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How to dry rose petals the lazy way

My dear husband gave me some pretty white-pinkish roses for Valentines Day and as they were starting to wilt I figured it would be a waste to just throw them out. So why not dry them! My usual method of drying involved bundling the flowers and hang them upside down over a radiator. I used to do this quite a lot when I was a teenager but I have lost the patience to do so (Also I don’t have a suitable radiator in my current house anymore)

I looked around for a faster method and stumbled upon a few options:

Option 1: Place petals on a flat surface in a warm environment with lots of ventilation and leave for a loooooong time.
No. Not an option if you have a hyperactive 4 year old running around and destroying everything in his path.

Option 2: Dry them using an oven. Place rose petals on an oventray and put them in the oven on 200 degrees while leaving the oven door open.
Still takes too long for me so I found another method:

Option 3: Nuke the fuckers. The microwave, Now let me tell you, I was a bit skeptic about this. I mean, rose petals in the microwave? I don’t know man. But hey, they said on the internet that it would take only a minute. Not too bad,so I tried it.

I placed the petals on a plate covered in kitchen paper, making sure that the petals were not touching each other. I place the plate in the microwave and blasted them for a minute an a half. They were not completely dry yet so I nuked them for another minute. The came out perfectly dry.
You want them to be crunchy, like potato chips, if they are still bendy, there’s still some moisture left in them.

 After they’re nuked till crispy I placed them on a baking tray to dry for another 48 hours before storing them in an airtight container (I placed the tray on top of a closet and out of sight from my dear little monster child)

^ This is the result of me being an impatient little shit.
I put the 2nd batch of petals in the microwave for a full 3,5 minutes because, hey, maybe it’s faster than checking on them every 30 seconds…
Burnt the everloving fuck out of the poor things.
So be patient.

Tah-daah. Finished. 
The pot I used is a glass airtight pot that used to hold instant coffee. The only reason I drink instant coffee is because of the pretty pots like this one, I’m building up quite a collection of them. They’re very useful to store various stuff in

Anyway, I hope this was useful!
I’ll make a new post about what to do with them once I figure it out myself :)

Have fun being stranded in the Philippines.

Please be patient, the buildup to this is intense and long but the resulting revenge has probably put me on the Devil’s shortlist. (tl:dr at the end)

About 3 months before I finally quit, I was getting really pissed. Management was never in the office, the Owner couldn’t make up his mind about anything, and so many people were quitting that I ended up being the only Programmer/Developer in an office of about 50 people… for a company that received 95% of its business from online sales. People started taking credit for my work and I decided to quit. Looked around for jobs, found one pretty quickly, and put in my two weeks notice with a nice little note that simply said something to the effect of “I hereby resign, effective blah blah blah”.

Lo and behold the man who had in the last few days become my manager (we’ll call him Frank) instead of idk maybe promoting the only programmer in the company to the head of the development department, begged me to stay, promised me a raise, and told me about their new project and how he wanted me to be involved.

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The Painting

Hi babes!💘 this is a smutty oneshot about the reader ignoring Tom when she gets an idea for a new painting, and Tom only wanting to gain her attention more! A small argument and sexy time ensues! I hope that you guys like it!👼🏻

The Painting

When Tom had come home, he’d found her with her hair tossed messily into a bun, stains of color smeared across her skin, and standing in front of a rather large canvas dressed in an imbrued art smock. The smock in which his girlfriend sported was backless, and Tom was delighted to find that she was wearing nothing but a pair of sheer, pink panties and bobby socks beneath it. He not only had a clear view of her legs, but her bum as well, and there was absolutely no way Tom thought that he would be complaining about anything when she was in such a state, but, there he was, complaining.
“Baby,” Tom whined, flopping into the nearest chair to her, “pay attention to me. I’ve spent my entire day missing you and now you’re barely even speaking to me.”
She sighed, scrunching up her nose and pursing her lips, scrutinizing the piece of art in front of her. Crossing the room to mix together a concoction of red, pink, silver and white paint to create the perfect rosy tint, she answered Tom. “You know that I’m not trying to ignore you, I love you. It’s just that I think I may finally be breaking through the weird mental block I’ve had for a while.”
Tom nodded, understanding that she supported his artistic expressions, so he would have to buck up and support hers. It wasn’t as if he was unhappy with her painting, in fact, he was the exact opposite. He was thrilled to see her final product, and he loved seeing the spark of imagination light up her eyes, but as Tom said before, he missed her so much. Their time together had always been limited and he was jealous that her painting was receiving more attention than he was, considering that she could spend a million and one hours with her painting at her leisure, but she had maybe 90 something hours with him .
She plopped down into Tom’s lap and kissed him on the cheek, “you can mix the paints if you wanna.”
Tom held the spatula that his girlfriend had handed over to him, and did his best to focus on following her directions, while defying the feeling of his girlfriend in basically squirming around on his lap while she glided her soft, warm lips up and down the base of his throat in between her orders.
“Can I see what you’ve done so far?” Tom asked, curious as to what she was even painting.
Her kisses paused briefly, and then started up again between the words she said, “No! You can only see once I’m finished. I want it to be a surprise.”
Tom groaned, “is this good?” he motioned the colors he’d mixed. When she nodded, she made sure to turn her head to press a heavy, hot kiss to Tom’s lips before she hopped off of him. Sliding a hand down his face, Tom got up to leave the room. If he’d stayed there any longer, the images of her bending over in next to nothing would make him too hard to bare, so he decided that while she painted, he would busy himself with whatever nonsense that he came into contact with.
It had been a day and a half since her art project began, and since then, Tom had learned how assemble both a dresser and a cabinet, fixed every leaky faucet and broken appliance in her apartment, and had perfected a few random recipes he’d stumbled across on the internet. He was going out of his mind.
As time went on, she became even more and more appetizing to him. She was passionate and focused and Tom was, at that point, hard. No matter how many hot showers, cold showers, or even baths he’d taken, it wasn’t enough for him. Tom felt that if he didn’t have the real her soon, he’d burst into flames or melt into a puddle of sticky goo that would stain her carpet.
A few hours later, he heard the pitter patter of her socked feet rushing to meet him in the bedroom. Laying across her bed, Tom rolled over onto his side and peered at her smiling face when she entered the room.
“Tom, I need you.” She said, a blissful expression warming her features.
He quirked a brow at her, “oh yeah? What for, my darling, little love?” He looked her up and down, taking in the paint soils splashed all over her body, the exposed skin of her legs, her lack of bra, and hoped her response would indicate that she needed him to take her.
She rushed forward and knelt down by his bedside, taking his hand in hers, “help me with the painting, I’m just about finished.” She kissed his knuckles and laid her head onto her mattress.
“I thought that I wasn’t allowed to see it until it was all done?” Tom said confusedly.
“I know what I said, but I’ve changed my mind. The painting needs your special touch!” As she got up off the floor, still holding his hand, Tom could think of more than a few things that could use his special touch.
When she finally brought him to a stop in front of her painting, Tom understood why she hasn’t allowed him near it. He could tell that the figures trapped within her canvas were lovers, even though they appeared to be more similar to florets than people. All the colors were soft and romantic, and he could see that she had added a tinge of shimmer to particular images, so the painting looked mystical and otherworldly. Truth be told, if he’d gotten anywhere close to it earlier in the day, he would’ve messed it up.
“Darling,” Tom breathed out, desperately trying to figure out how to express the level of his admiration to her, “I just don’t know how you manage to be so fucking magical all the time. It’s beautiful, I love it, but I’m afraid that me just standing this close to it will ruin it. Unless you need me to lift it, I don’t know how to help you.” Tom bent down and kissed her gently on the forehead, moving to tuck some of her untamed fringe back behind her ear, where he couldn’t help himself but press a kiss to her earlobe as well.
Tugging his mouth back down onto hers, she mumbled in between long kisses, “help me just fill in a few spots, then it’s yours. I read somewhere that if someone helps you complete a task, the task, or in this case, the painting, will make that person think of you.” She broke away from Tom for a brief moment, and Tom heard her airly whisper into the crook of his neck, “I wanna make you think of me.”
Tom’s eyes opened and he guided her body away from his, “what are you talking about?” He was so genuinely puzzled that his confusion took the place of his desire to have her until the sun came up. “I always think of you. Literally, always. Ask anyone I work with, I never shut up about you.”
“Okay,” she said, disbelief laced firmly into her tone. Grabbing a paintbrush, she leaned into Tom to kiss him again.
“No, no, baby. Honestly, do you not believe me?” Tom was growing so perplexed that he was starting to get angry. “I love you, do I not tell you enough or something?” He knew that he was being abrasive and slightly over sensitive, but he didn’t know why she was playing as if Tom didn’t care for her.
Groaning, she walked out of Tom’s reach and back to where she stored her varying paints. “Tom, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”
“Uhm, nope. I’m going to worry about this because I’m pretty sure that this is something most couples in a healthy relationship would speak about.” Tom said, moving to stand in front of her.
“Let’s not do this,” she said, pushing her art smock’s strap back up to it’s proper place on her shoulder.
“No, no, let’s!” Tom declared.
“Tom, no! There is literally no point to this argument, if you don’t want to help, it’s cool.” She stood onto her tiptoes to press a quick kiss to the corner of Tom’s unprepared lips. “See? It’s all good,” she said, going around Tom and back to her mostly filled in canvas.
“Please, can you just talk to me, darling?” Tom wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her body to him as tightly as he could without crushing her. “I love you and what’s important to you is what’s important to me. So please, please clue me in.”
The girl didn’t even need to turn around to feel his puppy dog eyes burning a hole into her back. “Fine,” she said shortly, “when ‘Homecoming’ drops, you’re going to be huge, bigger than you already are. Like you’ve said before, life is going to change and nobody can say for sure what will and will not change, only that there will be changes, and if life makes you go away, at least you’ll have this painting. At least I’ll be remembered as the girl who painted you the weirdly rosy painting.”
Tom was so stunned that he couldn’t think of one appropriate thing to say. “Are you serious? Sounds like you’re pretty sure you know what’s going to happen with us, huh, smart girl?” He knew that getting mad wasn’t going to help the situation, but his feelings were hurt that she thought he’d drop her just like that.
Removing his hands from her body, Tom turned, “fuck it, that is so irritating. I am not leaving you, and unless you plan on ditching me, I think that we’re going to be together for more than a long while, darling.” He sneered, pacing back and forth across the limited space her living room provided. “This is ridiculous, you’re so intelligent, so why you’ve gotten that into your head, I have no idea. I’ve made sure to factor you into nearly all aspects of literally everything I do, now why do you think that is?”
She knew that she was being dumb, but she couldn’t help it. She was so paranoid that Tom would be out one day and he would come across someone shiny and new, and then he’d realize that being with her was not what he wanted anymore. When she started her painting, her only goal had been to give Tom something that would leave an imprint of her in his mind, so that no matter what happened with them in the future, she would still be apart of him.
Her eyes grew glassy and tears threatened to boil over her waterline and smudge her mascara. She was mad at herself for being so insecure, and for possibly ruining her relationship with the one thing she’d meant to sort of bandage over her issues, and she couldn’t come up with a statement to justify herself to Tom.
Tom looked over to her figure, standing in front of the pink canvas, frilled bobby socks and lacy blue panties in all. Even though he was both pissed off and taken aback by her behavior, Tom couldn’t deny the urge to just slam himself into and make her understand she was the only person on the planet for him. Muttering, “oh, for fucks sake,” Tom marched purposefully over to her and smashed his lips roughly down onto hers.
Yanking her hair out of it’s rubber confinement, he broke away from her to watch it tumble down in waves to frame her face. Forcing her to look into his eyes by pressing a finger beneath her chin, Tom practically growled, “I am not going anywhere without you in my life. It’s like they say on that one soap opera that never seems to end, you’re my person. Couldn’t leave you to save my life, I’d come back to you forever.” He looked into her eyes, trying to find better words to make her understand that he was completely and utterly dead serious. “Get it?”
Her lips were puffy and her skin was still soft, despite being nearly every color of the rainbow and Tom was going to rip that smock off her body if it was the last thing he did. He could tell that she was humiliated that she let her paranoia get the best of her, and Tom, for a brief thought thought that she deserved it for thinking so lowly of their relationship. He only stopped once he took into account that if the roles were reversed, he’d be a snivelling mess of a human being because she was an angel among humans. He didn’t deserve her, but then again, surely no one else did either.
Tom’s grip on her calmed and he lovingly pried the paintbrush out of her hand and shuffled her around in his arms so that she too faced her masterpiece. “We’re going to paint this together,” Tom said, as his hands began softly untying the knot of her smock. “I’m going to continue thinking of you always and forever, even though you’re still going to be my girl and I’ll still be undeniably yours. Got it?”
Her eyes fell shut and she gasped when she felt Tom’s mouth press adoringly wet kisses to her exposed shoulders. She arched her back as one of Tom’s hands moved to the front of her body to knead her breasts. Blinking her eyes open, she saw that Tom’s other hand was still clutching the paintbrush and that he was currently dipping its tip into a circle of paint. “Answer me,” Tom ordered, sinking his teeth into her skin.
“Got it, got it, got it,” she rambled out dreamily. “Gonna be your girl forever.”
Maneuvering her slightly so that his view of the canvas would be clearer, Tom began to paint the little empty spaces she’d left for him with long brushstrokes. “That’s right sweetheart, my girl forever.” Switching hands, Tom held her to him with the hand that was also holding the paintbrush, and yanked the closest chair in arm’s reach over to where they stood. Sitting down, Tom guided her around to face him before pulling her onto his lap.
Her cheeks were rosy from a mix of blush and paint and her lips were parted and her chest was heaving. Her gaze flicked up and down Tom’s body so obviously that he had to smirk. Forcing her closer, Tom brought his hips closer to hers and watched as she subconsciously leaned into him, bracing her hands on his chest.
She shuffled a bit further onto his lap, so that she was aligned perfectly with the bulge in his jeans. Letting out a gasp, her hips bucked against him and she bit down on her lip to prevent another louder gasp from escaping.
Tom’s arms constricted themselves around her, one went around her waist and the other tangled itself into her hair. “I think the painting is finished.”
Not even turning to look, she nodded, breathing out a response so faint that Tom couldn’t even make it out. She slid a hand under Tom’s shirt to trace over the lines of defined muscle on his stomach. “I’m really sorry about earlier. I don’t know why my head makes me think things like that.”
Tom kissed her tenderly on both cheeks before placing an even softer kiss to her mouth, “it’s alright, darling. I don’t know why I got so mad before. I honestly don’t know how my head would make me think if our roles were reversed.”
“I’ll love you forever,” she said, rolling her hips onto Tom’s lap.
“I’ll love you for some time after that,” Tom chuckled, his hips beginning to meet hers. “But don’t take my word for it,” Tom began to litter kisses up and down her throat while he reached up to untie her smock, “let me show you how fucking much I love you.”
“Okay,” she said, her lips covering Tom’s as his hands tore the art smock from her body. Their hips collided as their clothes became one with her floor, and the rosy painting in front of them was to be hung and framed in the apartment that they came to share.

