and my laptop is having issues

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its sad... just last year i would have had no worries of my friends exploring my computer, or my mom using my browser on my side of the computer. but now, i have to jump through so many hoops to avoid my friends and family seeing all the trash ships that i constantly search for fan fiction for. (do you ever have this issue?)

*pat pat* i understand your situation very well.

before my 18th birthday i never draw nsfw stuff or read-ahem so i never feel scared when people use my phone or laptop xD

but now i have to be careful and whenever they borrow my laptop or phone i just

we've already won

a Concept™ I wrote on my phone while mourning my dead laptop and trying to resist the urge to cry about anniversary. just a short skype call between the boys set today and told from Louis’ perspective, and basically the sappiest, fluffiest, most emotional piece of pure ot5 goodness I have ever written in my life. (also don’t hate me for not having a read more; this is on my phone bc my laptop is having issues like I said. but sorry for making you scroll through this nonsense anyway.)

louis settles into his chair, a sense of excitement seeping into his bones. it’s been far too long since he’s seen his boys; it hasn’t been too long since he’s seen Harry, at least–he’s grateful for that, because Harry is the fuel he runs on and he’d collapse if they were apart for too long, but it’s been an unbearable while since he’s seen the others. he won’t pretend like he hasn’t been enjoying the break but–God, he misses them. as much as he loves sleeping in and relaxing, it’s a poor substitute for this: the aching familiarity that burns him up from inside when he’s near them. all of them. these are the people he shares his soul with, the people he would trust with his life, the people who have kept him alive and happy through six of the most exciting, harrowing, and heartbreaking years of his life.
six years. God. Louis feels old.
the ping of a Skype call interrupts his thoughts, and he doesn’t even glance at the name before accepting. he already knows who it is.
“Boys!” Niall crows the minute they’re all onscreen. “I’m missing you buggers like hell. fuck off, Tomlinson, don’t laugh. I know you have been too.”
Louis laughs anyway because of course Niall is the first one to start professing his love, even if they’re all thinking it.
“you caught me,” he says, holding up his hands. “I miss you lot.” he glances at the screen, notices a missing face. “hey, not to be a cliche but–”
“–where’s zayn?” Liam preempts.
Louis nods and Liam sighs. “yeah, he’s coming. he texted me saying that he got caught up facetiming his mum.”
Louis nods, satisfied. “that may be the first legitimate excuse he’s ever given for being late.”
Harry and Niall snort with laughter, and Liam sighs again. being the most punctual person in the world is hard when you’ve got a boyfriend who finds it physically impossible to be anything but late, apparently. but there’s only a minute more before a new screen pops up in the call, and zayns face appears, smiling in that soft way he always has after talking to his family. Louis is filled with a warm rush of affection that he still knows things like these about zayn–about all the boys–that despite all the distance and time and press bullshit that’s gone by, they haven’t changed. there is still such a special place in his chest for these four. there will never be a part of him they do not own.
he doesn’t say any of that, though. what he says is, “hey, bro.”
“hey,” zayn says, flashing him a lazy grin. “how’s the kid?”
“how’s the girlfriend?” Louis shoots back, and they both chorus “fuck off” at the same time before exchanging the same gleeful smiles that they’ve been sharing for years. the fakeness might always, always be a part of their lives, but this–this will too. they have fake girlfriends, fake babies, fake lives, but they have something that no one else has. they have each other.
“so,” Liam says finally, “six years, lads.”
“six years,” Harry echoes, almost sadly. “can you believe it? it feels like three minutes and a million years, all at once.”
“remember how tiny and curly haz used to be?” Louis says softly. “can you believe he outgrew us all?”
“you’re bitter,” Harry says, “because you are short.”
“trying to reminisce about the old times here, Harold, not asking to be attacked.”
“do you remember,” Liam says hastily, “when we all went to Australia–”
“–and got high on the boat, yes,” Louis says. “good times. remember when you dragged zayn off stage–”
“–and dry humped me against the back wall?” zayn says. “I sure as hell remember that.”
Liam groans and resigns himself to the conversation not going his way.
“remember when Harry told us he was going to get that tattoo–”
“remember when Liam woke up too late for that interview–”
“remember when zayn got flashed on the balcony–”
“remember when Niall said not anymore Simon–”
“remember when Louis came up with the bears and we all thought he was fucking mad–”
“remember when we all–”
“remember when–”
“–six years ago–”
“–we became–”
but no one fills the next silence, because what could they say?
we became the biggest band on earth.
we became super humans that learned how to survive anything.
we became actors who sometimes still can’t tell how much of our lives are real.
we became a lifeline to millions of people.
we became brothers and lovers and best friends.
we became family.
it would all be true.
there will never be words for this thing the five of them have, because the world had never seen them before and has yet to see something like them again. there is no word for five people who share a heartbeat and a mind and an affection so deep Louis can feel the other four like they’re sitting right next to him when they’re spread over the earth like dandelion seeds after someone’s made a wish. there is no word for what they are, except maybe soulmates, but they have never used that word because they don’t need it. putting a label on themselves and shutting themselves in a box would ruin it anyway; they get enough of that from everyone else. they have a language of their own, made up of guitar chords and group hugs and water fights and two am hotel room conversations, and in it there is a name for what they are. it goes like this:
six years ago, five frightened kids were thrown into a room together and told to survive. six years ago, they had no idea that the world was waiting to tear them apart; no idea that this would simply bring them closer together. six years ago, they were excited for the fame and the music but stayed for the love, for the friendship, for each other. six years ago, they would have never guessed that they would be celebrating this day six years later, jaded kings of the world who have spent enough time ruling to know that there is a price that comes with every crown.
the call doesn’t last long because they’re all busy, but at the end, they all hold out a fist at their screens, imagine the weight of their hands piled together like they’d done before every concert. Louis likes to think that somewhere in cyberspace, the pixels of the images of their hands collide and mash together, until it is no longer possible to distinguish one from the other.
six years earlier, five nervous strangers pile together in a relieved and joyous hug, their luck making them familiar and eager and unawkward. outside, the world is waiting for them, ready to be conquered by their willing voices and unshakable bond.
they have no idea what’s to come.

