and my hair is ok for once

my lil tips for feeling better


  • wash your face at least once a day, with a cleanser and a moisturizer that works for your skin (you can add a toner and serum to the routine too)
  • keep a lip balm on you at all times
  • please try to remember to brush your teeth. i know, you’re very sleepy and your bed is very comfortable, but still
  • try out some face masks every once in awhile!


  • find a shampoo and conditioner that really works for you and makes your hair smell nice
  • try to skip using the heat tools and embrace the natural look, your hair will thank you for it
  • deep conditioner? hair masks? argan oil? go for it
  • for those of you with long hair: keep a hair tie on you at all times


  • keep a small hand cream in your purse to keep your hands from getting dry after washing them
  • maybe keep a cuticle cream in your purse too? (it really helps me stop picking at my cuticles because this motion is actually a good kind of fidgeting instead of harmful, and it keeps them from drying out in the process)
  • paint your nails a light beige/pink neutral color. it’s subtle but looks so elegant and goes with everything


  • moisturize!!!!! after every shower!!!! whether it be lotion or coconut oil or what, it’s important!! dry skin is uncomfortable and does not make you feel better
  • find a perfume you like and spray it on whenever you need a lil pick-me-up. smelling nice = feeling nice
  • take a multivitamin every! day!
  • and take your medications! don’t forget!
  • try to incorporate eating something kinda healthy every day (maybe just one fruit! that’s all!)
Speedy Recovery - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @lclb13

Summary - You request time off to help Seth recovery from his injury at home, and the two of you get very close. One thing leads to another, and you end up doing a lot more than helping him recover. (Kevin the doggo also makes a few appearances ;) ) 

Warnings:- Smut, Fluff, Swearing

Word Count- 2,103


Crews to gif owner, my gif maker still wont work :( 

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anonymous asked:

what happens after they both figure it out??? do they pine they definitely pine but??? more hcs please? i love you

i love you too dear anon this is for you

  • i’m not sure entirely how it would first go, but i imagine they’re laying around and keith is really intensely playing with lance’s fingers (like really intensely he looks like he’s trying to x-ray vision them u ok there buddy?) 
    • and lance is just watching him and it hits him full force his heart literally starts aching and he just pulls his hand away 
    • keith is confused for a second and kind of like :’( until lance cradles his jaw and says in a slightly trembling voice “can i kiss you right now?” 
    • the answer is yes 
  • they try to hide it for a while because they’re afraid it might mess up the team dynamic 
    • except they try hiding it by not touching each other as much,, which is when they realize how much they were touching each other and they’re both like “how did we even go this long without realizing?” 
    • shiro eventually asks if something is wrong between them because he notices they’re standing apart a lot (on a separate note have you noticed how often these two are standing next to each other in canon it’s like they’re drawn to each other i’m fjdsal;k)  
    • keith, smooth as ever, just blurts out “I KISSED HIM” 
    • shiro is a little surprised but he just smiles softly and is like “that’s great, keith. i already thought you had, though?”
    • keith: did EVERYONE know except us???  
  • they’re teenagers you know,, so they’re always all over each other
    • keith’s hair is literally always a mess
    • sometimes it’s braided but it half falls apart because lance can’t stop running his hands through his hair when they’re kissing
    • keith, mumbling into lance’s mouth: you’re ruining your work 
    • lance: worth it 
    • someone knocks on the door once and they scramble to put their shirts on and open it like “hey, nothing interesting happening here!” except,, they’re wearing the wrong shirts,, a mess 
    • or,, hunk, peering at keith’s neck very closely: dude, what are those purple marks? are you ok? they look like bruises? 
    • keith, flustered and tugging at his collar: NOTHING IT S NOTHING just my… galra genes!!! yeah!! my galra-ness kicking in!! you know how it is!! 
  • lance unabashedly flirting over the coms
  • they’re literally so sappy and cheesy all the time. they’re that couple that has an entire conversation using eye contact and forgets to explain what’s going on to the rest of the team  
  • lance pretty much moves in keith’s bedroom. keith pretty much steals all his shirts and doesn’t have to feel guilty about it anymore (he had like 5 already and when lance finds them he won’t leave him alone about it) 
  • thank youu 
Patrick Hockstetter || Guilt

A/N: I say this a lot, but I mean it on this one, this was hard to try to come up with. I tried to hold true to Bower’s Gang as much as I could but I wanted to also humanize them more I guess. I hope this turned out well and everyone enjoys!

“Listen, I wouldn’t have came to you loser’s in the first place if I didn’t need the help.” Patrick’s voice was raspy, he growled out the words with his eyes hard on Bill, Stan, Richie, and Eddie, who stood in front of him while Henry, Belch, and Victor stood behind him. Patrick’s face was scratched up, his body bloodied and bruised from his narrow escape from that god damned clown. When he got back and found that you had been missing as well, something in him… broke.

When Patrick first started dating you, his violent and sinister nature eased as he began regularly taking his medication, with a little convincing from you. It took nearly six months, six long strenuous months, but he slowly warmed up to treating you and others decently. It was a lot of work for you, but despite the sexual gestures and the harsh words he would give you and others, you saw the glimmer of good in him. Patrick slowly became more affectionate and loving than just possessive and obsessive over you, he treated you more like his girlfriend than just his personal toy. He treated you like you were real, as terrifying as that was for him. He grew to love you in how own special way.

Patrick shot a glare behind him at his friends, who looked away in shame, his gaze turned back to the losers, “I would’ve thought that they would’ve kept an eye out for Y/N, but obviously not.”