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can you pleeeease post some stories about/from OMD?


i’ll set the stage: picture a 5′6″ 80 year old man with giant blue eyes and shaggy white hair that is a mix between surfer bro and old man. he’s almost always wearing a jumpsuit and hasn’t purchased new clothes since the 80s or sometihng.

he called me at 11:30 PM when he knew I was in bed. he knew i was in bed because he had been talking to me through my bedroom window for an hour about how he is convinced someone broke into his house in 1949 through the bedroom window. he didn’t live there in 1949. i was like, OMD. it is my bedtime. i know you stay up until 4 AM and sleep until 2 PM every day, but I gotta get up at 7 for work. and he said, “i just had to tell you that i found a picture of my brother in law and i can’t WAIT to show you tomorrow” and then talked at me for 15 minutes (from 4 feet away - literally, our houses are really close together) about his brother in law who is now dead.

he’s lived on our street his ENTIRE life - he was born a few blocks down the road, moved a few blocks up the road as a teen, and bought the house in the 70s. he knows EVERYTHING about the neighborhood.

when i was moving in a few years ago, he sauntered out of his house and sat on the back of the moving truck uninvited, made a skeptical face, and shouted, “WHO are YOU!?” at me. my mom was convinced he was going to murder me for so long. i thought he was so weird at first and my mom was like “someday you’ll just be like, oh don’t mind dan, he’s harmless, he’s just my wacky neighbor” and it’s so true.

he casually drops the craziest stuff into conversation and i never believed him at first but i’ve been fact checking and EVERYTHING he says is true. in one of our first conversations he dropped that my house used to be a brothel and a sex worker owned it and that he was a millionaire and owned property in 5 different states and i didn’t believe him but it’s all true.

sometimes he brings me $5 giftcards to trader joes because he knows i like to buy cookies from there, but scolds me about eating junk food. he’s EXTREMELY healthy and goes to a naturopath. i wish i could post a picture of him but that would be creepy and he HATES the internet - he doesn’t even have a cell phone.

he doesn’t own any big knives so he will leave watermelons on my back porch with a note asking me to cut them in half for him. he always gives me half.

he calls me his favorite friend and i told him about being in a bad spot when i was a young teen and last night while i was talking to him through my bedroom window he said “I’m just really glad you didn’t kill yourself when you were younger.” and it made me cry lol. i love him a lot he’s my surrogate grandpa. he never married or had kids. he waits for me in my backyard when i get home from work almost every day and tries to get me to hang out with him but i usually just want to go inside and chill, i try to hang out with him as much as possible.

he told me he’d never had a birthday party before so last year i threw him a garden party and baked him his favorite kind of cake and some of my friends came over and it was great.

he also hates taxes, trump, the government, and goes to a bunch of neighborhood anti gentrification meetings lol.

Today, I fucked up... by picking up a hitchhiker and then showing up to my own funeral

This happened a few years ago and I was living in Zimbabwe at the time, and I was having a pretty bad day, I was going to see my auntie who lived about 400km away from me. If youre african you’ll understnad that this was no small journey. So I got in my car and set off and about 3 hours into the journey i came across a Dude by the side of the road who was going in the same direction, so out of the goodness of my heart i said jump in. we go to talking and he happened to be going to exact same village as me and he knew my auntie!.

Half an hour passes and we’re making polite chit chat and reminiscing about old times in zimbabwe, when all of a sudden he tell me to pull over, so I do. he runs out of the car and starts making wretching noises, so i assume he’s throwing up, its dark at this point so i cant really see much, so i go check on him ( first mistake). I get out and go to his side expecting him to be there but he’s not…..Then I here someone behind and me and before i know it im unconcious! so I wake up a couple hours later( iknow this becuase the sun was coming up at this point) without my car, clothes or wallet. so im thinking great. i look around and see im on some farmland wearing the giys clothes. SO i start walking in no particular direction and eventually come across a settlement.

I explain to them my situation and they tell me that the nearest main road is at least a good half a days walk from where I am and they dont get many cars coming through this part but they heard one last night ( which might be our thief). I start walking in the direction they point me in and after what felt like forever i come acroos a road, so I pitch up and start waiting, ( now i know most of you are thinking why not call someone, i had no phone with me and I dont have the best memory so I didnt know any numbers that would come in handy). after a couple of hours a car stops and lets me hitch I let him know the situaion and he says we’re in the complete opposite direction of my intended destination but he’s willing to drop me close enough to walk the rest of the way to which I thought great!

its takes a good two days to get there and he drops me off and i say my goodbyes to my driver, I take down his number so i can repay him later on. At this point im starting to recoginise my surroundings, I walk for a few miles and as im getting closer to my aunties i can here a lots of singing and what appears to be a large crowd which i though was strange. Im about 100 feet from the house and i see my Son which again i thought was strange because he was meant to be in school at this time, but instead of running to me and hugging me as he normally does…he runs away screaming to my complete bewilderment. I get to the the gate and all of a sudden the large crowd alerted by my sons scream has stopped singing and is stood silent. my wife appears and starts to run towards me hugging and kissing me like Ive been gone for months. My auntie appears and immediately faints when she sees me.

I still have no clue whats going on at this point and im exhausted, so we rush to get my auntie inside and I see my picture ontop of a large box that resembles a coffin sitting in the living room….

So it turns out that the guy who robbed me and made off with my car my wallet and all my clothes was in a car crash so bad that they couldnt identify the body and because the only things they could use to identify him was my wallet, they assumed it was me that had died in the crash. since there was no body of sorts they could arrange the funeral preety quickly and that is what I had stumbled upon. My son still has nightmares to this day and and my wife has told me never to pick up a hitch hiker ever again.

TL;DR Got carjacked, robber died and family thought it was me, they arrange my funeral and I somehow manage to stumble upon my own funeral.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

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Writting Prompt: Danny cries in his sleep, sometimes really loud. And screams. Once he even transform while sleeping. The problem is, he start to doing it when he fall asleep in class. Hope it's good enough to write

angst oh god what is with this phandom and angst okay here’s ur angst with a heavy dose of weird millennial humour because this bitch can’t angst without a metric fuck of comedy sprinkled all over the place

also I’m sick and wrote half of this in the middle of the night while feverish so like, I did my best

“OKAY THIS IS FINE.” Danny said aloud to the floor. He didn’t really intend the floor to be the recipient of his ire but it was where his face was currently planted so it would just have to ding darn diddly deal with it.

Danny had experienced his fair share of being stuck in awkward positions but this one had rivalled many of his top ten, and he hadn’t even been thrown across a room by a ghost to achieve it! Nope, he just fell out of bed.

One arm was flung out before him, the other awkwardly pulled behind his back, still twisted up in his bedsheets, along with his leg. Just the one leg, the other was hanging - in quite a remarkable display of inhuman dexterity - over his shoulder.

All it took was some gut wrenching, heart stopping, bile inducing nightmares. Nothing fancy really, just the visceral image of everyone he loved and cared about DYING from TOO MUCH FIRE right in front of his eyes as he watched helplessly. Yep.

“THIS IS FINE.” Danny said again, a little louder this time. The carpet smelled like feet, Danny decided maybe he should take his eating hole off the gross floor before he caught a foot fungus on his lip. He knew it was possible, it happened to Ricky Marsh once at camp.

Yeah Danny should REEEAAAALLY get his face off that carpet. Right now, yep. He was gonna get up at this very mome-

Jazz heard a loud snore come from Danny’s bedroom. He was supposed to be up half an hour ago, school started in ten minutes. But she knew he had a plate piled high with superhero shenanigans that kept him up at obnoxiously late hours nine nights out of ten. The bags under his eyes could hold all the homework he never got done, with extra space for his unfinished chores.

Jazz was fully prepared to sneak in and firmly tuck him into bed with ghost proof sheets, a lie, an excuse and at least three compromises balanced on her tongue ready to jump at any parent and/or teacher that wanted her brother out of the warm sanctuary of bed today. Then she heard his gentle snores twist into a devastatingly soul crushing little whimper.

Oh boy, that wasn’t good.

Jazz opened her brother’s bedroom door and quietly peered inside to find… no one. He wasn’t there. Typical ghost bullshi-

Jazz had almost closed the door when she heard it again, that tiny little whimper. Was he invisible? She thought to herself, barely acknowledging how fucking weird her life had gotten that that question came so naturally to her.

Jazz padded into the room and found that Danny had, somehow, managed to fall asleep on the floor beside his bed. One leg still hanging in the air via blanket sling, it was almost funny, until he screamed that is.