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Hi! I was wondering was kind of tablet you use for drawing! My friend is thinking of getting one!

Hello!! I’ve always used Wacom tablets and have had a total of two types but the one I’m currently using is a Wacom Intuous Pen and Touch Small :D it’s a great tablet!

The only issue I have with it is sometimes my laptop says the drivers can’t be found and I have to reinstall or the pressure stops working on PTS ONLY…but those could both be a side effect of me not installing the driver and programs directly from the disk/bought PTS. So?? Overall though A+ tablet would recommend!

Bumbleby buzz buzz

(Small one cause I’m running out of ideas again)

Blake is one of the few people who Yang allows to really play with her hair or do anything with it. So sometimes the two do like to like braid each other hair and what not.

But after Yang’s arm lost when she doesn’t have a bionic arm or isn’t wearing it or something, since Blake knows Yang still loves her hair, on those days she will help take care of it as best she can.

i always hated how writing with pencil is so vital part of education. writing on paper is really slow, difficult and often very painful for me because of my my disabilities. i have serious fine motor control issues (sometimes something like picking up a knife and fork and moving them on my plate is nearly impossible) and these fuckers measured my worth with education system where 90% of the whole garbage revolves around writing on paper. and what kind of aids schools offered for me? extra time in tests. yeah thanks, very helpful. something like different way to write, like a laptop would have been helpful because i do not experience the pain while writing with keyboard but nooo, we only give you extra time to suffer in case you want to suffer a bit more slowly.

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Hi! I used to play cc-free ts3 and it was quite a challenge for my laptop to handle it smoothly (a few expansions plus some store content, medium settings and it did freeze a bit more often than it should have). Now I want to try ts3 again, with cc. So I'll def install Seasons, Pets, Generations and Ambitions and I'll get the mods you mentioned (thank you) to make it run smoother but.. if I get a moderate amount of cc, will the game get just a bit slower or a lot slower? Is it worth trying even?

