and my god just look at her acting

Reasons Zoë Nightshade deserves more recognition
  • she uses words like “scullion”
  • she hates English because it “changes too often”
  • when she is upset she slips into a stronger Shakespearean accent
  • she’s described as gorgeously beautiful and the looks of a Persian princess
  • she was freaking awesome with a bow
  • she started the dam snack bar joke…”Let us find the dam snack bar.”
  • “Her eyes flashed murderously at Apollo”
  • “Are you suggesting that the gods have trouble acting together, young lady?“ Dionysus asked.
    Yes, Lord Dionysus.”
    Mr. D nodded. “Just checking. You’re right, of course. Carry on.”
  • “Zoë rarely kids about anything” …….. 
  • The first joke Percy claims hearing from her is  “It was thy ice-cream sandwich that did it,”
  • however my personal favorite is
  • “That’s us,” he said. “Those five nuts right there.”
    “Which one is me?” I asked.
    “The little deformed one,” Zoë suggested.
    “Oh, shut up.” 
  • she’s a Hesperid
  • technically Calypso is her half-sister
  • Hercules totally screwed her over when she helped him in the Garden of the Hesperides and was then exiled by her own family
  • she is honored Percy carries Riptide
  • she forswore romantic love for over 2000 years
  • the oracle left the attic to give her a quest/prophecy
  • she’s very very loyal
  • so loyal she offered to take the sky from Artemis
  • on her quest with the others she faces the family that disowned her.
  •  in the end, her own father was the one who killed her
  • Artemis turned her into a constellation
  • When Atlas was about to kill Percy, she screamed, "NO!” and fired a handful of arrows into his armpit so he would turn on her

Percy said she was one of the “bravest people he had ever met.”

Zoë is amazing and deserves so much more love in this fandom


When I was young, my dad always let me listen to comedy albums. I always knew about comedy, I always loved comedy.The day that I saw Whoopi Goldberg on television, I cried so hard, because I kept looking at my daddy going, ‘Oh my god. there’s somebody on TV that looks like me! She looks like me! Yay! I can be on TV! I can be on TV! I can do it! Look at her look at her! she looks just like me.‘”

drunk Kara

just think about it 
Lena sees drunk Kara
Just imagine that SHE found Kara in the bar and called her sister Alex
Lena: You act like you’ve never been drunk before
Kara: Maybe because i’ve never been drunk before. Did i mention that you look really beautiful today. No? Well, i am tellin’ you now! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, LENA LUTHER 

Alex: o my god, kara 

Age Is Just A Number

Deadpool x Reader

Anon Request: Could you write a Wade Wilson x reader where the reader is 20 but acts Wade’s age and he thinks its weird to be with her at first?

A/N: I`m 20 so this was super easy to relate to and write.

Warning: The usual dirty Deadpool mouth

Originally posted by marvelheroes

“Wade Winston Wilson. Calm the fuck down and sit at this table” you growled at the oversized child as you sat in the Mexican cafeteria waiting for his chimichangas and your tacos.

“Ya know mamacita, you are acting like my Mom” he huffed as he sat down.

“God rest her soul. Poor woman must have had a panic attack daily with you” you snorted while taking a sip of you soda.

“That`s why I have you, you can handle me. That`s not to say you’re my new Mom cos that would be fucking weird. No, you can just be my girlfriend” he looked at you from under his hoodie.

“Girlfriend? Woah Wade, we are moving too fast” you teased him.

“Well will you be?” he grinned at you.

You had been dating Wade for 6 months, you had met briefly in Weapon X and you had escaped the grasp of Francis  before the fire, but not unscathed- you had reacted to the serum with super strength.

On a random night at 2am in New York, you had knocked into Wade and recognized his face (not like anyone could forget him) from the program. You went for coffee at a Chinese deli and sat and talked: he told you about Vanessa, and you talked about your parents, Francis, your hopes, dreams etc.

It was 6am when you left to go back home and he dragged you into an alley and showed you his face properly, you smiled and told him he was like an avocado which made him laugh so loud the pigeons fled the fire escapes.

“What?” you grinned at his reaction.

“A good friend said the same thing” he shook his head slightly.