Jazz nearly jumped out of her spotty blue socks when a noise ripped out of her sleeping brother’s throat, a noise that honestly could have come from the cutting room floor of a horror flick that was deemed too terrifyingly violent to be shown on screens literally anywhere. His back was arched, his mouth wide, hands curled in on themselves, he almost looked as though he were convulsing.

It stopped suddenly, with a gasp and a jolt Danny woke. He didn’t shoot up or flail about, he just laid down on the floor, eyes blearily noticing that there was another person in the room. Jazz sat down by his side as he wiped his face, staring at the tears on his hands.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Danny glared at her.

“Sorry, standard question.” Jazz mumbled as she unhooked his foot from the clinging bedsheets. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Danny, still laying on the floor, swung his right arm around, it had gone numb and tingly, the kind of numb and tingly that really hecking hurt when he started moving it again, yeesh.

“I had this really gnarly dream,” he started as he massaged his arm, Jazz listened intently. “I ordered a sandwich without mayo but when I bit into it there was mayo like, EVERYWHERE and-”

Jazz dropped a pillow on his face.

“That was rude.” Danny’s muffled voice grumbled.

“If you don’t want to talk about it you can just say so instead of being an asshole.” Jazz huffed as she found a pair of jeans and a shirt that were Clean Enough and threw them at the pillow. “You were crying and screaming, I was WORRIED.”

Danny pulled the pillow and clothes away and looked at his sister, actually looked her in the face. Her eyebrows were pulled tight and she was gnawing on her bottom lip, she really did look worried. Danny sat up and fished a somewhat pungent binder from under his bed, Pariah’s Oath he really needed to do his laundry.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” he stared down at his hands, face suspiciously neutral.

“Okay.” Jazz’s voice was gentle, she wasn’t going to push it, she’d learned a long time ago that it always just made things worse. “That’s okay, just know you can always talk to me, alright?”

Danny stood up and stretched, joints cracking and popping in a way that made Jazz want to barf. He could feel his arm again, thank the Ancients.

“You say that now, but every time a new rocket model comes out-”

“Bye Danny.” Jazz fucked off faster than Johnny’s shadow at dawn, absolutely Not wanting to stick around for another geeky space rant. Danny’s shit eating grin followed her out the door until it clicked shut, suddenly dropping back into the deadass tired face of a student who was entirely convinced that consistent sleep schedules were a myth.

He was not okay, ooooh he was so not okay.

Falling asleep again had been a mistake, a GRAVE mista- no okay, no, that pun was just inappropriate. He’d just had not one, but TWO disgustingly detailed nightmares about Literally Everyone dying, death puns were OFF the table right now.

Regular puns were still on the cards though, he thought to himself as he plopped his Little Pocket Book of Puns on top of a deck of cards sitting on his desk. He was proud of that one, in fact he snapchatted it, his smug face squeezed into the corner of the shot by the words ‘passng chem is off the cards bt my puns arnt’. It was easy to fool people with photos, he only had to pull off one good smile and people thought he was fine.

The flood of horrified snapchats he received in return made him giddy. Everything from a two minute video of Valerie trying not to hurl to a picture of Dash’s middle finger. Danny grinned, his grin looked genuine, it was not.

“This is fine.” he lied.


Danny barely made it through the door before the bell went off, he celebrated his victory with a very brief and offensively outdated dance move before Tucker threw a pen at his head and the teacher told him to sit down before he hurt himself.

Danny’s goofy grin remained plastered onto his face as he sat next to Tucker, who was giving him the kind of look that was usually reserved for the weird surrealist internet videos Nathan always tagged him in on Facebook.

“You are like…” Tucker started, fiddling with the broken nib of his stylus. “Super hyper today what the fu-”

“Language, Foley.” the homeroom teacher deadpanned from behind his book.

“Sorry sir! But seriously what the fuck dude.” Tucker continued at a still very perceptible volume. The teacher sighed heavily.

“It’s cool I’m fine I just got like two hours of sleep and drank five coffees in ten minutes I think I can hear colours.” Danny’s eye twitched.

Tucker didn’t laugh, Danny was trying to be funny but it was like, twelve year old funny. He sighed and lowered his voice.

“You’re having nightmares again aren’t you.” Tucker stared through Danny’s plastic grin with serious eyes. “We talked about this Danny, I told you to STOP faking this shit with me. You know what happens when you don’t get enough sleep, you get really fucking weird.”

“Did you get my snapchat this morning?” Danny asked as though he hadn’t heard a single word his best friend had just said.

“Yes, it was awful and I hate you.” The jab had no bite, Tucker couldn’t stand seeing Danny like this, it was like some awful parody of his friend amped up to eleven. He didn’t bother trying to talk sense into him, sense was gone, sense was out the window, sense was on the next plane to god damn Timbuktu.

Danny’s giddiness didn’t let up a single inch throughout their first couple of morning classes. He had stupid jokes and shitty puns hidden up every sleeve in the building, and the tiniest little thing would set him off giggling. Star smacked a fly with a ruler, Danny literally fell off his chair laughing.

Mr Lancer gave Tucker permission to drag Danny out into the hallway to calm down. Tucker grimaced in apology as he dragged along a snorting Danny by the sleeve, the rest of the class having a good laugh of their own.

“Do you think he’s like, actually on drugs or something?” Tucker heard Paulina whisper not even remotely quietly as they left the room.

The moment the classroom door had closed, Tucker slammed Danny against the wall.

“DUDE! GET. A. GRIP.” Tucker was not even in the general vicinity of fucking around right now. Danny needed to chill his tits before he got into serious trouble, the last thing he needed was a detention lumped on top of the pile of reasons Danny’s life was a train wreck.

Danny clenched his teeth, his eyes were wide, too wide. Then his mouth curled up and a laugh squeezed its way through taught lips. Oh no, not again. Not on Tucker’s watch. Before the next giggle fit could get into full swing Tucker had pulled out his drink bottle, uncapped it, and dumped the entirety of its contents on Danny’s stupid guffawing head.

A cough and a splutter later and Danny was sitting on the floor, the stupid grin officially washed from his face.

“Can we talk like actual human beings now?” Tucker asked, the plastic water bottle thudding emptily on the ground.

“I’m not an ‘actual human being’. So no. I can’t.” Danny’s voice was short and clipped, his expression stony.

Tucker slumped to the floor next to his best friend, ignoring the puddle he was half sitting in. They sat in silence for a bit, listening to Mr Lancer’s muffled voice droning on about adverbs or something. A squeak from someone’s shoe echoed down the empty hall. A fluorescent light flickered. Danny winced.

“You wanna borrow my earphones? I’ve got some chill tunes if you need to like, shut everything out for a bit.” Tucker held the tangled cords out to Danny who promptly stuck them in his ears and buried his face in his arms. It was all just, just too much right now.

He threw his hands over his ears when the bell rang, Tucker put a gentle arm around his shoulder.

“C'mon, it’s about to get really loud out here.” he said quietly, taking Danny by the arm and leading him to their next class. It was history, they were watching a movie. Perfect. Tucker rolled up his jacket and put it on the desk in front of Danny.

“Try and sleep a bit, if you can. You can copy my notes later.”

Tucker was a good friend.

Danny put his head down, Tucker’s chill playlist still thrumming softly in his ears. He didn’t want to sleep, he didn’t want to see everyone die again, but his eyes could barely stay open. He read somewhere online that just laying down and resting was still good for you, even if he didn’t sleep he could still get some energy back at least, maybe.

He was out like a light the moment his head hit Tucker’s jacket.

The dream was never the same. Every time it started as just a regular weird ass dream, he was at the Nasty Burger, but he was sitting at his kitchen table. His friends were there, so was some guy he’d never met, they were talking about monster trucks or… something. The guy he didn’t know was showing him a song he wrote, it was gentle and calm, Danny liked it.

That was when the Guys in White showed up. They’d been there before, but not every time. Danny remembered the last dream he had, vaguely, he didn’t know he was dreaming now, but he knew what was going to happen next.

“RUN!” he tried to scream, but his voice came out strangled and quiet. Sam and Tucker kept chatting, they couldn’t see the danger, the strange guy started playing a different song, he had an acoustic guitar now and was on a stage that wasn’t there before.

The Guys in White aimed their ectoguns, knocking off shots around the entire Nasty Burger, Valerie collapsed behind the counter, had she always been there? Jazz was next, she was reading a book on the lounge that had definitely been there the whole time. Danny kept trying to scream, but his throat just couldn’t make anything more than a strangled rasping noise.

Sam and Tucker collapsed before him, the music changed again, the guy on the stage had a smoking hole in his chest, he was playing a cello now. The music was calm, soft and gentle, it hadn’t stopped during the shooting. The GIW agent at the head of the group turned to Danny, face splitting into an evil grin, flaming hair licking at his temples, it wasn’t a GIW agent any more. It had never been a GIW agent.

Danny tried to transform, he needed to save them, they were dead but he NEEDED to save them, if he could go ghost, if he could change he could fix this. His core felt so far away, the cold chill within him just JUST out of his grasp. Why couldn’t he change? WHY COULDN’T HE CHANGE?

Tucker sat at his desk in the dark classroom, taking halfassed notes about… something something president Washington. Hadn’t they already covered this? A flash at the edge of his vision pulled his tired gaze over to the sleeping mess beside him. Danny made a noise, a whimper? It sounded like he was trying to say something.

“Ru… ru-” Danny muttered, voice broken and, oh god he sounded so terrified.

Tucker’s heart splintered into tiny little pieces, and those tiny pieces shattered until his heart was basically just a pile of powder, really sad and devastated powder. Concentrated melancholy, in powder form. He nudged Danny.

“Danny, Danny wake up. Dude you’re talking in your sleep, WAKE UP.” Tucker was super worried, like beyond overprotective mother worried, if Danny said something incriminating in his sleep, if he said something about PHANTOM-

“Gotta… go-” a strand of silver began to creep through Danny’s dark hair.

Oh fuck.

Tucker shook Danny as violently as he subtly could, he needed to wake up. He needed to wake the fuck up right the fuck right NOW. FUCK. It was panic time, shit was getting dangerously identity revealing up in here and Tucker had to do something about it.

More silver was weaving through Danny’s hair, flickers of a dark, skin tight costume appearing for only the briefest of anxiety inducing moments. They were sitting in the back corner of the room, no one had noticed that anything was wrong yet, but someone would. Someone would notice SOON if Tucker couldn’t get Danny to wAKE THE HECKING FUCK HELL UP.

“Danny I swear to god if you don’t wake up I’m going to kill the rest of you. WAKE. UP.” How was Tucker supposed to wake him up without drawing attention to- oh good lordy fucK HIS HAIR.

Tucker pulled Danny’s hood over his head as quickly as he could nearly half a second after a flash of white overtook his entire scalp. Had anyone noticed?? Tucker glanced around the room, nobody was looking, thank christ Wes wasn’t in this class.

Tucker tucked the white strands into the hood as best he could manage before texting Sam as fast as his fingers would allow.

Sam was in the middle of copying some crap about photosynthesis that she already knew when she felt her phone buzz. It was from Tucker, and if his spelling was anything to go by, he was in trouble.


Sam got the gist.

Pretending she was about to vomit everywhere was an easy way out of the classroom, and from there it was just a quick run to the fire alarm. It wasn’t the first time Sam had pulled off a fake emergency, she smashed the glass and hit the button with no hesitation, fuck the consequences. From there she just had to figure out where Danny and Tucker were, they all had copies of each other’s classes in case of just such emergencies.

History, they had history. She knew which room that was.

Sam took off running, boots thundering through the crowds of students filtering out of their classrooms. Sam could barely hear the alarm over the sound of her heart beat thudding in her ears, she didn’t have time to panic and worry, something was wrong and the most important thing right now was finding out what it was and if her friends were okay.

Someone noticed her through the crowd though. As she smashed through a group of kids coming out of a maths class, one guy caught her gaze, one guy decided to follow. Jesus shit she did NOT have the time for this.