Custom content itself isn’t really a performance issue, but I think it’s thought of as such because of other factors:

  • Corrupt/broken/conflicting/outdated content: this probably speaks for itself—this kind of content might prevent your game from starting or cause lag or other gameplay problems. I suppose it’s even possible that people might have very old content that just needs to be updated; when the WA patch was released, for example, a lot of people experienced lag associated with certain objects made with an older version of s3oc. You can use Dashboard to check for broken or corrupt content.
  • High-poly shit: this definitely causes lag, particularly if you’re on a laptop or a computer not really designed for graphic-intensive use. Many creators are not forthright with the poly count of their creations, which is shitty because high-poly items (think higher than the average poly count of a similar Maxis mesh) are certainly a cause of lag. Many custom hairs are notoriously high-poly, but I’ve seen even simple shoes and accessories with poly counts through the roof. Some people don’t do their LODs properly either. I won’t say that you absolutely have to avoid using high-poly items, because that really depends on your computer, but if you choose to use them it would be a good idea to disable them for random (some people prefer to disable for random ALL custom CAS items). Here’s a tutorial to do it with s3oc and s3pe. You can also use Master Controller and Dresser, but there’s a limit to how many items you can blacklist with that method.
  • A large number of files: this doesn’t really have anything to do with lag, but it definitely contributes to long loading times. You can alleviate this by merging your packages with s3pe. 
  • Poor custom content management: don’t be lazy. In addition to getting rid of corrupt/broken content, limiting the use of high-poly items, and merging your files, I would suggest not installing content as Sims3Packs—with the possible exception of Store content and worlds (though you can even install custom worlds as packages by using the Multi Extractor). And again, this one is not so much to do with lag; using packages just makes certain that you know what content is going into your game, thus avoiding the issue of broken/corrupt content. Because of how the Launcher installs Sims3Packs, you can’t properly remove that content from your game unless you also remove ALL the other content you’ve ever installed as Sims3Packs. Plus, the Launcher won’t tell you if there’s other content inadvertently attached to the item you’re trying to install.
So just be aware of all that when you start adding custom content. While custom content itself isn’t really a performance issue, you WILL have problems if you neglect any of the above points.
Age of Consent

It’s tough, because I didn’t grow up with the band.

I have a relationship with New Order based on hearsay and histories, songs passed down over the internet and from hipper friends than I. But the resonance their story as a band held in hindsight still represents some of the most central aspects of why I listen to music, when all the issues of taste and qualitative observation fall away and I’m just left with “what I like.” 

I first heard “Age of Consent” over my tinny laptop speakers when I was in high school–I never listened to dance music back then. At the time my tastes were still mostly rock and indie pop, albeit with a danceable bent, that was bound to songform and (now, I feel, excessive) formalism. 

So when I first heard this song, which was similarly formalist but with a seeming disregard for taut structure and a surrender to groove, I was both astounded and compelled. Not only that, but the groove in question was addictive–suddenly, I felt freed, unbound from my previous commitments to composure and allowed, finally to dance like a fucking idiot. 

Later, I heard “Age of Consent” at a party thrown by an acquaintance in college, deep in the middle of the “hip” crowd at the university. It signified similarly there, if a little more performatively. The questions that emerged for me–why this song when half of the others in the party playlist were Drake or Future, are there really that many people even dancing, this feels so out of place–were sort of representative of the boomerang that New Order experienced following their rise into becoming pop icons. Somehow, simultaneously, they came to represent, at least among certain cosmopolitan collegiate youth, the way towards “authentic dance.”

It’s a ridiculous term, and it’s a retelling of history that forgets the eventual fate of New Order–their work for England’s national football team in 1990, the Billy Corgan collaborations, et cetera et cetera–but somehow it rings true nevertheless. As much as “authenticity” seems to indicate an awareness or engagement with the inner self, rather than a dismissal of it or lack of care towards it, New Order does, for at least the peak of its career, bridge that gap, between the self-conscious rockers (and, in my generation, the sensitive indie types) who never went to middle school dances and their impulse to get down and have a good time. 

The real travesty, then is that their flirtations and smatterings with the power of dance seemed to recede just as they reached their peak, with the Ibiza sounds of Technique fading even by Republic, their ‘93 album and their last to sound like a cohesive unit. Rather than give the indie kids a full bridge into communalism, they simply laid the foundations.

