and my message was to just be you

(***CLOSED***) anyone interested in being interviewed?

*** to all that replied– if I haven’t gotten back to you yet, I will soon. got way more responses than expected but I intend to follow through with all interviews as long as everyone’s still interested by the time I get there. :) thank you for your patience guys! ***


this is for my own informal astrological studies.

interview would include some impersonal topics but I’m mostly interested in diving deep & really getting to know you and your psyche.

*please be very comfortable with opening up & talking about yourself/your life
*this is a private interview, discussions are just between just you & I
*phone call, text, Skype, or just messaging on Tumblr-whatever works best.

☆perks 4u☆
-you get to talk about yourself and have someone be extremely interested!!!!
-a little bit of therapy, like it’s all in ur chart I can probably help
-learn about yourself
-learn about astrology & your chart! (if you want)
-sorta like a free reading

you don’t have to be into astrology to do this btw, I won’t talk about it if you’re not interested.

jessicakimba  asked:

Idk if i should message this or if you even answer but I really need to rant. Why do people force us to be social, or tell us to smile or they think we are afraid of them just because we keep our distance ? Im not comfortable around new people and i take my time to get used to them. Tday I had someone telling me to smile and to come closer and he was pushing so hard. I get why but if people see u r uncomfortable then why would they keep pushing?? I just dont understand. .. and I hate it...

@jessicakimba, thanks for ranting to us. It really makes our day. It can be increasingly annoying to have people push you. Especially if you just told them that you don’t want anything to do with them. To be told to “be more social” is one of the worst things to be told by someone on the outside refusing to look in. I hope you feel better and I hope you remain adamant in the face of extroverted society. Always here to lend and ear if you want to talk again! :-)

I want to apologize for not addressing this sooner. To be honest, I needed to make sure I was calm enough to do so. I get mad–very mad–when horrific acts of violence are committed against innocent people. I just can’t think leave it at the usual “peace and love” message, though the nature is the same. 

Last year, my cousin was in Brussels during a terrorist attack. Tuesday, I came across similar news in London. It seems like every time I check the news, there’s been another incident. 

I want to be very specific: to the victims of today’s terrorist attack in London, along with their friends and families, my heart and prayers are with you. If there is anyone in the area who is able to help them (or rather, anyone able), please be gracious and do so. We need to be active in helping them heal.

I would also ask that this act of terrorism not be trivialized. It was a disgusting, vile act that should treated as such. Human lives were lost at the expense of someone with abhorrent intentions–intentions he was unfortunately able to enact. 

But again, one thing matters above all else: that the victims take priority. We need to be there for them as much as possible. I’d also like to give a shout-out and send thoughts and prayers to medical staff, police, and others who are hard at work to help those affected.

London, we love you, and we’re here.

Thank you to everyone who sent such lovely messages to me, (I read them all, thank you so much 💙) and I am overwhelmed by how kind you all are! I don’t know what I did to deserve all of this, but I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Some people have asked what is wrong (thank you for your concern!) but I am not going to answer that in detail because it’s a personal matter. I’ll just say that I have dealt with my illness for a long time and some days are better than others. It is nothing for you to be concerned about, I am okay!

I’m going to rest for the rest of the day and be back up and running the blog bright and early tomorrow! Thank you for understanding and for your well wishes, it means a lot to me. 💙


Hi! My name is Emilia, I’m bi, and I’m a bored 15 year old girl looking for some friends. I’m in CA, and I’m on here a lot so feel free to message me. I love Fat Cats™, studio Ghibli, art museums, space, animation, and bad jokes. Just drop by with cat pictures or lik the bred memes and I’ll love you forever 😄
Tumblr: @badly-salted-pretzel

roxan1314  asked:

Just wondering, why do you hate the live action Beauty and the Beast so much??? All of my friends that have already seen it loved it. And a close friend of mine is planning for our group to go see it for her birthday over the weekend.