“Well, good morning” you shuffled on your feet, ready but reluctant to leave.

“Listen, Y/N, I had a really good time, wanna do this again?” his eyes flicked to the pavement.

“I`d love to” you smiled and his eyes shot up to look into yours, his answering smile lighting up the foggy morning.

You moved closer to him and he crossed the distance to lightly press his lips to yours, it was a small kiss- a promise of more.

The first date at his home (which was a mess) and that turned into more dates and you fell in love with him as the weeks went on.

Wade never asked you how old you were- you had your own apartment, a job, and a fake I.D so it never came into question- he just assumed you were in your mid to late twenties because you were so mature (being tortured does wonders for one`s experience).

So when you went to a dingy bar with him one night and was asked for I.D, you cursed when you realized you had left your fake one at home so you had to give the bouncer your real one.

“Sorry kid, come back in 7 months” the big guy winked.

“Um, excuse me sir. The lady is old enough to enter” Wade said from his hoodie.

“No she isn`t” he replied.

“Yes she is. Listen here motherfucker-” he started.

“Wade” you placed a hand on his chest.

He stood there and his brown eyes pierced you.

“I`m, uh- not 21 yet” you internally cringed at his reaction.

“WHAT THE FUCK? WHO ARE YOU? WHAT THE SHIT?” he yelled and everyone looked at you both.

“Ma`am do you need help?” a muscle man asked from his spot in the line.

“No I`m fine” you nodded.

“How old are you?” Wade was flabbergasted.

“20″ you looked at your feet.

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Black sails 4x03 (spoilers)

- I’ll admit rogers has a bit of swagger while he’s walking

- love the shot from behind of anne walking along the ship

- dear god madi’s acting when she finds out silver is alive is brilliant (also her and eme both looked gorgeous)

- so scared for max. So fucking scared. But I’m so proud of her standing her ground so well. And eleanor and her potty mouth to the rescue?? My s1 shipping dreams just came true

- and flint just saved silver?? That reunion eye contact was 100% romance

- another power-shot of anne on the edge of the ship, 10/10. Anne where did your hat go? Who knocked it off? I’ll kill them. Though I’m sure you already have.

- eleanor just listen to max. She’s worth 10 of you. And has better taste in men (ie. None)

- silver and madi’s reuinion = yay!!! Flint’s lil sad face = oh fuck no, no thank you.

- silver looked better than ever sat on that wall, with his hair to one side

- I thought featherstone was being so sweet looking out for max, but I guess it’s just to protect himself

- genuinely thought someone was applying rogers’s makeup with a sponge rather than dabbing his blood

- you know something is brutal when anne looks sickened. Ugh the squelching. Oh jesus christ.

- rogers you can’t even kill a man properly with a small army of ‘bad men’, the power of the sea, and a huge ass ship. You suck so bad.

- apparently today is National Execution Day. Eleanor please kill the twat. At least her and max seem to have gotten away safely.


- damn billy I knew that was you my love


Wait i need more!!! God how was that only episode 3?!?! Could’ve almost been a finale, but let’s see what rogers gets up to.

Can we all agree that apart from blackbeard and the final fight, the women completely ruled this episode?? I know they’re always great but they somehow stepped it up a notch - even flint and silver weren’t that prominent this week.

And my God, you should see the way she looks at you.
No matter what you do it’s that same look. You know that admiration you’ve been craving? She’s been spoon feeding it to you for months.
Are you starting to taste it now?
I want you to try catching her in the act,
turn at the last second, when she thinks you’re not looking.
If you want to see the best you can be,
just look at her.
—  third person, (5/12/15)

I’m not usually a big watcher of LGBT films (mostly because they are either poorly acted/written or hugely politically liberal and insulting to my intelligence) but I just watched “Jenny’s Wedding” last night on Netflix (Katherine Heigl starred in it, it’s some independent film that came out this past summer) and it really was amazing. 

It wasn’t political at all (thank god) but I really empathized with it. The struggle between Jenny trying to live her life the way she wants and not hurt her parents was something I’ve experienced myself.

Anyway, if anyone is looking for a good LGBT themed film about family…you should check it out.