But it was a foundation nevertheless, and one that resonated on a personal and historical level for me. I lost track of New Order in my growth as a listener for a while, dismissing them as too “middle-of-the-road.” But, in hindsight, it was that very attribute that allowed me to slowly be opened up to the sounds of house, techno and disco, dispelling ideas of rockism for me even before I knew what rockism was. 

Now, I’m just excited to see where that music for those in the middle–music like New Order, or LCD Soundsystem, or Washed Out, but with perhaps an even more 2010s twist–goes from there.

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I see you mave a lot of mods, do they cause any game problem? Also do you have any favorite mod artist ♡?

axD ohh yes i do have many mods,  and my laptop does a good work with them so i don’t have many issues, one that i hate the most is this one:

i don’t what does that D: but sometimes appears half of a miniature floating, & the game starts kinda slow but nothing to worry

in game its fine xD just that i get a lot of eccentric sims:

… xD hahahaha

well my favorite cc creators are hard to choose D: but here are a few:
@kalewa-a @sims4-marigold @kiruluvnst @dominationkid @karzalee @flowerchamber @puresims @zauma @manueapinny @leahlillith @imadako

Modern Witchcraft: A Video Series by DelicatelyHaunted

So, tonight I record my first video of what I have decided will be a video series on modern witchcraft. And by modern, I mean right here and now. 

I have a topic, and it’s on the use of fire in witchcraft and alternatives for those who cannot use fire for various reasons.

It won’t be a long video, but mostly because I am very disorganized and have quite a bit of anxiety about doing this. 

The video will be scheduled to be published tomorrow, maaaybe through use of Youtube. I’m not sure yet, it depends on how well my tech decides to cooperate and what I have to record on (laptop has mic issues sporadically so it may have to be tablet or phone.)

I hope you give it a view!

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hope you come back to sims 2 some day... unfortunatelly i have no clue about what to do for TS2 to properly run on Windows 10, infact that's why i switched back to Windows 8.1, as it didn't even run on windowed mode for me. anyway, happy simming, buddy! :3

Hi buddy! I haven’t really left The Sims 2, I’m just not feeling precisely inspired to play with it. I think the issue with the game is not Windows 10 (I have the UC and it worked just fine with my old laptop, which also had Win 10), but that the graphics card is very new and incompatible with old games like TS2. 

However, I can play the game by forcing it to run with Intel Integrated Graphics. So far it works pretty well, and frankly I am not sure if the visual difference between Intel and a proper graphics card would be significant enough to bother with editing game files and all that jazz.

I actually played a bit this afternoon. I managed to downsize my DL folder (I had a LOT of stuff I didn’t really need) and I will keep deleting stuff here and there. Today was my last day at work, so for the next month I will have plenty of free time to play. 

I played with Pleasantview. This is an unedited picture that I only cropped using Windows’ basic editing tools. I do not have Photoshop at the moment. 

And, like every time I begin a new game in Pleasantview, I started the rotation with the Brokes. Their lot is way less intimidating to remodel than the rest of them (I have never attempted the Goth lot, for instance). I didn’t get very far, I just gave makeovers to Brandi and Beau before getting bored. I need to find a challenge or something that motivates me to play. 

So yeah, I am still here buddy :)

 Thanks for the message! I really appreciate any chance to interact with you guys. 


So I know we had an update last week but I think a brief update will be helpful because there are new things on the horizonnnn.

So first off, I do think there will be an update tomorrow, Saturday, July 16th.  I haven’t started editing yet but I don’t think it should be much of a problem. I don’t have much planned this weekend SO ISSUE UPDATE IT IS. <3

Second, I am finally getting a new laptop! I feel comfortable with my savings and my pay at my job and…yeah! It’s so excited. I just bought it two days ago and it should be here soon. This is such a long time coming (bought my last laptop in 2011) especially with the amount of editing I do both graphic and video wise. Can’t wait to see my editing times lessen with it, FRICK.

Third, I think….if people are down….that I’m going to make a super cheesy video “trailer” to follow up the happenings of the ball/after party. It’ll probably be half aesthetic/ half actual scenes we could see happening. But I think I want to do it. YEAH. I have the cheesy song and everything. So maybe I’ll start that this weekend too. 

