and my brotp

  • og victuuri: still crying that it's canon, the mom friend™, soft
  • victuuri 2.0: sinnamon rolls, argue abt who tops 24/7, 'choke me daddy'
  • smol otayuri: "my sons", always screaming, brotp to end all brotp's
  • tol otayuri: headcannons 25/7, argue abt who will be taller, rated T make out sessions
  • otayuri 2.0: daddybek, 'so let's say yuri is 18...', smol @ heart
  • anti-anything: sad, always triggered, discourse™, has .5 friends
  • literally any other ship: content starved, read 50k fics cause their ship is a side pairing, deserve better

It means so much for me. I come to the rink every day. I see how Sid works and I try follow him. It’s, like, I know he’s best player in NHL for the last two years, over the last 10 years, and I just try follow him. In practice I try to repeat what he does. When he scores I try do my best and score too, try just be better every day like him. He never stops. He tries to work hard every day, tries be better every day, and I look to him. …I’m a lucky guy to be here.

Oh yes, also want to say that if you ship Sherlolly, I want to hear from you. ;) I need to gush with you about The Scene. And if you ship Adlock, I still want to hear from you! Maybe it wasn’t as much as the Molly scene, but the Irene moment was still, I think, a big deal—and certainly both were unexpected!

I wanna hear from the nice shippers in this fandom. ^.^

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My OTP for them
My second choice pairing for them
My fluffy pairing for them
My angsty pairing for them
My favorite poly ship for them
My weirdest pairing for them

i only ship keith with lance, klance is the answer to everything else

send me a character

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Your art is amazing. I love your Cress and Cinder broTP AU! It's so great! Keep up the beautiful work :)

Literally me:

Originally posted by shawnasgonnagif

Thank you so much!!! I’m not even sure what makes me happier, that you like my art or my Cinder-Cress brotp in Lunar Investigations?

Originally posted by georgetakei

No seriously, thank you so much. Messages like this are the reason I’m still posting stuff because then I know people enjoy it.

As for the Cinder-Cress brotp, I could write essays about their respective characterisations and what their relationship could be based on what we saw in canon, as little as it was. It would be quite complex and not as easy-going as when a more open and sociable person, like Iko or Thorne, is involved, but that makes it all the more interesting to me.

Also, fun fact (maybe), I was a bit tired of always drawing Cinder in her cargo pants, Scarlet in her red hoodie and Cress in her frumpy dress. And what good is a futuristic setting if you can’t play a bit around with the fashion? ;)

I love that Meyer also commented on Cinder’s same old outfit:

SH: What’s the best, most surprising question you’ve ever been asked?

MM: I recently answered a Q&A that will be posted for the Scarlet Blog Tour, and one question the blogger asked was “If Cinder were to ask you one question about the writing of her character, what do you think she would most want to know?” I thought that was such a smart question—it really forced me to look at Cinder in a whole new way. In the end, I thought she might be annoyed that I’ve relegated her to wearing cargo pants and T-shirts throughout the whole series, when there are so many opportunities for the other characters to get dressed up!

Or here:

If Cinder were to ask you one question about the writing of her character, what do you think she would most want to know?

She might question her fashion decisions. Normally when we think of Cinderella we envision shimmering ball gowns and glass slippers… or at least a neatly pressed apron. But Cinder spends almost the entire series in some form of the boots + cargo pants + plain tank top or T-shirt uniform. Poor girl. I hope someone writes a fanfic that allows her to get dolled up for something!

I might not doll her up but I give her at least a range of cool, fashionable clothes that fit her character and also do the same with Cress. So, yeah, Lunar Investigations is my wish-fulfillment for a brotp we hardly saw in canon and and an excuse to draw the girls in something more fashionable. :P

Send me a character and I’ll tell you

  • My NOTP for them: 
  • My BROTP for them: 
  • My OTP for them: 
  • My second choice pairing for them: 
  • My fluffy pairing for them: 
  • My angsty pairing for them: 
  • My favorite poly ship for them: 
  • My weirdest pairing for them: 

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Miles Hollingsworth

•My NOTP for them: Tristan
•My BROTP for them: Hunter or Winston
•My OTP for them: Maya
•My second choice pairing for them: SAAD!!
•My fluffy pairing for them: I guess Maya
•My angsty pairing for them: Tristan
•My favorite poly ship for them: Maya and Saad 😜
•My weirdest pairing for them: I guess Saad since they’ll never happen 🙃

(literally the same 3 people I’m so bias lmao)

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Our boy lance for the meme

My NOTP for them - shiro/lance
My BROTP for them - def lance/pidge
My OTP for them - klance
My second choice pairing for them - hance
My fluffy pairing for them - hance
My angsty pairing for them - klance
My favorite poly ship for them - hunk/lance/keith
My weirdest pairing for them - hmmm idk maybe nyma/lance ohboy

send me a character

Okay, but imagine Ron not being the oblivious one for once

Harry Potter and the Gay Disaster

Starring Ron Weasley (AKA: The Boy Who Fucking Knew It)

“Ron, do you think Malfoy might be gay?”

“Oh, I dunno, Harry. What makes you think so? Is it the way he dresses like a model and spends at least an hour on his hair daily? How bout the fact that he’s had a crush on you since literally first year?”

“Huh. Yeah. I guess you’re right. I only asked because I heard him telling Pansy he liked blokes, but yeah, those things work too.” 



“Ron, do you think I might be gay?”

“Oh, I dunno, Harry. What gave you that idea? Is it the fact that you talk about Malfoy 24/7? How bout the way you follow his name on the Marauder's Map at ungodly hours of the night? Or the fact that you stalk him and wonder what he’s up to and even worry about him despite him being your supposed enemy?”

“Oh. Yeah. I suppose you’re right.”

“Of course I’m fucking right. It’s not like I’ve had to watch the two of you dance around each other for seven years or anything.”

“Right, well, I guess I’ll ask him out then.”

“You’d fucking better. I didn’t put up with your nonsense for this long to have you throw it away willy-nilly.”

“Right, um, thanks Ron.”

“You’re fucking welcome.”