curled up on his chest holding him round the waist trying to comfort him in his sleep as nothing I could do would wake him up without shocking him into oblivion.

I ran my hands gently down his back in hope of bringing him slowly out of his sleep. It worked as a few minute later I felt I’m return my hug tightly. I could hear him sniff but it turned into a broken sob making me look up at him to see him crying.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked quietly crawling up so my forehead was resting on his as I wiped his tears away from under his eyes.

He shook his head and held me tighter.

“Just stay close to me… Please” he croaked

“I will, I’m not leaving your sight” I reassured wrapping the duvet around us both.

I could feel myself drifting off to sleep. “I’ll never let anybody take you away from me and hurt you, I promise I will protect you forever and never let you down” he whispered stroking my hair.

I was confused at his words but realised it must of had something to do with his nightmare.

“I love you Luke” I said kissing him deeply and curling closer to him so there was no space in between us.


I was woken by a loud piercing ring from my phone as I realised I stupidly forgot to turn it in silent before I went to bed.

Who the hell was phoning me this early?

I looked at the caller ID to see whether it was worth answering or not. Seeing it was Calum I quickly jumped out of bed and answered knowing something must be wrong.

“Calum? Are you okay?” I asked rushed

It was silent on the other end as I heard him sniff.

“Are you crying?” I asked again no reply.

“I’m coming over” I said hanging up and pulling my shoes and coat on hurriedly before I gabbed the spare key to my best friends flat and ran all the way to him. Out of breath I opened the door walking quietly to his room.

Once inside his room I saw him sitting up in bed his head burrows in his knees and his arms wrapped around his head. He was shaking and I ran a straight to him throwing myself at him and hugging him tightly.

“Calum baby? Are you okay?” I asked

“No” he brokenly whispered “help me please” he said

“Help you what?” I asked softly

“Help me forget” he sighed “help me forget this horrible nightmare, I need to know you’re still here and you’re not going to leave me”

“Oh Cal” I sighed “you scared me so much, I’m not going. Anywhere and you know I’ll never leave you, you’re my best friend.” I said kissing his cheek and climbing into his bed pulling him with me as I cuddled into him and he protectively wrapped his arms round me.

“Thank you” he whispered into my neck before placing a small little kiss in my collar bone.


I was kicked by something hot that left my skin burning and brought me out of my light sleep. I looked to aw if Michael was okay only to see him writhing and shaking next to me. His hair was stuck to his horror filled face with sweat and his features were twisted with pain and confusion.

“S-stop it- …… Not right… Leave me……a-alone” he mumbled under his breath it was almost so quiet I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

“Mike” I whispered to try and wake him up. “Mikey” I said louder this time. “Wake up” I said but it didn’t work.

I started kissing up his neck until I reached his face. Pushing back his sweaty hair from his forehead I kissed all around his face hoping. The contact would wake him. I bent Down to reach his lips before kissing him deeply I ran my tongue over his lips biting his top lip as I felt him moan. A few seconds later his eyes flew open meeting mine.

He brought his big hands up to rest splayed over my small waist and lower back pulling me close to him in comfort. No words needed to be spoken as I knew he wouldn’t want to talk about it.

“You’re safe now Mikey, I’m here” I comforted kissing his nose and snuggling my head into the crook of his neck. I waited until he fell asleep our limbs tangled together as I knew it would stop any new nightmares as Michael was always one for human contact to comfort him. I looked to see him sleeping peacefully in contrast of a few minutes ago, I decided it was safe for me to fall asleep and not worry about him.


I didn’t know what to do. One minute he was shaking screaming out in pain and the next minute he was still, almost as if he was frozen in fear being held back and unable to scream or make a sound. I had tried everything to try and wake him up gently as it was bad to wake someone up incase they physically lashed out and hit you in defence. He had pulled the cover up and gripped them tightly as if holding them for protection.

“Please ashton” I whispered to myself. “Wake up” I said scared. It was stupid but I felt my eyes sting with tears as I watched him scared that he was in pain and there was nothing I could do to help.

It was about 10 minutes later when he woke shooting straight up and bringing his hand to brush through his messed up hair. He looked beside him only to realise I wasn’t there. I could see the panic arise within him as he searched the room for me. I was sitting on the window sill watching him. When his eyes landed on me he sighed in relief.

