and my hair is longer

Mail March 21st

March 21st

aaaah what a nice sleep~…

Yesterday after returning home

I took a bath, remember some dance moves

and go to dream land at 00:00

Good Morning zzz

I’m looking forward to the performance today


Probably because my hair is longer now

my super saiyan level is increased too lol

Negai goto no Muchigusare

I’m in Senbatsu for AKB48 48th single, 

“Negai goto no muchgusare” !!!

ever since the 44th single, Tsubasa wa Iranai

I’ve always been on senbatsu

I’m really really happy

I understand that

I can just be relaxed and let my guard off

so I always pray everytime there are senbatsu announcement

and I also wish to be an existence who is worth to be in senbatsu

and for that I need to put more efforts

and maybe some luck

my goal right now is

- HS & shamekai

I want to sold all of the slot

-Senbatsu Sousenkyo

To be in Kami 7

-And to be a center

in a single song

That three.

I hope I can make it come true

along with you

and all the fans


I got tagged by @jakathine Yay! :D 

 Homescreen/Lockscreen - I was planning to change it to something R1-y but I cant say no to her. Matilda is too precious. And yes I do have a box just for Ragethirst. 

 Last Selfie - Taken before I left for my bros graduation. I’ve also just noticed that my hair is getting longer now. 

 Last Song I Listened To - I really find music by Sleeping at Last to be very beautiful and relaxing. I love it! 

 I wanna tag: @waltzingchristoph @luminousfinn @breathfireandsacarsm @lazaefair @safarikalamari @the-sith-code @kitsune-sam @rhymeswithmonth @greymichaela @senatorgana @sexbombur @darkicedragon Plus anyone else who wants to join! :D

Long Hair Problems

1.) when you think an insect is climbing on your arm and freak out – only to realize it’s just hair.

2.) catching your hair in the car window.  catching your hair in the classroom door.  catching your hair in your coat zipper.  catching your hair in your backpack.  catching your hair.


3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)

When you shoot yourself into space to look for your lost older brother and you end up with two ୧(๑ ⁼̴̀ᐜ⁼̴́๑)૭

At least I’m hoping she does cause you know there’s always the possibility she might end up with neither but lets… lets not go there…

I like to think Dipper grew up to be a gangly gigantor, haha!

(Mabel is still 1 cm taller ;D)


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.