and my friend eva

What is this overwhelming trope in fiction that murderers and traitors and vicious villains can’t love people? Like…you can be evil and rotten and still love people. Because people are a thousand characteristics mashed into one personality. 


Episode 9 | Brave Things

Darius delves deeper into Cora’s past and uncovers some uncomfortable truths, but he isn’t the only one hitting the books.

ohberst asked:

K Y A H (for letter thing, I left in the h so u had more to answer)

YESS I <3 u 
K - Killed someone?
with my killer looks

Y - Your last time you cried?

Wednesday night it was terrible I showed weakness in front of someone and now I’m angry about it never mention it

‎A - Available?

to have a good time all the time B)

H - Hometown?

Austin, Texas 

ask a letter or spell something out :)

hello insomnia, my old friend...

“Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to walk with you again.”

A mind-bogglingly difficult day, full of cognitive dissonance and mad strife, brings back my old friend, insomnia.  Am trying to enjoy the dark, the sound of silence, the smell of the rain, and being awake in the quiet and peace of the middle of the night.  Feeling calm and peaceful, after the storm of the day, just awake. 

The moon rides high tonight, somewhere above the clouds tonight.  I wish I could see her, just for a moment.  I’m going to tear something out of my garden that is dying, and plant something beautifully flowering instead, in the night, under the moon, to symbolize the end of something toxic, and the flowering — hope, perhaps? – of something and someone new.