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Dialogue prompts: 9, 37, or 47. Love your writing!

Thank you so much lovely anon! Dialogue prompts were  “You’re in love with her.” + “Lie to me then.” 47: “Why are you whispering?” Set in season 6, around Arcadia. 

“What is he doing here?” That’s the first thing Bill Scully says, or spits rather, when he opens the door. He doesn’t look at his sister, who he hasn’t seen in months, but only at her partner. The spooky man who is followed by doom and therefore has no right to be here, at his house, with his family; at least that’s how Mulder interprets Bill Scully’s current expression. Mulder tightens his grip on to the plate with the huge cake neatly tucked into too much tinfoil that Scully pushed into his arms moments ago.

“He was invited.” Scully rushes past her brother, leaving Mulder outside in the cold, fending for himself. When she’s angry she can forget him, sometimes. They’re similar in that way. He knows this. Mulder offers the cake like a peace offering. Or something. Bill stares at it. Then back at Mulder. His eyes narrow and for once they’re in agreement: they both wish Mulder wasn’t here.

“No one told me you were invited.” Mulder isn’t surprised.

“I was told you were fine with it.” He replies; he really should have known better. Bill yanks the plate out of his hands, the only outlet for his anger, and leaves the door open so Mulder can enter. He’s not welcome here, that much is clear, but Bill Scully Jr. is not going to let him rot outside. Mulder closes the door quietly behind him, taking a deep breath. He should have said no when Scully asked him to come with her to San Diego. He should have insisted. He had, if he remembers correctly. Until that moment when Maggie Scully herself called him and told him to be there or else.

Right now he thinks or else would have been the better choice.

“Fox!” Maggie Scully downright squeals when he enters the kitchen as discreetly as he can muster. Several heads turn; he recognizes Tara Scully, his very own Scully, and a woman he has never seen before, who looks almost as uncomfortable as he feels.

“Hello Mrs. Scully.” She grabs him and engulfs him in a tight hug.

“I’m glad you came,” she wipes at his cheek, a motherly automatism, “I wasn’t sure.” She adds more quietly glancing at her son, who is busy trying to free the cake from the tinfoil.

“You remember Tara, don’t you?” Bill Scully’s wife offers him a warm smile and a strong handshake.

“Nice to see you again, Fox. Oh, you prefer Mulder, don’t you? Dana always calls you Mulder!” She laughs uncomfortably and blushes deeply.

“I’m fine with either.” He assures her and he is certain he can hear Scully huff.

“And this is my other daughter-in-law, Sandra. She’s Charlie’s wife.” Mulder and Sandra exchange a handshake and a nod that seems to say I’d rather be somewhere else right now.

“Is Charlie here? I’ve never met him before.”

“He’s expected later tonight.” Maggie Scully tells him and he watches Sandra’s expression soften, just thinking about her husband getting here, saving her from the rest of his family. Mulder turns around to look at Scully. She’s leaning against the counter, her arms crossed in front of her. Not even she wants him here. He can’t blame her, not really. They might have the x-files back, might be back together professionally, but the ramifications of the last months are still painfully palpable. Diana, he thinks bitterly, swallowing her name and the thought. Things that were said that shouldn’t have been said. Things done. He stares at her, bites his lip, and she turns away from him, nudging her brother and helping him get the tinfoil off the cake. Mulder is convinced that no one will eat it anyway.

Maggie Scully shoos them all out of the kitchen when it becomes apparent that neither of them is any help. Tara and Sandra are talking about babies; little Matthew is upstairs sleeping. Sandra and Charlie, apparently, are trying. Mulder tries to catch Scully’s attention, but she’s either willfully ignoring him, or truly lost in her own world. He feels anger well up in him. If she really doesn’t want him here then why didn’t she just say so? He is sure she could have come up with an excuse for him. Her brother hates him already, what’s a few more Scullys? He could have taken it.

