and my birthday is on daylight savings day

I’m Back!

I was tagged by @darthkerri to do this WAAAAY before! Thanks for tagging me! Sorry I’ve only been able to do this now ^^’ Let’s do this:

Name: Penelope

Nickname: Pen, Penny

Birthday: November 26

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5′6.5″

Time Zone: Philippine Current Time/Daylight Savings Time (idek honestly haha)

Time/Date Where I Live: 7:35 PM,  April 27, 2017 (told you it was long!)

Average hours of sleep: Depends on what I’ve gotta do, but I average about 6-7 hours a day :)

OTPs: …Really? My fingers are gonna hurt a bit! Let’s see…Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Percabeth, Nico x Will, Viktuuri, TamaHaru (because Kyoya is mine), Nanami x Tomoe, Chrom x Sumia + A lot more I can’t currently name :D

The last thing I googled: The lyrics to Ikasama Casino! I’m working on a fic inspired by it, so I wanted to get the full vibe of the song.

First word that comes to my mind: Chemical kinetics TT^TT I hate exams…

What I said last to a family member: “Dinner was awesome. Thanks” :)

One place that makes you happy and why: Anywhere where my loved ones are (cliche, I know)…I love my room, too! I can pretty much do whatever without any judgement ;)

How many blankets I sleep under: Just one comforter…Cozy enough for me

Last movie I watched at the cinema: Beauty and the Beast! This is gonna change to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 by tomorrow though haha

Three things I can’t live without: The people I love (family, friends and pet turtle), food (mmm~), and music!

Something I plan on learning: How to speak and write in Japanese! I also wanna learn how to cook :3

Piece of advice for your followers: “If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.” A special teacher shared this advice with me and my classmates a few years ago, and it has stuck with me ever since. There’s a big world out there full of surprises. Exploring it will always do you some good, whether to help you make peace with yourself, or to help you find your true happiness.

You have to listen to this song: I’m currently listening to this group called Steps. They were such a huge part of my childhood, and they’ve recently come out with a new album, Tears on the Dancefloor, after so long! The entire album is fantastic <3

My other blogs: None yet, but thinking about having a separate one for my fanfictions (P.S. I have a new account: BowoftheClever14)

Thanks again for the tag, Kerri! So sorry it took so long >< I tag @reyvenclaw @mutsukushiitoorus @savaage-nymph @cc-supika @sea-salt-ice-queen and anyone else who wants to do so!

anonymous asked:

Daylight Saving "Spring Forward" is March 8. International Women's Day is March 8. That makes International Women's Day the only day of the year with 23 hours in it. I find this darkly poetic.

That’s my birthday too.


Day 24/100
Daylight savings screwed me up!
That’s okay though! I got a lot done
I finished my AP chapter work and I studied for my Econ test that I have to make up tomorrow.
I also went to the gym (it was just a light workout though)
My goals for tomorrow are to make a lunch/food list, find a dessert recipe for my mom’s birthday and start/finish the ccot chart that I missed on Friday + whatever other homework I might get