and my first


the road to pyeongchang 2018, pt. 1 

every time shiro messes something up, slav blames it on him only having one robot arm

shiro: *drops his fork*

slav: i bet that wouldn’t have happened if you had two robot arms

shiro: *stumbles over a word*

slav: if only you had two robot arms smh…

shiro: *bites his tongue accidentally*

slav: it’s because you only have one robot arm :/


(( OOC: So this… this literally the first time I ever attempted cosplay. I don’t think these gifs even made it online. And as god-awful and cringy as they are, it’s still pretty to funny to think that’s where this whole thing began.

With dip-dyed hair and a shitty eyeliner beard. ))