Sam detoured down a seperate hallway, the tall redhead on her tail easily keeping pace, why couldn’t he just mind his own god damn business for once and, you know what? Sam thought, FUCK IT.

Another detour into an empty classroom and she had him. Bursting through the door after her, Wes looked around fervently, expecting to find Danny in some kind of juicy compromising situation. What he got was a surprise boot to the gut and he hit the deck like a sack of bricks.

Sam didn’t waste a second before bolting from the room, Wes had already taken up enough of her precious time.

Wes coughed and wheezed and tried to drag a breath into his aching abdomen, she’d clocked him a damn heavy blow and his body was not cooperating until it had a good few moments to recover from Whatever The Fuck Just Happened.

Damn it he was so close!

“Alright everyone, out onto the parking lot, like we do literally every other week.” The history teacher droned, his voice dry. He didn’t even bother making sure everyone left the room before walking out himself, it was probably a ghost attack anyway. These things lost their sense of urgency after the last fifty billion times, the only reason he didn’t make everyone get back into their seats was for legal reasons and honestly, he could really use the smoke break.

Tucker made a show of getting up to leave, but once he and Danny were the only two left he immediately dropped his shit and whammo’d his fists down on Danny’s desk.

“WAKE UP!” He yelled as Sam slid haphazardly into the room, clocking her hip on the teacher’s desk as she failed to reign in her momentum. She struggled with her footing for a moment before catching herself and racing up to the back of the class.

“Is he okay? What’s happening??” she asked, breathlessly.

Tucker lifted the hood from Danny’s bright-ass silvery hair.

“He’s transforming in his sleep and I can’t get him to wake up.” Tucker rushed out in one breath before grabbing Danny by the shoulders. “WAKE. UP. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!” Tucker screamed while shaking him with about as much tenderness as an irate Skulker on illegal performance enhancing ghost drugs. Finally, it was enough.

Danny jolted roughly, spasmed almost, and opened his fluorescent green eyes. Sam and Tucker took a quick step back in case he lashed out, but he didn’t. Danny’s hands gripped at the table hard enough to leave gouges in the sharpie-graffiti stained surface as his breath came out laboured and rasping. Tears smeared across his cheeks and dripped from his nose and chin.

He blinked, hard, before finally raising his head from the desk, looking remarkably disoriented. He was still flickering in and out of ghost form, disappearing from view entirely a few times as well, but it was slowing down as he took a few deep, shuddering breaths. Soon enough he was calm enough to stick to one form, human fortunately.

Sam breathed out a sigh and sat heavily on the nearest chair. He was okay and god she needed to sit down and catch the breath she’d left behind in science class.

Tucker sat beside Danny - who was now vigorously rubbing at his face - and took back his earphones, Sam could hear something that sounded like a cello playing through the small speakers

Tucker got through maybe the first two syllables of the standard 'are you okay?’ when he was abruptly cut off by a mildly lisping giggle.

Wes stood half through the doorway, phone out and trained on Danny’s previously unstable form. He looked a little pale and seemed to be having trouble breathing but that didn’t stop a wide shit eating grin from stretching across his freckled cheeks.

“Gotcha.” he sneered before turning on his heel and fleeing in unbridled glee.

Sam had recovered quickly from her previous run, she was on him like the Box Ghost on a roll of bubble wrap. Tucker heard the pounding of two sets of feet followed by a loud THUD, a squeal, and then what sounded suspiciously like a phone being heavily stomped on by a very firmly placed boot. The groaning came after that, punctuated with some extremely foul language that may have been spluttered through a bleeding nose and/or lip.

Sam came back into the room with a crushed phone in one hand and bloody knuckles on the other. She wasn’t dicking around, not today.

“You okay Danny?” she asked, getting only a tired glare in response. “Sorry, standard question.”

Sam picked up Danny’s backpack and put her hand out for him to take, he grasped it gratefully and she pulled him up from his chair as Tucker wound an arm around his waist. With the support of the two actual greatest people in the whole damn world, Danny walked out of the school and into the parking lot where an exasperated principal Ishiyama was counting heads and calling names.

“Equal Rites! What were you three still doing inside? Get into your- Mr Fenton are you alright?” Mr Lancer’s angry stride softened into a quick jog, concern weaving it’s way through his face at the sight of Danny’s red eyes and wet cheeks.

“He uh, had a head on collision with Wes on our way out.” said Sam, like a liar. “Took a corner too fast and copped a hit to the nose so his eyes got all teary, but he’s okay.”

“Wes might need a little help though.” Tucker added on. “We offered but he’s pretty much convinced we just rammed him on purpose and he threatened to tell everyone we beat him up sooo we kinda just left him on the floor.”

Lancer rubbed at his brow, exasperated. He did NOT have the time for Wes shenanigans. He took a quick look at Danny’s face, checking for any bleeding, satisfied when he could find none he sent the three on their way to get their names marked off before he headed back to the school building to find Wes.

“Thanks.” Danny squeezed Sam and Tucker tenderly, never wanting to let them go. He was so glad they were here, he was so glad they were alive.

“Sleepover at my place tonight.” Tucker declared. “No exceptions, there’s gonna be cuddle piles and maybe a pillow fort, but definitely lots of these.” he gave Danny a big ol’ smooch on the forehead and pulled him in for a tight hug. “You’re gonna be fine man, you’ll be okay.”

Sam jumped on and threw her arms around both her boys, pressing her lips against Danny’s cheek.

“We’re not going anywhere, okay? We’re gonna sleep right beside you and tell those fucking nightmares to fuck right off, just like last time.” Sam gave him a hearty thump on the back that might have knocked over a regular human, but Danny barely shifted.

What in Ring and Crown’s name did he ever do to deserve these two.

That night after a coma inducing amount of junk food and soft drink Danny passed out smushed between Sam and Tuck in what was pretty much the most affectionate and down right adorable Danny Sandwich either of them had ever made.

He dreamed of the three of them beating the shit out of Dan with Fenton Anti-Creep Sticks. He hadn’t slept so well in years.

Flashes (Part 1)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,783

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, angst, sadness, borderline depression, sarcasm, did I mention language? might be hard to read for lonely hearts like me.

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story, so here we go. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty. Anyways, it’s only four parts, so only pre-existing permanent tags will be added to this story. Reminder: If you want to be removed from the permanent tag list you need to msg me! Sorry in advance. There’s four parts to this story.

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sugar ❖ sehun

“You weren’t good at describing things, but if someone asked you what Mina’s dad looked like, you would have probably said ‘a first love’.”

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (in later parts), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

| Part 2

No way❞ you mumbled as you checked your phone again. The place where you were smelled like fried food and strawberry milkshake, your best friend Mina was playing a game on her phone as she drank her iced peach tea down, the music playing in the background was some Halsey thing that you already heard, but weren’t quite sure of the title. The light in that cafe were neon pinkish and everything felt kind of fake, from the plants to the smiles on the waitresses faces.

If you just stop for a second❞ Mina mumbled taking her eyes away from her cellphone and looking at you. You snapped your head at her, taking your eyes from your phone too and giving her an exasperated expression.

It’s been all day that you were looking at the screen of your phone, watching as the package you bought from China was moving to an inhuman slow speed, making you grow anxious. Mina have tried to explain to you that packages from China were one of the most slow to arrive, but you couldn’t tear your guard down, what if it gets lost? You spent all the money your father gave you for that pack.

Mina gave you one of the most irritated gaze you’ve ever seen her wearing and you finally relaxed a little. ❝I’m sorry❞ you whispered blocking your phone and tossing it to the side of the table, away from your eyes.

She smiled at you, happy that she succeeded at her work as your best friend and finally you both looked at each other in the eyes, no internet or screens in between.

Since we have a test on Monday,❞ she started grabbing her straw and playing with it around her now empty glass of iced tea ❝I thought that you could maybe help me out

You raised a brow in front of her request, knowing that she didn’t need your help for the science test that you would have had that Monday. She was going to graduate in science in some years, so you probably needed her help more than her yours.

You were taking history, but still had to take the science courses too, just in case.

Y/N❞ she whined gripping your right hand that laid on the table till that moment ❝I’m begging you, I’m alone at home with my dad and it’s the first time in ages that this happens, if I stay around that would be so awkward I can already make my grave

You chuckled and tightened the hold on her hands before she let your go. ❝He can’t be that bad❞ you tried. You never really met her father, just Mina’s mom which used to come take her from uni when her car broke down.

He’s your dad anyway

Mina has always been your best friend, you went to each other’s houses countless times, she met your parents before you went to live alone, but you never really met hers. She told you that both were always busy till late with works and you knew it was true, because her mom used to pick her up at half past nine, hours after the last class, but she always talked sweet things about her parents. She told you that her mother was one of the sweetest person on this world, she always cared about her, always managed to send her messages asking if she needed anything or just asking how her day have been, as for her dad, Mina always told you that he was okay.

Mr Oh was an inveterate smoker who liked to dress in black, he liked sweet scents, sport cars and never came home before midnight. She was pretty sure her parents didn’t love each others anymore, so she always tried and stay with her mother.

I know he’s my dad❞ Mina rolled her eyes backing against the backrest of the red little couch of the cafe. ❝But he’s weird and I hate him

With a sigh you picked your phone again, almost returning to the tracking site, but you stopped yourself. Maybe spending a little time with Mina, studying for the test, might actually help you.

You sighed and stood up. ❝Okay, let’s go. I’ll help you with your dad and you’ll help me not thinking about that damn pack. Is that even normal that it takes so much to arrive in South Korea from China?

Jesus, Y/N. You’re such a pain in the ass

Thirty minutes later, after you paid your meals and she drove you to her house, you finally could get out of her car and stretch your legs.

Remind me why you live this far from the city?❞ you groaned loosening your muscles.

I don’t know, I guess ‘cause my dad is rich and needs to have a big ass house where he doesn’t even live in❞ she remarked locking her car and walking to the entrance door.

You freezed at the hate in her words, she must really hate that man, but how can you hate a person who has your same blood running through his veins?

You followed her up the two steps and then in the house, she dropped her bag and her shoes on the floor and you did the same with your shoes. The house was as silent as always, no people anywhere near, the usual smell of disinfectant that the cleaning woman uses, the light were off and there were no sounds.

Not to be rude❞ you started in a whisper, clenching to Mina’s arm for your own good ❝but your house is always creepy as fuck❞ you murmured.

Why are you whispering?❞ she laughed dragging you to the living room. You didn’t even know why you were whispering to be honest, it just felt wrong to talk aloud when everything was peaceful and silent. Not to forget that his dad was somewhere in the house, maybe sleeping, maybe working and maybe your voice could have sounded disturbing.

When you thought of Mina’s dad somewhere in the house, you surely didn’t thought of him there, right in front of you. He was leaning over the wooden little table where you and Mina used to study, what looked like work papers scattered over it.

Dad -❞ Mina choked, Mr Oh’s face shot up, his eyes looked over you two. You felt sick, he was one of the most beautiful beings you have ever seen in your life, you weren’t good at describing things, but if someone asked you what Mina’s dad looked like, you would have probably said ‘a first love’.

A first love, Mr Oh looked like every little girl’s first love, the man who was too old to be attracted to, but still, they felt something for him. It was his plump little lips, or maybe his deep-cutting jaw, maybe it was his pale face or maybe the way his eyes bored under your skin. But Mr Oh definitely looked like a first love.

Mina❞ he called looking at her, his eyes hard, just like when they were on you. He looked ethereal, but still today, when you think about your first encounter, Oh Sehun was one of the most cold people on this planet.

Mina huffed a little, lacing her arm around your shoulders, pushing you a little forward.

Hi dad, we’re here to study. This is my best friend Y/N, Y/N this is my dad Oh Se Hun❞ she talked like a robot and it almost made you laugh, if it wasn’t for her dad’s gaze on you.

