and my heart goes to

giving thanks,

i am grateful for so much this year. as the year comes to an end, i find myself achieving the goals i set for myself at the beginning. my goals were to get a job (check), start my poetry book (check), read a book for every month (going well so far), and a couple of more. i wouldn’t have been as motivated or willing to do this with the overwhelming support i have from my friends and family, so let me take a moment to thank those who have contributed nothing but positivity to my life this year;

@spider-boi - bea, the first friend and blog i followed here. the inspiration behind this blog. you push me every day to be a better person and writer, and remind me to think of myself, and make myself happy. i can’t emphasize how important you are to me. i love you, more than you know.

@purelyparker - cassandra, there is so much i could say to you, but i’ll save that for your christmas card. just know, you are the brightest light in my life, you are one of my favorite people, and i don’t understand how lucky i am to be blessed with the gift of having you as one of my best friends. i love you.

@parkerroos - alyssa, i have been following you almost as long as i’ve had this blog. i’m so glad we are friends and we have been given the chance to be part of each other’s lives. i love you, you are the purest soul and one of the most selfless people i know. you are one of my favorite people, ever. 

@tbholland - meg, a true blessing on this hellsite. thank you for your unwavering kindness and constant support/love. you are one of my favorite blogs and one of the most important people that keep this fandom sane & livable through. i truly love you and wish for nothing but good things for you. i’m so lucky to have you as a friend.

@quackmom - sydni, the actual love of my life. thank you for always being just a message or text away. you are one of the most supportive friends i have, and through the short time i’ve gotten to know you, i feel like you understand me best and i could go to you for anything. you’re like my sister, and i love you so much.

@httpsamholland - nana, you are an angel, simply put. thank you for always listening to me rant and for just being one of the purest people i know. you are so cute and sweet and i just love the very being you are. you never hesitate to be there for the ones you love, and i hope i reciprocate the kindness you give me. 

@dreamyholland - gia, your nickname ‘mama glee’ rings true, always. i know i suck at responding sometimes, but i genuinely and entirely enjoy talking to you, and i can’t wait for christmas this year with you! you have always made me feel safe and sane with you, i love you and i appreciate you so much.

@parkerbenjaminpeter - jai, i have called many in this fandom pure but you are the epitome of the word. you continually spread your positive light throughout this fandom and you are the most deserving person i know. you deserve kindness and happiness and love, and i will try to continue to provide all of it for you. i love you so much. 

@dej-okay - dej, you are the absolute most wonderful person i’ve ever met. your attitude and joyfulness never fail to make my day, and whenever i get a message form you my heart goes !!!! and i just want to give you one of the biggest hugs. thank you for being such a light. 

@screamholland - mary, i had to come back to add to this because how did my dumbass useless as forget you? thank you for always being there, and i hope by now you know i am less than a text away. i will forever cherish you. i love you so much, baby. you’re my moon and all my stars.

there are so many other people i could write about, but i’m helping cook this year, so i have time to just mention the others, just know that you are equally as appreciated and you have contributed to my life and experience here in such a positive way: @zendmylife, @iamnesta, @spideywritings, @rileywrites-parker, @loverholland, @tonkslegends, @tonky-stank, @themultilingualmartell, @honeynutholland, @ladysnowren, @spideyboys, @nedandpeter, @starparker, @sam-a-holland, @samhollandsfreckles, @samhollandtrash, @sarsmusings, @peterandchurros, @suit-lady, @tomhollandxreader, @spidey-mantom, @spideychelle-romanogers, @queer-hollander, @omlitsari, @hogwartsholland, @arachnid-kid, @spidiepool, @bimichelle, @parkerbenpeter, @spideyloser

there are plenty more, but i want to take a second to acknowledge the native american fans in this fandom, too. i want to give thanks to you and say that this day isn’t a celebration of achievement for america, this is a profited day at the expense of the natives who were stripped away of their religions and customs and land. thank you for continuing the fight against this and i stand with you and your ancestors. i acknowledge you. i hear you. i am with you. this is me giving thanks to you. happy thursday. 

Camp Swan Part 7

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans out there. I hope that you have/are going to eat a lot of good food. If you’re not in the U.S. then go get your favorite meal and enjoy it! Food deserves to be enjoyed, you know?
If you can’t be yourself with your family around this time of year, my heart goes out to you. Remember you’re still valid. Hopefully this chapter will maybe provide a little bit of a distraction or happiness. Know that I believe in you :)

Warnings: Swearing, bullying

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The tension between these boys could melt steel.

Thomas had watched them all morning. There hadn’t been a single sound uttered from their room, not one sentence or remark. The looks Virgil sent them made the hairs on his arm stand up, and the looks that were returned—matching resentment from Roman, cool indifference from Logan, and sad and confused from Patton—made his gut wrench. He didn’t know exactly what had happened, but according to Terry, there had been some form of screaming match the night before. Virgil had spent all of his time by himself in the lounge, only going back when he’d been told to.

Whatever had happened, it had clearly left some rift between them. Roman, Patton, and Logan on one side, Virgil on the other.  He supposed that as long as they were at least treating each other like human beings, there was little Thomas could do other than let them work it out. He got the feeling that none of them would appreciate him stepping in directly, but then, maybe he could do something…


Thomas jumped, startled out of his thoughts. He looked up at Joan, who had sat down at his table at some point without him realizing it. They were looking at him, as if waiting for an answer for something.

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry I was zoned out there for a moment.”

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In this time where the world, as well as kpop is becoming more aware of the impact of mental illness. I’d like to reiterate just how important it is that we realize idols are not perfect and that we should not expect them to be. To be an idol, you have to be so incredibly brave because you really don’t know if you’re going to make it or if you’ll be left behind. And even when you make it, there is still a lack of clarity and you have endless expectations thrust upon you. So, thank you to all Idols, whether a trainee or debuted, because you are pursing your dreams and giving so much hope to others.