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Do you ever just want to be like “hey come lavish me with love and affection and praise, and tell me my stories are fabulous and wonderful”? Like it doesn’t even make sense but it’s the equivalent of “hey come skritch my ears”

How to Succeed In Headcanons Without Really Trying

I have been writing fanfic for years upon years, since before Tumblr even existed. Something that has always existed, but I’ve seen a lot in my tenure on Tumblr, is this “Gee, I wish people wiould write about X/Why isn’t anyone interested in this aspect of character Y?/ I’m so tired of being the only one who ships z!??” *

Generally, my response of tenderly grabbing their laptop and going, “Ohhhh….wow!!! You have access to…both google docs and tumblr??? Did you know??? That is all I use??? To write fanfic???” Is not particularly well met. Must be something in the wording.

So, finally, something helpful: A guide to getting the writing you want without having to pick up the slack yourself. (I assume art is similar, but as every time I have tried to art I hate myself, I don’t art, and so I don’t know.)

I’ve put these, in order, from most to least effective


Literally the most effective way to get what you want is to pay for it. My Patreon has commission-level on it (Though I think it’s all full right now) and I’m sure other writers take commissions. This is 100% guaranteed to get whatever you want written about written about. I don’t care what my comissioners ask for. Want me to write about how Michiru doesn’t eat sea creatures because of a strong emotional kinship? Great. 2,000 words on Pharah’s obsession with lawn croquet? Love it, fabulous.


If someone writes something with even a shade of what you’re looking for, gush about it in the comments. Writers are, at heart, 85% lost children who want love and affection. Even if a fic contains other things you don’t like, if you comment, excited, about how “Wow I love love love how you talked about Tracer’s Sonic the Hedgehog lunchbox!! What an amazing character touch!” The writer will very likely remember this, next time they sit down to write, and it will become more of a recurring theme in their work. I try very hard to do this with any kind of character take I love. Reward them for doing what you want!


Most/many writers take prompts from time to time, so when they ask, feel free to put it forward! This is the least effective because a) Some writers only take prompts from lists (although, fellow writers, some of my best stuff has come from an ‘open call’ prompt, so consider taking them.) and b) they always have the right to ignore your prompt if it doesn’t speak to them.

These three things are, as I see it, the most helpful ways to get the characters takes that you really crave out in the wild, without ever having to write it yourself. Other writers can throw in their two cents, but by and large, I will add that your posts about “why doesn’t anyone talk about Y?” make me never want to discuss Y ever again, roughly 78% of the time. Don’t try to guilt trip the writers you’re trying to convince! I know rewarding with the carrot and not the stick is a weird concept for this hellsite, but trust me: We respond really well to flattery.

*I’m not talking about legitimate criticism of ableism/racism/homophobia in shit, and you all know I’m not, don’t be deliberately obtuse. (I have a whole ‘nother post on how “I don’t like this”/ “This is not how I see this character” does not necessarily equal problematic and this website’s difficulty in separating the two, BUT THAT’S A DIFFERENT POST )

zello-shots  asked:

(You are so creative, how do you do that? I love everything you come up with!) I was wondering if you could do aus of person A who is fabulously wealthy and is trying to gain the affections of person B who is poor and lives a much simpler life. (This could be so wild lol )

here you go!!

  • when you said you wanted to pick me up I didn’t expect you to come in a goddamn limousine we’re just going to the park aren’t we?
  • I was invited to your borthday socialite party thing but I was too embarrassed to go so you came to my dingy flat in your tuxedo to watch bad movies
  • have you honestly never tried instant noodles and bad pre-packaged snacks?? get your coat on, we’re going on a cheap food run
  • “you own a helicopter. A helicopter. An actual heli-” “yes, a helicopter.”
  • you tried to woo me by bringing what appears to be a fucking flower parade of bouquets to my house, but jokes on you I have allergies
  • you invited me to go to the beach and I actually believed you were going to be normal for once, but then you brought me to your plane and now we’re going to goddamn monaco or something
  • probably the best thing about your family being wealthy is that you have these purebred puppies to play with. Can I have one??
  • “wait, wait. How much did this stupid plain white t-shirt cost??”
  • please tell me that those are not crocodiles in your lake, are you sure you want to still go boating? Can’t we just play polo on your horses instead??
  • I spent a whole day taking you out on public transport and in the end we got lost so you had to call your chauffeur to get us home

