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Catfish and the Bottlemen performing “Outside” for Vevo Acoustic Session, NYC | 17th October , 2016

me everyday: keiith (my fav) can’t date allura because he literally does not give one shit about her, Not One Single Shit, see that shit ? (points) not about allura. she gets captured and he shouted into a megaphone “LET HER DIE” and then he turned galra and decided the galra empire wasn’t so bad and told allura to suck his ass if she has a problem with his pov. tbh i cant even remember allura’s eyecolor but ??? i ADORE space mom (hashtag queen hashbrown slay) and i would NEVER want to subject her to such a toxic abusive and unhealthy relationship like ??? imho ?? anyway. i hit my quota of talking about allura for the week. back to my daily blogging about how much i fuckin love keefy (my favv) if your mad u can get off my lawn Het 😡

My favv boy Sakamichi-kun❤️ love him to bits! Thinking of making him into merch….maybe a pin or an acrylic charm?