“What are you doing over there?” His gruff morning voice filled the quiet room.

“You were having a nightmare” I whispered “it was scaring me you wouldn’t wake up”

“Come here baby” he said patting the space next to him. “Let’s go back to bed hey?”

I nodded silently. “Do you want to talk about your nightmare?” I whispered.

I could feel him nod from our position, I was lying half on top of him and half on the bed.

“What happened?” I asked

“Um well… Y-you were taken from me… And I-I couldn’t do anything about it… They had me tied up in some torture chamber” he stuttered as if remembering and reliving his dream all over again. My grip on him tightened as if bringing him out of his trance. “ I’ve never felt so useless in 
My life … I couldn’t get you back and I was - I was so scared because -I - I love you so much and I can’t bare the thought of losing you.” He cried

"It’s alright Ash, I love you too and nobody’s ever going to take me away from you I’d like to see them try” I said kissing his lips lovingly.

Years in the Making (Kyungsoo)

Summary: It’s taken quite some time to get to this point, you could even say years.

Type: Fluff/Smut

Member: Kyungsoo x Reader

Length: 4,000 words

Warnings: NSFW near the end. Smut.

Requested by: Anon! :)

Author’s note: Thank you so much to the awesome Anon that requested this story! It was a lot of fun to write. Sorry it took a little bit longer than anticipated! I was getting back into the swing of things at University. I hope you enjoy! I’d love any feedback, and as always, requests are open unless noted! -Admin A :)

I sighed happily as I fished the keys out of my purse to unlock the door to the apartment I shared with my boyfriend, Kyungsoo. Today had been a really good day. The weather was nice, everyone I talked to had been in a good mood, and best of all, it was mine and Kyungsoo’s 2-year anniversary. It was hard to believe that we had been dating for two years! It felt like every day was the first time we met, and I still fell in love with him more and more. He was so passionate, caring, mature, smart, and not to mention handsome. He was everything I wanted and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be by his side.

Keep reading

Blurryface Tracks


Alright, so i had pondered this for a while but brushed it off as something quite insignificant but when Lane Boy came out i started to question this a bit more. 

Basically people have been asking if there was any “Blurryface” (the character/concept) in Tear In My Heart or Lane Boy.

From what i can hear, Blurryface doesn’t feature as significantly in Tear In My Heart or Lane Boy as it does in Fairly Local and Stressed Out. Infact Blurryface is hardly there at all, the only time i noticed anything “Blurryface” in Tear In My Heart was in the video (Tyler’s Hands and Neck were painted black as they were in Stressed Out, maybe to signify that Blurryface is suffocating him.) Also Laneboy only features slightly deeper tones and a deeper voice for a short period in the song and in the background of Tyler’s voice.

I was thinking that maybe they had released the songs in this particular order for a reason, maybe Lane Boy and Tear In My Heart are songs that Tyler is singing But Fairly Local and Stressed Out are songs that Blurryface is singing (metaphorically.)

Because Tear In My Heart and Lane Boy seem to be a bit more empowering than Fairly Local and Stressed out are, in Lane Boy Tyler talks about music getting him through dark times (insecurity/Blurryface?) and Tear In My Heart is a song about Love.

It could also be representing Two Sides to Tyler’s life, the good parts and the not so good parts, and to show that whilst things seem good this character (Blurryface) is still pulling him under (The Painted Hands and Neck i Tear In My Heart, which otherwise is a very upbeat song.) So it makes me think maybe they’ve released them in that order for a bigger reason.

Because the songs were released in what seems to be a pattern, first a song that features Blurryface and focuses on the bad things and then a song that isnt as focused on the bad things, but still sort of signifies that the bad things still pull him down in life.

(This probably made no sense but i tried to get my feelings out the best i could.) Please let me know your thoughts!!


