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I’m super late but @hannibal-the-cannibal-fannibal tagged me to do a selfie.

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Look at these babs! children of apollo + Lester & Meg.

I like to imagine Will is actually saying, “Bitch, I will cut you”. Can we also make it cannon that all children of Apollo develop sun spots on their faces because that would give me life

Shoutout to @cherryandsisters whose art I love and inspired me to draw this.


Before I got started with the kiss requests, I JUST HAD TO GET THIS OUT OF MY SYSTEM.  @geek-fashionista posted these hilarious scenarios  about what would happen  if Adrien was the first to find out that Marinette was Ladybug

Obviously not my best work but I don’t even care. XD


I couldn’t help myself. Here’s my contribution to @geek-fashionista‘s Sidekick!Adrien AU, in which Adrien is not a miraculous holder but starts off as a talented hacker who becomes determined to aid Ladybug in whatever capacity he can (hacking security feeds, opening locks remotely, convenient blackouts, etc). He learns martial arts and rides a motorcycle, kind of like Batman.  :P  Whenever he isn’t modeling he wears glasses, hoodies, and beanies to hide his changing physique. Eventually they get together and adorable-ness ensues.  ;)

I had to do a comic about the hilariousness of civilian Marinette meeting Adrien, and Alya trying to hook her up with her own boyfriend.

Plus, pixie haircut older Marinette?  Yes, please.  Nino with an undercut was a spur of the moment idea.  Oh, and drawing older Alya has become my new favorite thing. 

I realized that 3 out of the 4 people that appear in this comic have glasses, so I had to make their frames as different as possible.  :P

Marinette’s outfit is reminiscent of the original Marinette/Bridgette’s ensemble, in case it looks familiar ;)

EDIT: Someone noticed I forgot to draw a mask on Ladybug!  Whoopsies~! I went ahead and fixed that.  ;)