Plotted Angst w/ @poisonkroft

      He didn’t want to be suspicious. He just was. Lately everything Bella seemed to do made him think maybe she was seeing someone else. The way when she’d casually go to put her phone down she’d put it face down, and it’d ring constantly. She wasn’t picking up his calls anymore.

      She was wearing the same clothes from yesterday. God he couldn’t help but let his mind wonder. Had she found someone else? Was he not good enough for her? Of course he had always felt like he wasn’t good enough for her. He just didn’t know she’d act on it.

      He couldn’t help but get angrier by the second. He kept his voice calm as he looked over at her and questioned, “Where and who were you with last night? Just curious, because you didn’t pick up any of my calls.


19.06.2016: Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Mine is pretty good so far and I’ll start my two month - long internship at a huge newspaper tomorrow, which I’m quite excited about! I’ll hopefully be able to take some photographs for the newspaper during my internship and I’m really looking forward to do that. Oh and I got my first own washi tape some days ago - I was acting like a maniac when the mailman came by, he probably thought “Oh god, not her again..:”, but hey, just look at how pretty it is!! :) 
Rock your Sunday, xx Amber :)

anonymous asked:

I have a question if I say kat's acting is improving because she plays uncomfortable around simon well,almost as uncomfortable as I am seeing climon be romantic,technically I am complimenting or insulting her?

haha oh my god. Do you think she looks uncomfortable around simon? idk maybe i’m biased but i just don’t see chemistry between kat and alberto, i mean i don’t ship clace either but maybe dom is more invested than alberto. alberto and kat are great great friends in real life but just there isn’t that spark, idk i see literally nothing

Firebird: armor my ass.

The truth is that I hated last episode’s flashbacks. I hated that Emma still looked somewhat lifeless. It made me wonder if maybe Emma looking and acting like this really isn’t on purpose after all. Maybe JMo’s just phoning it in at this point (god knows I would after what they pulled with the Dark Swan arc).

Most of all, I hated, hated, hated that they made the red jacket her “armor”. For me, that jacket symbolizes Emma Swan more than anything else, including the bug. It symbolizes our Emma, the one I fell in love with in Season 1 and related to on a very personal, painful level. The one we watched slowly let down her walls through four seasons of character development (some better than others, but still Emma). The one that found the family she’d looked for her whole life and learned to love and be loved; decided to stay and accepted that they wouldn’t leave. That Emma wears the red jacket, and she is strong and she is vulnerable because she knows her family is worth risking some pain.

This is not that Emma. And they aren’t satisfied simply taking her away from us and replacing her with this shell of a person, this sad, lifeless, frail woman who speaks in monotone from the safety of her boyfriend’s arms. No, that’s not enough. They want to tell us that our Emma never even existed. She was a mask, an armor, a defense mechanism that the “real” Emma was using because she was “afraid to love”. They want to tell us that although Emma spent her entire life looking for family, finding them didn’t really break any walls down. Loving her parents, her son, her friends, none of that made her vulnerable. Only Hook was important enough for her to do that, and now she can finally be herself. She can put the armor down. She can get rid of the red jacket.

The red jacket symbolizes Emma Swan. They want to say that the jacket was “armor”. That it was “walls”. They want to say one of my favorite characters never existed.

There is no Emma Swan, only Zorb.

Exo reacts to reading your diary

Baekhyun: *immediately teases you about it like the little shit he is*

So, I hear you have a crush on me…


Chanyeol: *awkwardly tries to get you to confess to him*

So, I was wondering if there was anything new happening with you… that you perhaps might want to tell me… about me.


D.O: Are you kidding me right now? I’m not going to be able to act normal around her now i’ve seen this shit


Kai: *is completely incapable of acting like he doesn’t know about the crush*

Oh god she’s looking. I bet she’s thinking about my “lips that were created by god himself*


Sehun: She thinks i’m prettier than Luhan



Suho: *tries to act super cool and nonchalant the next time he sees you*

Soooo… how’s it going? 


Chen: *definitely teases you because he’s also a lil shit*

Hey! I just found out something very interesting about you!


Kris: Why is her drawing of me so much better than my self portrait?