“Something more” Luke hemmings smut

Part 2

Part 3

Okay so I was actually planning on writing fluff, but it somehow turned kind of smutty…lol oops.
it’s the first time I’ve ever written smut, so I’m sorry if it sucks.(Also, english is not my first language (i’m from Denmark), so I’m sorry in advance if something sounds weird or is grammatically incorrect)
I just wanted to write something different, bc all smut is just the same, so this is something a little different, I hope you guys like it. Anyway it’s 4 am and I’m so tired, I haven’t edited it so I’m sorry for any mistakes. Also some feedback would be AWESOME. Kisses

Word count: 4443



 The vibration coming from my phone caught my attention as I reached over and looked at the illuminated screen.

“Everyone is out. Come over?”


The short message was displayed with a familiar name above it. Lucas.

“Finals are coming up.” I simply replied and threw my phone back on the bed.

Not even thirty seconds later my phone buzzed again.

Come over, it’s Friday night.”

Another message followed before I even got the chance to reply to the first one.

I’ll help you study”


Shifting my eyes to check the time, I tried to decide wether I should stay and finish studying for the finals that were coming up or join Luke in his flat. We both knew we wouldn’t get any studying done, if I went to his place. But like most young people, rational decisions were not really my thing.
It didn’t take long before all books and papers were pushed aside and I had jumped out of bed to pull on a pair of black skinny jeans. Not bothering to change the shirt I was planning to sleep in or even put on a bra, I grabbed my wallet, car keys, stuck my phone in the back pocket of my pants and threw on a thin jacket.  

“I’m going out,” I yelled to Lilly, my roommate who had her head buried in a bowl of ice cream sitting on the couch in our shared flat.

She stuck her head up from the blanket wrapped around her.
“Tell Luke I said hi,” She said before looking back at the TV.

I was just about to walk out of the opened door, when I stopped and gave her a look.

“How did you know I was goin-“ I didn’t get to finish my question before she replied without looking at me.

“Because he’s the only one who can get you out of bed at this hour.”

I just gave her a small chuckle. She was right.

“Don’t wait up,” I told her as I stepped out.

“I won’t,” I heard her say right before I closed the door behind me.

I ran down the stairs and jumped into my car. Instead of heading straight over to Luke’s, I stopped by the local liquor store, scanning the aisles to find the wine.

Red or white?” I texted Luke. I didn’t have to say anything else. We had done this so many times before; he knew exactly what I was talking about.

Both” his message made me chuckle, but I quickly found the two cheapest kinds of wine and bought a bottle of each, one red and one white.

When I finally parked my car in front of Luke’s apartment building, I grabbed the two bottles and hurried up the stairs and knocked on his door before opening it myself.

“Hey babe,” I heard him say as he approached me.

He gave my cheek a quick kiss before taking the bottles from my hands, letting me untie my shoes.

I threw off my jacket before following him into the living room here he’d already fetched two wine glasses and opened both bottles. I stood there admiring him for a second as he poured us both some of the red liquid.

His signature black jeans were replaced with baggy sweatpants and his hair was lying flat on top of his head, just how I liked it the most and his chest covered in an old flannel that was a little too tight on his shoulders. I smiled a little. He always had trouble finding the right size because of how broad his shoulders were. He always ended buying a size or to too big, just so that his shoulders would fit.  

The only light source in the room was a small lamp in the corner of the room. He had pulled out his vinyl player, which was surrounded by old records covering the floor.

I smiled as I sat down beside him on the floor leaning my back against the couch.

“Cheers,” he clicked his glass against mine before we both took a sip. I actually didn’t like wine at all. Just the smell of it disgusted me. But it got me drunk fast, and getting drunk with Luke on Friday nights while everyone else were out clubbing had become somewhat a tradition after we started college and both got our own places.

“What are you listening to?” I asked after taking a sip of my wine.

“Zeppelin,” he replied reaching over to find the cover of the record, showing it to me. I leaned forward on my hands and knees and browsed all the records scattered across the floor. He had so many, some of them old and some of them new.
I took a large sip of my wine and kept searching for the record I wanted to hear.

Hanging out with Luke, listening to old music and drinking cheap wine were one of my favourite ways to spend my Friday nights. There was something so forbidden about him. He was my best friend, and knowing I couldn’t have him the way I wanted, made me hunger for him even more. I loved the little games we played. The flirting. The way we would lean so close to each other like we were about to kiss, but then one of us would pull away before our lips touched. The way he would run his hands over my skin, looking at me with lust lingering on his facial features. The way he would hold me close, breathing into my neck. I loved every minute of it. Everything was so relaxed. No complications. “It is what is it”, he always told me. “Don’t define our relationship.” And we never did.


Suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my calf. I looked back at him.

“Come here,” he whispered.

“Wait, I’m looking for-“ he cut me off.

“The 1975 record is in my room,” he said leaning his head back against the couch, giving me a smirk.
I stood up and started walking towards his room. I knew he would follow me. He left the record in his room on purpose; he knew I would want to listen to it.
I opened the door to reveal his messy room. His clothes scattered across the floor. His guitar laying on his unmade bed, empty cans of beer laying random places.

I could hear his footsteps approaching as I started looking for the record.

“How am I supposed to find anything in this mess, Luke?” I chuckled as I threw his stuff around, trying to find it.

He came up behind me, placing his big hands on my waist, letting them slide across my stomach.

“It’s under my pillow,” he whispered against my neck sending chills down my spine.  

I chuckled and turned around to face him.

“If we ever end up having sex, Luke, it’s not going to be in your bed,” I removed his hands that had snuck to rest on my lower back.

“What? Why not?” he asked sounding confused as I went over to search his bed.

“I don’t know. It’s too… I don’t know, it just wouldn’t be our thing,” I said and finally found what I was looking for.

Just as I turned around, I was pushed back onto his mattress.
“Luke!” I laughed as he crawled up to hover over my body. “We’re not having sex in your bed!” I exclaimed as he looked down at me.

“Why noooot?”He whined burying his face in my neck.

“Because you fuck every other girl in your bed! If we have sex, it’s going to be somewhere you haven’t fucked anyone else.”

He sat back on my thighs so that he was straddling me.

“You’re right. You’re not like the other girls,” he whispered, sounding out of breath. We sat in silence staring at each other for a moment.
He brushed his hands over the fabric of my shirt lifting it up a little.

“Aren’t these irritating you darling?” he asked tugging at my tight jeans. “You should let me take them off,” he whispered.

I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I loved his hands on me and he knew it.

I felt him unbutton my jeans, and pull down the zipper. He crawled off of me and tugged at the fabric until it no longer covered my legs and my white lace panties were on display for him.

“fuck,” I could hear him mutter. Seconds later I felt his breath on the inside of my thigh making my let out a shaky sigh. I opened my eyes and watched him as he moved his lips across my exposed skin, making goose bumps form everywhere.
I let my hand tangle in his blond hair, pulling at it as he worked his way up my body, his rough hands gripping at my sides. His soft lips and cold lip ring getting closer to my aching core made me softly whimper out his name.

His teeth gaze across the fabric of my panties as he worked his way up. His hands slid up my sides, bringing my shirt with them as his lips nibbled on the exposed skin.

I kept tugging at his hair and letting him know I was enjoying his sweet torture by letting small moans escape my lips.

“Fuck baby,” he cursed as he lifted my shirt to expose my breasts. I hadn’t bothered to put on a bra.

Just as he leaned down and his lip touched my nipple, I realized what he was doing.
“Stop,” I demanded as I pushed him off of me and sat up, sliding my shirt down to cover me. “No sex in your bed.” I stood up and looked at him. His confused expression faded into an annoyed one as he let his head fall back on the mattress and let out an annoyed groan.

“Fucking…” he whispered under his breath, his hands tangling in his bed hair.

I grabbed the record I had been looking for and headed out of his room.

As I reached the living room, I found my glass of wine and drank what was left in it before pouring some more.

“Woah, slow down there,” I heard Luke chuckle behind me. I loved this about our relationship. Even though we had just had a very heated moment, we could just act like nothing happened. No complications. We were just having fun.

I took another sip of my wine as I put on The 1975 record.

“Fuck, I love this song so much,” I whispered to myself as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back listening to “Robbers.”

“I know.” I heard Luke whisper in my ear. He was standing behind me without touching me.

I opened my eyes and found his half empty glass of wine somewhere on the floor. I poured some more in and handed it to him.

“Let’s play a drinking game,” I handed him his glass and we sat down on the floor against the couch again.