- jo

i’ve been thinking a bunch about this post which is amazing and awe inspiring but instead of saying anything credible i’m just gonna throw out one of my trademark exr brick parallel overanalyzation things because hugo sets up such a fabulous dichotomy ANYWAY

if grantaire is love without faith

and enjolras is faith without love

you could say that grantaire’s last actions were ones of faith (long live the republic, arguably self-sacrifice for a greater cause) and enjolras’s last actions were ones of love (taking grantaire’s hand–which is an expression of affection and definitely within hugo’s central theme of love)

and dammit hugo they need each other to be whole

akinohikari  asked:

(part 1) Tsuna, age 15, is walking back home from school when he sees something at a storefront from the corner of his eye and stops. It's a coffee mug, white with black letters, it looks normal except that the letters spell "Best Dad in the World" and Tsuna immediately thinks of giving it to Reborn. Then he shakes his head and walks away because why would he give it to Reborn of all people? But the next day he stops again in front of the shop, and the next, and the next, for a whole week

he stops in front of the shop and just stares at the cup for a minute before leaving. Eventually, as father’s day approaches, he impulse buys it. So father’s day comes and when Reborn comes down for breakfast, instead of his usual unadorned mug, there’s a new mug sitting on the table. He looks at Tsuna, who’s very carefully not looking at him and then at Nana, who is oblivious as usual.

He sits down, picks up the mug and his eyes widen as he reads the letters. He tilts his fedora down and looks at Tsuna, the boy keeps throwing hopeful glances in his direction but doesn’t say anything. Reborn drinks from the cup and pretends nothing is different, Tsuna is half relieved, half disappointed. But after finishing breakfast Reborn gets up and as he leaves he squeezes Tsuna’s shoulder before departing. Tsuna practically glows under the understated affection.

From then on, Reborn keeps doing little shows of affection. A little head pat here, a nod of approval there. Tsuna has never been happier.

OH MY GOD THAT IS FABULOUS!!!! I am completely, utterly in love with this headcanon. I support this 1000000000%!!!!!!!!! allthesamesky you have to see this!!!

James Potter was a normal seventeen year old bloke. He was sporty, spotty and spontaneous. And today, the spontaneity brought him to a library. His mother had decided to move house after the death of his father, ‘far too many memories, she said; they had recently settled, fairly calmly, into their new home. James planned on spending the summer exploring the area, whilst his good friend Sirius (who also lived with the family) planned on perusing the local women (and men, though he wasn’t quite up to admitting it to his mate who’d known for far too long).

James strolled, burgundy chino clad, into the library. His thin white shirt was rolled up to the elbows, showing his tan arms, and the top button or two was undone, revealing the top of his bronze chest. If it weren’t for his bespectacled face and his curious expression, the sporty lad would look quite out of place in the expansive, book filled building.

He walked quietly in, and looked rather sheepish while he did so, before navigating to the crime novels and thrillers using his worryingly extensive but very useful knowledge of the dewey decimal system (which he had taken it upon himself to learn as a very nerdy ten year old).

He fingered the spines gently, inhaling the scent of those books he so adored. Stephen King, Henning Mankel, Elmore Leonard, Patricia Highsmith, Ruth Rendell, Arnaldur Indridason… all the greats. He settled on an old favourite, The Talented Mr Ripley, and then walked off in search of a comfortable chair.

He spotted a sofa not too far off, but it already had another occupant. “Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked the curled up figure.

The person looked up, startled from the plot, “Oh, what? Yes, of course! Sorry, sorry…” she sputtered.

“Quite alright, The Crow Road does that to a person,” he said, nodding with a little smile to her own book.

“Tell me about it, I’ve been reading this all day!” she replied, politely enough, then turned back to the novel that gripped her so.

James chuckled to himself and flicked open his own story, being careful not to bend the spine as the book was in the public domain; if he were at home it would have been cracked years ago.

He read half the book, and was sitting for a good few hours, before the girl beside him sighed. “Are you alright?” he asked.

She nodded mutely before adding, “It’s just that feeling you get, you know? When you finish a really good book and you don’t really know what to do with yourself afterwards.”