Ok so I’m gonna make this a bulleted reply because I’ve got so many…

• Emma Watson’s singing was a huge turn off for me. I didn’t like her singing at all. I don’t know if Disney changed her voice because she was bad at singing or just because they could, but it was a bad move. She sounds robotic or metallic and it bothered me through the whole movie. 

• Emma Watson changed the dress because she didn’t like that she couldn’t move well in it like if she had to fight in it. Like, you use a dress to dance in, not fight. And she changed how it looked visually. It looks like Michael’s puked on a cheap prom dress that no one wanted because the design was crap and the quality was even worse. When they revealed her in her full dress I was kind of expecting it to be a cool reveal and I was so disappointed. The bodice looks like cheap fabric that was super glued together, the actual dress looks like a ridged banana, and the glitter glue on it made me think of my 3rd grade arts and craft class. The dress was supposed to be Belle’s most beauty and enchanting moment and she looked hideous.

• Emma Watson made Belle really mean in this movie. She was unnecessarily harsh and negatively emotive. In the original, Belle was much kinder and had a sense of dignity about her. In the original when Belle was being hounded by Gaston in her house, she let him down rather gently as compared to this movie when she’s basically screaming at him when he makes small talk with her.

• Beast’s design was way too human in my opinion. He looked like a furry. I just didn’t like how they designed him.

• Belle and Beast interacting felt fake and pushed. Every time they were together it felt like they knew they had to have a certain outcome, but the chemistry between the actors just wasn’t there. It was really cringey to watch.

• Her skirt was hiked up on one side because they thought it would be easier for her to get on Philipe with one side already folded up. Hint: if they were not complete dunces then they would know you can get on a horse without having to hike up a dress. And they never actually showed her getting on Philipe so it was just awkward seeing her undergarments. It felt unnatural, didn’t fit the time period, and looked like she was flashing everyone she met.

• Emma Watson’s acting was stiff like a board. She was worse than Kirsten Stewart. I hated how she acted in this movie. Anytime she interacted with other character’s it either fell flat or she was overly expressive. There was no in between. She was a mess.

• They made LaFou gay because progressivism. I don’t mind that he was a gay character, but if LaFou was gay in that time the town’s people would have shunned him at best and killed him at worst.

• The Beast’s gift was coincidence and not out of genuine heartfelt caring. The library was supposed to be his gesture of beginning to care for Belle. It was supposed to be this turning point in the movie where you could see something blooming between the both of them, but in the new movie it was the Beast just making a point. It fell on it’s face, hard. 

• Emma Watson changed so much of Belle’s original character. Belle is supposed to be this caring and compassionate character that shows the Beast that he doesn’t have to be a jerk to everyone. However, Emma made Belle to be this “independent” woman and she came across as a jerk herself. 

• Gaston wasn’t a jerk for like half of the movie. They made it obvious that he wanted to marry her, but whenever he spoke to her for the first half of the movie, she would just scream at him for making small talk. Then during the other half it was like the director remembered that Gaston was the villain of the movie and made him mean. It also felt pushed and was fake.

There’s probably more that I can’t think of right now, but this is the bulk of what made it a terrible remake. 

Kicked Out (Part 4) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

It had been a few weeks since I had exploded at Joe and things had been going perfectly. Almost too perfect. Joe and I had been getting along and the boys had even treated me as is I was their little sister all except one.

Jack Maynard. Womaniser. Gorgeous. Blue eyes and brown hair. He has treated me differently to the others and I couldn’t figure him out. He would often message me asking if I was okay, or if I wanted to hang out. It was almost as if we were dating.

“Hey Y/N/N?” Joe shouts from his office. I walk my way through the kitchen and into his office.

“Hey big brother,” I say greeting him.

“Were you hanging out with Randy last night?” He questions.

“Yeah, hey little sister, how are you? I’m good thanks for asking.” I laugh.

“Just answer the question, Tiny.”

“Yeah, so what?” I ask.

“Are you two dating?” Joe asks.

My eyebrows furrow together. “No?”

“But you like him?”

“Joe, I don’t have time for this.” I groan and cover my face with my hands.

“Y/N,” Joe says sternly.

