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Evangelion analysis/essays/metaposts/theories Masterlist

I originally gathered these for some friends of mine but I decided to share it here on tumblr as well so ayy

Hopefully reading some of these theories will help you shape how you view the Evangelion universe and understand it better!

 I’ll probably continue expanding this post in the future

Starting posts: Good to read before going into in-depth analysis and/or if you just finished the series and want to understand what is going on.

In-depth posts:

Kawoshin related posts:


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“Gram died right before Mother’s Day last year. She grew up in Georgia and spent most of her childhood working in the cotton fields. She dropped out of school after seventh grade. She moved North with her family and started working in a button factory. My mom was her only child. They both almost died during childbirth. Gram raised Mom all by herself, and after we were born, she helped raise us too. My friends called her Diva Miss Eva. She’d roll down the window of her Oldsmobile to tell people to pull up their pants. And she loved pink. We took this picture on the day my mom graduated from community college. It was in the middle of June. It was so hot. But Gram comes outside in a pink evening gown, mink fur, and evening gloves. We told her it was too hot but she said: ‘My baby’s graduating!’ She loved this photo. She put it in a frame and hung it above her pink bed. In her pink room.”


I keep finding really funny and cute videos on Eva’s instagram that I’ve never seen before (it left out the caption aww no Eva made a pun, that was the best part)

a brief overview of evangelion characters' snapchat accounts

Asuka: has everyone in the known universe of snapchat. kaji is one of her best friends but it is tragically one-sided bc he never replies to her. she takes tons of selfies and they’re all carefully planned to maximum prettiness bc asuka would rather die than make a triple chin. asuka also takes pictures of her in her plugsuit and when they’re doing synch tests in nerv even though it is technically a breach of national security. it is worth it to make a (cute!) duck face with unit 02 in the background

Rei: surprisingly enough, she actually snaps people quite regularly when she gets the hang of it. it’s usually these vague shots of random stuff, like the sunset or a closeup of her pills. weirder stuff too, like an open can of spilled tuna on the street or a pic from the inside of a garbage can. sometimes she will also send pictures of herself but there always off-centre, like the edge of her hair or school ribbon or something. there’s never a caption for explanation. everyone agrees rei would be very popular on instagram.

Shinji: you can say he has the most “typical” account. he sends snaps of good weather, Pen Pen, his surroundings etc. shinji also takes snapchats of his meals whenever he’s done cooking. he NEVER sends pictures of himself, even when he’s having a convo he’ll just take a snap of something random to go with his caption. people always give him shit bc he keeps opening their chats but then never replies.

Misato: selfies of her in underwear with beer, selfies of her in her underwear with Pen Pen, selfies of her in her underwear with beer AND Pen Pen, selfies of her making faces and cussing out Ritsuko and Kaji

Kaworu: everything, kaworu snapchats everything, and he uses the little paint tool constantly to draw faces on bricks and snails and stuff. kaworu always snapchats every millisecond of when he and shinji together, and he takes a ton whenever shinji blushes!! (though he only sends them to shinji) kaworu also takes videos of him telling terrible fucking jokes and shinji’s reaction to them, the videos aren’t even that funny, like shinji will just be reading or whatever and kaworu will go “shinji-kun, what did the dinosaur say when you asked him to take the banana out of his ear” “uh, i’m not sure…” “he said, ‘i can’t hear you! i have a banana in my ear!!’” these are the sorts of jokes kaworu tells, like seriously fuck you kaworu

Ritsuko: pictures and videos of her cats (hers is clearly the most superior snapchat), snaps of whatever coding thing she is doing, more pictures of her cat memorabilia, and then snaps of all of her coffee cups stacked on the table

Kaji: all he does is snapchat his watermelons. he also sends nudes to misato. misato always replies

Fuyutsuki: snaps of Gendo when he isn’t looking and making fun of him, and all these pictures of go boards and Kantian philosophy. most of the time the light in his snaps are so bad you can’t even see what it is?? they are just foggy old man shadows

Gendo: Gendo does not have a snapchat bc that would be too much fun, and he is not capable of fun

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What do people in Norway think about 5 fine frøker cause Isak serm to really hate it. Is it like a bad song? Cause it's really catchy (for someone who is not norwegian)

I think it’s an either-or kind of song. Either you love it or you hate it. It seems to be that way with the artist (Gabrielle) as well. I’ve always found her songs catchy, but I know so many of my friends find them annoying. I saw her live last summer and she was absolutely amazing!