“Tell me about it,” replied James, looking at the woman before him properly for the first time. She had vibrant auburn hair that shimmered like leaves in the autumn, and she wore high waisted jeans with a green blouse (tucked in) and some spit shined brown brogues. He decided right then that she was beautiful.

“I’d better be off then I suppose, I’m Lily, by the way.”

“James,” he said, and shook her hand, “I probably ought to go too, I promised I’d help a friend with some school work, but he knows how distracted I get…”

“I’ll see you around, I guess,” she said, happily.

“I’d like that,” he replied.

- - -

“Sci-fi today, Lily?” asked James the next day, finding the young lady once again curled on the library sofa. Today her hair was pinned up and tendrils trailed everywhere, she had on some culottes and a camisole.

She looked up at him and beamed, “James! I didn’t think I’d see you this soon!” she said. “Yeah, Midwich Cuckoos today, bit odd but I like it.”

“Nice choice, I’m reacquainting myself with Aud,” he said, holding up The Time Traveler’s Wife.

“I cried,” was all she said in response.

They settled again, she finishing before him, and he scuttling off to help Remus with music homework, whilst he in turn gave science knowledge.

- - -

 ”Mi dispiace, io non lavoro qui, ma probabilmente si possono trovare libri per bambini laggiù,” said James to a tan woman who had come into the library with a tired expression and a crying toddler. His gangly arms went off in wide arcs, gesturing as he spoke to her.

Lily watched, amused and awed, as the woman smiled gratefully at him, kissed his cheek, and then walked off to where she assumed he’d directed her.

"Really?" said Lily, as James sat back down.

"What do you mean, really?” asked James, confused.

“You speak Italian?”

James blushed. “Yeah, and some French and Spanish too,”

Lily just let out a low whistle.

“Oh, come on, yes, I went to private school, laugh at the little posh boy,” he said, putting his hand up as if ready to be mocked.

“Why would take the mick? It’s impressive!”

“Really? Maybe I’ll drag you along to the holiday home in Italy one day then if you’re so impressed by my showing off,”

“Careful, James, I’ll hold you to that!”

- - -

“So James Potter, in the weeks gone by, I’ve learned that you love to read, can speak conversational Italian and can cook a mean Bolognese,” Lily said, for once putting her book down. Today it was The Fault in Our Stars. “But what do you love, like, really love?” she asked him.

“Rowing,” he replied, without missing a beat, “and playing guitar.”

“Rowing?” she asked.

“It’s my sport, it was made for me. Most people play footie, but what with the Thames so close, and my dad having been on Oxford’s team, it just seemed right,”

“That’s beautiful,” she said, getting the smile on her face that he had seen on her face in the weeks gone by only when her favourite characters feel in love. “I’m afraid of water,” she said, with a sigh, “which is a shame because I love to watch the sports,”

“Well, if you ever need someone to help you out on the water, I’m your guy,” he said, with a smirk that she’d learnt hid suggestion.

“I’ll think about it, for sure,” she said, and they both smiled, somewhat coyly, at one another.

- - -

“Fifty Shades?” said James, his voice a strangled squeak.

Lily blushed profusely. “Speak of this to no-one Potter, ” she replied, before heading into the shelves and reappearing with a much less raunchy title.

James didn’t exactly know what to do with himself.

- - -

“Lily, this is a good mate of mine, Remus, he needs my help with an assignment, do you mind if we camp here? I don’t want to disturb you or anything…” said James.

“Oh, no, it’s no problem at all. Nice to meet you, Remus,” said Lily.

“The same to you, I’ve heard a lot about you,” said Remus, smiling gently. James hit him for the comment and Lily simply blushed.

By the end of the afternoon the assignment lay untouched on the table and Lily had made a new friend.

- - -

“Lily, what is… you favourite colour?”

“Hmm, blue, yours?”


“Alright then, James, what is your favourite… chocolate bar?”

“Toffee Crisp, for sure.”

“Really? Me too!”

James grinned and then rifled around in his satchel, he procured two toffee crisps. “These are Remus’ favourites as well, and these were for him, but I don’t think he’ll mind too much…”

Lily grinned and, somewhat guilitily, bit into the chocolate. “Thank you, James.”

“Don’t mention it. No, really, don’t, Remus’ll never forgive me.”

He earned a laugh from her for that.

- - -

“I can’t believe you’re reading that!” said Lily.