You quickly bowed under his judgmental stare. ❝Nice to meet you, sir❞ you choked out trying not to blush too much, but it was almost impossible. His eyes softened against your figure.

That was the first time Oh Sehun looked at you like you were the most precious person on the world, and thinking about it today you remember the butterflies you felt.

Nice to meet you, Y/N❞ he forced a smile and then got up, placing all his papers together ❝then I’m going to leave you girls alone❞ he mumbled picking his work and walking out of the room. You waited for his eyes to go on his daughter while leaving, but he kept his gaze ahead, too afraid to look at her, but too strong to admit defeat on their relationship.

It was sad knowing that a father-daughter relationship was broken thanks to his work, almost as if he cared more about money than his own meat happiness.

When Mr Oh went out of the living room, Mina plopped on her butt, sitting at the side of the low table, her back resting on the feet of the couch.

Let’s study before you start with that tracking thing again

You felt the hurt in her words, almost as if showing her non-existent love with her dad in front of her best friend was shameful. You tried not to think about how hurt she was and sit next to her.

You better start explaining me that topic that Mrs Kim explained last week, ‘cause I know nothing

After an hour of studying, Mina was asleep with her head against the seat of the sofa and you stood up, going to the kitchen. She started talking, but at the end you were explaining her some things about the biology class that you didn’t even take. You needed water and you knew her house, so you walked to the kitchen, hoping not to find the cleaning woman and, when you entered, you started searching for a glass and the bottle of water.

You didn’t know how you didn’t hear the steps, but when you turned around with the bottle of cold water that you just took from the fridge, you almost had an heart attack.

Mr Oh was seated in the kitchen, his papers all over the clean counter and a confused expression on his face.

You❞ he started pointing his long index toward your scared figure ❝managed to come into the kitchen,❞ he talked slowly, moving his hand to the door ❝do your things and you didn’t even noticed me the all time❞ he was surprised, his face still frowning, but his eyes as cold as ever.

Were you already here, sir?❞ you asked in a high pitched tone. He nodded and his hand gripped his own chin, resting it between his fingers. His eyes scanned you, watching as you stared at him in total shock.

How haven’t you noticed him? Is he… is he for real?

You bowed deeply, red color spreading over your cheeks. ❝I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful❞ you mumbled.

He shook his head, the ghost of a smile over his lips as he picked a pen and tapped its tip over a page.

You look very young❞ he murmured ❝Y/N, right?❞ he asked cocking his head a little, his eyes went all the way down your body.

He was the expression of handsome, you were sure that if you looked for the word ‘handsome’ he would have popped out next to the explanation. But the way he looked at you, that was not the way a married man with children looks at a girl. Perhaps, his daughter’s best friend.

So, how’s school going?❞ he asked with a soft smile on his lips, his eyes turning back to you, but they still were ice.

You gasped for an answer, not sure why he was asking your this, but it felt good having someone who actually cared about you.

Your parents were around the world after you went away for uni, so they didn’t really bother asking you about school or your well being.

You blinked a couple of times. ❝It’s… normal❞

He chuckled dryly shooting down his eyes. ❝I suck at having conversations❞ he explained biting his lip down hard. Something in your shivered, his lip painted red thanks to the pressure of his teeth looked soft and you almost wanted to suck it.

It’s fine, sir❞ you smiled trying to light up the stiff mood ❝I’m not very good, either

He sighed turning back to your face, your lips parted and the color of your cheeks satisfied him. ❝You’re so pretty, little Y/N. I wish you were older❞ he smiled.

That sentence left you speechless, his eyes fell right back on his papers and a scared Mina ran into the kitchen.

Oh my, you’re here❞ she panted resting a hand on the jamb of the door. ❝I thought you left

You bit your lip, trying to regain your composure and placed the water on the table behind you.

No, but I need to❞ you whispered still disoriented from what the man just told you. You were not going to lie to yourself, he was handsome and you felt shivers when you talked with him, but he was your best friend’s dad for God sake.

Oh, but. Can you wait some time? I have to do som -❞ Mina started, but his father’s voice cut her.

I’ll take her home❞ he said looking at you and standing up from his seat. You looked at your best friend who shrugged at you with a confused face.

If that’s okay for you, love❞ he whispered. You jumped a little noticing how close he now was. You hated it, but his warmth was something that your body craved.

This was wrong!

If it’s okay for you, sir

Call me Sehun❞ he smiled. His hand dropped to the small of your back and your skin never burned with such an intensity.

This man was ready to destroy you even before you were ready to welcome him in your life.

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russianspacegeckosexparty  asked:

Do you mind helping elaborate why/how the concept(s) of landlords, "bosses" and "full-time jobs" would become obsolete in a solarpunk society? I'm having trouble putting it into a concise framework

*cracks knuckles*

So, most of this boils down to “Because solarpunk is anticapitalist,” but the precise reason why that’s the answer for each of these categories is different.

Full Time Jobs

Starting with Full Time Jobs, because that’s easy: They’re already obsolete. Almost every job is designed to wind up being more work than it needs to be. Office workers tend only to work about 3 out of the 8 hours they spend at their desk every day. Most aspects of the built environment are made far more fragile than necessary, sustaining industries to replace them more often. Between self-driving vehicles (already better than human drivers & only improving) and rapidly improving mechanisms of generalized manufacture (3D printers, laser cutters, maker spaces) the transportation industry – which is something like 30 percent of ALL the jobs – is on borrowed time.

Right now, though, our whole economic system is organized around the idea that people prove their right to basic resources by performing labor for the benefit of somebody who already has a lot of capital. Unemployment is creeping up, and it’s not likely to stop in any meaningful way, but the capitalist class do have an interest in making sure there are enough jobs: people with too little material support and too much free time start revolutions.

If our society gave people resources to survive not in exchange for their labor for a capitalist, but as a basic consideration for their right to live in relative comfort, massive segments of the society’s work force would go from resisting methods for reducing their labor (which currently compromises their ability to eat food and sleep under a roof) to actively pursuing them.

People would still work, because work is necessary to do things like make sure food shows up and the internet doesn’t shut off and there will be people who want those things enough for themselves and those they care about to do that work. And a lot of people would find work just doing what they enjoy doing, because when you aren’t wiped out from spending a third of your life per week working (or trying to convincingly pretend to work) it gets to a point where sitting still until it’s time to fall asleep is really boring.

“Full time” work under an ideal outcome of solarpunk would be working as much as you want to contribute, and as a group until the task is done. The idea that everyone should be arranging to spend about half their waking time doing some kind of job-shaped thing will evaporate.


People will explore a huge diversity of ways to organize the completion of complex projects in a system such as the one I just described. Some of those will probably resemble bosses. But in a society where your needs are provided for you on the basis that you’re a person and you deserve to be extended basic human rights, then you can always walk away. The power that a boss leverages in this world – the power to withhold the means by which you feed yourself – doesn’t exist under these conditions, so they have no coercive leverage. Ideally the only reason someone would ever be “in charge” of a project is that the people involved all agree that that person is the best at coordinating labor and is the most competent to tell folx what to do for that project.

But their status as a project leader, and your status as a ‘subordinate’ (for lack of a better term), is limited to that project and genuinely subject to both of your consent.

And that’s only in one of the less interesting ways of organizing a complicated project: there are a lot of potential structures that might not even admit to analogy to a capitalist labor hierarchy.


Listen: Fuck landlords. Come the revolution landlords should be one of the first groups against the wall. Anyone who would keep a shelter empty while people sleep on the streets just because they want to leverage it to extort capital is a monster. If you own property you don’t live in it should be seized. If you resist you should be shot. Fuck landlords.

I hope that helped.

EDIT: it was brought to my attention that this came across as hostile to people who are leveraging the assets they have in the form of property to survive capitalism. To clarify, I mean specifically landlords who use their position to build a growing base of income, particularly over large properties. If you’re doing what you have to do to survive with the assets you have, I don’t think you should be shot.


Thank you for 900 (:

Rap Monster: You had come home a bit late that night after studying all night with one of your classmates. Of course, dating BTS’ Kim Namjoon, you were always in the media. This time, you came home and Namjoon confronted you by sliding his phone to you where the headline was “Namjoon’s girlfriend caught being friendly with classmate.” “Joon, you don’t think this is real right?” “I don’t y/n, you tell me!” He ended up yelling at you, calling you a liar which ended up in him leaving you alone in your apartment. Namjoon came back to you laying on the couch, tear stains on your cheeks with puffy red eyes. He sat down, stroking your back softly, leaning down and kissing your forehead. “

“I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have done that,” he would whisper as you slept silently. “I’m so sorry..”

Suga: Suga and you haven’t been getting along as much as you would have liked to. He wouldn’t really take your feelings into consideration so this time, when you finally called him an insensitive asshole, he lost it. “Insensitive? Insensitive? Y/n, I am going through a lot and I have to balance work and you and you think you’re making that easy on me?” He raised his voice, making you wince. You ran off to your bedroom, locking the door behind you. You felt yourself shaking and decided to lay down next to the door. Suga had gone to get some air and when he came back, he unlocked the door to find you asleep on the floor. He lifted you up and laid you down in your bed, sliding in behind you. He kissed your forehead, squeezing you tight to him. 

“You are not too much for me. In fact, you are the right amount,” he said, whispering to you. “I love you so much and I need to show you that more.”

Jin: Jin hard started to feel like you weren’t telling the truth when you said you went to go see your friends. He had no reason to believe you were cheating but that’s what he was starting to think. You finally confronted you only to have you get defensive. “Jin, you’re my boyfriend. I love you. Why would I have any reason to hurt you like that?” “I don’t know y/n. You tell me damn it!” You felt yourself choke up at the thought of Jin actually believing that you would cheat on him. He stormed out of the house, leaving you alone and confused. You couldn’t help but cry yourself to sleep on the couch. When Jin returned, he had flowers in his hand and a box of chocolates in the other. He set them down and sat on the coffee table across from you.

“I shouldn’t have yelled,” he sighed. “I know you love me. I’m lucky to have you and I almost lost you tonight. I love you.”

J-Hope: You had planned to surprise J-Hope by coming home early but it kind of backfired in your face. You had gone to catch up with Jungkook, who introduced you to J-hope, and see if he would help you. Well, J-hope ended up seeing you two at the small coffee shop and nearly lost it. When you came home that night with his favorite take out and his favorite flowers, he was sitting at the kitchen counter, staring aimlessly at nothing. “Hobi?” You said softly, coming into the kitchen. “Why did you lie to me?” “What?” You asked. “I didn’t lie to you.” “This whole time I thought you were at your parents and you were with fucking Jungkook. I knew it was too good to be true. I knew you liked him.” “J-Hope, I got back-” “I don’t want to fucking hear it.” He stormed out of the house leaving you confused and sad. You ended up falling asleep on the couch, crying softly to yourself. J-Hope came home that night and immidately took you in his arms. 

“I’m so sorry y/n.. I should have listened to you. I should have believed you. I’m so sorry.” 

Taehyung: Taehyung came home that night in a bad mood. He wouldn’t talk to you, walking straight past you and into the bathroom. He didn’t come out until about an hour later, towel draped over his head. “How was your shower babe?” He didn’t answer you again. “Tae, what’s wrong?” He slammed the fridge shut, turning around with an angered look. “How come I had to find out from the internet that the ‘friend’ you’ve been going to lunch with is your ex-boyfriend?” You gave him a confused look. “It was in high school. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” “Not that big of a deal? It’s a BIG FUCKING DEAL!” He slammed his fist on the counter, making you jump. “Whatever y/n.” He walked back to your room and locked himself in there. You didn’t want to cry but ended up doing it anyways. You wrote Taehyung a small note and left it on the counter saying you loved him. You made a spot on the couch and fell asleep, sobbing quietly to yourself. He came out two hours later and read the note on the counter. He could feel himself choke up as he read it to himself. He came over and crawled up behind you. 