“And so what if I did? I wouldn’t ever do anything like to you,”

“Do you like him?” He asks again.

“Joe,” I say back.

“Y/FULL/N Do you like Maynard?” His eyes are locked with mine. I bite my lip and nod my head.

“Good, now you can make him happy,” Joe smiles. I smack him upside the head.

“I’m not getting with Maynard you fool!” I say in a hushed tone. I walk out of his office and into his spare room my face tinted red.

“Sure!” He shouts after me


“Hey Tiny, You coming out with the boys tonight?” Oli asks, kicking on the door softly.

I stand from the bed I was sat on and I open the door. Greeted by not only Oli but Oli, Caspar, and Mikey.

“I think I’ll sit this one out boys,” I say leaning on the door frame. I’m dressed in tracksuit pants, that sit on my hips loosely and an oversized off the shoulder crop top. A fair amount of skin showing.

“Damn Tiny, growing up well.” Caspar teases. I laugh, rolling my eyes shoving at him softly.

“Shut up,”

“Hey guys,” The front door closes and Jack’s voice comes in.

“Mate check this out!” Mikey says excitedly. My eyebrows draw together in confusion.

“Whats up?” Jack asks making his way to where all of us are stood.

“Buddy, Tiny got hot.” Mikey laughs, unaware of my face. My mouth wide with shock.

“What the fuck,” Joe shouts coming into the hallway, “Do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m just going to go back to watching Netflix,” I sigh spinning away from the group of boys. I close the door softly behind me and walk over to the bed sitting on it and listening ti the conversation that is happening behind the door.

“Joe?” I hear Caspar ask.

“You come into my house and say shit like that about my sister and you think that’s okay?” I hear Joe’s voice ask. A thud echoes through the room.

“Fuck,” Mikey breathes, “Nice punch mate.”

My eyes widen in realization at what had just happened. I stand up from the bed swing the door open. Only to be greeted with Mikey on the floor and Jack holding Joe by his arms.

“Joe!” I shout all of their attentions falling on me.

anonymous asked:

I need to make an important announcement, but I don't think the fandom likes me very much ^^; We all really love you (rightfully so), and so I wanted you to be the first to know/announce it??? I work at hot topic, and my supervisor just told me that around summer time we'll be getting in some exclusive YOI merch. It's hush hush which is why I'm anon, but..... So yeah... hopefully that'll make some people happy :) Xx b

EYYYYY that’s super exciting!! ;o ;o I know I definitely need some YOI merch in my life lmao I am #lacking.

Also – ‘I don’t think the fandom likes me very much’ omg why?? You can’t just leave us hanging like that anon ASDLKFASDF are you on the run from the YOI fandom??

We're safe ❤

Thank you for everyone that has messaged me asking if my family was ok, regarding the ‘Terror Attack’ in London today. We’re fine, me and Superpup were safe in our hometown of Redhill today, we’re about 20 miles from the centre of London and just outside of the M25 motorway that circuits around the city. My husband was working in London today and was at an office that is only half a mile from parliament and where it happened, but thankfully he is also fine and came home safe and well. Family Schnauz is safe. ❤🐶

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thetimba  asked:

You know, I think at this point, it might be faster for you to have a FAQ with shit that you CAN eat. :D (As a sufferer of Many Things, I know all the 'have you tried (x)?" can get overwhelming [YES I TRIED IT]) Hope that you keep getting more better and your diet continues to expand!

I’m just ignoring all the comments now, harsh as that may seem. But it’s that or get frustrated that I keep having to repeat myself, and I know it’s not intentional so I just accept it as well meant intentions and if a message or comment starts with “have you tried” my eyes glaze over and I move on to the next one.

As for writing an FAQ, lol, people don’t even read the one I have now. I still get sent questions about how to become an editor, even though I have custom html on my ask page that directs them to that answer. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re on mobile and can’t see it.