“What? Why?”

“I just… ugh! I’ve had enough of you James Potter.” Lily stormed out.

James looked, dumbfounded, at his book, a self help guide on getting women’s attention. He didn’t realise, not quite yet, that Lily was jealous.

- - -

When James went to library the next day, a small bunch of peonies in hand, Lily was nowhere to be seen.

- - -

When Lily arrived the day after that, she was disappointed but unsurprised not to find James.

- - -

Lily went the day after, foolishly hopeful, only to find another black haired boy in the place of the one she had come to know and be comfortable with.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I, uh, was expecting someone else…” said Lily, seeing that she’d disturbed the boy, and she began to back away.

“No wait, Red! It’s Lily Evans, right?”

“Um, how did you know that?”

“A dumbass coward with whom I am reluctantly acquainted has been, to my understanding, a complete jerk to you…”

“Oh. You’re Sirius Black aren’t you? James’ friend… I really don’t want to talk to him…” at this thought, Lily turned to leave again.

“I am the aforementioned friend, but I’m here of my own accord. James, being the whingy little bitch he is, has been lying at home eating toffee crisps and order-in Italian food speaking of nothing but this chick he met in the library. I’m simply here to a) see if she’s worth it - which you are by the way, that skirt is divine - and b) to apologise on my friend’s behalf for his ignorance and cowardice.”

“Wow. Um, well… I don’t really know what to say…”

“I’d really like it if you’d say ‘I’ll be at Cafe Libre tonight at seven wearing my best dress to reconcile with the probable love of my life who is also a massive idiot’ but it’s not required word for word,” said Sirius, grinning with a strange affection for the girl he’d barely bet.

“Oh, um… alright?”

“Fabulous, James will see you there. Oh, in case you have doubts, he has written soliloquies about the colour of your eyes. That’s not true, I just need him to stop moping. Bye for now, Red,” Sirius Black left like a whirlwind. He was dynamic to say the least, and he was long gone before Lily had gotten her head around what he’d said.

“Oh shit,” said Lily, very audibly for an unassuming library goer. “He was reading it for me.” Lily physically slapped her forehead, regretted it a moment later, and then ran right out the doors. “Marlene!” she screamed into her phone. “He does care! He’s moping! We’re going on a date!”

“You better get your sorry arse round mine sharpish. He may be in love with you already but I’ll be damned if I don’t give you a makeover anyway!”

Fic: Paper Hearts

Paper anniversaries aren’t meant to be extravagant, but Kurt and Blaine don’t know any other way to be. PG-13. Read on AO3 here. 

It’s mid-October when Blaine declares, “In less than a month, we’ll have been married for a whole year.”

His voice lilts in the pronouncement, proud but trying not to brag too hard. Presumably, Blaine thinks of it because of the engagement ring ad that interrupts the groove they bust while cleaning the apartment. Kurt tries to fit “Single Ladies” moves to it anyway, wedding ring covered by yellow rubber gloves from scrubbing the bath tub. Presumably, the undanceable radio ad is to blame, but Kurt knows the truth: if Blaine is mentioning it, that means he’s already up to something. Kurt has to catch up.

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Masquerade, Chapter 24

TITLE: Masquerade


AUTHOR: Losille2000


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: It started with a sly glance across a Venetian ballroom during Carnivale, even though both parties should have ignored it.  However, it most certainly cannot go beyond the confines of anonymous, masked revelry… or can it?

RATING: Mature (sexual situations, language)

AUTHORS NOTES: I’m so, so, so sorry for the wait on this update. Real life threw a wrench in my plans to write.  This chapter grew beyond the typical length of chapters I write, so I decided to break it up into two. This one is about 200 words shorter than a typical chapter of mine, but the good news is, I have an entirely new chapter to publish later tonight/early tomorrow.  Thank you ALL for reading. After this chapter, we have 2 regular chapters and an epilogue. Like all good Marvel movies, I hope you stay with me to the very end. :D

Previous Chapter

Chapter 24

When I woke up the following morning, the onerous weight on my shoulders that had been there since the beginning of this whole sordid ordeal hadn’t returned. Thanking the gods for small favors, I woke with a clear mind, ready to face the issues I would have to face during the day as well as in my future. It was a perfect place to start, and I wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. So I ordered a light breakfast from room service they delivered just as I was finishing with my shower and sat down at my laptop to type the letter I had been dreaming about ever since I signed my contracts for employment with Georgina.

