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Josh Zerker imagine - Mum (includes KSimon)

requested: ‘an imagine where you’re dating josh so you’re kind of like a mum to the boys’

Coming to the sidemen house just did not seem to get easier as a clean freak. Admittedly, the boys had gotten better; but better was most certainly not good. They were slobs.

As someone so heavily invested in cleanliness this made me cringe highly. So much so, that when I came round, I bought my own cleaning products. Understandably, it wasn’t my business, but I did it anyway for their own wellbeing and health. In fact, I tried to look after all the boys, making sure they ate at all appropriate times, washed their clothes regularly, and knew how to do things like sew and cook actual, non processed meals.

Someone who was now accustomed to this was Josh, my boyfriend of four years. He had known about my nurturing ways since the very first month of our relationship. The 'mum gene’ was one I wore with pride, and by now he had grown to love it. It was another part of me.

“Y/n? What are you doing?”

I turned to face the tall figure entering the kitchen, my rubber gloves still clad to my hands as I scrubbed at the kitchen table.

“Good morning Simon. I’m just cleaning up.”

“Cleaning?” JJ echoed as the pair sat together on the bar stools. “But…why?”

“Because I enjoy it,” I responded as I removed my gloves, packing all the cleaning materials into the cupboard under the sink and washing my hands in the process.

“You enjoy cleaning?”

“Yes Jide, I do. You don’t need to sound so shocked - I’m sure you have many an interest that I would probably be just as…surprised, by.”

Simon laughed as he watched JJ who smiled down at his lap.

“Exactly. Now do you guys want breakfast? I can make you bacon and eggs if you want.”

“Do we even have bacon and eggs?”

“I bought some.”

A smile covered my face as Josh entered the room. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I buried my face in his neck, appreciating highly the fresh smell of his shower gel. He held me at arms length and kissed my cheek before joining JJ and Simon on the bar stools.

“I feel like I’m watching my parents be all gross at breakfast. Am I 15 again?” Simon rubbed the back of his head, looking genuinely confused.

“I know! Y/n is literally the Mummy to our Daddy Josh!”

“Jide, please don’t call me Daddy, we’ve been through this.” Josh scolded him lightly.

“Sorry, I forgot only Mum can do that.”

Laughs errupted from the two KSImon boys and I rolled my eyes, pouring out the oil into the pan.

“You two are honestly like a couple of children!”

“Yeah, and you and Josh are our parents!”

Josh shook his head as he pulled me down onto his lap, placing a light kiss on my neck to which I shuddered.

“Alright Dad, don’t get kinky.”

“Oi!” I tossed a spoon at JJ and he faked injury, grabbing his face. “Childline! I’m calling childline!”


Josh held my hand underneath the table and I turned my head to face him.

“You know, you are very Mum like.”

“Wifey material?”

His face split into a small grin as his grip on my hand tightened, his other hand moving to my waist.

“Quite possibly, yes.”

The fact that a bunch of mums sit around and promote the bullying of other mums is quite disgusting. If it was your child bringing other people down, encouraging others to also be a bullies would you be proud?
Good bunch of role models.
This is my personal blog.
I am entitled to vent on here. If you dont want to see me whinge or if you dont like me, simply unfollow. Problem solved. My life choices (my situation with my partner) are none of your business. I vent on here for my own sanity. Its a release for me.
You do not know what I do with my son.
Claiming I give him no tummy time is ridiculous because the amount of tummy time he gets is fine. Some babies are more prone to flat spots. Just because your baby hasnt got a flat spot doesnt mean my baby is the same as yours.
All babies are different. Something that im 100% you have been told.
Stop bashing other mums. We are all just out here doing the fucking best we can.

Sequence of events I want for the rest of the episode, in this order:
  1. Isak goes to the concert, he talks things out with his parents, realises his mum can be totally fine, this prompts him to go to Even
  2. Isak and Even talk about everything, I mean it, everything. (Bonus points if we get Isak climbing the ladder to Even’s bed like in Pretty Woman, ‘I love you’s would be good too)
  3. Even and Isak go to the party together, in love and proud, Emma is bitter in the corner but Isak is too busy with Even to care, Even finally convincing Isak to dance with him (maybe to another Gabrielle song), Isak being all reluctant at first like ‘ugh you’re lucky I love you enough to do this’ but once Isak gets over the fact everyone is watching them, he has a lot of fun, and maybe there’s some kisses thrown in (I need to see them to kiss in front of everyone, just once) and their friends are watching them all excited and happy for them

Please and thank you @ SKAM writers

Jamie and I just remembered that we can actually show this now. 

