and my hair looks cute here


(I hope that worked, I can’t tell with how iffy my laptop is atm)
It’s not that amazing, but I hope you like it!! I tried my hardet to make it look nice, so I could make you proud, Cat Dad :D

This is that amazing! I never thought I’d enjoy seeing something where I look this cute, but here I am, absolutely loving it. I especially love the way you drew my hair. Everything about this artwork is beautiful. I love your style! I’m very proud of you!

Also who told you I had that sweater? Was it Hizashi? I’m going to slap him I swear…

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Fav picture of all BAP members?

i dont have any all time faves but i’ll list some of my FAVES

yongguk: any lq pic where u can see all his moles cuz he looks so cute but also???secksi??? like that one vlive literally killed me any screenshot of that has me fuckign crying 

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himchan: he’s at his most powerful when his forehead is displayed and that’s a fact

daehyun: not to prove all dae stans wrong but dark haired dae is god tier🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️

youngjae: his bird pics!!!

jongup: any photo of him is my favorite photo so let’s all jot that down !!

zelo: blonde and forhead on display is a n*t

i’m in aesthetic hell like i want to be a classy history museum girl who wears blouses and flowy skirts and ballet flats and wine red lipstick and cute gold rings but i also wanna be a badass punk chick who wears black skinny jeans and band shirts and has a nose piercing and cool choppy hair and big stompy doc martens but i also wanna be an art kid who wears mom jeans and cute graphic tees and worn out converse and has flowers in her hair but i also wanna be a glowy sexy girl who has an impeccable highlight and wears gold hoops and slinky silk dresses and in the end i can’t be any of them so i just sit here in my boring jeans and shirts

soft allura headcanons

she’s strong and determined but i love seeing her gentle side

  • at night she brushes her hair and it’s silky and smells like lavender shampoo. the mice climb up her shoulders and help her with little tangles she can’t reach
  • allura: “coran, i am absolutely too old for teddy bears” coran: “alright then. in that case, i’ll throw mr snuffles out with the rest of the space garbage?”
    • allura: “now wait just one quiznakking second-”
  • she likes her tea sweet because she can’t stand bitter drinks 
  • she watches altean romcoms until late into the night and screams into her pillow during sappy scenes, cheeks flushed and a wide grin on her face
  • pidge and her have sleepovers where they play monopoly in allura’s room and put each other’s hair into little braids 
  • allura: “rise up and take your planet back from the galra! with voltron’s help, i will personally ensure your liberation!!”
    • also allura: “keith, is that cute girl looking at me? don’t look at her. don’t- she’s looking?! oh my god, do i look alright? actually don’t tell me, i’m just- oh quiznak, we have to get out of here”
  • she likes makeup and when they stop at a mall, she spends hours in space sephora excitedly going through lipsticks and eyeshadows
  • at breakfast, lance blows milk out of his nose and allura giggles so hard she starts to cry 
  • hunk paints her nails and she tells him about her childhood on altea
  • she puts on soft piano music and dances around her room, letting her hair stream out behind her in glossy waves
  • shiro: “ok team, we’re descending on this planet and- princess, why do you keep laughing?” allura: “shiro, i cannot take you seriously with food goo on your chin” 
  • allura makes sure to take a flower from every planet they visit so she can press them into books in her library and keep them forever
  • allura: “coran…i want to fall in love” coran: “well, who do you have in mind princess?” 
    • allura sighing: “a cute girl or boy. pretty eyes. they have to like the mice” 
  • she sings the mice to sleep in a soft voice but before she knows it, she’s also out like a light, curled into her silk sheets and breathing gently
  • on a foreign planet, allura discovers a library built by her father back when alteans were space-farers. the team find her sitting alone in a corner, crying, with books in her lap and the mice patting at her face. they all hold onto their princess and hug her tight 

diamond girl (teaser)

favorite lapis screenshots

50/10 the one eye closed, the one eye open, the blush, the smile, have you ever seen anything so beautiful, A+

the soft cool colors, her side profile, I love it, everything about this makes my heart flutter

there will never be a moment where this fuckin badass frame - and entire scene in general - doesn’t give me chills

the hair. the face. need I say more. 

the messy hair makes her look emo 99% of the time. but then there’s that 1% like we see here where she smiles and she transforms from angsty teenager to quirky cute girl who only occasionally says something slightly morbid

adorable pumpkin mom with the strand of hair sticking up. I appreciate it grandly.

