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can we agree that this is still one of the best songs precure has ever had

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Can I have headcannon for Revali and Sidon birthday surprise for their s/o ? I enjoy reading all your writing, it makes my heart goes warm and fuzzy. I keep screaming ahahaha so cute ahah in my head all the time!

Absolutely! And I’m glad you like it!

-Mod Pinks

Birthday surprise for s/o


  • Remembered
    • But could not think of what to give them for the life of him til a few nights before
  • On the special day, he surprises them with a glider he made for them to replace their old one
  • They then go flying together, and he uses his soaring abilities to get them all the way to the Divine Beast
  • Once there, they eat together and enjoy the view, watching over what feels like the whole world
  • Might teach them to shoot from up there, to avoid actually hitting someone


  • For someone who totally forgot until someone mentioned it the night before, he does manage to pull off an excellent surprise for his love
    • To be fair, he is a prince. A lot of things pile up on his plate, and while he does his best, some things will slip his mind until the last second. 
  • The day of, he takes his s/o to the place they went on their first date with a picnic basket, away from all the crowds.
  • They go swimming together, and he gives them a particularly pretty shell as a way to commemorate their day together
    • The best way to not admit he forgot to get them a gift
  • And that night, after dinner by the window, he gives them a night full of praise and… other things

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5, 6, 9, and 10

Ryden, Brallon, or Brencer?

i dont actually really actively ship things anymore? but my heart still goes on for brencer

What is your fave P! song?

new perspective and the alternative version of tpksidk

What is your favorite era?

this has always been a weirdly complicated question for me because i have different favorite eras for different things but i think all in all its current because of everyone seems to be in good happy spaces in their lives, i just want my kids happy (i would heavily die for po bren tho)

n i answered 10 already

ask me panic Qs yay

Pinanood namin ni mama yung performance namin sa drum and lyre competition noong grade 6 ako.

Me: ang itim itim ko jan.

Mama: kahit naman maitim ka ikaw padin pinakamaganda sa mga majorette.

Then my heart goes click clak bada bing bada boom.

You know what upsets me most is that kids are going see Trump and the way he acts and believe that it’s ok to be like that. It’s ok to harass women, it’s ok to be racist, it’s ok to be misogynistic, it’s ok to be homophobic, It’s ok to be transphobic because look look at that guy. He did it and look at where he is now. Look at where he stands today, a nation at his feet. This isn’t ok. Not everyone has that luxury of walking down the street without being judged, hated or worse abused. 


A great leader is not born but made through exhibiting constant care and support for others, putting others first no matter what, enduring suffering and hardship often in silence, exerting great humbleness, having a continual struggle for self-improvement, and above all, giving the most thorough and sincere love to each and every member.

Though we call her God Jihyo, every human has their limits, and now she needs us most. Although she may never show us all of the pain, stress, and both physical and mental injures that she has incured, we know what a tough road it’s been. Twice wouldn’t be the Twice we know without her amazing leadership. Twice’s leadernim fighting! God Jihyo fighting! #GetWellSoonJihyo

my heart goes out to the victims of the westminster bridge and parliament attacks today and the families of those who were injured. please avoid the westminster area and take every necessary precaution to remain safe ❤️


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 

Frank: *plays with dead animals, always yelling, makes shit jokes, says I eat ass, bathes in ramen, disgusting, probably hasn’t showered since 1796, offensive, terrible puns, eats chef boyardee ravioli like it’s his last meal, makes everything a meme*

My weird ass: ❤️💛💚💙💜💕💓💞💗💘💖💝💟💌💌💌💒💒💒💍💍💍