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I actually have to gather to myself because I’m just gonna say it:


It was hilarious, meaningful but also so damn random all at the same time but it worked so well. The change from having all the tension from the competitions to seeing the skaters hang out for the day was simply amazing. This was definitely a fun episode and one that I’ll be re-watching whenever I need a laugh or to be assaulted by feels. 

The one thing I loved so much about this episode was that it was told from Viktor’s point of view. Usually, it’s told through Yuuri’s but today, we actually got to see inside Viktor’s head, his thoughts and his feelings. We never really know what Viktor’s thinking about though it’s quite clear through his actions but it’s so nice to see what goes on in that head of his. 

The fact that he cares so much for Yuuri is incredible, I never doubted it but to actually hear it is something else. The way he looked at Yuuri throughout this episode, the way he holds so much affection for him is so much that I simply couldn’t sit still. Even though it hasn’t been said, it’s obvious to see that the love is there and there is no queerbaiting involved. The show has been consistent with their relationship and hasn’t dialed back on how important their relationship is. 

In fact, they’ve dialed up even further. 

(Kubo knows what she’s doing and she’s doing a FABULOUS JOB!)

Then the fucking rings, you’ve gotta be kidding me. 

My heart can’t even handle how married these two are, putting the rings on each other’s fingers because that was basically a proposal. It’s a good luck ring, like a charm but as Viktor said, it also doubles as an engagement ring. We never got Yuuri’s answer because the moment Viktor said ‘gold medal’, all the skaters were like ‘bitch what?’ and it got all tense.



Also, Obatek is my new son and Yurio’s best friend, I’m so happy that I saw my angst son smiling and actually having a good time because he deserves it, yes he does. 

Chris has also redeemed himself because he’s really cool and funny and I like him. 

Also, Phitchit, my dear, was adorable and wonderful as always. Actually thought his best friend was getting married, announced to the restaurant, has no shame and I love him. 

Then…Yuuri being drunk. 

Where do I even begin?

He wanted to let loose and he wasn’t exactly in the best of moods. So he drank.

And drank.

And drank.

Then proceeded to:

  • Challenge Yurio to a dance-off (which he won!)
  • Strip and pole dance with Chris (who was in his element)
  • Dance (the Tango, I’m guessing??) with Viktor (those two were destined to be together from the start)
  • Stumble around with a champagne bottle.

It has now been shown that Yuuri was the one to put the idea of Viktor being his coach into his head. 

Meaning it wasn’t the video of Yuuri skating that pushed Viktor into doing it fully. 











silvereye12  asked:

:> Iridescent

So here’s a world where humans–whether intentionally or not–pattern their courtship the way some birds of paradise do. Women dress in drab, modest clothes and men in shimmering, over-the-top getups.  There are probably bowers–enormous, fancy houses or perhaps just Really Amazing Gazebos on the family estate where the lads take their lady friends to impress them.  

With so much focus on earning the favor of a potential wife, I have to think we’re looking at a matriarchy here–find yourself a rich girl, show her your fabulous shiny floofy clothes and bower, best your rival for her affections in a dance-off, and you’re set!

As for a story, my first instinct is to look at someone who kind of goes against the grain of this society–a foreigner or just someone who’s Different.  With a premise like this, there’s a lot of room for exploring gender/sexuality, I think.  Possibly in a slightly silly way.

The best I’ve got is this: a woman from another country who falls in love with a woman from this one and is determined to compete with her male suitors in the Traditional Way.  Ah, but first she will need fancy clothes and an EVEN MORE FANCY GAZEBO.  A tale of dance-offs, lesbians, overcoming ingrained classism, and realizing that sometimes the things you thought were most important are actually just really superficial.

Want to send a prompt?  Check here first!


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somuchbetterthanthat  asked:

If you're tempted, Irma/Floréal/Louison, - flirting? (can be just two of them if you prefer!)

In which it is really hard to tell if girls are flirting with you or not sometimes.


“Grantaire said he had a friend I had to meet, he didn’t warn me you were so pretty or I would have told him to make it a blind date,” Irma Boissy says the first time Floréal meets her, at the bar at the Corinthe, sliding into the seat next to her and elbowing Grantaire as he sits down too.

