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wanted to share my fav gayest official art of kurama and hiei


Disclaimer: Contrary to popular (?) belief I don’t actually “hate” Silver. His characterizations make sense and it’s very compelling to watch– what I’m NOT here for, is the constant defense of him by various fans/shippers. He’s allowed to be a flawed character, you know, and people are entitled to feel disdain towards him and his harmful (yes, they are harmful) actions. 

Let’s break it down, then:

In retrospect, this is an odd scene because why would Silver even entertain the idea of them walking away? They should be focused on the war and trying to win, yet he speaks about the two of them walking away unscathed like it’s a certain outcome. And to ask Madi if he would be enough, when he’s well aware of the answer (judging by how invested she is now in her war), is telling. This gets echoed by Flint in 4x10, where he tells Silver that she won’t be enough for him anymore because the war brought purpose to all of their lives. Of course, knowing what we now know with the knowledge of 4x10, Silver has in actuality already obtained information about Thomas and that he is indeed alive and well in Savannah. In his mind, the option of walking away from the war is already set in stone, seeing as he’s got everything he needs to put an end to it– the only question remains is a matter of when.

He knew the Spanish were coming, he knew that there would be massive casualties yet he went along with it anyway. He knows Madi found her purpose as the next Maroon Queen, as this war only solidifies her will to liberate her people even more. He knew, yet he betrayed her anyway– because her legacy, the life of her people, the subsequent treatment of future generations of her people, doesn’t matter to him as much as her life. It’s an utterly selfish act, and it’s an act of someone who refuses to be supportive of the woman he loves, regardless of the fact that perhaps it’ll cost Madi’s life to achieve her goals (collateral damage is a-ok as long as it’s not the woman you love, I suppose?). He, a cishet white man, definitively stripped away Madi’s own freedom of choice and her power as a leader, merely because he doesn’t want to lose her. Her and Flint’s war isn’t important, because the struggles of marginalized people never affected him, and never will affect him. He simply doesn’t care. He’s the man with no backstory, a man who can spin tales to fit whatever narrative he wants to tell, while Flint and Madi’s backstories are the driving force of their character.

James McGraw said it best: “In most cases, a man trying to change the world fails for one simple and unavoidable reason: everyone else.”

Silver, and people like Silver, are exactly the reason why Madi’s people had to suffer for centuries. The curse of the Cishet White Male™.

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hey I've been seeing your asks pop up and I just wanted to say you're wrong about your ship, but oh well. seems like you're comfortable shipping something fake compared to the actual real ship

i’ve officially made it. it’s my first ever hate ask. look at me, mom, i’m famous now. 


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I really love the fact that Virus and Trip are canonly only 3cm apart (182cm for Virus and 185cm for Trip), but the official art is just like 

(Hello NoiCle)

I mean look at how tall Trip is compared to Virus and Aoba. And he’s bending forward.

On most of the other art they’re sitting so it’s harder to tell, but most of the time there’s more than 3cm between them and I like it.

So yeah, basically, I now feel compelled to exagerate their height difference and no one can to stop me


happy girls!!


#gekkanshoujoweekDAY 3 - OPTION A: OTP OT3 - Mikoshiba/Chiyo/Nozaki (x)




So, yeah! I was unable to post it yesterday, but I hope it’s okay if I join the party a bit later. Anyway…

I can’t believe Undertale is 1 year old now! It’s been so long already since we first met those characters and I’m SO GLAD that I got informed about this game. Ready for story time?

I first heard about Undertale from a friend in 2014 I think. It was still a demo posted on the kickstarter. I was sceptical at first, but BOI, it got so much feelings out of me! And it was ONLY A DEMO which contained Ruins only! Then I just went back to my life and when I heard about the game being released soon after I started high school, I wanted to buy it instantly. But it’s hard for me to buy things online, so it had to wait. Until other friend AND IF YOU READ THIS, BLESS YOU, bought the game for me! Thanks dude, you rock! Anyway, I wasn’t spoiled much, so my initial playthrough was far beyond my expectations. I’ve immediately fallen in love in the game and learned every secret AND found my first official ship - Alphyne, which then led me to create an account over here!

Undertale affected me in so many ways! I think it was the point where i turned from Cynical Crybaby to… another kind of Crybaby that I am now. It made me open for new concepts (EG I became a Straight Ally). It made me improve on my art skills. It helped me grasp the concept of love, family and friendship. It made me realize that It’s okay that I’m myself and it’s okay that other people are different.

So, not to make it any longer, thanks to Toby Fox, Temmie Chang and other people involved in making this game! And thanks to YOU my friends, mutuals, followers or bystanders! For staying with me, supporting me, sending me feedback and showing that you care! All the best for you! I’m gonna start doing Alphyneweek prompts tomorrow, so stay determined!

Be sure to check the piece on twitter too! It’s over here!


His smile, was surprised and genuinely so very happy (he actually thought I wasn’t going to be there [silly Drew]); it radiated so much light and love- in and around me. I felt extremely loved and cherished in his arms (and he knows the feeling is mutual, because I completely love and cherish him as well.)

Take Me With You [A Kiliel Mix]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug OST (Howard Shore) - Feast of Starlight || Florence + The Machine - Comic Love || Mumford & Sons - Lover of the Light || Interstellar OST (Hans Zimmer) - Stay || Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon || Aerosmith - I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing || The Fray - Be Still || The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies OST (Howard Shore) - Courage and Wisdom || Sleeping at Last - Saturn || Coldplay - Yellow || Guns ‘N Roses - Don’t Cry