and my friend eva

10 more FUKIN days til im on my way home to melba for my leave!!!!! I love this place in the middle of wa so much and the indigenous kids are the greatest eva!! But I miss my family and friends so much!! My brother and my sister I want to hug them for a minimum of 3 days straight and also I’ve been sober for 3 months and cleaned up I’m pretty happy with myself and MY MOTHER!!! The love of me LYF my mum I can’t wait to hug her and show her how much healthier and bigger I am since I started going to the gym!!! I know I’m gonna have my taste of my usual fav drugs when I get home but my tolerance is so low I don’t think I can over do any of them which is neat!! Also my best friend is moving out here with me on my way back cos I got him a job working in the community so I’ll have company on top of all of it this is gonna be a good month coming up!!!!!!