I had my 40th last year, and My mum asked Jamie if he could do something. He, Matt and Clayton did this.

Honestly, when I was given it, I was enormously emotional. As in, not really able to talk for a good five minutes. It wasn’t just that it was a lovely thing to do - but that I knew how incredibly busy they all were, and that they somehow found the time to do something so absolutely exquisite. 

Team WicDiv is the best team and I will fight anyone who says otherwise, even though I am old and weak.

taehyung scenario | you, me, and the cherry tree

♡ You are dreading meeting up with Taehyung. The last time you saw him was the day you broke up. But that was seven years ago. Can you get over your failed romance and start afresh?

genre: fluff
word count: 2.0k

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You always try to avoid the visitors that your mum invites around to the house. You’ve become so good at getting out of these meet-ups that you could probably teach classes on bluffed excuses and white lies. Oh, your friends are coming over? That’s great, Mum, but actually there’s a school trip that day. What? You’re organising a barbecue? That’s too bad, I already said I’d meet up with my friends.

But today is different. Today you’ve run out of excuses. All of your friends are busy, and there’s no school to pin the blame on. You’ve drawn a blank. Why did it have to be today that you got stuck in your house? Today, the day that your mum has invited over her old school friend, Mrs. Kim, which means that her son, Kim Taehyung, will be coming too. And he is the last person you want to see. Not after the last time you saw him, seven years ago - the day you broke up. You were only eleven at the time. It was one of those awkward first-love type things, the sort that only lasts a couple of months, and that ends in a burst of flames and smoke and tears. It’s not that you’re mad at Taehyung for breaking up with you. Goodness knows you’re over that. But if you have to see him again after all this time, you know it’ll be awkward. You are already cringing at the stilted conversations and empty silences that will ensue.

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For me, acting as a child was just a good experience. I became independent at quite a young age because from the age of 16 my mum was, like, “I’m not chaperoning you any more,” so I was off getting trains and staying in hotels and learning how to deal with the business. I didn’t rebel as a teenager and I think that’s probably why – because I didn’t really have anything to rebel against. I already had my own life outside school as well.


get to know me meme [12/50 female characters]: Katie Fitch

“Mum, I can’t have children. I went to the doctor’s yesterday and they said there’s nothing they can do. I wanted to tell you but you were too busy shouting. It’s all about you. I didn’t want to let you down, but you let me down. I really needed you and you weren’t there. It doesn’t matter, Mum. The house and the money - I don’t want it. I’m not gonna be you. I just want a mum who loves me no matter what.”

The Importance of Chop 

Hey guys, two or so days ago I took Gillie to the vet for the first time. I was asked about his toys, other pets in the house, the foraging opportunities, his diet and his supplements (meaning fruit and veggies). Everything was perfect, his chlamydia test was negative, his poop was fine, but when they did the throat swab they found that in his crop was an overabundance of good flora, or good bacteria. Normally there is a 90/10 balance of good to bad bacteria, and the bad bacteria, such as e.coli which is found in human stomachs as well, is extremely important at being competition for other bad bacteria which may enter the bird’s system. 

An overabundance of good flora is either caused by sickness, or too much sugar. I knew immediately which of the two was causing the overabundance. 

In my house, I have two working parents and a fruit bowl which is always full. My mum is very health conscious, but very busy, and when they cook dinner they don’t remember that there is a fifth member of the family. It’s easier for me to quickly chop up half a banana into little pieces everyday than it is to grab a stick of broccoli, boil it, and then chop it up everyday. 

After I’d seen the vet, I knew it was time to change this habit. Yes, he ate banana, apple, pear and rarely mandarin (don’t feed this too often! the acidity isn’t healthy) readily, but if it mixed with signals that could tell me whether or not he was sick it wasn’t worth it. So instead I found a “chop builder”; 

And his first batch of chop included: Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Bok Choy, Carrot, Zucchini, Apple and Parsley. Once I ate some and made a big deal out of it he went straight into the bowl and had a bit himself, and has been eating some most of the past couple of days. Success!