“I’m sorry. I’m a jealous idiot. I love you more than anything… I shouldn’t have yelled.” 

Jimin: Jimin isn’t the type to yell at you so when it does happen, you can’t help but be upset. You had come home late from work every night for the past two weeks. Usually, Jimin wouldn’t be upset but something really clicked in him that really made him upset. You came home to Jimin sitting in silence on the couch. “Hey babe,” You greeted him. He didn’t reply. “Well good evening to you too.” “Don’t,” he scolded. You raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong with you?” “With me?” he scoffed. “Why are you lying to me?” “What???” He got up from his spot and threw a magazine at you. “Why is it that you’ve been ‘kept at work late’ but here is a photo of you and your boss at dinner?” You were confused, looking at the photo that had several people cut out of the photo. “Jimin it was a birthday dinner and half the people are cut out.” “Why do you keep LYING?!” He turned around, yelling at you. This was the first time Jimin had ever raised his voice so you couldn’t help but cry. “I’m not lying…” He didn’t answer, he just stormed past you, slamming the door behind him. You didn’t know what to do so you crawled into your bed still in your work clothes. You cried for an hour before finally falling asleep. You were woken up by Jimin crawling in behind you. 

“I have come to the realization that I am being petty and that I miss you and I just jumped to conclusions. I shouldn’t have raised my voice. I love you.” 

Jungkook: You could feel that something was off with Jungkook but didn’t know what it was about. You had tried to confront him about it but he wouldn’t really say much. You hadn’t been doing too good yourself either but that wasn’t the point. Finally, after a week of Jungkook giving you the cold shoulder, you grew some confidence and confronted him. “Jungkook, what the hell is going on? You’ve ignored me, avoided me, come home late. What the hell is going on?” What’s going on?” He scoffed. “You tell me what’s going on!” He grabbed your wrist and slip up your sweater, exposing recently fresh wounds. You quickly pulled away, covering your wrist up again. “You lied to me y/n. You told me you would stop.” “Jungkook I’m sorry-” “NO!” He yelled, making you stop. “You lied to me. YOU FUCKING LIED!” You felt your bottom lip quiver in fear as he raised his voice. “I need some air.” He didn’t give you a chance to explain of even talk. You started to cry, curling up in the corner of the couch, falling asleep. When Jungkook came back, he picked you up and took you into your room. He set you down, crawling in next to you. 

“Please,” he whispered. “Please don’t be afraid to talk to me when something’s wrong. I love you. I care about you. I want you to be okay.” 

Puppy Love - Simon Minter

Originally posted by 5secondsof-leah

Pairing: Simon Minter (Miniminter) & Y/N
Words: 1.9k+
Warning(s): like maybe 2 swear words
Request/Summary: very cute best friend Simon, leading to something more?
A/N: This is like proper 14 year old cute shit but its cute I swear

You and Simon had been friends since you were in nappy’s. Your parents having been friends for ages, therefore you were always destined to be friends.
You were best friends since you could play, both of you helping each other with things, him being very protective of you from the get go.
Even when he properly got into the YouTube thing with JJ, he would always spend time with you, away from his online career.
When he moved away to London things had got a bit harder, phone calls and facetimes the main way of communication in between him filming videos.
He came home relatively frequently, loving to see his family, his dog, you.
He was coming home this weekend, it had been a while since he’d been down, but he just wanted a break from YouTube and the stuff that came with it.

His mum had phoned you the night before, inviting you to their house for a small welcome home dinner.
You arrived at his house, knocking gently on it even though his parents always tell you to just come on in every time.
His mum answers the door, greeting you with a big smile and a warm hug, the homely smell of a warm dinner surrounding you.
She points at the living room door, making her way back into the kitchen where you could hear Simons dad pottering about.
You quietly open the door, popping your head in to see Simon lounging on the sofa, Herbie’s head on his lap, the TV on in front of him.
He glances up at you, expecting it to be one of his parents, but he does a double take when he saw you, a bright smile lighting up his face, getting quickly out of his seat to come hug you.
Your head fits perfectly into his chest, his arms snugly wrapped around your waist, his cheek resting on the top of your head.
He was wearing a pair of black shorts and an oversized grey hoodie, the familiar scent of his cologne surrounding your senses, relaxing you into his warm embrace.
He very gently rocks you back and forth, feeling your smile against his chest, cuddling properly into him and making up for the time that you haven’t seen him.
You were fully relaxed in his hold when you felt something trying to wiggle its way in between the both of you, the soft fur circling your legs.
You pull back with a giggle, seeing Herbie wagging his tail in between the two of you, looking up at you.
He turned around on the spot, hitting Simon in the legs with his bum and tail to fully turn to you, Simon letting out a disgruntled huff at how much his dog loved you.
You laughed, bending down to pat him on the head, your hands carding through his soft fur as he licked your cheek.
You stood up, sitting down beside Simon on the sofa, kicking your legs up beside his, his long arm covering the tops of your shoulders, his hand absentmindedly drawing little circles on your arm.
Herbie jumps up between you, moving in circles to get comfortable, somehow head butting Simon several times before setting his head on your lap.
You giggle at Simons annoyed face, holding his nose and checking that it wasn’t bleeding.
He pulled out his vlogging camera, pointing it at himself, a small portion of you in the edge of it.
“This is how much my dog hates me,” he said, pointing at his nose, “He headbutted me, just to then lay on y/n. And what does she do? Cuddle him. Unbelievable.”
You stifle a giggle, him pointing the camera so that you were more in frame, then down to Herbie who was almost falling asleep on your lap.

Simon’s viewers didn’t know you all that well. You didn’t live in London with them so you weren’t in that many videos. However, there were a few random games he played with you, and the one real life challenge he did with you, the comments on it not the nicest of things. Which lead him to turn them off on the videos that had you mainly on them.
In the vlogs he did at home he tried to mainly keep you out of them, the viewers not really liking how close the two of you were and he didn’t want to see you get upset because of stupid people on the internet. In most vlogs, you were just your legs in the background walking past or a small giggle at something stupid he was doing or your reflection in a window while you filmed for him.

You spent the night relaxing, having a lovely family meal, his brothers coming home for the night too.
You sat in the living room, watching TV all together, cuddled into Simons chest, his arm keeping you pulled against his warm chest.
His brothers decided to head home, both of them messing Simons hair up on the way out the door, giving you a light hug.
Soon after, his parents decide to go to bed, saying goodnight, hugging you both, his mum kissing you both on the head, beginning her speech about not staying up too late.
Simon sits and edits one of his videos, you sitting beside him, your head on his shoulder, watching how concentrated on editing he is.
You talk back and forth a bit but you can tell he’s not that engaged in the conversation.
You sit up, crossing your legs under you, pulling a blanket from the back of the sofa over you.
“You only see me once, maybe twice a month max and your sitting here editing?” you joke.
He turns to look at you, a small frown on his face. He saves all his work, turning off his computer fully.
“You know I was only joking, right? I don’t mind you working,” you say, scared that you might have annoyed him with your comment.
He turns to you properly, shaking his head, “You’re right,” he said quietly, opening his arms out for you to relax into them, hugging you into his chest, wrapping the cosy blanket around the both of you.

You sit and talk about things for hours. How YouTube is, how his friends are, how he is feeling really, away from the cheery YouTube version of himself, you convincing him to just take a break for a little bit, cut down on his work load because you could see how tired he was and just how stressed he was because he just wanted to please his viewers.
Your conversation eventually came onto relationships, an ever slightly touchy subject since Simon hated your boyfriend, or now, ex-boyfriend. Simon had made it very clear from the beginning that he didn’t like him, your then boyfriend reciprocating the feelings.
You told Simon that you were no longer together, a small smile making its way onto his lips. But it slowly faded when he saw the upset look on yours, anger seeping around the both of you when you told him how he treated you towards the end, and how you ended it when you found him in bed with another girl.
He pulls you into a proper hug, resting his hand on the back of your head to keep it cuddled into him, kissing you gently on the head.
He held you for a while, a peaceful silence coming around you. He looked down at you when he felt your breathing even out, seeing your eyes gently closed shut and your lips parted slightly, a blissful look on your face.
He turned everything off, gently lifting you up, carrying you up to his room, tucking you under the blankets, which wasn’t unusual from the number of sleepovers you had had together.
He crawled in beside you, covering the both of you properly with his soft blankets, wrapping a strong arm around your middle, placing a kiss on your head.
“Sweet dreams love,” he whispered, relaxing behind you, not knowing you were half awake when he did it, both of you cuddling until you fell asleep properly.

You woke up to Simon lying beside you, scrolling through Twitter.
He turned his head to face your moving figure, a smile making its way onto his face at your sleepy expression.
“Morning,” he says, overly cheery for your mood, a groan leaving your lips, your hand coming up to hit over his mouth.
He chuckled, reaching up and pressing your hand to his mouth firmer, kissing your palm before letting go, locking his phone and cuddling into you.
You cuddled all morning, having a proper in depth chat about things that had been happening.
“So we talked about my love life last night, what’s happening with yours?” you said, tracing shapes with your finger on his bare chest.
He let out a short laugh, “Absolutely nothing.”
“Come on Si, something has to be happening.”
“I mean obviously there are girls about but they’re not really that interesting to me. I haven’t had a proper girlfriend in years purely because of my schedule. I’m so busy all the time, especially with travelling and events, I wouldn’t want to make them feel like they’re second to my job.” He explains, running his fingers gently up your arm.
“But I think I’ve gotten to the stage where I want to find a girl to properly try things with. I’ve done all the cool fun parts with my friends, now I just want to do those cool fun parts with my partner.”
“Do you have your eye on anyone?” you ask casually.
He nods lightly, “I don’t think she likes me back though.”
“Can I ask who it is?” you ask, feeling his heartrate pick up immensely under your ear on his chest.
You hear a small “Fuck,” leave his mouth.
You hear another mumble, although you couldn’t really make it out what he was saying.
You sit up to look at him, asking him to repeat himself.
“You,” he says, a strong pink blush marking his cheeks, a steady procession of the word ‘shit’ leaving his mouth.
He grabbed the edge of the blanket, pulling it over his head when you didn’t say anything in reply.
You smile to yourself, gently lifting the blanket, seeing Simon with his eyes clenched shut, not wanting to see your reaction.
You pulled the blanket over both of your heads, your head coming closer to his, feeling his light breath on your face.
You traced your finger over his facial features, coming to rest on his jaw, leaning in to very softly connect your lips.
Although he’s surprised at first his lips move in sync with yours easily, his hand coming up to run through your hair, both of you smiling into the kiss, happy that you finally got what you had both wanted since you were young.
His hands gently rested on your waist as you kissed, a slow passionate kiss, making up for all the times you’ve wanted to do this but haven’t been able to.
You hear someone open the door to his room, a gasp leaving their lips as you come from under the covers, falling into his chest at how obvious  what you were just doing was.
Simon looks up to see his mum standing in the doorway, a smirk on her lips.

“It’s about time.”