“Listen, man-“ Belch was cut off with another glare from Patrick. Y/N, his girl, was taken when the others clearly should have been with her.

“Wow, what does that make you assholes if you’re asking us losers for help? Huh?” Patrick gave a warning growl, “R-Richie, n-not the t-time.” Bill stuttered out, he looked over at Patrick, despite the constant bullying Patrick and his friends did to the loser’s, Bill understood the desperation Patrick felt to find Y/N. Hoping she was alive.

“W-we’ll help.” Bill’s words cut the tension, Patrick’s eyes moved from Richie to Bill, “on-n one con-condition, st-stop the b-bullying.”

Henry scoffed, “Patrick, let’s just-“

Patrick turned on Henry, his finger pointed directly in Henry’s face, “you don’t get to speak.” Oddly enough, Henry shut his mouth in a tight line, “deal.”

“Woah-“ Richie began to speak, “shut it trashmouth.” Patrick stepped forward threateningly, “go get the other losers and let’s go.” The boys nodded and scurried off, “meet at Neibolt in an hour!” His yell was loud enough to reach the four boys riding off on their bikes, arguing over what was happening, he turned on his friends, “we aren’t upholding that deal.” Henry’s arms crossed over his chest, Patrick closed the distance between them, “oh, we are upholding it. You fuckers got us in the situation in the first fucking place. I had to fight way way out of that god damn sewer just to find out you idiots didn’t even give a damn about watching over Y/N or making sure she was ok. I was missing!” His words were becoming increasingly angrier, the last sentence he yelled aggressively in Henry’s face.

“And if you don’t hold up the deal, that’s fucking fine by me, don’t even fucking come. If she-“ his voice almost broke, he cleared his throat and kicked his chapped lips, “if she’s dead, I’ll kill you all myself.” Patrick stepped back from the boy, stomping in the direction of the Neibolt house, he could hear a scuffling behind him as the others caught up to him in silence.

The stood outside of Neibolt, waiting for the losers, well, the others to show up. They showed up after forty minutes, Patrick shot them the closest look he could give for being grateful they came, it almost looked like a pained grimace with a hint of a genuine smile. He was working on it and it did not help as an unfamiliar feeling washed over him, his stomach churned and he looked away in shame. Guilt.

“Let’s go.” Patrick marched into the house without a second thought, his head set on finding you, alive.

Patrick marched through the house, leading the ten behind him as he came across the well. The rope that he climbed out of still hanging there. He gave it a strong tug, “I’ll go down first.” He muttered as he latched onto the rope, “there is an opening about halfway down, we’ll go from there.”

One by one, they slowly climbed down the rope until they were all huddled together in an awkward silence, “this way.” The light from the loser’s flashlights surrounded Patrick as he lead the way, his lighter lit in front of his face. His eyes were darting around, clearly on edge about being back in the sewers, “you ok?” Patrick shot a glance over to Victor before he gave almost a barely noticeable nod, but no answer.

The sewers opened up, they stepped out of the pipe, their eyes immediately drawn to the mountain of… stuff. All eyes slowly trailed up to see floating kids, “t-the m-missing k-kids.” Bill whispered, his frantic eyes searching for Georgie as Patrick looked for Y/N.

“Y/N!” Patrick’s voice was loud, his tongue swept across his lips as his eyes landed on your body in the air. Your head was leaned back, your hair falling freely, your arms hung loosely at your sides, blood trickled down the side of your face as you stared blankly at the ceiling.

“She’s too high for me to reach her, someone help me get her down!” Patrick turned his rage onto the boys as Victor and Belch moved and helped Patrick up, despite the height they came to, she was still too high. His eyes landed on Richie, knowing he weighed the least, “Tozier, come here.”

Richie stood frozen, eyes wide. Patrick let out a calm huff to tone down his anger and fear, “please help me get her down.”

Richie moved and Ben and Mike helped Richie up, holding him up to Patrick who grabbed him and lifted him to grab Y/N. Slowly, the four boys began to pull Richie, Patrick, and Y/N down with Henry catching Y/N as she fell forward.

“Is… is she breathing?” Patrick had to catch himself from his voice breaking.

Henry laid her down and Mike pressed his head against her chest, “I hear her heartbeat and she’s breathing. It’s faint, but she’s alive.” Patrick’s face strained as he fell to his knees, his hands grasped her face, “Y/N.” His gave her a light shake, “Y/N, you have to wake up.”

A bone chilling laughter echoed off the walls, it sounded like it could have came from anywhere in the room. Heads turned wildly before Beverly’s voice called, “to the right!”

All heads snapped in that direction, It stood a few feet from them, it’s eyes stared at each one in hunger, drool pooled on the concrete below him, “ah, the one that slipped away.” It’s voice growled at Patrick, who stood up defensively in front of Y/N’s body, blocking it from its view, “well, you aren’t as dumb as you seemed.” It hummed as a twisted grin rose on its face, “the loser’s and the asshole’s: what a crowd, what a meal.”

Bill caught it off guard, slamming a metal rod against the back of its head. All ten kids piled on it as that time and began their merciless beating.

“It’s not real.” Bill’s words echoed throughout and a smirk rose to Patrick’s lips, he jumped forward and tackled the clown, sending him down to the floor and he repeatedly punched the clown in the face. With a harsh shove, Patrick flew off of him and landed near Y/N, her eyes still stared blankly at the ceiling, “what the hell did Hockstetter do to it?” His head turned back to the group huddled around the frantic and panicked clown, who stared horrified at Patrick, “I don’t believe he’s real. That’s how I got away the first time.”