Lay: *is a total awkward cutie-pie about it and doesn’t know how to talk to you afterwards*

Hello… so, the weather, is nice and… weathery


Luhan: *won’t stop smiling when he’s around you like the little creep he is*

Hello. Fantastic day today isn’t it? 


Tao: *knowing Tao’s luck you’d probably walk in on him when he was reading it and be a total brat about it*

I’m sorry but this is not an accurate depiction of my hair. My real hair looks much better than this.


Xiumin: *probably becomes flustered the moment you look at him, like you’ll be able to tell he knows*

When they see their ideal type

Block B:


Marry me.


*blushes and looking at her all the time*




Hello beautiful


*just stare at her like that*


Hi, you’re mine, bye.


Omg I can’t


Rap Monster

She has yes jams.


*hitting on her with his swag*


Oh my God my heart is Oh my God


Hi.. You… Oh My God…


*trying to get her pay attention to him by doing aegyo or sth*


*acts weird as always*


*trying act cool but fails at least*


omg i’m so sorry that it taejs me so long to posted it, i thought i have done this but i just boticed ;_; i hope you’ll enjoy it

Today i was in a creative writing workshop and this guy said “Bisexuals don’t exist" 

My friend (who is also bisexual) just looked at me open mouthed and i looked at him then at her and then i acted all panicked and started waving my arms around and saying "oh my god, she’s gone she’s disappeared holy fuck, how did that happen. it’s like she doesn’t exist any more!”

and everyone was really confused and she just got up and started panicking as well and screaming how she knew this day would come and “goodbye cruel world” and then ran out of the room and didn’t come back for 20 minutes.

it was the best thing i have ever participated in.

  • There was a year between the kiss in Mt. St. Helens and the underwater kiss.
  • Can we just imagine how awkward that must have been.
  • Like, one night over break, Percy pauses Mario Kart to try and ask about it. And Annabeth going red and muttering something about how “I thought you were going to die” and “no, seaweed brain, it didn’t mean anything”
  • And Percy thinking about it late at night like “That was really nice. I would do it again. But I don’t like Annabeth.”
  • And then one night, sitting up in bed “Oh my god, I might like Annabeth.”
  • And Annabeth thinking about it constantly, worrying that tomorrow is going to be the day her impulse made it awkward. Chastising herself for not thinking before she acted.
  • Looking at Percy when they’re on the couch together wondering if maybe, just maybe, she went for it again he might just kiss back.
  • And constantly worrying that he’s going to date Rachel instead.
  • And Percy wondering if he should date Rachel, but also maybe there is something with Annabeth, and maybe it did mean something.
  • Annabeth actually going to Silena (and by relation, Clarisse) for help with what to do.
  • Percy awkwardly trying to have the conversation with Grover about it, and Grover is just like “Empathy link. Dude, I know.”
  • And Sally just nudging Percy “Come on, I know something’s up. You can tell me. Is it a girl? Is it Annabeth?” “Mom! Leave me alone, there’s nothing going on!”
  • The two of them being just a little awkward around each other for a year, wondering if it really did mean anything.
Moody Daughter 4/4

(Requested- Could you do a preference where his daughter has her period for the first time and he doesn’t know and he’s really confused as to why they’re so moody or in pain or something and you explain it to him??)

Calum: “Oh my god dad would you please give me some space?” Your daughter Leanne snapped at her father. Calum gave her a wide eyed look, wondering what happened to his sweet little girl, “Hey don’t talk to me like that. I just wanted to know if you did your homework.” “Well I don’t want to talk about it.” Leanna answered him, grabbing up her phone and racing to her room. You stood out of the way, knowing exactly why your daughter was acting like this. Before Calum blew his top and said something to Leanne he would regret, you approached. “What happened? She’s never talked back to me. And she is going to be grounded for this so it doesn’t happen again.” Calum ranted. You laughed a little, grabbing his wrist to get his attention, “She’s not grounded honey, but I will talk to her.” Calum looked confused so you continued, “Cal, she got her first period. She’s in pain and upset for no reason. Give her a break.” His eyes widened, this time in surprise instead of anger as he thought about his little girl hitting puberty and growing up. He almost shuttered at the thought, but backed off and let you go talk to Leanne about how to control the mood swings.