“Can I talk to you a moment?” Bill Scully’s voice is harsh and it’s way too close for Mulder’s liking. He nods, swallows hard. He follows the other man, wherever they’re going, and now Scully looks at him. Mulder wants to ask her to save him, please, but his mouth is dry, his mind empty. Which is why he doesn’t first notice that Bill Scully is leading him outside. Once there, he towers over him, his hands on his hips, his face dark. He’s going to punch me, Mulder thinks, or worse.

“You’re in love with her.” Of all the things Mulder expected Bill Scully to throw at him this is not it.

“Excuse me?”

“You are, aren’t you? You’re in love with Dana.” It’s not even a question.

“You sure you want to know the answer to that?” Stupid, Mulder. Stupid, stupid. He doesn’t want to make Bill even angrier. He just doesn’t want him to know before he’s had a chance to tell Scully. Well, he has told her. And she didn’t take him seriously. Oh brother, indeed.

“Lie to me then. Make me try to understand why my mother – my own mother – invited you here. If you love her…if you are in love with her… I still couldn’t stand you, but. I saw the way you just looked at her, Mulder.” He used to look at her a million different ways, or so he thought. Depending on the time of day, on her mood, and mostly his. On where they were, or why. On what she was wearing. In the end he realized it wasn’t true. There might still be a million different ways he looks at her now. Except they all mean the same.

“I’m not going to lie to you, Bill,” Mulder begins, “I do love her. I am in love with her. We’re not… we’re not together though, if that’s what you mean. But yes. I’m in love with her. Have been for a long time. She doesn’t feel the same way. Not like… she’s not in the same place. I came here because your mother invited me. If… if Dana doesn’t want me here either, I’ll just leave. I’ll just… leave.” As if on cue, the front door opens and Scully steps out.

“You’re not making him leave, Bill.” She tells her big brother and Mulder knows that tone all too well. It means business. He’s been on the receiving end of it often enough.

“I wasn’t going to make him leave.” Bill mumbles and stomps past Mulder. He stops in front of Dana and for a moment the siblings stare at each other, then suddenly, they’re hugging and grinning. “Glad you could make it, sis.” With that he disappears inside. Scully walks towards Mulder and he watches her, wondering what she’s thinking. But he’s always wondering.

“What makes you think I don’t want you here?” Her voice is soft, as are her eyes.

“I thought… I don’t know, Scully. We haven’t talked much lately, have we?” She shakes her head no, takes a step closer. They’re almost touching. The urge to take her into his arms is almost unbearable.

“But just so you know, I do want you here. I’m glad you’re here.” Her voice is barely above a whisper now and Mulder lowers his head to hers, just to hear her better. He tells himself that’s the only reason, anyway.

“I’m glad to be here, too.”

“You’re not the only person in that place, Mulder.”


“You said I’m not in the same place you are. But I am, Mulder. I am.” She’s lost him. He stares at her, not understanding a word she’s saying. She watches him, hoping he’ll catch up, which he doesn’t, and takes his face into her hands.

“I’m in love with you, too, Mulder. You’re not the only person in that place.” With that, she puts her lips on his softly, just a test, merely a tease. Her hands remain where they are, her thumbs gently caressing his cheeks.

“You are?” He’s whispering now, too, too scared to say it out loud. She nods, grinning. “Why are you whispering? Wait, no, how do you even know what I said?”

“We could all hear you and Bill,” Scully tells him, still whispering, “the baby monitor.” She points at the colorful monitor sitting there in the grass. “Tara forgot to bring it inside after playing with Matthew. I’m glad she did.”

“Oh, so am I.”  

So today I’ve come awake from sleep suddenly after sleeping for nothing but five hours and realised three things;

  • First, that attempting to fall asleep again is a fruitless endeavour.
  • Second, that I need my morning bean juice.
  • Third, I have this bizarre nigh obsessive sleep deprived urge to log into Steam and buy Dream Daddy.

