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Sunday 28th August

Today was very different to any days I have had for a while which was nice. I got to spend time with my mum and brother, and despite a fair few rain showers we had a good time walking around Kew Gardens for a couple of hours, I got to take lots of photographs of all different flowers and plants, we brought coffee and lunch out, and I even managed to finish reading a book! I don’t think I have read so much in one day in a long time; I do love sitting on trains and reading (when they are not too busy of course).

I am not going to lie, I am both mentally and physically exhausted. There were lots of challenges both anxiety and food wise today and I will admit that I am a bit behind on my intake…however I am doing my best to make it up this evening because I refuse to let anorexia ruin the day. I hate how it can sneak in so easily when routines are changed up without you realising at first. On the other hand my mood has been much better than the past few days, which has been a relief as I have not been feeling myself at all. Holding onto the positives.

mum and i had a long talk and we have decided to sell everything we own and save up to buy a motorhome and travel together, we spent today clearing out our things, deciding what to sell.

if my etsy business takes off inchallah this will help fund our travels.

the good thing about having an online business is you can take it where ever you go.

It’s been a week now since my relationship ended. I’ve already found a place to move into and have put down the deposit. I pick up the keys on the 16th Sept. I’ve been keeping myself super busy with life organizing and assessment… But now the organizing is done and my assessment is almost done. Mum’s just proof reading it now. I got medication for my anxiety. Something to help me calm down. I’m yet to take it though. I’ve been pretty good. In the mean time I’ve been taking that Nature’s Own EQ Control for mild anxiety and I feel as if that has helped calm my nerves. Definitely has helped. But I’m still crying every day. It might be a 30 second tear up but still. I dunno. Part of me wants this but part of me is still upset that it didn’t work and he essentially gave up. I’ll miss having a boyfriend and having someone there. It’s gonna suck so much. But nah. I’ll be fine. I know I will. Just sucks a bit now. I’ve got my uni work to focus on. That’s the most important thing at the moment. As well as working and saving money. Going to Cairns soon for 2 weddings. Probably going to be a tad depressing but ah well, they’re my friends and I’m happy for them. It’ll be good to see my parents again too. I’ll do some uni work up there. I’ll miss my Pidge! Anyway, that’s the update from me. I’m doing okay. I know that I’m better off. It’ll be just me and The Pidge! 💕

There’s nothing like a good shop find, a yummy treat, a 5km walk and a Disney princess jumper to start your day 😂
Especially when today marks another surprise house move! 🙃
Had to take an early walk to check out a flat before I move all my belongings back to mum’s house… But I’m fueling my hecticly busy day with a delectable treat I’ve been dying to try for ages!
Cheers @littleislandnz for making a liquid bounty bar that suits my dietary requirements! What legends 👌🏻
Found this bad boy at @huckleberrynz on Oteha Valley Road - which, despite the fact that I’ve been a East Coast Bays girl for most of my adult life, I didn’t even know existed till about half an hour ago 😳
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Aaand….I don’t know how to say it…but me and my Intuos pen tablet are back together again! After almost 2 years, hahaha. I can’t believe it! 

I’ve been so excited about the CCSakura sequel that, day by day, I felt the will to draw something increasing! I used to be quite good at drawing Sakura and Syaoran…something like 15 years ago ^^” Now of course it’s a totally different story, my style has changed as well…and I don’t even know if/when I’ll be able to finish this sketch, I’m quite busy being a mum (this was done during the boy’s nap) and I’ll be even more when I’ll be back to work… -_- but I’m glad to know that for now, at least, I can try to draw some ideas I had.

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you didn't read the new FT chapter yet? why not?

there’s no way i’m reading the new chapters if there’s an abundance of gru//via lmfao 

i’ve been distracting myself with lots of fun stuff like Seohyun and Yuri’s new song, that new kpop group called BLACKPINK (hey their debut song is pretty good ngl), also my mum and i have been spending much more time together watching korean/japanese dramas (she’s less busy nowadays) so that i could distract myself from the horribleness that will be the upcoming chapters lmao i don’t want my happiness ruined so nOPE.

and the most important event that should not be ruined aka GRAYZA WEEK!

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This may be weird btu I am SO SO HAPPY to see that things are looking good for you<3<3<3<3<3 I read about you looking for a flat and I guess this is about you moving to the US (with your mom?) and all that just makes me so happy, to know YOU are happy - you deserve it, Miss Precious!

You are honestly the KINDEST person EVER because you always send me such wonderful messages that make me smile so much! 

Thank you so so much and it’s good to be in a happy mood because things are truly looking up! Apartment hunting is hard but I’ve actually already found some good ones at good prices so it’s all looking good. :D 

Yes, I’m moving with my mum so I’m on apartment hunt duty while she looks at them and sees. She’s already busy trying to get stuff sorted so it’s the least I could do and it’s fun! 

I hope you’re happy as well, anon because your happiness is equally important. I’m happy that you’re happy and that we’re all happy! 

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oh my god Allie guess what? today I went out shopping with my mum to get some clothes( I know u said I should go with my friends but they were lol busy me I couldn't wait) I got 2 new outspfits that I feel so confident in. Like I got a really nice jumper from bluenotes and 2 pairs of jeans and I got a little black cardigan kinda thing. I was talking to my friends on some tips and tricks on how to style my self and they gave me really good advice Thank You somuch allie u mean the world to me


I don’t care what people on tumblr say, exercising to help with depression really does work. I’ve been feeling quite low for a while now and I hadn’t left the village for two weeks. My mum demanded I go swimming to keep myself busy, and I rejected it until I decided I wanted to give it a go.

And you know what? I entered that pool feeling like death and exited it feeling really good about myself. It was so nice to just be around people again. They were talking to me and being friendly and the exercise really helped too. And when I was done I went into the jacuzzi and just people watched for 15 minutes. Watching people swimming, families taking their children down slides, watching people just enjoying themselves…it really did make me feel good.

I still don’t feel great, but I feel better. I definitely feel better.

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Hey Grace! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful one (or that it was already wonderful--sorry, it's the time difference, I get thrown off by it) :oP but either way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Thank you!!!! I think you sent this on time but I am getting to them really late :P I had a wonderful birthday then was super busy lol. But thank you!!!

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