Ashton: Ashton watched his daughter curl up in a ball on the couch, confusion in his eyes as he saw her clutching her stomach in pain. Little whimpers came out of her mouth and Ashton felt worry bubbling up inside him. He approached Alana, sitting on the couch beside her and placing a caring hand on her shoulder. She let out another groan and Ashton, oblivious to the actual problem, was ready to scoop her up and take her to the hospital. Luckily you walked in the room in time. “Alana I left some medicine on the bathroom counter, go relax and watch some tv and let me know if you need anything.” You said, kissing your daughter on the forehead as she slowly made her way down the hall to the bathroom. Ashton stood and approached you, worry apparent on his features, “Why are you letting her just go watch tv? She’s in pain, something could be seriously wrong.” You could tell he was panicking and even though it was a sensitive subject for Alana, you had to explain it to him. You wished you had a camera on him for the look on his face when he heard you say she started her period. “My baby girl is growing up.” He pouted. You giggled a little and wrapped your arms around his waist, “She’s a woman now.” Ashton groaned, burying his head in your neck while you laughed at your whining husband.

Luke: Julie and Luke were enjoying a father-daughter day out. He made sure to have those special days out with Julie whenever possible. Today they were exploring the mall and doing a little school shopping for her but Luke made sure she was having a good time too. She worried him a little though, she was walking slowly and every once in a while a look of pain flashed across her face. As they strolled through another clothing store, Julie stopped short, clutching her stomach as her eyes went wide. “Dad I’m going to the restroom.” she mumbled quickly before running to the nearest one. Luke stood there in surprise for a moment before following behind. He waited outside the door, and waited, and waited. Finally his worry got the best of him and he knocked on the door, “Are you okay?” “I need you to call mom. I think I started my period.” She answered. Luke froze in his spot, but pulled himself together enough to dial your number. When you heard the story you laughed at his panic, instructing him to get a pad out of the car because you knew this day was coming and got prepared. So he did, giving Julie the pad and soon buying her some medicine for cramps so she would enjoy the rest of their day out. 

Michael: "Why don’t you want to go swimming?“ "I just don’t feel like it dad."  "But you love swimming.” “I said I don’t want to!” You listened to Michael and your daughter Kim argue and rolled your eyes. You hadn’t told Michael yet about Kim getting her first period, so he was thoroughly confused at her resistance to going to the pool. “You usually beg to go swimming Kim, what’s the difference today? I finally have time to go with you.” Michael argued with her. Poor boy, you thought to yourself. Kim didn’t even bother answering him this time, just grabbed up her phone from the table beside her and raced to her room, the door slamming behind her. Michael, recovering from shock and about to lose his temper, turned to look at you for help. You laughed, shaking your head at him. “Let’s plan a trip to the pool next week.” He looked at you confused but at least you had him calming down. “Babe, she got her period two days ago. She can’t go swimming today no matter how bad she wants to and you asking her is just making her more upset.” You explained. Michael instantly felt awful about arguing with his daughter. You encouraged him to go promise her to go next week while you made some ice cream sundaes for the three of you.

it’s not that i’m sad,
i’m just sick

her mouth like a
peach pit, something
god wants

hair piled high, sinister
jagged moon
looking down on us & caught
in another wrong act

6 years ago:

a pirouette on
the stage, 18 & flawless
my mouth dry
as a river bed, realizing
in an auditorium
family & everyone

So I went to the store today

There was this really hot guy in front of me in line and by hot I mean this guy looked like he was chiseled out of marble by God himself. He was with his girlfriend to which I came to the assumption bc the were acting all lovey dovey and then I hear the girl go “Daddy can you buy me some more lingerie for play time?” And he just nods in return looking around to see if anyone heard that.
Then this little kid with his mom behind me who looked like he was 4-5 he says “mommy why did she call him daddy? He looks too young to be her daddy?”
The mom just lowly whispers “I wish he was my daddy”
and I hear this and I just turn around make eye contact with her and we just slowly nod in agreement/approval