“What the fuck?” It was a quiet whisper, almost unheard. Simply not believing in It is all it took?

“Solipsism,” Henry’s voice was rough as he stood threateningly behind the clown so he could not escape, “he doesn’t believe anything is real… other than himself.”

Patrick gave a shrug as the losers looked at him with wide eyes, “I knew he was crazy.” Richie whispered quietly.

“You took my girl.” Patrick stood up and walked in front of the clown, “real or not, I’m going to kill you.” Patrick took his foot and kicked it into It’s face, smashing it between Patrick’s foot and the edge of the well. He repeatedly brought his foot down on him before Henry pulled him off, “Ok… It’s dead man.”

Patrick pushed his black hair out of his face and wiped his face with the back of his hand, all anger he had left disappeared when he faced Y/N once more, still unconscious. Eddie was next to her, shaking her. To Patrick, it felt like the world stopped when Eddie began doing chest compressions, “She’s not breathing! Patrick, come here!”

Patrick walked forward and fell to his knees, “what do I do?” His eyes began to water as he looked down at Y/N, “tilt her head back to open her airway, when I tell you to, pinch her nose and blow two breaths into her mouth…. now.”

Patrick did as instructed, his lips met hers and he blew two deep breaths into her, “C’mon, Y/N, c’mon.”


Patrick repeated his steps as he did before, this time after the two breadths, he placed a kiss on her lips, “Please, Y/N.” Tears began to run down his face as Patrick cried for the first time since he was a baby. The ones that were standing around, observing, looked away. Ben and Beverly had tears in their eyes.

“I got a pulse!” Mike called, Patrick did not even realize he moved over to them. Patrick wiped away a tear that fell on your cheek with his thumb, “Y/N, wake up.”

With a raspy cough, Y/N’s eyes returned back to their bright iris instead of the dull white, her eyes met Patrick’s wet ones, “Pat-“ his arms pulled her up to his chest and held her close, “you… you were… Patrick, you were missing, what the hell?!”

You pulled back and took in his bruised and scratched face, his nose was broken but reset, his lip split open. His hands came to your face, her eyes swelled with tears, “This is real, right?” You ask through a sob as you took in your surroundings, the ‘losers’ and Patrick’s friend’s stood around you. The first genuine laugh you had ever received from Patrick broke through his throat as he held you close, “I’m normally the one who asks that.” You note that whatever happened to him since you both went missing possibly changed him, he was showing emotions.

“You’re safe.” He whispered into your hair as he held you close, your eyes sending a grateful look to the others behind you. Patrick was safe and you were safe, to him, that was all that mattered.


A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

A/N: hi this is cute and I’m dedicating it to my bb @illumninate cause she’s sad and I don’t want her to be!! She deserves sunshine and happiness!! Jealous shawn is the sexiest shawn xoxo

“I was a really dorky kid.”

Shawn and I were laying naked on the hotel bed somewhere in Europe. It was well past midnight, but neither of us knew exactly how late it was, and nor did we care. We were talking about our childhoods in the dim light from the city that poured in through the window, and he was telling me about the extent of his Harry Potter obsession. 

“You still are a dorky kid,” I reminded him. Shawn made a noise of protest and strung his arm out across my face as a form of chastising me. I giggled and pushed it off, intertwining his hand with mine and kissing it lightly. We looked at each other as he tried to fake unimpressed, though his grin was deceiving him. “I’m kidding baby, don’t worry. I bet you impressed all the girls with your extensive Harry Potter knowledge,” I assured him. Shawn shook his head at me, grinning still and giving a small squeeze to my bare sides that made me squirm and laugh. With his hands still on my sides, he brought me towards him, nuzzling his head into my neck. His hair was still a little sweaty from the sex we’d just had, and the silky locks tickled my jaw. 

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“Say goodbye to your freedom”


“You will never be king”



“I beat him once, I can do it again!”


“Toffee had killed my Mother”

“Now, we fight”

a) MARCO BEING BADASS b) I guess they had other things to worry about than execute Ruberiot


Marco is now a mud Sister




and….she’s reading Eclipsa’s chapter what a surprise…


“Eclipsa’s alive and I made a deal with her”


In conclusion:

I’m shOOK

Obsession {Part 2}

Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Hello!! Can I please request a Harry Hook imagine with a female reader as Mal’s younger sister who Harry has an obsession with and he just loves her but she doesn’t like him back and he maybe kidnaps her? Anything you want in the story though! Thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- Mal’s plan doesn’t work out very well, (Y/N)’s and Harry’s past is revealed.

Warning(s)- Kidnapping, Cursing, Hating Uma, Talking about abuse.

Words- 2178

A/N- I’ve decided to make a part 3 or maybe even a miniseries, idk which one yet.

Originally posted by momomoon

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 9: Las Vegas

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 8  -  Part 10

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, shameless twisting of canon to suit my lazy writing needs

Word Count: 4335

Author’s Note: Ok I don’t know how I feel about this part but this is the second rewrite and I just… here it is.

Originally posted by caps-bucky

After days crammed in the car and a night sleeping in the woods, this enormous suite in this luxury hotel feels excessive. Nat seemed to blend right in, a smug grin painting her face, not a hair out of place, a sleek dress to match the sleek tables and bright furniture. She’s the exact opposite of her friend, linked arm in arm with her, hair a soft tangle, still in that hoodie whose campfire smell lingers every time she moves. Just thinking about the smell of it reminds me of the morning but I shake the thought from my head, there are enough distractions here.

