and my expectations are low

Okay. If we don’t at least get some more validation of Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke this ep and we have to go through four weeks of (hell) no new episodes, I’m going to scream. It can be subtle, but no one can tell me that Bellamy going on a mission/trying to save Jasper “if you haven’t you should” Jordan isn’t a direct setup for him to have his feelings called out.

Trying to keep my expectations low, but this plot isn’t making it easy.

  • Me before seeing "Rogue One": Well, it's not Episode VIII, but it has Darth Vader and it's still a Star Wars movie, so maybe it'll be decent enough to hold me over :/
  • Me after seeing "Rogue One": Was there a time before Rogue One and stardust and the Erso family I don't know but I will forever claim Jyn, Cassian, Bodhi, Baze, Chirrut & K-2SO as my precious little cinnamon roll babies who deserved so much better than what they got and I will never again think of a beach without sobbing over RebelCaptain nor can I watch the New Hope opening crawl without screaming about the unknown "rebel spies" who were galactic heroes and while we're at it, hey Lucasfilm, how bout some Rogue One references in the future Star Wars movies or maybe a cameo in the Han Solo movie actually you know what, no one really wants the Han Solo movie anyway so how about a prequel about the Rogue One crew instead...???

Do you ever think about how we all knew Bellamy was gonna say “I don’t wanna feel that way anymore” and we spent weeks and months thinking about how this would be related to his own plot and then the real deal came up and HE WAS TALKING ABOUT CLARKE GRIFFIN AND WE ALL DIED???


An Ichigo to match this Grimmjow. This time I was being really careless with my brushes to see if another “accident” would happen, but nope. I had to fake it.

what I want from the 100 by the end of the season:

  • canon sea mechanic
  • bellarke staying together, leading together with the possibility of romance
  • bellamy deciding that he deserves better than his abusive is sister and cutting her out of his life.
  • the remaining delinquents together and alive. 
  • dead oct*via.

what I’ll probably get:

  • dead raven and dead luna/
  • bellarke separated for the whole of season five.
  • bellamy sacrificing himself for octanakin.
  • half of the delinquents dead and the rest separated/
  • octavia alive and probably immortal and replacing Clarke as the female lead.

I see all these posts with rational explanations of what people want for episode ten and that’s all well and good and I respect how ya’ll manage your expectations in such a believable way but lemme just run down all the things I want for the episode and get that outta the way.

I want a reunion out of a Nicolas Sparks movie.

It better rain on cue, delicately soaking their clothes while Daryl and Carol recreate The Notebook in the doorway of the hug shack.

When they talk it needs to be like a therapy session and I want them to wrench the words deep from within their souls, purging all their sins with strangled sobs, ending with impromptu sofa snuggling and zero secrets between them. You hear me, show? ZERO SECRETS.

Dinner? They’ll cook that together with Daryl wrapped around Carol’s back like the pottery scene in Ghost while Carol chops all those veges that she never fucking asked for. Bonus points if they spend 11 years preparing pomegranates together and licking the juice off each other.

Daryl better ask her wtf happened with Tobin and if she says anything else other than “Who’s Tobin?” I will riot.

You know what else? That place is fucking mess. Well…not really but Daryl’s gonna see where she’s living and find something to fix because his girl deserves the best, so clearly he’ll have to come back to make good on their plans to wd-40 that gate and repair the leak in the roof. ( I will allow her to suggest he get supplies from Tobin because I’m not unreasonable)

The end of the ep is the two of them confessing their love to one another through a reserve of tears they kept in store specifically for that moment and then they’ll practice half of the kamasutra for the rest of the night. Using the coffee table book she conveniently found in the house as reference.

When Daryl leaves in the morning she ain’t even worried because he already promised her that they’ll try out the rest of those positions and he gives her a wink and a kiss before hobbling away, unable to hide the new limp he just earned from attempting the Backwards Wheelbarrow.

That’s all I want. I don’t think I’m asking for much.

  • person: shows me basic human decency and bare-minimum levels of respect
  • me: omg they're so nice 😄 and lovely ☺ and kind 😊 and wonderful 🤗 and just completely unproblematic ❤ you'll love them they're a ray of sunshine 💛 that brightens up my day 💜

and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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I feel like you’ll become a bit happier than you are now if you [just leave Cloud Nine behind and go outside].
- If only we’d met… under better circumstances or at a better time.