“Of course she’s pretty, I make sure all my friends are as beautiful as possible so I have models for my art and a way to make up to the world for my face.”

“Hush, I’m getting compliments,” Floréal tells Grantaire, rolling her eyes at him and then looking at Irma again. She’s very pretty, with an asymmetric haircut Floréal would love to steal and a pattern on her sleeves that looks hand-embroidered. “Maybe even giving them. Keep telling me nice things about myself and we can reconsider the blind date thing.”

“I never should have introduced the two of you,” Grantaire says, off to the side, though he sounds amused more than worried. “I suddenly want to take all of this back.”

“Hush,” Irma tells him, and that makes Floréal like her even more. Sometimes Grantaire has to be told to shut up, it’s a wise person who knows when. “Now, tell me about all these compliments you’re thinking about giving me.”

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Brace yourselves…Christmas is coming…

I just recently hit 600 cuties and decided to celebrate with my first ever botm!!

• Mbf me
• Reblogs only please!! (Likes just for bookmarking)
• Preferably only band blogs please!

How this is going to go down:
• the reblog is your entry
• I will select four blogs to put up in a poll (I will attempt to do that bc I’ve never made a poll before but if that doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I’ll try to think of something else)
• the blog with the most votes will receive the following

What fabulous presents you will receive:
• a special place in my blog description
• unlimited original content reblogs and promos
• a special Christmas present from me (pretty much whatever you want lol)
• my undying love and affection and friendship



Knackered……..overtime’s a bitch!

Dear Maya
Wow! Only a week ago tonight we saw history made! Then Julianne won at the Oscars & oh the way she said “Kriiiisten” just melted my heart. Such genuine affection there. So, so sweet! Next we saw the pictures of the Vanity Fair party. Who cares about some stupid black & blue dress on the Internet? Hottest thing I’ve seen in black & blue is the “Queen’s” leading man! (and I wish I knew who made the picture I used. It’s fabulous! Kudos to artist & thank you!)


K: Know what I love about you dude?

R: is this a trick question because I’m a bit knackered

K: oooh I love it when you talk British

R: I thought you loved it when I talk dirty

K: Talking dirty with a British accent even better

R: this is a text. You can’t hear me.

K: In my mind I hear you loud & clear!

R: know what I love about you? your loud & clear one track. But yeah I think I know what you love. You say it’s one of my better attributes.

k: haha NO! not THAT!

R what? You DON’T love THAT?

K: no dork. you know I do! but that’s not what I’m talking about

R why not? maybe I LIKE you talking about it

K: LOL. thought you were knackered!!

R Never knackered enough to not want to share my attributes

K: OMG just STFU for a minute!!! What I love about you (ok Besides THAT) is you’re a class act baby. You knew they would be talking shit about you after those London pics but you did it anyway. Winning~

R: YEAH I took one for the team

K: hey if you’re gonna be a “player” it might as well be for the team :)

R: you do what you gotta do. My turn to blow up twitter. They hate me?

K: London was same shit different day but just big boulder of salt baby.

R: honey you’re still their queen

K: uh dude. You’re setting all kinds of panties on fire with those VF shots & your Olympic aspirations

R: only panties that interest me are yours. My Olympic what?

K: mmm one track. ……Hurdling ottomans without spilling beer? Impressive. You’re quite the athlete this week

R: don’t forget “smoking & pondering life on balcony”. If they only knew what the fuck I was brooding about

K: you were just getting ready for the big game baby.

R Sometimes you win sometimes you learn. Game over. I am bloody timed out. You know that internet message that makes me fucking insane? Connection terminated. Mine is! My new mantra. Server being changed.

K: honey you sure as fuck get the good sport award

R: May I just say for the record - I HATE EXTRA INNINGS

K: HAAAA you even wore your overtime pants. Nice touch baby.

R: only “overtime” I want is with you. But no pants

K: HA HA. Deal. Love you dude………hey………about that attribute

R: yes little miss one track?

K: I can’t wait for you to share it with me

R: it’s yours. Always has been. And I love you more

So sweet Maya
Canadian film awards are this weekend. Would be really lovely to see someone recognized there! Regardless of the outcome though, he couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader. She is his biggest fan just as he is hers. They’re a team. It’s going to be OK.