and my commisssions


Hi friends! I need some money lol so I’m opening up commissions! I’m sorry long post is long.

I will draw pretty much anything except excessive gore or hate stuff. (I reserve the right to refuse accepting a commission for any reason).

I accept paypal!

Message me or send an email to if you’re interested! I’m only going to keep 2 or 3 slots open at a time so it’s first come first serve! If you have any questions feel free to hmu as well.

slow dance scene from Heart as Black as Night by thepsychicclam :D

commission for unashamed-fangirl 

i absolutely love the fic, and although i was very nervous it was amazing to draw for it, thank you dear <333

i get to see my dog again on monday!!!
in celebration, i’m doing a commission sale this weekend! $5 off all pets! :D check out the deets here


sale’s over! thanks to all who bought commissions! i’ll be finishing them up tonight and tomorrow c: