and my binder is working today

🐃🐃🐃HORNS UP 🐃🐃🐃

I know I never use this platform anymore, but there are some people on here who have really helped me and I want to thank them.

I had top surgery today. It was a long time coming, but it finally happened. Today is, for me, radically life changing. I haven’t cried or really felt it hit me yet (been a bit focused on not reaching too far for anything or testing the limits of these narcotics fff) but I already feel different just because I understand the gravity of what this means for my life.

I can just throw on a shirt now instead of shimmying into a tight sweaty binder every day. My back won’t hurt so much. I can swim again. I can work out and see the results in a way that makes me proud of myself without added dysphoria. I can look in a mirror and not feel out of touch with my reflection.

This feels good.
It also feels like I’ve just been cut open, but yanno.
It feels good.

When I was fundraising, I got amazing support and help from my tumblr friends, and even though I’m not active here any more, I want you all to know that It finally happened, and that I love you all and I appreciate you so much. You’ve been such a big step in helping me get to today and to happiness.

Thank you. ❤💛💚💙💜

Phew. Glad I got that off my chest.

Reunited - Six

A/N: Sorry this took me so long, but I’ve been sick. Feeling better now tho, so hopefully there will be another chapter within a week. Thanks for all the feedback, and a special thanks to my beta @thorne93

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Lexi (OC), Sarah (OC)

Warnings: None I think.. Fluff? Implied smut.

Wordcount: 2449

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You woke up the next morning, a small smile playing at your lips before you even opened your eyes, your mind replaying last night’s events.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Jensen’s voice filled your ears, deeper and groggier than usual, sexier even. You opened your eyes and looked right into his emerald green orbs, a little darker than normal as they were still clouded with sleep. Jensen was lying on top of the covers, fully clothed, just like you. The time had just flown by last night and eventually you had asked him to spend the night, just to talk, and you had fallen asleep doing so.

“It is a good morning,” you said, smiling softly as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “Didn’t I fall asleep on the couch?”

“You did. I just figured you would be more comfortable here,” he said as he turned his whole body towards you. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” You couldn’t believe how much had changed in the past twenty four hours. Yesterday you had woken up with a dull ache in your chest, feeling lost and heartbroken, but today you woke up with a smile on your lips and excitement and butterflies in your entire body. It had been about eleven years since you had felt like this, and you loved every second of it. “You hungry?”


You and Jensen made breakfast together, he manned the stove while you set the table.

“Do you have any plans for the day?” Jensen asked between bites.

“I have some paperwork I have to get done, and I need to go to work for a couple of hours. How about you?”

“I promised Jared I would go with him to look at some houses. You want to meet us for lunch?”

“I would love that.”

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Admin Hunt!

Hey guys! As I’m sure you’ve all realised we have been having a hard time keeping up with the message influx and I have decided it is time to search for a new admin. There will be a lot of criteria to meet so be prepared. 

To apply send applications directly to my personal blog through submission @elsmolprince in order to separate these from advice questions!

These are the questions for your application, answer them to your best!

Name –


Age –

Transition status –

Gender identity –

Preferred pronouns –

Sexuality –

Location (does not have to be specific) –

How often are you online and available to answer questions? Brotherly Advice gets over 50 questions daily, how will you cope with this amount of demand?

How long can you help for? Don’t be discouraged if you can only help for a couple of months that is completely fine!

What can you bring to the blog? (This is your time to shine)

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

Do you have any triggers (we get some potentially triggering questions and don’t want anyone to feel distress reading them)? Also what is your comfort status with partial nudity as we as a blog celebrate the beauty of trans bodies?

Answer two of the following asks:

1.  Am I too young to know I’m trans? I’m 14 and my parents won’t let me go on hormones because I’m too young to make a decision but I know I am trans and wish they supported me. Am I too young?

2.  My family says that they support me but they constantly use my dead name and wrong pronouns. How do I approach them about it?

3. I wear my binder all day at work (for about 6-7 hours) and it’s never given me problems but now my chest constantly feels tight and my ribs are hurting. I feel very dysphoric at work what can I do?

4. I think I might be transgender, I have never felt comfortable being a girl and I don’t like particularly feminine things. How can I know?

5. I’m feeling bad about myself today, help?

My Grandma Said Hey From the Other Side Today

So I have been saving up some free magazines all year for their recipes, and today I finally cut them out and put them into a binder.

I thought my handy work was admirable, and now I have a full years worth of seasonal recipes. My mom and grandmothers loved to collect recipes and I was thinking of them while I was putting the cook book together.

I had a cook book that my mom made me and it had recipes handwritten by my aunts and grandmothers. Once my grandmothers died, the book became priceless to me. But when I lived with my in-laws, my grandmother-in-law with dementia had a vendetta against me and threw it out. I have always missed that book.

Then tonight, out of no where, my mom texted me pictures of my grandmother’s recipe box. All of them. My mom didn’t even know I was making a cook book today, and she lives 14 hours away from me.

It was as if my Grandma was saying, “I still want you to have my recipes, because they’re better…and I know how much my handwriting meant to you. So have it all.”

Thanks, Grandma! 💖 I’ll be getting your hot chocolate recipe tattooed on me in your handwriting.

Smile and Wave (Peter Parker/Reader)

Peter would do anything to prove himself to Tony Stark, including making up a girlfriend, and that’s where you came in.

Warnings: Mentions of break in and gun violence!

