and my eatings been awful

please help

I’m so sorry, I don’t really know what to do right now and I’m worried so this will be rambly possibly but I’m at a loss.

I’ve decided to do something I never thought I’d do, open a paypal account for help.

Just hours ago my dog Buddy ate a bag of cinnamon raisin bagel that was sitting on the counter. I feel horrible, I should have pushed them further back or set them on top of the fridge but he managed to jump onto the counter and I went to wash my hands and when I came back he’d eaten 4 and a half of them. I took him to the emergency vet immediately and they were able to get a bagel and a half out of him but he still had two in his system. He has to stay overnight so they can monitor him and he’s getting an IV drip/flush the whole night to clear his system of the raisins and the charcoal tablet they gave him. I’m on mobl eight now so I don’t know how to attach the receipts but it’ll upload them asap.

My paypal link is

Please, a dollar or anything you have to spare if you can donate. If you cannot I fully understand.

I’m so sorry to be bothering y'all with this but tomorrow he has to go back to the clinic for a possible 24 hour surveillance and I don’t know what to do. I’ve cleaned out my savings account to do pay for this first 12 hours and there’s a good chance that he’ll need to go back into a 24 hour clinic tomorrow morning. I was not able to take him tonight as its an extra 40 minutes away and he needed his stomach flushed as soon as possible. I’ve had him for 4 years and he was almost completely dead when the shelter found him, I’m hoping he still has some fight in him to make it through this.

EDIT: the reason why I cleaned out my savings is because I currently have no income as a full time college student and I have ptsd, severe anxiety, and bipolar disorder so it makes working and going to school impossible
may goals!

i’ve decided to get serious about my health this month. my favorite guy moved away and it’s the perfect motivation for me to look great for when he gets back. also, i’ve been kind of out of control recently. i’ve been slacking on my workouts and my eating has been awful. so i’m really trying to make this month amazing.

here are my goals:

  • lose 10 pounds
  • workout 4 times a week
  • get 10,000 steps at least 5 days
  • track all of my food this month (even when i don’t want to)
  • stick to a keto diet
  • add $1,000 to my savings
  • call the bank and figure out my credit situation

You know what also made me laugh about Death Note ? How L always knew what Kira was up to and Light always had to change his plans. I don’t remember everything so I guess he always had another plan just in case but… Wow !

Oh dear god I just made the worst tea I’ve ever had im crying

Just trying to prevent myself from eating the awful thing my sister got so I’ve been taking thieves oil in tea and it does not go well with egg nog tea, which is already yucky shcjcskajjsks

Little Fires

1: I am the fly,

2: underneath their magnifying glass.


WHEN I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD, my mom would take me to the Ops Center and teach me about the universe. Being a speck in an infinite cosmos is humbling. It drew me back night after night— propping my window open, even in the cold, so I could watch those balls of light spin eons away. For Jazz’s fifteenth birthday, our family went to Florida and, standing on the white sand beaches of Miami facing the ocean for the first time in my life, I had felt just as insignificant. The Atlantic Ocean had smelled like salt, sunscreen, and happy people.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was going through your reactions and was hoping I could request one. do you think i could ask exo's reaction to them eating a lollipop and you taking it from them and eating it cause it was the last one? if it's too much trouble don't worry about it ^~^ saranghae

Aw sure! Thanks for requesting ^o^~ 


Baozi:*wants his lollipop back but doesn’t wanna fight with ya so just smiles*


Dragon Wu: *tries to convince you not to eat the lollipop cause he still wants it*You sure you wanna eat this after it’s been completely inside my mouth? 

Umma: Aw, if you want more, I can buy it to you, okay?

Angel Xing: *laughs and doesn’t complain at all cause Yixing is an angel*


Sassy Dino: Gull pls, now you gonna have to buy me a box of lollipops or I ain’t talking to you anymore

Yoda: Aaaaalright……….just keep it since you wanted it so much…*silently agreeing*

Evil Lord: his face says everything

Princess Peach: *cries inside as he helplessly watches you eat his beloved lollipop*

Jonginie: *can’t believe you’ve actually had the guts to steal his lollipop and eat it like that*

Fetus Oh: his face says everything #2


Hope you liked it :D~

There must be something in the water, huh. I didn’t have any weird dreams, thankfully – seems like that would have been pretty awful for me apparently. Eating my baby, jesus. Logan and I are gonna cuddle for a while.