Besides, I’d spend all my time updating the food FAQ because my reactions are inconsistent and ever changing. I’m in the meltdown stage of my immune response, and until I can get that under control I’m going to be sticking with the 3-4 meal options that don’t murder me for the considerable future. Which…yea it’s not much fun, but it’s better than consistently throwing up/itching/throat swelling up. Like if this is my choice between pain and not pain, pass the water and oatmeal over because even this quality of living is better than what I had before. I’m off three of my medications which caused debilitating symptoms, I’ll live with it. Quite literally.

Hey everyone, Al here, the dude who runs this blog! Just a quick thanks for the recent boost in subs, woohoo!!
Also, a quick side note that I unfortunately need to bring up: to everyone sending messages about “being my Dom” and shit, i just gotta say … . I’m not a Sub. XD Plus I hav a boyfriend. Also a girlfriend. So I’m good. Thanks. But no thanks.
To everyone else, thank you for the support, the content will keep coming!

Regret tastes like would-be-kisses
and the kitchen clock at 2 am
illuminated by the golden glow of the fridge
looks like taillights in the rain
getting smaller until red blurs into black
until I can’t tell if the salt on my lips
is rain or tears or my soul, melting like candle wax.
Regret feels like cracking my ribs
tearing my lungs, feels like my blood is
running backward, like I’m living backward.
Regret is sitting in the hall all night
clutching the phone like you can feel it
waiting for you to pick up, pick up, pick -
please just listen just hear me just pick up
leaving so many messages that my voice becomes
water in the desert and you’re the sun,
you’ve always been the sun and now
I don’t know how to back to shadows, to darkness.
Regret is the cold nights in summer,
thunderstorms and sweat and an empty bed
an ocean of empty sheets, your half
left untouched like a crime scene -
when I squint I still see your chalk outline.
Regret is the number one:
toothbrush/set of keys/cup of coffee
one chance one lie one night one loss.
Regret is sitting curled up into one side of the couch
because the phantom of you still sits beside me
and old habits die hard - stretching out
feels like choking feels like dying -
regret feels like dying.
Without you, I am a ghost of a girl with a gun
bloody hands and an empty soul and enough regret to drown in
enough loss to build a make-believe you with.
Regret is having a stomach full of words
but none of them can bring you back.

~ christie

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My daddy works a lot and we have a 5hr time difference. Sometimes I don't get a message at all. Then on weekends, he goes out sometimes and I get no messages. I struggle with anxiety and he knows this, it makes my anxiety go nuts. I understand he's tired and busy but I feel so unwanted. Is this an okay reaction or am I being too needy of a little? I just want my daddy to want me. ;/

you should also understand that hes not into you. and get a real daddy who actually cares about you and wants to love you properly… not one thats simply stringing you along.


smashupmashups  asked:

Will you be doing "Normal Star" comics after Mewberty AU?

Well, as soon as the show comes back from hiatus, I’ll start to do my episode based comics again, but for now, you’re stuck with the Mewberty AU, sorry.

Also, right now Mewberty AU is currently the “most wanted” on my blog. Just for a comparison:
I get more than 50 message about Mewberty AU,  around 25 about other comics/ idea suggestions, and 5-6 that want me to start an adult site and draw Mewberty Star X Marco sex pics/comics…

(plus around 60 hater messages that I put into that virtual campfire on my page.)

Also since I already started to write a shorter novel as an answer there, I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone who writes messages for me, (even the haters). Also, I wanna tell that I’m sorry but I can’t answer to all of them, because most of them are anon, and I can only answer them as posts.
(well if you send me something non-anon [sh*tty pun intended] then I’d be able to answer it privately…

anonymous asked:

hi! i wanted to ask you on your password etiquette. you and i live in totally different timezones, and your translations are my favorite by far. i will almost certainly miss your password posts; how would i go about asking you for them? i feel stupid asking, but i know it's going to happen. sorry to be a huge bummer!

Hi! Usually I release a post of all my chapter passwords on a certain time period that I’ll announce every Thursday when the new Killing Stalking is released.

If you can’t find it, I tag my password posts with “jayniaks” and you can search for them later (you can also find it on my theme blog near the end that says “ks”)

If all else fails just private message me and I’ll respond to you as soon as I can :)