Lee Daehwi Mafia AU

warnings: needles, tattoos

  • you were a tattoo artist at a local tattoo studio
  • you worked there with your older brother, who had been good friends with some of the members of 101 in high school
  • because of that, whenever a new member joined 101, they went to your studio to get their 101 tattoo
  • you and your brother had complied an entire binder of the different “101″ designs you’d come up with so far
  • one night, you were just sketching at the front  desk of the studio because your brother was getting the latest shipment of ink
  • a group of guys came in, and you recognized a few of them as higher-ups of 101
  • they’d come by before to get other work done by your brother, and you’d done touch-ups on kang dongho’s back tattoo as well
  • they greet you and gesture towards a small guy, probably the same age as you, clearly terrified
  • “ah, (y/b/n) isn’t here right now,” you explained, “you can wait for him if you’d like, or i can do it”
  • they agreed that it would be better to just get it over 
  • you asked the guys to wait in the front, leading him to your smaller studio room and settling him into the chair
  • “so, I’m (y/n), and obviously i’ll be working on you today” you introduced yourself
  • “l-lee daehwi,” he replied, sending you a nervous smile
  • you smiled at him, “i’m not gonna ask how a cute guy like you ended up running the likes of kang dongho and ong seongwoo”
  • daehwi laughed shakily at that, pushing the silvery-blonde hair out of his face
  • “so, here’s some of the 101 tattoos that i’ve done before” you leaned over, showing him the binder of tattoos you’d already done, glancing over at him as he exhaled nervously
  • “you scared of needles?”
  • “something like that”
  • he ends up not really being a fan of any of the samples, so you work with him to find something he likes
  • he ends up settling on a simple, clean ‘101′ right underneath his collarbone
  • you prepare the paper and have him take off his shirt
  • he turns kind of red as he’s unbuttoning his black collared shirt, so you turn away since he’s obviously uncomfortable
  • you handed him a mirror and held the paper up underneath his collarbone to just check and make sure it was okay
  • he tells you it’s fine, and you grab a disinfecting wipe, carefully wiping the area
  • he hissed at the cold, obviously super nervous
  • “hey, i want you to take a deep breath” you said, concerned about him
  • daehwi did as you asked, breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth
  • “you know, if you don’t want to do this, i can tell dongho my machinery’s not working or something,” you said gently, placing a hand on his arm “i’ve known him forever, he’ll believe me”
  • daehwi sighed “no, i’ll do it, i just wanna get this over with”
  • you shrugged, leaning over to grab some sterile gloves before opening the box of sterile equipment that your brother had sterilized that morning
  • as you did so, you explained to daehwi what was going to happen, how much pain he would feet, etc
  • after setting up the necessary equipment, you told him that you’d get started, using a single-tipped needle to begin your outlining
  • as you started, daehwi bit down on his lip, clearly in pain
  • “daehwi, breathe,” you said quietly, pausing your actions
  • daehwi nodded, sighing before breathing deeply, body visibly relaxing
  • once he was a lot more relaxed, you started again, trying to strike up a conversation with him to distract him
  • you told him about this one time a guy tried to get you to tattoo “suck my dick” across his knuckles, which made daehwi smile
  • when you were done with the tattoo, which only took about half an hour to complete given how small and simple it was, you noticed that daehwi was clearly relaxed and comfortable
  • you wiped off the blood that had beaded up before carefully covering the tattoo with a bandage
  • as you helped daehwi out of the chair, you tried to explain to him how to take care of the tattoo, but he was clearly out of it
  • as you brought him back to dongho and his little squad lounging in the front room, you scribbled your name and number on a piece of paper, handing it to daehwi
  • “text me so that i can explain to you how to take care of that,” you explained, pointing to his collarbone “i don’t trust these idiots to remember what they ate for breakfast, let alone detailed instructions”
  • daehwi smiled and nodded, hurrying to follow the others out of the shop
  • “you don’t give your number out often” your brother drawled from the front desk’s chair, feet up on the desk
  • you jumped, not realizing that he’d been sitting there
  • “when did you get back?” you asked, clutching your chest in fright
  • “just got back,” he explained, “you finally trying to tap that 101 good good?”
  • you rolled your eyes with a small blush, heading back to your small studio to clean up
  • “he was cute” your brother yelled after you with a smirk
  • he was cute, a fact you came to realize with the daily selcas he texted you to show you what his tattoo looked like, making sure it looked correct
  • (it always did)
  • one day you’re coming back from the pharmacy where you’d gone to buy more sterile gloves/bandages and there’s a cute little cactus sitting on the front desk
  • “hey (y/n),” your brother wiggled his eyebrows at you “your boy crush stopped by and left that for you”
  • you blushed, grabbing the cactus and taking it to your studio
  • your room seemed a bit dreary, and i just wanted to say thank you for helping me not be so nervous about my first tattoo!” daehwi had texted you when you asked him what the occasion was for the plant
  • adorable
  • when 101 brings another recruit in by the name of yoo seonho, daehwi tags along with dongho and seongwoo
  • your brother tattoos seonho this time, who’s a lot more excited and eager than daehwi was, so dongho, seongwoo and daehwi all watch him lmao
  • but as seonho’s discussing whether he wants his entire back or chest to read “101 ride or die”, daehwi ducks out of your brother’s room to say hi to you
  • he sits in your little studio and you two end up talking all through seonho’s session
  • “hey kid, it’s time to go,” dongho stuck his head into your office, smiling gently at daehwi
  • “ok!” daehwi got up out of his chair
  • “this was nice” you smiled at him, taking the mug of tea that you’d made for him back
  • “yeah it was,” daehwi smiled back at you, pausing before turning fully to look at you
  • “hey, (y/n), i was wondering if you might want to go on a date some time? like to a cafe or something, to talk like this”
  • you grin at him “i’d love you, and you already have my number, so just text me!”
  • you two start dating, and while your brother’s not too keen on the idea, he warms up to it
  • daehwi will stop by the tattoo parlor to say hi to you
  • he lets you draw on his skin (with a pen, not actual needles) to come up with new ideas
  • he’s so kind and pure it’s hard to believe that he’s in 101
  • but he’s a devoted boyfriend who tries to support you no matter what

this series has wrecked my internet history

“how long does a semi-automatic pistol take to fire through one magazine”

“how to make a car drift”

“would a bullet shot from x meters go through a body”

“how to tattoo someone”

“tattoo process”

it’s ok its worth it

Like A Diamond (Leo fluff/smut)

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Cutie taek *squeals*

So the reason that this took so long is because I wrote it out like 6 times and tumblr kept deleting it and I was having a mental breakdown agshkhdjoude I was so fucking m a d

This is my first smut i’m posting on this account so please let me know what you think on my asks or messages 

Written for frhhdj and lililoveskpop, enjoy! :)

Genre: Smut / fluff

Length: 3.7k

Pairing: Jung Taekwoon (Leo) + you

Summary: You’re having a bad day and Taekwoon wants to make sure you never doubt his love for you again by showing you how much you mean to him

Today just wasn’t your day. Your boss had constantly been on your back for the past week and any little bit of work you tried to provide he scoffed in your face, constantly saying you and your work weren’t ‘good enough’. He kept threatening to firing you for your incompetent work. You knew this wasn’t true because the company had less workers than it needed currently, but it was still making you feel shit.

You felt less than ‘good enough’ with your personal life as well. Taekwoon, your boyfriend of 4 months had managed to convince you to go on a public date with him. After much reluctance you agreed, just to see him happy. You hadn’t been dating long, but you still knew you’d do anything to see that beautiful smile on his face. 

You had been spotted by a fan and dozens of pictures of the two of you were taken and posted all over the internet. From the first time you saw the comments on it you could see starlights weren’t very happy about seeing their ‘precious Leo’ dating someone like you. They laughed at your appearance saying Taekwoon could do so much better than you. 

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.10

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                                                   Part T E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4.5k +

A/N: ahhh im sorry in advanced! this isnt extremely jealous!cal but it is there! i hope you all arent disappointed in me ahaa i really hope ya’ll enjoy this and please get it to 100 notes, as usual ! xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Dublin, 19:35 P.M. 

The Jeep full of you and the band finally began pulling over by a large home. It was lovely from the outside, seeming lavish with beautiful stone tiles and sugarcane plants. But it was extremely lively with bodies hanging around it, music blasting from the windows, and lights of all sorts beaming out. 

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Seven Days

Summary: This is for @saxxxology ‘s June Writing Challenge. Sam and the reader get involved in a dirty talk competition. So much smut ensues.

Warning: smut, orgasm delay, use of ice, SO MUCH DIRTY TALK

Word Count: 7200 (Not sorry at all)

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First Words

I had no where to put this so I’ll just put it on this blog until my AOx3 works. ignore my trash writing i havent written fanfiction in months. Inspired by @axolotlnerd. A soulmate AU. 

You kept it hidden, those few words etched into your skin by fate.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

You found when girls liked to flaunt them they would end up just getting used, because what guy wouldn’t use those few magic words to get into a girls pants? Those words are all they really want to hear. It was so easy. And yet so hard.

You couldn’t count on all your fingers and toes the amount of times someone had run into you and said those words, “I’m so sorry, are you okay?”. It’s just the polite thing to say.

              And each time your heart would swell, full of love and hope, and then, each time, you would say the wrong thing. The words that weren’t written somewhere on that gorgeous blonde, or that nerdy kid, or the repair man from down the hall. The words that fate decided made you unloveable.

              Around you all of your friends had said the right words, and their other half would lift up a sleeve or pant leg, wide eyed, smiling. It was so easy for all of them because they all had such unique things written on their bodies.

When all of your friends got married and settled down you finally accepted that the first words your soulmate were supposed to speak to you were too common. It was unfair to yourself to get hopeful every time someone apologized to you. So you shut them out. They were just words.

It was supposed to be hot today, hotter than it normally was in California. But you were stubborn and pulled your black cardigan over your cursed forearm anyways, covering those six words. You looked at yourself in the mirror one last time before braving the heat outside.

Downtown LA was not your favorite place to live but this is where you were needed. Everyone and their mother owned a computer and your skills of technical hardware came in very handy. Especially with the big YouTube companies where you were under a very strict contract with them since a lot of their partners were growing into internet stars. The hours were long and you couldn’t stand most of your clients but it paid the bills and then some.

You made it a routine that the only way to deal with the youtubers was the biggest cup of coffee you could find. Luckily you had found this little hole in the wall café near the Polaris studio, a studio that frequently needed your special touch.

There was a small line today, not too bad. You ordered and then stood by the counter, oblivious to the world around you, focused on your phone.

              Your thumb lazily pushed the screen showing you useless information after useless information. Your phone buzzed making your eyes glance at the top of the screen. It was your friend, she was getting married. Of course. Another wedding.

You went back to scrolling, stopping at a cute dog pictu-

              Hot coffee spilled down your arm, dripping on to your leg, and into your shoe burning everything it touched. You gasped, jumping back in shock.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” A man looked at you wide eyed in complete horror of what he had just done.

And everything inside you snapped. Those six words again. Meanwhile another one of your friends was getting married. How was this fair? Why were you stuck with those damn words carved into your body? Why?

“Oh, just fuck off, dude.” You groaned, rolling your eyes. You angrily grabbed some napkins off the counter and started walking away, trying not to scream. It wasn’t his fault, you told yourself. He didn’t know what he was saying, he was just trying to apologize, but for fucks sake, not now.

“Wait!” He yelled after you, “What did you just say?” Did he really need you to repeat it? Did he want to piss you off?

You turned around, ready for him to confront you. You just needed to take a breath.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude, I’m just am not having a good day. I don’t want to fight.” You said calmly. By now there were a few other customers watching, seeing if you would make a scene.

“No, what did you say?” He walked over to you, almost excitedly. He didn’t seem mad. You furrowed your brows confused. “What did you say, please?” He was smiling now, his stubbly cheeks almost showing his dimples. He was standing close to you, maybe a bit too close.

“I- I said just fuck off, dude. I’m sorry.” You answered quietly. You looked around at the people still watching you hoping that if he was about to knock you out that maybe someone would help, even if you did start this all.

“You know,” he gave a small laugh, looking down at you. “I never thought that someone’s first words to me would be ‘oh, just fuck off, dude.’ But you proved me wrong.” He lifted his worn out Rush tee shirt exposing his fit torso and carved right on his ribs were those exact words.

              “So you’ve been walking around with ‘Oh, just fuck off, dude’ on your chest since you hit puberty?” You asked, sitting across from the man in a park not far from the coffee shop. “I am so sorry.” You couldn’t help but laugh. You were a nice person, or at least that what everyone said, who would have thought that the first words you’d say to your soulmate were so rude?

“Oh yeah,” He took another drink of his new coffee, one that the café offered him for free, congratulating him on finding his true love. “My parents were super pissed off saying I deserved better.”