“Come here,” he said as he pulled me onto his lap, letting me feel how excited he was. I let him spread my legs on either side of him so that I was straddling him.

“What do you wanna play?” he asked looking up at me as he took a sip.

“Truth or dare. Or never have I ever,” I suggested.

He chuckled at my childish suggestions but agreed anyway.

“What are the rules?” he asked.

“If you can’t do the dare or answer the question you drink. If I say something like ‘never have I ever kissed someone,’ and you have done the thing, you drink.”

“Okay, you start,” he said as he leaned back against the couch, his free hand resting on my thigh.

“Okay. Truth or dare, Luke?” I asked him.

“Dare,” he said with a confident smirk.

“Hmm…” I thought for a second. “I dare you toooo…keep your hands off of me for the rest of the game.”

He raised the glass to his lips as he squeezed my thigh. “You know I can’t keep my hands off of you babe,” he said before drinking.

“Okay my turn,” he sent me a cocky smirk. “Never have I ever fantasized about having sex with Luke Hemmings.”

I took a large sip. “All the fucking time, Luke.” I confessed which clearly gave his confidence a boost.  

I looked down at him. He was so god damn beautiful. His scent was everywhere. All I wanted was for him to take me right then and there. But I contained myself, nothing like building up the anticipation. Luke and I had never even kissed. We had both agreed that kissing was too personal. He had told me he would only kiss me, if we agreed on becoming more than…whatever our relationship at the moment was. That didn’t mean we hadn’t engaged in other sexual activates though… I knew for a fact that his fingers could work wonders, just as well as those soft lips of his. But that had only happened once and we were both very drunk.

I snapped myself out of the daydreaming and drank some more.

“What are you thinking about baby?” he whispered, as he looked up at me form beneath his lashes.

“You,” I replied and put my arm around his neck. “I’m thinking about that night at Ashton’s party.” I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. “Fuck.”

“You tasted so fucking good, baby,” he whispered, making me whimper.
“I could do that again, you know,” he said and placed his lips against the sensitive skin on my neck. “I could make you feel so good.”

I swallowed hard when I felt his tongue against me.

“How bad do you want it, darling?” He kept going. “How bad do you want me to make you feel good? To make you tremble under my touch. To scream out my name.” He chuckled out the last part. He was too damn cocky, but it was such a turn on.

“Luke…” I whimpered as I pressed his head closer to my neck.

“Yeah baby. Tell me what you want,” he whispered as his hands found my hips making me move on top of him.

I kept my eyes closed and focused on the feeling of him beneath me while he kept kissing and biting my neck.

“Baby…let me make you feel good,” he whispered. I looked down at him and swallowed hard. I felt my heart rate quicken. I wanted him so bad.

“Fuck” I whispered and looked away from him for moment to take another large sip of wine. I could feel myself getting lightheaded.

I put down my glass and let my hands rest on his chest while he kept rocking my hips back and forth.

The three top buttons of his flannel were undone, but I wanted to see more so I let my fingers work the rest of the buttons exposing more of his chest as I went.

He was all I could feel. His scent was everywhere. I couldn’t think of anything else than feeling him against me.

I pushed him back against the couch and attached my lips to his neck starting to kiss it up and down.

He moaned out in pleasure as he let one of his hands press the back of my head against him.

Suddenly I felt a buzzing coming from underneath me and pulled away from him to look down.

“Shit” he said and reached into his pocket and took out his phone.

“Ugh,” he groaned and threw his head back in annoyance.

“What…what is it?” I asked him as I tried to catch my breath.

“It’s Brianna. She keeps calling me.”

I chuckled at him. “Why are you ignoring her?”

“She broke up with me!” He exclaimed.

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

“I had no idea we were dating!” He said making me laugh.

“Well…” I laughed. “In her defense, you had been fucking at least twice a week for the past three months.”  

He looked at me with a confused look making me laugh harder. “So…?”

“Oh my god, Luke, you’re clueless” I giggled and tangled my hand in his hair again. “Don’t ignore her!”

“But I don’t want to talk to her!” He whimpered.

“Don’t be an asshole, Luke! Just answer the god damn phone”

He sighed and then picked up.

