and my living room

damien is amazing and i needed to draw him with some dogs goodnight

(also MC dad probably gave him that shirt. and took this photo who knows)

- i’d like to thank several of you for picking up the cloud blogging slack while i shirk my sky duties to lie around melting into the furniture being slowly enveloped in a thick blanket of mental illness and the dissociative haze of the drugs used to “””treat””” it, i love you

- i did however just watch a very tiny chihuahua do that thing where they stand on their two front legs to piss up a wall, so that helped a little

- my favorite time of day is when the sun passes over the southwest corner of the building so my apartment is once again in shadow and listen, i love natural light as much as the next asshole and this has sad implications for my dreams of a future carrara marble kitchen full of skylights but sometimes life is just Too Fucking Bright, i’m a scottish cave rat with very sensitive hazel eyes and i need sunglasses indoors on this overcast day please help me

- fedex is a great company if you like watching a package purposelessly sit in 2 separate warehouses for a total of 28 hours when said warehouses are 40 and 32 minutes away from your apartment respectively and your package is now set to be delivered three days late, also a truly exemplary broken live chat that flashes “ERROR: NULL INPUT” before disconnecting 6 times when you try to find out where your shit actually is, modern life is one infuriating fuckshow of petty aggravations after another

- speaking of which, i have more options for personal entertainment than lit’rally any generation before me, an endless ocean of Media Content to mindlessly ingest and the luxury of the requisite leisure time to do it in, so please explain to me why all of it is SO boring and terrible and uninteresting, why i cannot find a single thing to watch that looks tolerable, not even enjoyable, just like i could tolerate having it on in the background while engaging in other activities

It’s been near 100 degrees for the past few days. Right now it’s 85 with a feel like temp of 105 due to a humidity of 68%. It doesn’t cool down at night below 80. My AC may be on the fritz and hasn’t gotten the house below 80.

Okapi just came in with winter PJs on. Long sleeves and long fleecy pants. However when I asked her to let the dog out earlier she complained it was too hot to open the door and put the dog on her leash.

My brother, inspired by the Marth pentagram post, made a pentagram out of glow-in-the-dark duct tape in hopes of summoning Camilla. Instead he got a 5-star Takumi. The irony of it. The Camilla pentagram summoned Takumi. He was attracted by all the Nohrian Scum

UPDATE: he finally got Camilla everyone

songsandeyeglasses  asked:

How do you redecorate without breaking your fragile bank account??

I love this question! Everything on this list is under $30, and most of it can be purchased from the safety of your dorm room couch.

Decorating on a Budget

1. Plants: Plants are my personal favorite decor (apart from Xmas lights). They’re inexpensive and look great in any location. If watering a plant every day doesn’t work for your schedule, get a cactus! I water my cacti twice a week.

2. Xmas Lights: I try to distance myself from people who say that Xmas lights are just “seasonal”. I have three different strands of lights up all year long, one in each room and one on my outdoor balcony. These lights are perfect for parties, romantic evenings, etc. 

3. Candles/Incense: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, candles and incense really help an apartment feel more homey. They also help stave off the smell of your cat’s litter box, which is always a plus.

4. Posters: Posters aren’t as expensive as you think they are, but poster frames are ridiculously expensive. And you can’t buy the cheap ones, they fall apart instantly- you have to buy the $40 ones. My advice to you, buy posters and hang them up carefully with pushpins or tape.

5. Clocks: Buy a cool clock off Society6 or RedBubble for $25. It’s my belief that the right clock can help brighten up an otherwise dull-looking room. I bought my boyfriend this Bob’s Burgers clock for his birthday last year.

6. Shower: You don’t need to use the low-grade weak shower head that came with your bathroom. You can buy color changing shower heads and spa quality shower heads on Amazon for $25. Go forth! Always keep your old shower head somewhere safe, and put it back on when you’re ready to move out. There are lots of great and truly unique shower curtains out there on the internet, but they’re expensive. You’re better off buying one from Target or Walmart.

7. Night lights: I am the sort of person who always needs to pee at 3am. I have always used night lights in my bathroom and kitchen because they’re so much better than blundering around in the dark. Similar to the Xmas lights, they help create that “mood”. I have these cute little lava lamp night lights.

8. Glow in the dark stars: Just trust me on this.

9. Chalkboard paint: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, chalkboard paint can help turn your room into a perpetual canvas. A friend of mine from college did this to his incredibly small room, and it looked so good.

10. Beaded curtain: Beaded curtains help make small spaces appear larger. We have a beaded curtain hanging in our hallway currently, and it’s great. You don’t need a super expensive one that was handmade by the indigenous people of wherever. Just a simple one to put in a doorway or hang on the wall to change your space.

My alphabetical 25 favorite horror films of 2016 which I will probably keep updating until the end of 2017.

10 Cloverfield Lane

The Alchemist Cookbook


The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Blair Witch

The Conjuring 2


Don’t Breathe


The Eyes of My Mother


Friend Request

Green Room


I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

The Invitation

The Monster

Neon Demon


They Look Like People

Train to Busan

Trash Fire

Under the Shadow

The Wailing

The Witch