and my brunette days are numbered

Fem! Barry Headcannons Coldflash

Alright bitches, Coldflash. Again most of these are present in my story on A Flash in The Dark.

Len and Barry actually briefly met before the lightning. She accidentally ran into him knocking them both off their feet on the way to the crime scene where we learn about the Mardon brothers.

Len was disappointed to see the face of the pretty brunette on the news reel of people injured by the particle accelerator but never really looked into it.

A few days after Barry woke up they ran into each other again, this time at jitters where he bought her coffee and she gave him her number. Two days later he took her out for Italian and they ended up going home together.

He told her he was in art acquisition, stubbornly stating to his sister that it wasn’t technically a lie. He never strove to find out what she did for a living, thinking that she worked at the mostly defunct Star Labs due to the amount of time she spent there and her brilliant mind. Though part of his avoidance came from nervousness that she might work at the precinct as he had seen her entering and exiting it on many of his trips to the dinner across the street.

He discovered what she did first but did not break off the relationship. He was never sure why he didn’t. When asked by his sister he would become mysteriously wrapped up in whatever he was doing.

She only discovered what he did for a living after her first confrontation with Captain Cold. Her injuries were quite severe as she had managed to jump between the blast from the gun and the security guard saving his life but not his left arm. She was thrown into the stage and several pieces of set collapsed on top of her breaking a few ribs and collapsing a lung. She was in too much pain to recognize his voice at the time but later that day he called her to see if they were still having dinner together. His laugh gave him away.

He figured out that she knew during that phone call and although never stated out loud that was when their relationship ended, but not their feelings for one another.

About a week later Barry received a delivery of three dozen ice blue roses and a small package. The package contained a note stating that he was sorry and would not contact her again without her permission and that he’d never meant to hurt her or use her. It also contained a locket engraved on one side with her initials and on the other with a snowflake into which was set a small sapphire. At the bottom of the package Barry found a receipt for both the roses and the necklace.

Len broke his promise however and contacted her nearly a week later after word reached him of a hostage situation at the CCPD. She answered her phone, not knowing the number as he was using a burner, and he never said a word. To this day she doesn’t know it was him but he had to make sure she was alright.

Mick refers to her as Len’s CSI. Lisa refers to her as ‘the one that got away’.

Alright enough sap for now