“What’s up?” He spoke into the phone giving me a confused look.

“I’m just hanging out with-” I could hear the girls voice interrupt him, making him hold his phone away from his ear.

“Bri-” he tried. “Brian-” he sighed and threw his head back.

“Brianna!” He finally barked into the phone making the girl shut up. I couldn’t help but giggle as I finished my glass of wine. A disappointed look crossed his face as I got up from his lap to fetch the other bottle.

I could definitely feel the alcohol hit me, which made me giggle at myself as I stumbled back to sit on his lap.

“Yeah, my phone hasn’t been working,” he told her. What a liar. I took at sip from the bottle making him widen his eyes at me before chuckling as some of it spilled on my shirt.

“Damn it,” I slurred and looked down at my shirt.

“Yes, Brianna, I just…” He seemed to have been interrupted again. I knew how much it irritated him when people did that.
“Ugh,” he removed the phone form his ear throwing his head back.

I giggled a little and grabbed the phone from his hand putting it up to my ear.

“Hello,” I said and she immediately shut up.

“Who is this?” she asked but I ignored her question.

“Listen, Luke and I are in the middle of something very important. You might have to call back later. Byyyyyyye.”

“But-“ she said right before I hung up and put his phone on silent, handing it to him.  

He smiled at me before taking it from my hand and throwing it on the couch.

“I think she wants you,” I giggled.

“Oh really? Who doesn’t?”

“God, you’re so cocky!” I said slapping him across the chest.

“But you love it,” he winked at me making me throw my head back and laugh.

“Now, where were we?” he asked and leaned in against my neck, but I put my hands on his chest pushing him back against the couch again.

“I think we were playing a drinking game,” I said and took a sip from the bottle.

“But you’re already drunk,” he said and slid his hands up my thighs.

“I’m not that drunk. Just a little tipsy,” I said winking at him.

“Fine. Truth or dare?” he asked me taking the bottle form my hand, taking a sip.


“Okay. If we can’t have sex in my bed, where is it going to be?”

“Luke! Is that the only thing you can think about?!”

“Yes and it’s driving me fucking insane,” he snarled gripping my hips. “You’re driving me fucking crazy.”

“Okay. You can have me on the couch. Or in the kitchen. Or in the backseat of your car,” I leaned in and breathed into his ear. “Or right here on the floor.”

I was suddenly pushed back onto the floor, him following on top of me, resting himself in between my legs.

“Don’t fucking tempt me, baby. You know I’d do it. Right here, right now,” he growled and grinded into me making a moan escape my lips.

“I know, Luke,” I whispered tracing my fingers over his lips. “But you will have to kiss me first. I dare you to kiss me.”

He looked at me; his eyes shifting form mine down to my lips and back as he sucked on that fucking lip ring. His breath fanned over my parted lips making me dizzy. I wanted to taste his lips so bad. I wanted to feel that damn ring.

I slid my hand up to the back of his neck and tugged at his hair, pulling him closer to me. I felt my heart rate quicken.

“Kiss me, Luke…” I whispered sounding so desperate. He wanted the sex but I wanted more. It was so forbidden, and I knew I couldn’t have it. But I didn’t care.

He leaned closer, making me hold my breath. He was so close to me. I could feel his shaky breath on my lips. I swallowed hard as the anticipation grew and I tighten my grip on his hair.

If one of us said a word, our lips would touch.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered, bringing his soft lips in contact with mine. A shiver ran down my spine and I did as he told me.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I lifted my head a tiny bit to bring my lips to his but he flinched and pulled away. I opened my eyes to see him hand his head low.

“Fuck, I can’t,” he whispered and sat back against the couch, leaving me all breathless.

I sat up and removed my legs from around him.
“Why won’t you kiss me?!” I whimpered angrily.
“Fuck, (Y/N), I want to! I fucking hunger to taste you, but I can’t! Not when you’re drunk and not yourself!” He gripped my ankles pulling me close to him. “I want you to remember every little detail of how fucking good it will feel when I kiss you. You drive me so fucking crazy!”

I sat there staring at him.

“You won’t kiss me because I’m drunk, but you have no problem fucking me?” I questioned him.