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RFA+Saeran & V Reacting to Finding Female MC Crying

Thank you for the good wishes and request! I hope you like it :) 


  • Yoosung walked into their apartment to see papers scattered all over the table and an abandoned laptop
  • MC was laying on the couch sniffling into a cushion
  • He walked over and got down on his knees on her level
  • “Hey, I’m here. What’s wrong honey?”
  • He moved the hair stuck to her face from the streams of tears.
  • “I’m done, I can’t deal with the stress. I’ve been working on this project and the deadline is less than 48 hours and nothing is working.” She started to hyperventilate.
  • “Ok, I’m here. You’re here.” He took her hands and touched them to his face then hers and kept repeating until her chest was falling at a normal pace.
  • He stayed there stroking her hair until the tears subsided.
  • Whatever it would take to help her like she had done for him so many times before.
  • “Thanks Yoosung. I just had a breakdown and everything was crumbling… I’m sorry.” She kissed his hand in apology.
  • He kissed her hand in return. “You don’t need to say that. I want to be right here, with you.”
  • She nodded and thought she might cry again just from his words.
  • “Do you want to try looking at the papers again or take a nap on the couch watching YouTube.”
  • She sighed. “I should probably try again, but that second option is tempting.”
  • Yoosung smiled and pulled you up from the couch as he stood. “That’s my girl.”
  • He walked her back to the table and pulled up a chair next to her.
  • He helped get things organized and insisted on staying put.
  • The whole process he listens, proof reads, and offers his opinion when asked.
  • Every time MC tensed up, he grabbed her hand without missing a beat and helped her get through until the end.


  • The door swung open and Zen jumped at the outburst.
  • “Zen!” MC cried and slammed the door.
  • He emerged from the bedroom. “I’m right here-“
  • MC flung her arms around him and started uncontrollably hiccupping
  • “Baby, what is It?” he hugged her tight.
  • “I was w-working so hard for that promotion and t-today, they, they announced that they hired a new person for the position.”
  • “Oh, baby,” he stroked her back.
  • “I was so mad, I just went to talk with my boss to ask why and he said I had all the qualities but wanted to keep me in the same department because I would do better there. I worked so hard and gave them so much. I just quit right there. I felt so unhappy with my work but thought if I could move up it would get better.”
  • MC pulled back and look him in the eyes, “Oh god, did I make a mistake?”
  • He stared into her swollen eyes and his mind raced trying to find the words to console her
  • “I think the important thing, is that you’re happy. If you feel relieved in quitting then I think that’s a sign.”
  • He tucked a lock of hair behind her head and put his palm on her cheek. “I do know that you are one of the hardest workers and anyone would be lucky to have you.”
  • MC nodded and took some deep breaths. “Thank you Zenny.”
  • He kissed her forehead. “How about we watch some movies and eat ice cream? I went grocery shopping today and got your favorite.”
  • “I feel like the luckiest person to have someone like you.” Her smile returned.
  • Zen frowned. “That’s not possible?”
  • MC gave him a confused look.
  • “I’m the luckiest person because I have you.” He smirked.
  • Her face gave a slight brush and she started to laugh. “You’re too sly.”
  • Zen was filled with his own relief seeing the girl he loved laughing and smiling.


  • Arriving to her hotel Jaehee settled into the room and called MC to check in
  • After a few rings MC answered, “H-Hello?” with a hiccup.
  • “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” Jaehee forced her voice to stay calm but her mind was running frantic.
  • "The boy died, and he kissed his horse before going to the hospital. Then the guy kicked the bad guy and, and-”
  • Her voice faded and was replaced by a rustling sound.
  • “MC? Hello?” she snapped into the phone. MC wasn’t making any sense.
  • “Hello?” a male voice came through.
  • She identified it immediately. “Zen?”
  • “Hey Jaehee, yup its me.”
  • “What is going on?” she almost growled into the phone.
  • “Well we went to this movie together and it had a rather sad ending. I think MC’s emotions are just being intensified by the hormones from the pregnancy.”
  • A movie? All that emotion from watching a damned movie. Jaehee pinched the bridge of her nose.
  • “Where you worried? I told you nothing would happen while Zen the Knight was around,” he spoke confidently.
  • She sat on the edge of the bed, running a hand over her face in exhaustion. "Put MC back on the phone please.”
  • "Sure, one moment.”
  • There was more rustling as the phone was handed off.
  • “Hello?” she answered sadly.
  • She had been prepared to scold her for being so irrational. The tone in her voice however, took away any energy she had for it. “I will be home tomorrow as soon as possible. Please try to calm down in the mean time.”
  • “It was just so sad…”
  • “It was a fictional movie,” she stated calmly.
  • “I know…” she mumbled sheepishly. “I love you.”
  • “I love you too. Good night.”
  • “Night! Sleep well!” she signed off in a more cheerful tone.
  • She hung up the call and ran a hand through her hair. This was only the second month, things would only get worse as she progressed. This pregnancy would either make or break Jaehee Kang.


