and my face looks really ugly

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I will confess that I'm disappointed that you'd prefer to not show your face and sad that you think so lowly of your own appearance. That being said it's your choice and I will respect it, I just wanted my opinion heard on the matter. Ah, also, while we can't see your face you're still a wonderful person and have stunning eyes and gorgeous hair, friend!

Sephtis: “Really?! Th-thank you very much. That’s very kind of you, but unfortunately I’m always scared people will shame me for being ugly again. I never thought I’d hear those words from somebody besides my parents, thank you…”

((Looks like made Sephtis speechless, they don’t get many compliments. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see the face Sephtis hides under the mask.))

It was probably Elise who made Leo wear the flowers - Takumi is very much amused

I miss summer and all my friends from work.

Im so glad I’ll be back again


before & after 

my hair in 2014 vs now 2017 

basically the start of my “hair” journey, when I stopped straightening my hair. I remember when I would feel really insecure every time I went to the beach or pool and wet my hair. I used to feel ugly whenever my natural hair would show bc people would tell me that straight hair was prettier and looked better on me. But ever since I stopped straightening my hair and wore my natural curls I’ve felt way more confident than I ever did with my straight hair. I’m actually pretty proud of them now and idk I just wanted to share my progress with you guys.. So no matter what anyone says: your natural hair is beautiful whether it’s straight, curly, wavy, or anything in between.

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Can I request an imagine with Shiro and his s/o steals his phone and takes lots of pictures of themselves? Like, silly faces, good looking faces, and intentional ugly faces? I'm sure they don't have phones on them, especially Shiro, but I just really like this idea.

“Y/N? Where’s my phone?” Shiro called, walking into his room, while still looking at you as you wandered past.

“It’s in your room.” You smiled, continuing past his room as he gave you a confused look.

“I swear I looked in here.” He said to himself, watching you disappear down the hall.

He looked on the desk as he entered, and there it sat. Glancing at the door then back at his phone, he picked it up and opened it. The screen showed the camera roll, where there were a lot of photos of you, some of those with the other paladins. Shiro couldn’t help but laugh at the faces you made in the photos, he scrolled through them.

In some of the photos, you were pulling silly faces, occasionally pulling Pidge or Keith in to pose with you, or Lance would be photobombing in the background. You took a few where you made yourself look ugly on purpose, Allura and Coran joined in on one of those. As Shiro reached the end of the photos he saw a few where you had taken nice photos of yourself, you looked amazing and he let out a small laugh. He smiled and tapped away at his phone before putting it down and leaving the room.

Later that night you sat on Shiro’s bed, waiting to use the bathroom, and picked up his phone to see what he did with your photos. You blushed when you saw he had changed his lock screen to one of the nicer pictures of you, with hearts edited onto it. 

Idk this is kinda bad XD but the idea is so cute hhhhh


look what i found !

The signs as shit kids at my school have done
  • Aries: stands on a chair, looks the teacher directly in the eyes, and lets out a mock wolf howl
  • Taurus: calls the hot substitute teacher daddy behind his back and proceeds to make lewd faces while pulling the front of their shirt down
  • Gemini: person A, "FUCK YOU" person B, "no you're ugly"
  • Cancer: writing down hopes and dreams, "I want to be the most ratchet ho"
  • Leo: very quietly, "I bought like five pounds of hash browns from Dunkin' Donuts"
  • Virgo: crying, "this applesauce is really good"
  • Libra: puts the indicator directly into the base during a stoichiometry lab in chemistry
  • Scorpio: uses liquid lipstick to draw a third eye on their forehead and proceeds to read Jesus x Hitler fanfiction out loud
  • Sagittarius: playing yugioh, "this dragon deck is going up your ass"
  • Capricorn: sends pictures of otter dick dildos to their friends at five in the afternoon with the caption "omg I want"
  • Aquarius: "look at my," lifts skirt up revealing shorts, "not pants"
  • Pisces: "do you mind if I," jumps onto table and lands in a Slav squat, "papasquat right here?"

It ended up being a really beautiful day! I actually took this picture to show how crazy my hair looked after I took it down from having it in a bun for dance…but in the picture it doesn’t look so bad. 🤷‍♀️

Dance was fun–I’m not used to such a small class; there was nowhere to hide! (I’m definitely a back-of-the-class girl.) But, the teacher gave me a really nice compliment about my posture and “lines” while dancing. 😁And, before class my friend and I had absolutely delicious sushi and discussed All the Ugly and Wonderful Things in our own mini book club. I didn’t know that today would be her first sushi in America (since moving here from South Africa several months ago), so I’m glad I picked a good place!