So this means, instead of chopping up fresh fruit everyday, I can feed chop and keep the fresh fruit as a treat. Batches last up to a week, and should be tossed out afterwards, but it does mean spending an hour or two chopping up the food finely enough that its really luck of the draw whether or not he gets an apple piece… which is exactly what I want! 

Next food change is reducing the amount of seeds he gets. He loves seed, and was weaned onto a seed/pellet diet, which I still provide. Now that I’ve seen he does indeed eat pellets, its time to reduce the seed mix till it’s gone! Healthier days here we come!

“Stay with me, please?”

Description: A short scenario where you are Namjoon’s little sister who’s dating Yoongi and you hear the news about BTS having to cancel their concert in Japan 

Word Count: 518

Author’s Note: I’m not a writer and this is my first time writing something like this, so it’s probably not very good, but I wanted to try writing something after constantly reading scenarios on Tumblr, so I hope you enjoy my feeble attempt at writing! 


“Hey, Namjoon says they’re back already”

Hearing those words from your mum finally made you stop pacing back and forth before you grabbed your coat and dashed out of the door.

Namjoon was your older brother, and also the leader of BTS. Getting wind of the news that they had to cancel their concert in Japan due to health issues broke your heart - you had heard your brother lament previously how busy they were and how hard they worked, and you couldn’t imagine the pain of having to stand in front of thousands of excited fans and announce that what they waited so eagerly for had to be cancelled. You worried for your brother and the rest of the group, but you worried the most for Min Yoongi.

Having dated Yoongi for 6 months you knew what a perfectionist he was, always wanting to give his fans the best and beating himself up whenever he felt he wasn’t good enough. You knew that despite the rest he should be having now, he would instead spend his time being hard on himself for disappointing the fans.

As you let yourself into the dorm with the key Yoongi had given you, you were greeted with the sight of 6 dejected boys sitting around the coffee table, sighing to themselves. You made your way into the kitchen to scoop out 7 bowls of the warm chicken soup you had prepared for them, when you felt your brother’s presence behind you.

“Hey Y/N, thanks for coming. Go bring a bowl to Yoongi, he’s been in his room since we arrived and he won’t come out. I’ll give out the rest of the bowls to the boys”

Nodding, you carried the bowl of soup towards the room Yoongi shared with Jin, lightly knocking on the door.

“Hyung, I said it already. Please, just leave me alone for a while….”

“Jagi? It’s me. I brought you chicken soup”

Yoongi didn’t respond. Following the silence, you slowly opened the door, making your way to your beloved’s bed. Yoongi had curled himself into a fetal position with his blanket, and you could only sigh at how heartbreaking that sight was. You sat at the edge of his bed, and although he still had his back facing you, you lightly placed a kiss on his cheek, whispering that everything would be okay.

“I’m not hungry” he whispered as you stroked his soft, mint green hair. “It’s my fault, I’m such a disappointment, I couldn’t stay strong enough for the fans. Please, Jagi, I love you but I need some time alone”

“Okay, but please have some food. You need it. And it’s not your fault, Yoongi, you’ve been working so hard and I know the fans will understand.” As much as you wanted to stay with Yoongi, you knew he needed his time alone. Giving him another kiss on his cheek, you began to make your way out of his room.

However, barely taking a step from Yoongi’s bed, you felt warm hands circle around your wrist, taking you by surprise.

“Jagi? Stay with me, please?”

Drowning Shadows

Summary:  It was fate who drove them apart, and it was fate who brought them together again. Here he was opening old scars, and here she was covering them up again.

In which 2D LB and CN is Sabine Cheng and Gabriel Agreste.

A/N: I got hooked with the idea that 2D Ladybug and Chat Noir is Sabine and Gabriel, which is kinda sweet and more angst would probably occur due to the fact that their love square isn’t actually completed like their respectful child has. Also that Gabriel isn’t Hawkmoth in this for reasons (that headcanon is so popular that at the beginning I thought it was canon tfw). Anyhow, since we have yet to know Adrien’s mum’s name, I’d like to call her Leslie, for the sake of the story. Old friends/past lovers catching up is my aesthetic.

chp: (2, EXTRA)

Sabine is blessed.  