I think that’s it for now. 

I know a lot of this doesn’t really have a due date but it’s all comic related so yeah.

Fun stuff to come! <3



I miss Tumblr, and I’m back with a life update! I actually wanted to post an entry yesterday, but my sister’s laptop got issues lol. I ended up scrolling through Pinterest, watching How I Met Your Mother and stalking my first love, Justin Bieber.

I tried to change my theme – looked for new themes & checked so many theme makers, but I realized that I’m so attached to Elise. I don’t even know why.


Family. My mom, my sister and I have been planning for my sister’s debut on March 4. I know it’s too early, but you know we want everything to run smoothly.

Love life (lol). CK’s so busy lately. I heard that third year is the most crucial stage in his program Digital Illustration and Animation. We’re more on awayand tampuhan, and we seldom talk. No cheesy happenings lately haha. But I still love you ebab. ♥


I survived Prelim exams. The exams in Rizal class & Philosophy II class were essay type. I’m only satisfied with my answers in Philo. I think I did very well with my Investment exam except for the last question in the essay part. As for the other subjects, they’re just… okay. It’s just ¼ of the sem, but it feels as if it’s already midterm because of the todo reviews for prelim. My friends and I are always in the library – reviewing, reading, doing assignments and stuff. This sem is so challenging like I really have to study and read everyday, even on weekends.

OPM tour. I told you guys that we’re going to have a tour on August 25 to 28 for our Operation and Production Management class. We’re going to visit Subic and Pampanga! Everything’s settled, I guess, since it was already approved by the Office of Student Affairs, and our prof gave us the letter and itinerary, plus we already paid for the T-shirt. Yaaayy


JaDine. Team Real book! Nope, that’s not my own copy. When I went to National Bookstore here in SM Naga, I didn’t see any copy of the book. Maybe it’s sold out. I just borrowed that from my sister’s friend who happens to be my friend’s sister hahaha kaloka. So… the book. I got super kilig I almost cried!!!! I love everything – cover to cover! Ms. Irish is such a great writer!! I hope God showers her with more blessing. Also, the overall layout is simple, clean & reader-friendly. It’s like you’re reading a teen mag. I missed creating a magazine!

Books. I was able to finish two books last month – An Old-fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott & The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis. I’m going to reread The Silver Chair also by C.S. Lewis, so I could refresh my mind about the story. I learned that there might be a movie adaptation! I missed Mara Dyer trilogy. I want to purchase the hardbound copies, but I’m not allowed to withdraw haha poor me :(

Series. I’m currently on the sixth season of How I Met Your Mother, and tomorrow I’m going to watch episodes ten to fifteen of How to Get Away With Murder Season 2.


I think I’m doing better with my calligraphy. My only problem is that I want to use ZIG brushes & pens, but I can’t find the ones that I need here in Naga. Suxx

I need new eyeglass lenses!! I couldn’t see people clearly when I’m not wearing my specs, as in my eyes are getting worse.


Thank you to this blog’s new followers! I hope this blog inspires you a bit. Aaand after two or three years, @oohmisskhae finally followed me omg kilig!!! Thank you ate Khae! xo

thank you so much ;;; you should all know how I feel about you guys but just in case you need a reminder. . :

@kundalini-sims - it’s amazing how beautiful your sims are (and you are!) and you are a awesome person and I see all your “rambles” and I appreciate every single one of them because they’re all so true. you are so genuine and I respect//love that. I really love when you speak out because 100% of the time my opinion is exactly what you’re saying.