He just started at me for a moment before letting a smile spread across his lips as he hung his head.

“Uuuugh,” he rubbed his hands over his face and threw his head back in frustration.

“Come here,” he said grabbing my wrist. “I like it when you sit on me.”

I couldn’t help but smile at him. He was so damn stupid and I wanted to slap him across his face, but I also really wanted him to kiss me with all he had.

I got back on his lap and he handed me the bottle of wine. I took a large sip as he spoke.

“There will be no kissing or fucking tonight,” he smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

I put down the bottle and moved my hips a little.

“But, Luke…” I breathed into his ear. “You’re so hard…” I let my hand slide down his chest and placed it right on his crotch, adding some pressure.

“Fuck,” he growled, grabbing my wrist.  “It’s actually getting quite painful,” he admitted looking up at me from beneath his lashes. “Ugh, I need some release.”

“No ones holding you back,” I simply told him, shrugging my shoulders.

“(Y/N), we’re not having sex while you’re drunk,” he stated.

“Who said anything about having sex? You have both hands free.”

His eyes widened as he looked at me. “Do you mean…?”

“It can’t be the first time you’ve jerked off. Don’t act like you don’t do it on a regular basis,” I giggled and took another sip of wine.  

“And it wouldn’t bother you?” he asked me.

I just shrugged. “Not really. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. How many times have I not walked in on you?”

He just looked at me in disbelief.

“Your choice,” I shrugged and got up from his lap. I went over to the record player and stopped the record. A deep silence filled the room. I took another sip from the bottle in my hand as I slumped down on the couch opposite the one he was leaning on.

“Can…” he began. “Cam you turn off the light?” he asked.

I got up, went over to the lamp and looked at him before turning off the only light source in the room. Complete darkness surrounded us. As I found my way back to my spot on the couch, I felt like the distance between us had doubled.

“Shit, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he whispered before I heard him shift around on the floor.

I just sat in silence, occasionally taking a sip or two of the bottle, which was almost empty by now.  


(((listen to those moaning audios, there are two different ones, both are linked))))


“Fuck,” I heard him breathe out and I assumed he was stroking himself. I couldn’t see much, but knowing he was sitting right there getting himself off at the thought of me, made me incredibly aroused.

“Fuck, baby…” he whispered again. He sounded so vulnerable.

I sat there listening to his moans and whimpers as he got himself off.

“hmm,” he moaned as his breathing got heavier. “…feels so good,” he breathed.

“Oh god…oh god…” he groaned before holding his breath making it able for me to hear his hand against his skin, pumping his hard length. 

My eyes slowly started to adjust to the darkness and I could see him sitting there in front of me. 

His head was thrown back, his eyes closed as he pumped himself. I took another sip of the bottle and couldn’t help but let out a a small whimper when i felt drops of the cold liquid spill down my neck. 

“I want to cum so bad…” he whimpered.

“What are you thinking about, Luke?” I whispered after a while making him groan.

“I’m thinking about you, baby…” he moaned. “About how good you’ll feel wrapped around me.”  

I didn’t say anymore. I just waited for him to finish off. It didn’t take long.

“Ugh fuck, fu-fuck, i’m gonna…” he breathed out a moan, trying not to be too loud. 

“It’s okay, Luke…” I assured him. “Let me hear you.”

“Ugh fuuuuck,” he groaned out loud before I heard his hands still.

The room was completely silent for a moment.

“Are you done?” I asked softly.

“Yeah…” he breathed out.

I stood up and found my way over to the lamp and turned it back on.

Luke was sitting there, his forehead glistering with sweat and his hand covered in cum. I couldn’t help but let out a small whimper when I saw him sitting there like that.

Without a word he got up and walked over to the bathroom as I collected the bottles and glasses and made my way to the kitchen.

I put down the empty bottles and filled my glass with water.

Suddenly I felt his hand sneak around my waist from behind. He buried his face in my neck and let out a long breath.

“Let’s go to bed,” he suggested and I just nodded my head. He grabbed my hand and led me into his bedroom.

He got rid of his shirt and his sweatpants and joined me under the covers.

Pulling me close to him, he gave my shoulder a small kiss. “I can’t wait to have you, baby…”


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