  • It had been a late night for Jumin and to finally arrive home he could cuddle up with his two favorite ladies
  • But when he walked in there was no greetings only an empty living room.
  • Confused he set down his things and hung up his jacket to investigate further
  • He reached the bedroom and heard MC’s voice from the bathroom
  • “It’s alright sweetheart. Shh… it’s ok, you’re going to be ok,” she cooed.
  • His heart jumped a bit not knowing what was going on
  • He gently pushed the door open to find MC on the floor rubbing a towel over something small on the floor with tears running down her face.
  • Elizabeth the III sat on the sink watching curiously and meowed upon seeing Jumin.
  • MC glanced at Elizabeth and followed her gaze to see Jumin in the doorway.
  • “What is it MC?” he asked
  • The towel moved as a head turned to reveal a dog with a narrow face and light brown fur
  • The dogs dark brown eyes met Jumin’s and he quickly cowered behind MC best he could
  • “Jumin,” MC quickly spoke. “I didn’t have time to call you.” She wiped at her eyes.
  • “I was jogging at the park and this, t-this monster just threw this poor puppy in the pond and left. I couldn’t leave him there, he almost drowned and that guy didn’t even care enough to look back!”
  • Jumin tried to imagine such a terrible scene and felt some anger himself. No animal deserved that kind of cruelty.
  • Her voice quivered with anger and the tears started up. “I can’t imagine what else he’s been through.”
  • She petted the dog next to her and as Jumin got a better look he noticed the dog was missing half of its front right leg.
  • Jumin took a deep breath and walked in to kneel by MC’s side.
  • MC didn’t know what to expect next but when he put an arm around her shoulder and hugged her close she was so relieved the tears kept coming.
  • “I know, it’s ok…” Jumin whispered.
  • “I know you don’t like dogs but I can’t stand the thought of dropping him at shelter to be stuck in a cage. I don’t know if anyone will even take him because of his leg… Elizabeth even seems to like him,” MC listed off.
  • Jumin grimaced. “MC…”
  • He made the mistake of looking directly into her eyes and felt his resolve crumble. “…We’ll keep him for the weekend and get him vetted but the apartment isn’t suited for a dog. We’ll see if we can’t find a proper home for him ourselves.”
  • She hugged him tight and kissed him. “Thank you Jumin!” She kissed him again. “Thank you!”
  • He tried not to smile and coughed to clear his throat. “It’s just for the weekend.”
  • Something wiggled between them and Jumin came face to face with the animal in question staring into his eyes.
  • Jumin tried to ignore the dog and lean in to kiss MC but felt something wet and noticed the dog and put his black nose to Jumin’s face to stop him.
  • MC giggled. “Aw, he likes you.”
  • Maybe it was the exhaustion but he swore the dog turned back and licked MC in the face and seemed to tauntingly turn back to glare and Jumin.
  • Jumin narrowed his eyes. Just the weekend.


  • Finishing some work up in the office he came out to the living room to find MC ball up on the couch with a pillow to her just with tears streaming down her face
  • He cautiously asked, “What’s wrong?” 
  • MC pointed at the TV and stated matter of factly, “Just having my heart shattered into tiny pieces. Seven, I need you to take a knife and stab me, I’ll be in less pain that way.”
  • He sighed, “That’s all?” He came and sat down next to her.
  • Snuggling in and putting his arm around MC. “Don’t worry, I’m here for you. You can cry on my shoulder. It can’t be that sad…”
  • “Anyone would cry if they couldn’t see the love of their life,” she countered.
  • “We’ll see about that,” Saeyoung replied. 
  • Halfway through the episode Seven was holding a pillow to his chest and sniffling.
  • “Are you crying?” MC asked with a smirk.
  • “UM, did you miss the part where he proposed to her with sand art and she friend zoned him for the other guy? Because I didn’t.”
  • He squeezed the pillow to his chest and narrowed his eyes at the main actress on the screen. “You don’t deserve him you monster.”
  • MC tried to contain the laughter but it overflowed until the tears coming were from the pain in her sides.
  • When the last of the giggles subsided she put her arm around his ‘shoulders. 
  • “It’s ok baby, you can cry on my shoulder,” sh’e said confidently. 
  • He leaned in and laid his head on her chest. “If you insist…” he sniffled. 
  • She raised on eyebrow. “Last time I checked that wasn’t my shoulder.”
  • Snuggling in close to her chest he said, “I think I feel a little better.”
  • MC ruffled his bright hair. “I can’t believe you,” she giggled. 


  • He parked the car and walked up the driveway, checking the address given to him once more to make sure he was in the right place.
  • MC had to pick up the gift and insisted they take separate cars to the wedding.
  • Sure enough, he saw MC’s car in the drive and glanced at it as he passed
  • He paused abruptly upon noticing someone was inside
  • He knocked on the passenger window and watched as MC jumped and scrambled to wipe at her eyes
  • Saeran opened the door and got in
  • “You’re early,” MC breathed and offered a smile. “I’m just fixing my makeup.”
  • He stared at her as she attempted to search for ‘makeup’ in her purse
  • “You lied to me after all,” he stated.
  • She froze and looked at him wide eyed. “W-what?”
  • “You said you were happy for him. That you wanted to attend.”
  • Her hands gripped the purse tighter. “I did, I am. I mean… I should be happy for him, he’s my father. He’s getting married to a nice woman with kids. He gets another chance to be a good dad… He just wasn’t in the right place when I was born.”
  • MC’s voice became hoarse and she bent her head down. “I’m really happy for him.”
  • Saeran reach over to hold MC’s head to his chest. “You don’t have to let go of all those feelings. You can be happy, angry, upset, and more and not feel guilty for it. You don’t have to go in there either.”
  • He kissed your cheek. “If you still want to go, I’ll fix your eyeliner for you.”
  • MC snorted and shook her head. “You do make some of the straightest lines.”
  • “It’s a gift.”
  • She gave him a quick peck on the lips. “As long as you’re with me, I’ll be ok.”
  • Even after being together for so long his heart still fluttered. “You want me to mix things up if they’re going too well?”
  • She swatted his shoulder. “Of course not!”
  • MC wiped away the tears, “Well…maybe just a little sabotage.”
  • There went his heart again and he reached over to embrace her. “That’s if we leave the car.”
  • He captured her lips and leaned in with some other ideas in mind.