She has a wonderful family with the man she loves, a beautiful daughter who is the light of their lives, and a successful business in making the most delicious goods in Paris that anyone could have ask for.

She is content with the soft dough which compresses easily under her hands as she kneads, she enjoys the smell of freshly baked bread every morning everytime she comes downstairs as much as she enjoys the way Tom playfully dusts her nose with flour at every chance he has since the first time they baked together. She is thankful for the tinkle of laughter Marinette makes ever since her voice echoes through the household, reminding Sabine again and again that miracles, indeed, happen and she must cherish them at all costs.

She enjoys her life, she loves her family, and though her past life has excitement she sometimes yearns for, she is thankful for what she has at the moment.

Sometimes, she sees herself in Marinette. Her daughter is a carbon copy of her, except for her eyes and the freckles that splashes across her nose. Those are the things that she inherits from Tom, and one of the reasons Sabine loves him in the first place.

The compassion in her daughter is Tom as well, the passionate love for baking, the easily red cheeks that Sabine always pinches and causes laughter to rupture. Though, the spunk Marinette has is from her, the determination and haughty attitude that shows how much they are the same. Sometimes, Sabine laughs quietly at how similar they are, it reminds her of the old days when she is like that, now that she mellows down after years has passed.

She doesn’t mind leaving it all behind, her past she means, she doesn’t precisely like to dwindle on it when it only makes her distressed, as it only brings up the how’s and the what if’s that could happen if she ever did twinge things a little differently, if she had made another choice, another road she would take that another life would occur.

Which is why she is surprised when he walks through the door of the shop in his usual crisp suit he always dons since long ago, the bell rings quietly in the quiet shop as there are no customers, when the blue black sky outside is the reason why.

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A year gone.

It’s now been over a year since my mother, and friend Claudio passed away. Both memories I’d rather not have to re-live, but here we are.

What is it about anniversaries and the effect they have on our emotions? Happy anniversaries that make us swoon, and the horrible ones that burn dates into our minds and leaves a sour taste in our mouths. Why are we so attached to them? Is it a way to remember, or something less sentimental and more primal?

You’ll be glad to know that on my mother’s death anniversary I had a good day. I decided not to fly home and spend it with my family, but rather keep myself busy with friends and positivity. Making a special trip, flying across the country for such an event doesn’t leave much room to be feeling okay. That’s why I didn’t go.

But even now I miss them. I miss both Mum and Claudio beyond belief. They’d be very proud of how I’m doing though. Fuck, I’m proud with how I’m doing! I’m an awfully well put-together emotionally unstable mess, but I’m doing great. That’s all anyone needs to know.

My mum thinks people with lots of tattoos and piercings are no good so when we met this guy with tons of facial piercings we tried to convince her that he is a nice bloke and finally succeeded. He ended up committing a bunch of robberies (including our family business) and went to jail and now I hate him because my mum thinks she was right. 


Yesterday was pretty manic so I didn’t get chance to post much. Mum and dad arrived home from visiting my Brother for the first time since he moved to Florida. I got to see all the holiday photos, hear the stories, mums wand from Olivanders 😁 and open late Christmas presents and things that I’d bought from US sites (so I didn’t have to pay customs).

Of course it was a little upsetting, full of nostalgia, wanting to go back there again but maybe this year we will ☺. The good news is I could apply for a Green card in just over a year, maybe I’ll bring Raevolution to the US? 😆💪

I have personalised gym towels with Mickeys on like what even, so cool.

Everything is coming together now, everything. Mum came home and told me I was glowing and my skin looked incredible (thanks low carb). The business I currently work at (my dads) is going to change, Dad feels so much better after his holiday and I just have to get through my PT course and then it will all start happening, just less than 2 months - it’ll fly!

So last night’s dinner was duck and Halloumi salad and I treated myself to a vodka and diet coke (or two!). Leg day today after I finish work then heading out for a long run tomorrow. I’m so proud of myself this week, with food, workouts, how good Adam and I are. Its hard to look back at Christmas and see how really down and out I was I feel so much better in the space of a few days.

Honestly, carbs and junk are bad news, they have a direct and pretty horrifying effect on my mental health.

Back in the game guys, here to win etc etc etc