You frowned, realizing your fate with his parents was already sealed.

“Don’t take that the wrong way.” He noticed your expression drastically change with what he said. “I actually found it very fitting. I mean my job is an internet show about playing games and making dick jokes. Half of my vocabulary is swear words when I work, really, it’s fine. If anything it made finding you really easy. I can’t imagine being stuck with something like, I dunno, I had this one friend is high school who’s first word was just ‘Hello”. That must have sucked.” You watched him talk, so comfortable with everything. He talked like he had known you for years already.

“You mean kind of like ‘I’m so sorry, are you okay?’” You smiled.

“Oh, yeah, kind of like that. Sorry, I didn’t mean-“ He ran a hand through his curly, brown hair.

“It was a joke.” You leaned over touching his other hand in a comforting gesture. At least what you tried to make a comforting gesture. He looked down at his hand and then back at you, his face turning pink.

“I, uh, I don’t know how this works, really. I mean I don’t even know your name yet. I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to find you, like fuck, after thirty years I just assumed my foul mouth princess was all the way in China.”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You put your hand back in your lap. “We can start by you calling me (Y/N)”.

“Dan Avidan. Well, actually it’s Leigh but Daniel is my middle name so everyone just calls me Dan.” He laughed. He had a cute laugh, contagious, it made you smile.

“Well Leigh Daniel Avidan, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

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The Pledge

Seth was nervous as he approached the frat house, he had heard crazy stories that fueled his deepest fantasies. Often his curiosity got the best of him, he’d walk the long way to class just to stare at the guys hanging outside the frat house and imagine what went on behind those doors. The fraternity was called Delta Phi and there were whispers of how the frat earned the money to throw their huge ragers that seemed to happen every weekend; they were just rumors of course but Seth 

loved to fantasize about what it would be like. The rumors varied from mild to extreme but they all said the same thing; Delta Phi made gay porn and sold it on the internet. He was ecstatic when one of the guys saw him eyeing the place and invited him over for a kick back they were having that night, the guy’s name was Logan he was about 6’4 with jet black hair and a star quarterbacks build with the muscles only a lineman would have. Logan saw the lust in Seth’s eyes when he was passing by,
the poor boy was putty in his hands:

“Hey there, you seem to walk by here a lot. Where you headed?”

“Oh, uh… Yeah I just like to walk this way to class, it’s fun getting to see the damage from your parties on my way to school. There’s been a couple times I’ve seen people passed out on your lawn, kinda lightens my mood for the day.” Seth said with a huge
smile and undoubtedly red cheeks.

Logan smiled, knowing how easy this was going to be, “Oh so you like to party then? You ever been to one of our ragers?”

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anonymous asked:

wonhui threesome please! thank you!

while I’m not sure what this exactly is, if you wanted a threesome where it’s strictly Y/N at the “center” of it, it can always be re-requested when we’re taking requests, and I’ll gladly write it. thanks to a sweet anon for an idea for this, hope you guys like it!  💕 (= yes this includes some wonhui too)

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,458 words

You were sitting on your couch, a cereal bowl in your hands, and slowly moved your eyes from Wonwoo to Jun and back to Wonwoo. Jun’s eyes were glued on a book, and you could easily guess that he was studying for his finals, while Wonwoo was enjoying a novel on the couch, his feet on top of your crossed legs.

The dark circles around Jun’s eyes had gotten more prominent with each passing day for the past week at least, and it made you worried - you and Wonwoo both. All three of you lived together and had gotten fairly close in many ways during the year and a half you had shared the four-room apartment, so it was only natural that as Jun lost his usual energy and cheerfulness, you grew concerned.

“Jun,” you called, lowering your hands so that your arms were resting on Wonwoos legs, and got a hum from Jun, although he didn’t lift his face from the book. You pouted a little. “Do you have plans tonight?”

Wonwoo continued focusing on his book, but he was listening to you and Jun intently, his eyebrows rising when Jun muttered. “Not really. My next exam is on Monday so I’m planning on taking the night off.”

You nodded slowly, knowing that he had an important exam that afternoon, and with an idea forming in your mind, you chirped. “Mind if Wonwoo and I plan something nice for all of us?”

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Goodbye Internet.

Summary- In which Dan ruined what him and Phil had and made his last video. 

Genre- Angst?

Word Count - 1.7k 

The flat the two shared used to be full of life and happiness, now it was only full of sadness and regret. Dan had messed up big time, him and Phil fought. Now Phil was gone and Dan couldn’t forget him. He was everywhere he looked. Dan couldn’t bear though to get rid of the things they had together. He couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the engagement ring Phil threw back to him just before he left. “Fuck you Dan. I trusted you with my life and agreed to marry you and you went sleeping around?” Phil scoffed, twisting the ring off his finger. His face was tight, the veins in his neck popping out as his eyes watered. “Here”. He threw the ring at Dan, hitting his chest. Dan watched it fall to his feet along with his heart. “I changed my mind. I’ll get my stuff over the week.” He turned and walked out, slamming the door, leaving Dan standing there with tears falling from his eyes, landing around the ring on the floor. 

About a month ago it hit Dan, he was getting married. He wanted to marry Phil, god he did. He was scared and did what he usually did. Dan ran. He ran from his fear, ran from everything and into the arms of another person. A few actually. Thinking back now, Dan realized they all had one thing in common, they were just like Phil. Every woman he went home with was a huge kid on the inside with the sweetest smile. If Dan went home with a guy he noticed things about them to, they all were nerdy and had the sweetest personalities.

Staring at the ceiling as his fairy lights shone above him, illuminating the room with a melancholy mist. Dan hadn’t done much of anything since Phil left. He hadn’t gotten out of bed unless he needed to use the bathroom or wanted a drink or snack. Even then he just started hoarding bags of maltesers and water bottles in his room so he wouldn’t have to leave as much. Unlike the rest of the house, Dan’s room was black and white basically. The less color he had the better. To Dan, Phil was like a bunch of colors that shone brightly making everyone happy. Except Dan, the colors only made him sad now.

Tears slipped from his eyes and slid down the sides of his face. He didn’t want to continue YouTube alone, he didn’t want to abandon the gaming channel, let alone his own but he couldn’t do it. He met Phil through YouTube, and it ended on YouTube.

Sighing, Dan found the strength to climb out of bed. His head throbbed in pain as he walked to the bathroom, his head dropping once he saw his appearance. His hair was greasy and curled, bags and dark circles were under his eyes. His shoulders drooped and his clothes hung off his body. He was wearing grey sweatpants that were big on him alone and a jumper that was way too big for him.

Tears fell from his eyes again as a sob crashed through his body. Dan leaned against the wall and slid down, fully sobbing now. “I-I’m so sorry P-Phil.” He gasped through every cry to himself. He doubted he’d ever get to tell him how sorry he was. Phil was right in Dan’s mind to leave. He didn’t deserve Phil, he never did and he proved that.

Dan couldn’t do this. He wasn’t happy. YouTube doesn’t make him happy anymore. It’s been a week, almost two now since he even logged on. He sat there on the bathroom floor for hours thinking it over.

Music blasted in his headphones, and he stared at the tiled wall. Was he doing this? “I guess I am,” he mumbled, the life drained from him. He pulled himself up and trudged back to his room, setting the camera up in front of his bed. Turning the camera on he sat there for five minutes before saying anything.

“Hello internet,” he waved his hand. His voice wasn’t happy like it usually was when he did his intros, then again he wasn’t happy anymore. “I look like a literal rat right now, and I deserve to.”

Dan sighed and hung his head trying to think of how he wanted to explain everything. The fans never knew that him and Phil were together, so how was to explain what happened without outing them. Hopefully Phil wouldn’t hate his anymore than he already did..

“As you guys probably have noticed, Phil and I are no longer gonna be living together.” Dan bite his lip and looked down. “A-And it’s all my fault.” He looked into the viewfinder for a brief moment to see how he was doing.

“Phil and I were a couple. I asked him to be my boyfriend back in 2011 and he said yes.” Dan smiled but that smile was nothing but sadness anymore. “We went through tough times like any other couple, as you all know we grew apart in 2012, but we came back around.”

Dan could feel tears forming back in his eyes but he refused to let them fall again. “After being together for over 5 years, I decided I would ask him to marry me. I wanted to make it perfect, because that’s what Phil deserves. I planned a trip back to where it all started. You were so clueless. My heart was soaring, beating out of my chest. I was gonna ask you to marry me and I was terrified you would say no. Looking back? You should have, but for some reason you chose to say yes.”

Laughing a bit Dan remember how nervous he had been that day. “I took you to the train station where we met for the first time. I was nervous to get off the train that day. I was worried you would hate the me you would see in person.”

A single tear rolled down his cheek, “W-we planned to get married in May. We planned on recording bits of it, and uploading a vlog as a surprise to you guys.” Dan chuckled, “Some of you, many of you actually would have been expecting it.”

Dan closed his eyes and let the tears roll freely now. He brought his hand up and covered his mouth, letting sobs escape his body. His eyes were more than likely bloodshot as he looked back into the camera. “Then I fucked up big time.” Came from his lips in a whisper.

“Loyalty is something everyone deserves. T-trust to, and I broke both of those things. P-phil… If you by some chance watch this, not that you would want to see me again in any form, but I-I’m so sorry. You should never forgive m-me. I was scared. I s-still am now that I’m alone again because I-I’m so used to having you here. It’s not the same. There’s no dork to greet me when I finally crawl out of bed, no one to help when I fall into an existential crisis. I fucking took you for granted, and I will never f-forgive myself for that.”

Dan fell back onto his bed and let the sobs come, the tears pour. A good 15 minutes later once he composed himself, he sat back up and looked into the camera. “I che-cheated on P-Phil Lester. I fucking hate myself f-for it.” He wiped his eyes before looking back into the camera.

“It hit me that I was getting married and I started to panic. I started thinking about how Phil, how you could c-change your mi-mind any moment and it scared me. So, like any other time I was scared, I ran. Instead of running to you, I ran from you. Into the arms of others.”

“I want you guys to do me a favor. I want you all to, if you love somebody, make sure you tell them. If you get scared f-fucking tell them! Don’t do what I did. Don’t be stupid and cost yourself the one person you can’t live without. This? This hurts like fucking hell and it sucks. Phil, you mean everything to me an- and I’ll never get you back and I deserve that. I deserve to be lonely and to never hear from you again.”

Dan sighed, scared shitless to end this video. His face was tear stained, his sleeves were damp from crying and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. “The last few things I w-want to say to end this on… I-I’m moving. I don’t know where, but somewhere. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll stay in London, it all hurts too much. J-just like this… YouTube used to make me happy. Now it mocks me. I look and see most of the videos I created were with you Phil and I can’t do it. So, this is it. No more Danisnotonfire. No more live shows, no more updates. I’m going back to being Dan, and getting rid of my internet persona I’ve built over the years. Please, if you guys see me in public, please don’t come up to me. I don’t want this “fame”,” Dan put hand quotations around fame. He never considered himself a famous person. Just someone on the internet. “I loved meeting you guys, but when your other half is missing you just don’t want to continue.”

Dan sighed one last time and wiped his eyes before looking into the camera. “I’m Dan and this was Danisnotonfire. Goodbye internet.”


Dan had just finishing packing up the last box of things from his bedroom. He was moving back home, not too far from his parents’ house. Carrying the box out to the lounge, he looked around. What was once a happy place was now nothing but a bad memory. The ring he gave Phil lived in his wallet. The remains of his YouTube career were going with him. He had uploaded the video a week ago and wasn’t sure how everyone was reacting. He didn’t check the comments or look on any social media. He was too scared.

Dan’s phone went off in his hand and he looked at it.

YouTube: AmazingPhil has just uploaded a video: Phil’s Final Video Blog - 2nd March 2017

Part 2