  • Jihyun was startled when from his work when he heard a loud thud followed by a cry of pain and another thud.
  • He quickly jumped from his desk and went to the living room to find MC rolling around on the floor surrounded by laundry spilled from the dropped basket.
  • She was kicking her foot frantically around and seemingly convulsing.
  • Avoiding her kicks he knelt down trying to assess what was wrong
  • “MC, what happened? Are you hurt?” he asked frantically.
  • “Argh! So much pain!” MC moaned and tears rolled down her cheeks.
  • “Don’t move, I’ll call an ambulance—”
  • “No! It’s just—I stubbed my toe on the table!” she exclaimed.
  • Jihyun was dumbstruck, “What?”
  • “God, it still hurts, it feels like it’s been going on for hours,” she hissed.
  • He laid back on the floor with a heavy sigh and a hand over his heart.
  • “Please don’t do that, we almost both went to the hospital.”
  • MC wiped at her eyes, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to end up on the floor trying to do laundry.”
  • He picked up a pair of shorts next to his head and tossed them aside moving onto his side to face her better.
  • Taking up her hand he kissed her palm. “Does it still hurt?”
  • She nodded. “Just a little.”
  • “Even if I did…this.”
  • His fingers skillfully attacked her sides and soon she was rolling again, trying to escape him.
  • “S-stop it!” she laughed.
  • “Maybe for…a kiss,” he bargained.
  • “Alright!” she exclaimed and rolled over to place kisses all over his face.
  • Now it was his turn to chuckle as she started going after his neck.
  • “N-not fair MC,” he breathed.
  • “All’s fair in love and tickle fights,” she declared.
The Limping Woman

You hear the uneven footsteps first.





That’s how you know she’s behind you. The heel is broken off of her left shoe and she drags it across the ground with every step, a sharp contrast to the steady click of her still-intact pump.

“Help me,” she whispers.

It’s an urgent, anguished plea.

“Please, I’m hurt; help me!”

Don’t turn around. That’s when she gets you.

Don’t run. She still gets you, but this time, she’s going to make it hurt.

At least, that’s the rumor, anyway.

Every small town has at least one; a local urban legend that everyone knows and swears is true because their sister’s best friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s grandson knew a fella who actually encountered it!

Ours was the Limping Woman, so named for her aforementioned distinct gait.

It was said that she was a teacher at the elementary school some decades before. Young, beautiful, and the victim of a terrible murder. She had been walking home to the house she shared with her parents one night after school when she realized she was being followed. She sped up and so did her pursuer, until both were running down this dark country lane with only open farmland on either side.

Her heel broke and her ankle snapped and she fell and her pursuer became her murderer.

It was a slow, torturous affair that left her beaten and covered in stab wounds and, when the killer was done, he just left her to bleed out beside the road. She wasn’t found until the next morning and, by then, all anyone could do was search for the person responsible. While some believe the man was caught and dealt with not long after, others think he or she is still at large and the Limping Woman, as the victim came to be known, won’t rest until her killer is caught.

I was always skeptical at best of the story. I’d passed the spot where she was supposed to appear a hundred times without incident, as did everyone else I knew. If a murderous ghost lived there, I was pretty sure I’d have seen her.

I said as much to my friend Stefi when she brought up that a friend of a friend of a friend had met the Limping Woman during lunch at school one day.

“It’s true! She was out on the old highway a couple nights ago and saw her!” Stefi insisted stubbornly over our sandwiches.

“If she actually saw her, wouldn’t she be dead?” I asked. “I thought you weren’t supposed to turn around.”

“Heard her, whatever, you know what I mean, Rina.”

“Sure,” I said with a roll of my eyes. It always frustrated Stefi that I didn’t share her willingness to believe the unbelievable. “So how’d she get away?”

“She said the words, duh!”

“Oh, right, the woman’s last words. Last words we all somehow know without ever having caught the one person who would have heard them.”

“We know them because the real killer was never caught. He told people who told other people-”

“And we all just magically knew to use them to ward off being killed,” I finished for her.

Stefi frowned. She loved all things spooky and supernatural and had spent a lot of time researching our local legends, especially the Limping Woman.

“It’s not magic, it just reminds her of her own mother and she gets distracted by her grief and leaves you alone.”

“Ok, ok,” I said, hoping that that would be enough to put an end to the topic. It was an argument neither of us would win and I didn’t feel like getting into it (again) over whether or not a ghost was real.

At fifteen, it was starting to feel silly.

Stefi, however, wasn’t going to let me off so easily. “They say she remains because they got the wrong guy and she’s angry about it. Like, everyone knew it, but no one cared because they wanted to blame someone. Don’t you feel at least a little bad for her? She’s still waiting for justice after all this time.”


“She only goes after people who don’t believe in her, you know.”

I didn’t like the way Stefi said that, like she had an idea forming that I wouldn’t approve of, and I shook my head.

“Whatever it is, no.”