-sips from coffee- Maker’s balls…


other side

eyelids flutter open
when windows slam shut
bells ring their hourly song
when darkness casts a silence.

late nights are lazy afternoons
panicked yells are reassured whispers
rambles are rants
and 4pm is 12am.

missed yet forgotten
alone yet loved
replaced yet important
hurting and hurting.

light and darkness
and shades of grey
rising suns and shining moons
stars smattering each sky.

a thread pierces hearts
tying them together
a stretch of sea
separates them further.

the same wishes and promises
for the two birds of a feather
on seemingly different worlds
both hoping, wondering.

one side waits
the other side plans
one half fears
the second is unaware.

if i could dig through the earth
i would
but until then
i’ll continue our routine.

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That might be my favorite Liam interview ever! Get all the boys on First We Feast!

sean evans is legitimately such a good interviewer…..he does great research before all of these shows. i only just started listening, but i’m having a bit of an emo moment right now because liam mentioned the “girl in the bin” story, but he referred to it as a “trash can” on the first try.

  • Rick: *to Morty* God is dead, the whole fucking government fucked themselves with the new president, doing whatever the fuck you want wh-when you want beats doing school or chores any day.
  • Morty: G-gee, but I still feel like th-th-this is an insult and I think the biggest bad thing we ever did Rick! I'm not su-sure if th-this is okay.
  • Rick: Jesus fucking christ M-Morty, for o-once in your life, do yourself a favor and just fucking swim in the 'sin' with me.
  • Morty: We-well, u-um...okay...
  • Rick: It's about damn time Morty, now hurry up and fucking tell that brat to beat it 'cuz we ain't spending time helping her cope with some freak teenage break up. We gotta fuck shit up.
  • (Me: *screaming seizure* YOUFUCKInGSonOFABIIITTCCHHHHoOOOWWWdddDDDAAARREEEEMIissslleeeadddd meeee!!!!GRRRAHHHHHHAAAHhhhhhhh)
  • Rick: Now th-that's done, I want you to hurry up and get in. We need to hu-hurry up and do-do th-this before we get caught in th-the next hour.
  • Morty: Um, you know th-that didn't so-sound-
  • Rick: Y-you can take that any way you want you little dirty bitch.
  • Morty: *face flushes*
  • (Me: FUUCCKKKKYEesssSSSS!!!)
  • <p> <b>My brain:</b> you see that weird thing on your face? Well..picking at it will help it to go away faster<p/><b>Me:</b> that doesn't even make sense, plus it probably won't help anyways<p/><b>My brain:</b> but, what if it does..<p/><b>Me:</b> actually you're right, I'm going to pick at it<p/></p>

Riley & (currently unknown) Kuza oldest children of Michael & Lilly @smellslikepixeldolls

i went to find a blocked user to tell cruz the url and at the bottom of that page theres the “delete account” button right… n like long story short i almost deleted w/o noticing.. the urge to press the button n delete came up as an instinct… my brain was like pull the trigger piglet 

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Can we hear the neck pillow stolen story?

I’m still fragile about it but ok
To set the scene
A nice, peaceful aura amongst the group of us boarding the plane. It was like 8AM and everything had gone smoothly. I had no reason to suspect anyone. As we were all shuffling on I got bumped from behind and fell forward, dropping phone, passport, book etc. People behind me were frustrated by the delay. In the chaos I grabbed everything and made a beeline straight to my seat.

I realised I didn’t have my pillow and that it too must’ve fallen. And lemme just tell you this was a nice neck pillow. Like a bougie as fuck, memory foam neck pillow. I went and checked over the aisle asap

Someone (stranger, nice woman in her 20s or so) told me she saw a guy pick it up and he probably handed it in. So I ran and checked the aisle, and went up to the flight attendants to see if anyone handed it in. She said no. I paced up and down the aisle. I asked again. Nothing. Was told to return to my seat

I then realised someone had it, someone on my flight. I got irrationally angry bc that’s MY pillow for my 40 hours of transit motherfcker and it has my neck memory prints in it… I was like:

I then spent the first part of the flight trying to trying to find the thief but it was a big ass plane so I gave up eventually. So I mean yea don’t trust anyone and keep your pillows close and your enemies closer lol