and my mind is blown. but i'm also cute


This is fun. Cute and disturbing at same time. .. I mean.. can’t imagine a kraang in a god mother costume lol

Prepare to have your mind blown  


I wouldn’t mind finding these four monsters under my bed :D

I hate to say this, but it seems the sleep deprivations suits you. I love the sleeping pile of arms, legs and shells. They remind me of kitties with those ribbons around their necks. Also April looks great. I just can’t take my eyes off of them, I want to adopt them :D

I did want to give it a sort of ‘pet’ vibe. The inspiration came from three places: generic anime cliches, dating sims, and pet raising sims. So really this is like some sort of horrific amalgamation of the three.

But with ninja turtles

Maybe they can upgrade (downgrade?) to french maid in the future.


YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THIS WAS UP! AHHHH IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. Look at their cute little ribbons! And that note!  😂😂😂 Also, I absolutely lurve April’s hair ahhhhh

Well, at least it was a surprise then!

I tried to take aspects from all versions of April for the design. The overall look is clearly 2k12 (since I took the turtles and kraang from it I decided it’d be fitting if I took April from it too), her hair is meant to harken the 87 series, and I think I’ll dress her in the 2k3 clothes from time to time as well.


How dare you? Now my mind is threatening mama moments with April (Okay and some other moments too but mostly nurturing ‘im-going-to-raise-these-turts-peoperly’ mentality … Because I can’t help the family fluff!!!!!!

Family fluff is DEFINITELY a route that an be taken with this, and a precious one at that!

I figured, like with everything I do, I’d let people toss ideas and suggestions (or make silly comments; that’s the best) and I can build the story up from there. The premise is INSANELY loose, so really ANYTHING can happen.

Even then, I didn’t go into a lot of detail with it either (yet). This story could be cute, comedic, romantic, lewd, depressing, dark, pretty much anything depending on a lot of factors.