“We could go out there, out to the spot she haunts.”

“No, don’t be dumb,” I said.

“You don’t believe anyway, so what’s the big deal?”

“I’ve walked past there a lot, ok? Nothing’s ever happened.”

“Have you gone after dark?” Stefi had started to smile.

“No, but so what?”

“That’s when she’s active; going in the day doesn’t count.”

“This is dumb,” I said again.

“We’ll go tonight!”

Every argument I had was met with questions of whether I was too afraid and Stefi mocking me for being chicken. She kept it up for the rest of lunch, through our shared science class, and then passed me notes in the halls between classes after that. By the time the final bell rang, she had worn me down.

“But not because I believe she’s there,” I made sure she knew. “I’m just going so you shut up.”

The sun set just after five that evening. At seven, we met up on our bikes in front of my neighborhood. Her parents thought she was doing a project at mine, mine thought I was at her’s, and we had two hours to ride out to the farm where the Limping Woman was said to haunt and get back before they started trading phone calls.

We peddled hard and fast, leaving behind the glow from windows and streetlamps until darkness swallowed up the world around us. With only moonlight to guide us, we wove our way across town and passed into the outskirts, where the insects were louder, the stars brighter, and the safety that came from feeling like you were surrounded by other people fell away.

It was hard not feel entirely exposed out on that old road, where flat fields rolled off into the distance on either side. There was the occasional barn or farmhouse set a ways off down long, dusty drives, but otherwise, it really was just us and our bikes and the night.

“Up ahead,” Stefi said from behind me, “see the cross? That’s the marker for her.”

We skid to a stop a few yards away from it and exchanged a glance almost lost in the shadows.

“Scared?” She asked, breathless with excitement.

“No,” I said. It was an honest enough answer. I was nervous, sure, but who wouldn’t be when you’re outside after dark?

“Remember, if you turn around, she gets you. If you try to run, she makes it worse. Just stand still when she’s close by and say the words.”

Stefi spoke so seriously that I had to stifle a giggle. It was ridiculous! I kept trying to tell that to all the butterflies stirring in my stomach, but it didn’t do much good.

We climbed off our bikes and set them on their kickstand. Stefi groped about for my hand and entwined her fingers with mine. She was shaking.


“Let’s just get it over with,” I replied.

We walked up to where the cross was placed and paused. Stefi squeezed my hand and took in a slow, shuddering breath. Her fear was starting to have an effect on me, quickening my heartbeat, but I squared my shoulders and clenched my jaw and took a step forward.

We crept along the roadside, careful to keep our eyes pointed straight ahead. Stefi kept reminding me in a trembling whisper that looking anywhere else could lead to trouble. A minute or two passed, it couldn’t have been longer despite feeling like it, and nothing seemed to happen. My fear began to ebb, replaced by an admittedly relieved giddiness that I had been right and I almost turned to Stefi to say “I told you so”.

And then I realized how quiet it was.

All the insects that had been singing loudly when we arrived had gone silent. There were no distant calls from night birds, no breeze passing over us, nothing.

Just the sound of our own breathing.

To my surprise, Stefi sighed, disappointed. I wondered if she realized how quiet everything had become. How could she not feel how claustrophobic it had become out on that open road, how closed off we were in the dark and the silence?

I wanted to ask her, but the question was like a knot in my throat that I couldn’t untangle.

Behind us, grass rustled, followed by the crunch of loose gravel underfoot. Like someone was pulling themselves slowly out of the field and onto the road.





Every hair on my body stood up at once.

“Rina?” I hadn’t realized that my grip on Stefi’s hand had tightened so much. I could feel her eyes on me, but couldn’t bring myself to look at her.

From somewhere over my shoulder, a woman started to sob softly.

“Help me,” she cried plaintively.

“Rina?” Stefi said again.

“S-she’s coming,” I managed to whisper.

Instead of being scared, Stefi snorted. “Real funny. I get it, ok? The Limping Woman is just made up; I’m convinced now. You don’t have to rub it in.”





The unmistakable sound of someone inching towards us, slowly, painfully, crying out with each step.

“Please,” she begged, “I’m hurt and he’s still out there.”

“Stefi,” I hissed, tears burning in my eyes, “she’s coming!”

There must have been something in my voice, a tightness that only true terror could cause, that convinced my friend that I wasn’t just pretending. She grabbed my forearm with her other hand and clutched it until her nails were digging into my skin.

“She only goes after people who don’t believe,” Stefi said. “That must be why-”

“What do I do?” I begged, my mind white and blank.

My entire body was screaming to run, to get away from that thing that was getting closer and closer, but Stefi’s firm grasp and my own mounting dread held me in place.

“Please,” the Limping Woman sobbed, “turn around. Help me!”

“The words,” Stefi said hurriedly, “you have to say the words when she’s right behind you!”

What words? I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t speak or think, I could only hear her.





The legend said you’d hear her uneven footsteps and be forced to listen to her pleas, but no one ever mentioned the smell. The stench of rot and earth and blood oozed through the air, slowly surrounding me and wrapping itself around me like tentacles. Smothering me. I gagged and pressed my free hand over my mouth and shook my head violently, trying to clear it, trying to make sense of things.

Stefi was jerking on my arm and saying something to me, over and over again, but I could barely hear her over the Limping Woman’s cries. The smell was getting so strong, making my stomach pitch and heave until I thought I’d be sick.

I leaned heavily on Stefi and she pulled me in close so that her lips were beside my ear. Through the veil of panic and nausea, I heard her scream.