*breathes in* i love her so much

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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

Going to the Yule Ball with Draco Malfoy would include...

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request - Dancing with Draco at the Yule Ball.

a/n - i kind of changed it up and made it into a yule all with draco thing since i had a lot more ideas to offer into the request, hope you dont mind!!! xxx

- he probably asked you by using a charm to be all cutesy

- he only went all out because he thinks youre the absolute cutest in the school

- also would probably beat crabbe and goyle up if they called they said anything about you that was negative

- him asking fellow slytherins to tie his bowtie

- draco all youve ever told me to do is go stick a dragons egg up my arse why should i help you now


- waits for you at the bottom of the staircase in front of the great hall

- might i mention that youve already tripped on your dress a good 5 times already

- your mom sent you that dress okay!!! it was special and you hope he would like it

- and oh boy did he

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sometimes i feel shitty like im lying to everyone on social media because I never really show my whole face in selfies :/ I always think when people from social media see me irl they are probably like lol dis bitch actually not that cute - because of course I try to look my best when I post pictures on tumblr or insta ect. My eyes r like super uneven and my under eyes are baggy af so I try to cover one of them up by putting my hair in front of my face or whatever. Idk I just think sometimes im insecure about myself and it makes it worse when I try and pretend im not or Im perceived a certain way on social media….

meh here is your sappy post for the day

p.s. this isnt a post to get compliments lol just thinking about life, ya know?

10! I really wanted to do a halfing for today! 

When I draw each classic DnD race for the first time–orcs, elves, etc–I think I’m just going to start with a really simple base character concept, since I want to figure out what each species looks like first. Having all the main races just be slightly different humans (green human, pointy ear human, short human…) is extremely boring to me so I wanted to put just a little spin on each. Not enough so they’re no longer recognizable (I’ll save that for my own works) but enough so there’s a REASON to make them something other than human, yknow?

anyway halflings are cute but very bitey little rodent people here. facial hair is most common on guys but any gender can have seriously impressive whiskers that they use for feelin stuff out in the dark


💖 I’m dead 💖

I need a moment. Today at Tampa Bay Comic Con, I had a little girl run up to me screaming “STARFIRE STARFIRE MOMMY OH MY GOSH LOOK!” She told me all about how I was her favorite Teen Titan and how much she loved my show. She kept looking into my eyes and telling me how beautiful they were. I was wearing green sclera contacts, you can see them in he video I recently posted. She also played with my hair and I thought I was going to melt because of the cuteness. When I said I liked her Wonder Woman outfit, she said I should put stars on my shirt since I was from “space and stuff like that.” I told her I’d have to ask Robin first, and she literally squealed. “You have to because Robin’s the leader!! Is he here today too?!” I told her yes, but he was on a secret mission and hiding somewhere.
Moral of the story - whenever you talk badly about the new Teen Titans Go, remember who it’s geared towards. Yes, I miss the titans I grew up with, but I adore the fact that little ones will grow up loving the same characters I do today.


You’ll need to excuse my puffy tired face, it was the Stepford Wife Christmas party at Etd’s office last night and things Hurt™ and I’m Exhausted but I’m feeling hella cute anyway so here we are.

Two weeks after the whole awful haircut thing with the rude stylist, I decided to try the new salon that opened up across the street from my old one and the experience was worlds apart. I came in, I sat down, they made me tea, and then Ande–an ex military tech turned hair stylist with a buzz cut and absolutely covered in tattoos–asked me about my hair and my lifestyle and what look I wanted to achieve.

“Not dead” got a laugh, until I told him about my chronic illness issues, after which he got very serious, asking how much energy I had to spend on hair, could I blow dry it myself, what about allergies to products, what health supplements am I taking. I told him what the other stylist had said about my hair being too thin to work with and how she said I’d need hair extrnsions to look pretty again, and then he went even more silent.

After a few minutes of silently assessing my hair and playing with it, he caught my eye in the mirror and told me I have a lot of new growth and it’s really healthy hair with excellent movement at the root, so that’s good, but also the reason my hair looked so flat and lifeless was because it had been cut by someone who didn’t know how to cut hair, and he was sorry someone had been so mean to me. And then he asked again if I was able to hold my hair dryer for long periods of time, (advised I get a lighter salon type one cause appatently they are hella lighter and easier to use) and would I mind if he took several more inches off to make a Look. I told him that was fine and then he told me he was going to dry cut my hair to see where my natural hair pattern fell, wash it, then trim it again before drying it.

Even with my hair being a dry, static mess, ten minutes in to the cut I could see the immediate difference in the shape. He was so enthused by my nautural wave too which was really nice, cause most stylists tell me it’s difficult to work with and try to either flat iron the shit out of it or over curl it to make it “better”.

When the time came to tip my head back into the sink he was very careful of my neck and shoulders, guiding me down by hand rather than trusting the mechanics of the chair. He asked if the angle was causing any pain issues and if I needed to sit up to let him know.

It was quite possibly the least painful, stress free haircut I’ve ever had, and I’m so happy with the end result. My hair looks full and super cute and only took ten minutes to blow dry this morning. It’s amazing, I love it :)

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include:

• Him letting you wear his clothes because he thought you looked cute in them

• “Here- take my shirt”

• “I have my own clothes… like right there”

• “Take mine, I insist”

• Telling you about how he used to be with Grundy, and you accepting it because he realized it was wrong

• Always playing with his hair

• “It’s soft, just let me touch it for a few more minutes”

• Him returning the favour and playing with your hair too

• “I’m not gonna complain, that feels nice”

• Sleeping over at each others houses and just cuddling while watching movies

• If you couldn’t spend the night you would text each other about random things and watch movies at the same time, from your own houses

• Being a part of the gang, and having everyone bother you about Archie

• “So, is he good in bed?”

• “Kevin- stop”

• Veronica and Betty making jokes about you stealing Archie from them

• “And I thought I would get Archiekins… oh well”

• Neck kisses from both of you

• Him always tracing patterns on your arm or stomach, and you doing the same to him

• Constant little dates at Pop’s, or the drive-in before it closed

• “I really actually like your face”

• Being the first person to hear his songs when he made them

• Often sitting while he recorded and listening, helping him with lyrics when he couldn’t think of any

• Encouraging him whenever he doubted his talent

• “Maybe music isn’t for me”

• “Archie Andrews shut your mouth, you are amazing”

• Helping Archie decide whether he wanted to go live with his mom

• “I would but- all of you guys are here, especially you. I can’t leave you, and I can’t leave my dad. Not now, not while all of this is happening”

• Always playfully shoving each other

• Eating breakfast and dinner with Archie and his dad, whenever you would spend the night

• Lots of forehead kisses

• Complimenting him just to see him blush and stutter

• Always making each other laugh, often without even meaning to

• Jughead always pretending to gag when he’d see you two kiss once he started living with Archie

• “Guys, i’m in the same room, please don’t start fucking”

• “Shut up Juggie, you’re just jealous”

• Chasing each other around the house because you were playing tag, or just trying to catch each other

• Archie’s dad seeing you sometimes and just shaking his head with a smile

• “You two never will grow up, huh?”

• “Never, Mr.Andrews”

• Always saying quiet “I love you’s” to each other

• Super protective Archie

• Always going to his football games and wearing his jacket, knowing he liked seeing you in it

• “You’d better win this game for me, Andrews”

• Endless nicknames, very rarely ‘normal’ ones

• “Arch, you’re my little apricot”

• “(Y/N)… why an apricot?”

• “Don’t question me”

• Him always walking around his house shirtless when it’s hot

• “Damn, Andrews. Lookin’ good”

• Him always flushing when you’d make your usual comment about him being shirtless

• He would always jokingly respond anyways

• “It’s hot, leave me alone”

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