and my child

tony having to put those parentless babies back down in their cribs and leave though. probably feels like ripping his own bleeding beating heart out of his chest and he does it repeatedly

Scorpius: Oh, my God! This guac is totally frozen solid, dude. I can’t even get my knife through it.

Albus: There is a plastic seal over it…you’re stabbing the plastic with a knife.

Scorpius, realizing he needs glasses: …oh.

HARRY: I’m going to try with everything I’ve got—to be a good dad for you.
ALBUS: And I’ll try and be a better son.

- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Act Four, Scene Fifteen

19 years later has finally come :)


They’re good parents! I hope? ft KirBaku!

Sorry for the long post! a special request by @goodly-otaku and her scenario (Im cry every time) I low key had trouble making the rendition since there were so many ways to approach it xD

I pray for their child. Also low key Baku is the godfather, where;d you think the lil plush came from?? ;A;