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In this time where the world, as well as kpop is becoming more aware of the impact of mental illness. I’d like to reiterate just how important it is that we realize idols are not perfect and that we should not expect them to be. To be an idol, you have to be so incredibly brave because you really don’t know if you’re going to make it or if you’ll be left behind. And even when you make it, there is still a lack of clarity and you have endless expectations thrust upon you. So, thank you to all Idols, whether a trainee or debuted, because you are pursing your dreams and giving so much hope to others.

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I never expected to be so charmed by the heart-shaped moss agate necklace! In my cart it goes!

I’m glad you like it! I think it’s a real cutie :)

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I'm in shock. You prepared us, but damn that was depressing. I don't give a fuck about this show, but my heart goes out to people who actually watched this show faithfully. THIS is how they were going to end it if it was not renewed. smh. The writers should pay you. If not for your blog, I would never have even bothered with this show.

I’d happily be paid. The only currency I’ll accept is Klaroline scenes.

my heart goes out to lgbt+ people in abusive homes, in conservative homes, in unaccepting homes, and homes where they can’t come out. being trapped in a situation (especially during the summer away from friends) like that is mentally and emotionally taxing. i tried to come out to my brother once and then said ‘we’re not going to talk about this again’. gathering up all your courage and putting yourself out there for someone important to you to just say ‘i don’t want you like this’ is hard.


Dishonored 2

Karnaca [12/?] for @polygone-moi


A great leader is not born but made through exhibiting constant care and support for others, putting others first no matter what, enduring suffering and hardship often in silence, exerting great humbleness, having a continual struggle for self-improvement, and above all, giving the most thorough and sincere love to each and every member.

Though we call her God Jihyo, every human has their limits, and now she needs us most. Although she may never show us all of the pain, stress, and both physical and mental injures that she has incured, we know what a tough road it’s been. Twice wouldn’t be the Twice we know without her amazing leadership. Twice’s leadernim fighting! God Jihyo fighting! #GetWellSoonJihyo

Who is the first person you think of when you read the following question? Don’t think about, just let the first person pop into your head. The answer may surprise you…

Who would you like to be holding you at this exact moment?