“Say the words!”





The Limping Woman was so close behind us now that I could feel the chill radiating off of her.

The words, I thought. I had to say the words.

It just reminds her of her own mother and she gets distracted by her grief and leaves you alone, I heard Stefi’s voice from the previous day echo in my head.

Her mother. The words remind her of her mother. The Limping Woman’s last words.

“P-please,” bile rose in the back of my throat, “my mother’s waiting for me.”

The footsteps stopped and were replaced by a high pitched, heart wrenching keen.

From somewhere off in the night, a dog started to howl.

Insects began to sing again. The wind whistled across the field. Sounds of normalcy. Of life.

The Limping Woman continued to screech while I found my legs again and, with Stefi in tow, tore back to the bikes. I never once looked up from the ground. The only thing I saw as we darted by was a pair of feet in torn stockings and pumps, the heel of one of which was missing.

We didn’t stop riding until we made it back to my lawn and, when we got there, I raced to the bushes on the side of the house and vomited.

Stefi claims she didn’t hear or see anything that night, but she believes that I did. She believes that I encountered the Limping Woman. I tried to come up with some kind of rationalization for it, like power of suggestion or something, but when I think back to those footsteps and those sobs and that final scream, I know that there is only explanation.

And now I, too, believe in the Limping Woman.

these started as stress doodles but i think they turned out ok? they’re from @narootos ‘s reverse au bc it’s just too good how could i resist.

Daddy - Isaac Lahey SMUT

Originally posted by babydaddiesclub

A/N: I read this imagine and got inspired so here goes nothing. Credits to the writer.

Summary: Y/n is Isaac’s submissive girlfriend.

Warnings: SMUT,kinda some fluff,Ass spanking,oral (male receiving),unprotected sex (wrap it up dudes),sub/dom relationship & daddy kink.

“Y/n let’s gooo” Lydia whined “Lyd you know I can’t” I frowned “why?” Malia questioned quirking a brow at me “because Isaac wanted to hang out later and if i go to the club with you guys that won’t happen” I explained “since when do you need his permission?” Malia asked “yeah since when?” Lydia mimicked. They didn’t understand Isaac or know him as well as I did. If I didn’t ask for his permission I’d surely pay for it later. Which even though it felt totally great I didn’t feel like getting spanked tonight,my ass still hurting from two nights ago when I had a study date with Liam and it pissed him off.

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I never could. // Harry Styles

I was looking through photos earlier that I have on my computer and I sent really weird videos of me explaining the photos to my friends, and because I have a cold I sounded like a man. Also, the anon who requested this, I hope you enjoy!


asks // requests

part II

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(Not My GIF)

You should’ve known he would be there. He was still part of your friendship group even though he hasn’t been to one of Michael’s ‘events,’ as he liked to call them, since he became a household name. 

Harry used to be you best friend. All the way through secondary school you were inseparable. 

Always walking down the corridors to classrooms together, if you had the same lesson you would make it your mission to convince the teachers to put you next to each other in the seating plan but then one of you would have to move because we were talking to each other too much. You would also always make it your mission to sit, stand and just be next to each other at lunch because it was a comfort, you would also always walk home together because you lived so close to each other and it was time for you to just talk about random stuff that we didn’t really think your friends needed to hear about. 

Speaking of your friends though, they always thought that you and Harry would end up together, get married, have kids and tell them that their parents were high-school sweethearts and it did look like that for a while until he auditioned for the X Factor. 

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Feel Good, Baby?

A Shawn Mendes one shot.

A/N: Shower sex. Yep. Fluffy ending :))


“Shit. No, go back to sleep babe.” In a daze, I heard Shawn’s voice after having been pulled from sleep by the sound of a guitar falling onto carpet, the strings singing softly. I squinted against the morning sun as I propped myself up on my forearms to see Shawn in his boxers, holding a guitar and looking at my guiltily.

“Is your guitar okay?” I asked sleepily. Shawn did a quick once over of his guitar before turning to me again. 

 "Why is your first instinct to worry about my guitar? We spend too much time together. It’s ok, baby, go back to sleep.“ Shawn whispered, setting the guitar against the wall and running a hand through his hair. His movements were jittery and nervous, making me sit up further in concern. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey ! I know requests are closed but I was thinking maybe you could keep this in your list of possible ideas if you're ever stuck, i just read the Snapchat cosmo article about how the writer wore lingerie for A week to bed to see how it changed her and her boyfriends sex life and thought that could turn out really well if you wrote something like that

There will be a blurb for each day of the week (not posted on each day, I’m not a machine).  So there will be 7 of these.  Enjoy Monday.


“Why are you doing this anyway?”

“Because I don’t want him to get bored.”

“Is there a reason he might get bored?”


“Then, I’ll ask again.  Why are you doing this?”

I pushed the dressing room door open, ignoring my best friend Angie’s question,

“How does this look?”

Angie was bored and I understood why she was bored.  For the last three hours I dragged her around to every single lingerie shop within a 20 mile radius.  I’d even gone to Victoria’s Secret in the hopes of finding the last bit of what I needed.  

My name was Evelyn Lawrence and I had just graduated college a year ago.  Since then I’d been kind of rootless.  I had a degree in journalism but I didn’t really know where I wanted to work or what I wanted to do with it.  I didn’t think I wanted to be on the front lines during war or anything but maybe a cushy job at Entertainment Tonight was more my speed.  But in order to get anywhere, I needed to start writing.  Which was easier said than done.

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