I backed out of happy hour–I still had laundry and grocery shopping to do and I am socialed out. We’re going on Wednesday instead. I’m currently trying to read more of Dark Money. It is interesting…but it’s like a very depressing dystopian novel (only it’s non-fiction) in which all the characters are dreadfully unlikeable. 😳😐😞 I’m only 100 pages in. I think I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and reading a chapter before or after I read my other books.


Stydia kiss got leaked.

The first one, I would’ve posted earlier but every anti Stydia on Twitter and I were too busy roasting it because look at Stiles’ face. 💀 Caption it yourself if you want.

The second one, I’m telling you this with all truths, I’ve never seen an ugly Stiles screencap until today. Like to be honest, he looks bad. And Lydia’s eyes are open. What is this mess?

I’m not even mad about the kiss. Honestly, I find it really hilarious. And my Twitter mutuals have been making it as hilarious as it is for me.

So have fun with the kiss, Stydias. Because I sure did.

internet best friend for hire pls !!

I just need an internet friend who I can Skype looking really bad, barely talk, sit on my phone, and make random ugly faces at. Also, lets me send them randomly bad selfies on any social media. Does not ignore or get bored of me. Lets me fangirl when needed. Is not an ashton or Louis girl because then well have a problem. Actually cares about me. Does not just suddenly stop talking to me. Randomly tag each other in posts. We make a joint accounts, maybe. And just end up ruling the world together pls.

Metal Torture - Chapter 23

AN: The response I got from the last chapter was just staggering and I’m blown away.  I’m not going to lie, I let out a really ugly evil laugh when I posted it, then I went to bed.  I woke up to so much stuff, it was great.  I love you, lovelies! 


My knees dug into the sand and pebbles, my arms wrapped around him, fingers digging into cold flesh, a shiver passing over my body as rain began to fall from the sky. I couldn’t let him go, couldn’t stop touching his skin, my tears freely falling onto him as I wept over him.

He looked peaceful, his face calm, his eyes closed to me. All anger and aggression was gone from his features, his face handsome, almost boyish, raindrops sticking to his long eyelashes. I kissed each eyelid, hiccuping around a sob that tore from my chest, my hands clutching at his face.

Lightening cracked loudly nearby, the landscape illuminated brightly, a bolt of the electricity striking close. Tiny hairs stood up on my body, my own internal white heat swirling and unsettled, like it sensed a distant relation with the natural current. 

Fingers dragged along skin, lips following in their wake as I tried to memorize every single inch of him, knowing he would eventually be gone, his physical form only fleeting. I never wanted to forget. I couldn’t remember much, but this, him, I wanted to remember forever.

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Glanni's Headcanon

He really likes ugly and strange makeup and experiments a lot. You can find him at 5 am painting his ears in pink, with longest eyelashes you have ever seen, with fake gap on his teeth and lipstick all over his face. And he will look beautiful anyway.


i was tagged a while ago by @9chai nd @hobislesbiangf for selfie things!!! i mean… im really sleepy nd my makeup is sliding off my face (I HAD 20 MINS TO GET READY TODAY i didn’t get to prime my eyes ☹️)

i tag: @blackhoeaesthetic, @expensivegrl, @7oongi, @fatcapricorn, and i really can’t think of people’s urls rn im so tired fcokekd but if u want to do this then just feel free to tag me nd said i tagged u!!!!

Dating Sehun would include...
  • Always helping him with his next hair colour/style
  • Envying his eyebrows (or is that just me?)
  • Him being actually very cuddly
  • Turns into a giant limp noodle when he’s asleep
  • Like his arm would be over your face, one leg over yours, the other hanging off the bed
  • Turns into a toddler when you say no to something
  • Strops
  • “If I buy you bubble tea will you speak to me”
  • “…maybe”
  • Always checking out his butt in everything he wears
  • Butt envy tbh
  • always doing his :[ face to each other
  • Gets embarrassed when you catch him being extra loving/caring towards you
  • “HA! You love me reeeeeeeally Sehun!”
  • “pfft what? No, get out my face (y/n) I’ll catch your ugly”
  • But he does love you really…though he’d never tell
  • Also looks like he’d get pretty insecure sometimes though
  • You’d have to comfort him and make sure he knows how good of a rapper & dancer he actually is
  • Looks lie he’d probably be pretty dominant in bed tbh
  • Not necessarily kinky, but always down to try something new
  • Him showing his love for you in small ways he thinks you won’t notice
  • “Take a coat, or you’ll catch a cold”
  • “Have you eaten?”
  • “I saw this and it made me think of you”
  • Stares at you, completely smitten, but only when you’re not looking