@hazelsimty - You’re such a awesome person and a fellow boriquaa like meee <3 I love your posts, and your sims & CC. I wish I could see more posts of yours ;;; But I think . . if it wasn’t you I’m sorry I was mistaken, that you’re having issues with your laptop? If it is you, I hope things get fixed, ;; If it wasn’t i’m sorry for mistaking haha. Stay flawless <3 ~

@simtric - You are doing wondersss with these mesh edits that I kinda wish you created for Sims 3! So talented c: I also think you’re super sweet and I see all the love you give on my posts and I really appreciate that. And of course your sims are so cute ;; <3 Whitlee is so stunning, and she looks amazing in my dress <333

@ebonixsimblr - I don’t even think you need me to tell you what you already know but I’ma do it anyways. I think you are SO FREAkING BEAUTIFUL ;;;; <3. Not just appearance but your personality is amazing, honestly sometimes I see you as a older sister to me, especially the other day when I came to vent to you and stuff, and you understood how I felt ;-;. It’s always rough when people don’t understand what I’m saying or trying to say, and you get depicted as something you’re *not* but you understanddd. I always rely on you and a few others, or other Tumblrs (like some of the above actually ^) for education on things that I wouldn’t know otherwise (cause I’m so out of tune with everything) and I really appreciate that. Also you’re beyond talented, and Phaedra is honestly so damn pretty ;_;.

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So what you're saying is that one shitty advertising decision made them lose your support? Honestly, I get where you're coming from with the audio issues, but if that's your main problem then I'd recommend looking for an ad-blocker that prevents ads from playing audio, if that's possible. (If it isn't possible, then at least you tried, so that's an excuse.)

well yeah, audio ads are bad, i dont like them and i dont want them to exist

i dont want to have to wear a million adblock condoms everytime my laptop goes onto the internet, I believe I shouldn’t have to do that

if i just let them exist, even if i find something that auto mutes the audio, id be telling their creators “hey i dont mind these and im gonna give you money and support it so it can continue happening anyway” because why would they change anything if it is making them money and working

by refusing to give them money for ads i dont like, I’m giving them a direct message in a language they understand

“these ads are not making us money, therefore they arent working, we should find out why that is and change them/make them different so that they are making money”

thats step 1 anyway, step 2 would be them realizing i dont like forced unpausable audio and if theyd get rid of that i wouldnt mind the ad so much and maybe it WOULD start making money for them like they want

them having a shitty product, their ads, and therefore my refusal to buy into it/give them money and rewards for it existing, isnt my fault for thinking they are shitty and refusing to play, its their fault for being shitty in the first place

Totally in love with this hair by stealthic

Description on tsr-

Created for: The Sims 4

-Compatible with hats
-18 Colors
-All LOD’s
-Teen through elder
-No body morphs
-Smooth weighting
-Crash fix

I hope you all like this one :) Check creator notes if you’re having issues.

Creator Notes

Make sure you aren’t in laptop mode! And make sure you are updated to the latest sims version or it won’t show in game.
Please don’t retexture my hair with the mesh included.
Model and skin by me.

Credits: Anto for textures

hey guys, quick update! i’m having some major laptop issues that’s going to require a new one at this point, it’s made it difficult to be on a computer for more than a short period of time (hence the lack of keeping up with ador-tv blog so far and a lack of a news article with an event being posted, since my photoshop also has been removed for right now). i’ll be looking to try and get a new one within the next few days, but in the mean time please be patient with us / the sideblogs (though weather and stuff is queue’d for another week or so!).

follows and stuff should still happen at regular times!

Ok, i need a bit of a PC gaming tech troubleshooting, wondering if anyone has a solution?

I have Psychonauts on steam, and i tried running it in my Windows 10 laptop, this laptop has an AMD Radeon A8 video card in it. You know, i felt like playing it.

Thing is, the game runs fine, wonderful even, i have no issues playing it, so what’s the problem?

For some reason, the game’s graphics flicker. It’s not like the objects dissappear (i can slide down grindrails while they flicker, so they’re still solid) but i think the textures unload and load at random.

Honestly, it’s kind of distracting.

And i don’t think this should be happening.

Anyone have any idea of why this is happening?

Hiatus 24/7 ~ 31/7

I’ll be in Stockholm for a week and leave my laptop at home, so you won’t hear from me at all while I’m away. I was going to clear out my drafts and/or queue replies before leaving but I didn’t have time in the end, but as soon as I get back replies & owed starters will be done and I’ll pick up the plotting threads I’ve neglected too.

I just lost all customization on my theme, but I don’t have time to change it back before I leave so it will look the way it does now until I return. This means the links to my pages aren’t there, so here are the rules | about | verses should anyone need them.

I hope you all have a great week, lovelies ♥