Notes:  i’m sorry if this chapter was slow or if it was really trashy. the story’s moving slowly and ahhhh i’m sorry!! things will pick up soon! ty for reading, guys!! <3

Part 1/7 || Part 2/7 || Part 3/7 || Part 4/7 || Part 5/7 || Part 6/7 || Part 7/7

Part 5: Too Scared

To say that lunch the following day was awkward would be an understatement. You see, Peter, Ned, and you ate lunch together every day, and unfortunately for Ned, lunch was nothing but tense silence today- at least on your behalf. When you joined the two boys at the table, you didn’t smile or say ‘hi’. You didn’t crack jokes and engage in their conversation. You didn’t even touch your food. You just sat and stared at the red, mushy jello on your lunch tray, giving only slight nods of acknowledgement and one-word answers when the boys would address you.

The last thing you wanted to do today was go to school and face Peter. You wanted nothing more than to stay home, binge watch TV shows, and just forget the events of the past few days, but noooooo, your over-achieving ass decided to attend school to avoid make-up work. ‘Stupid, school. Stupid, Peter.

“Oh, (Y/N), here’s your Calculus homework for today, you know, because you’ve been helping me out,” Peter said as he slid the assignment across the table to you. Without making eye contact, you took the papers, tucked them in your binder, and gave Peter a curt nod in appreciation. Silence ensued once more, but Peter remained oblivious to the tension in the air. Ned, however, was very aware of it- poor kid was being suffocated by it.

“Oh my, God!” Ned finally exclaimed after a few more minutes of awkward silence passed, causing you to jump in your seat.

“Jeez, Ned, calm down! What’s wrong?” you asked shakily, still recovering from the sudden shock of Ned’s voice cutting through the quiet.

“Oh my, God, so she can still talk,” Ned sassed. “(Y/N), you’ve been really quiet today. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Ned,” you insisted, biting your bottom lip once you noticed Peter’s concerned eyes on you.

“Sure,” Ned scoffed. “Dude, you haven’t even touched your food, and you’ve just been straight up ignoring us the past fifteen minutes. Did we do something wrong?”

“Ned, seriously, I’m fine,” you repeated, grabbing your lunch tray. “I’m just not feeling well. I think I’m gonna go to the library for the rest of lunch. It’s too loud in here, and I’m getting a headache.”

Without even looking back at your friends, you stood and left the cafeteria as fast as you could. Peter and Ned watched your retreating form, and Ned frowned.

“Did I say something wrong?” Ned asked, feeling ashamed as if it was his fault you’d left mid-lunch.

“No, I’m sure you’re fine, dude,” Peter reassured with a smile. “(Y/N)’s probably just stressed since her parents have been away for so long. I’ll go check up on her. Is it cool if I leave you for the rest of lunch?”

Ned rolled his eyes. “Check up on her? More like you just want some alone time, loverboy.”

Ned smirked and proceeded to tease Peter by pulling exaggerated, kissy faces.

“Ugh, Ned, stop,” Peter huffed and scowled in irritation.

“I’m kidding!” Ned laughed. “It’s cool, man. Go get your girl.”

“Ned!” Peter sighed as he left the table to follow you, and Ned grinned widely.

Once you reached the library, you sat behind a random computer, opened your e-mail, and began clicking through it mindlessly, deleting spam, glancing over promotional deals, just anything to get your mind off Peter.

“You’re lying!” you heard a girl whisper excitedly behind you. “You did not see him!”

“I did! You’re just jealous because Spider-Man didn’t swing by ‘your’ window,” her friend teased.

“Whatever,” the first girl said dismissively. “Wish we knew who’s under that mask though. Dear Lord, he’s so fit. Bet- he’s probably fine as hell.”

‘Yeah, and a total doucheb-’ But your thoughts were cut short when you felt a light tap on your shoulder.

“Hey, (Y/N), you okay?” you heard Peter’s voice question worriedly from behind you.

“Fine,” you grumbled, closing your e-mail browser and swinging your backpack over your shoulder as you got out of your seat. You shoved your way past Peter and headed for the exit.

“Wait, (Y/N), where are you going?” Peter asked as he followed you out of the library.

“To class.”

“Are you seriously ignoring me? I…I don’t even know what I did wrong!” he cried desperately, and you stopped dead in your tracks, giving Peter time to catch up.

“Of course, you don’t know,” you sneered, turning to look Peter dead in the eyes as you repeated his exact words. “‘A guy like me with a girl like her? Not in a million years.’ Right, Peter? You know…even if we weren’t really together, I…I thought we were at least friends- best friends. How could you say that?”

“Wh-what? No, (Y/N)! I didn’t mean it that way!” Peter panicked, feeling his chest clench as he saw the hurt in your eyes.

“Yeah? Then, what did you mean, Peter? Because I don’t think I misheard anything yesterday.”

“I…I, um…” Peter struggled to find the right words to say. What if he confessed, and you didn’t feel the same way? What if he confessed and made things awkward between you two? Peter’s heart was pounding, and he fiddled with the hem of his sweater. A million thoughts raced through his mind of how this scenario could play out- none of them positive.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” you sighed sadly, lips trembling and tears trickling down your face. You rubbed them away hastily as you turned on your heels and left.

‘No, no, no, no, no! Do something!’ a small voice screamed in the back of Peter’s mind as he watched you walk away, but he couldn’t move. He didn’t know what to do. Everything felt horrible, and Peter wanted to puke. His body felt like lead, his feet glued to the ground, his mouth dry. Why couldn’t he move?! Why wasn’t he going after you to apologize?!

‘Move, damn it!’ the voice shrieked desperately, but he couldn’t. He was too scared to.

Sixth period was terrible. A dull ache filled Peter’s chest, and he couldn’t help but look over his shoulder at you, watching as you kept your head down and scribbled Calculus notes furiously. Peter crossed his arms on his desk and buried his head in them; he felt tears prickle in the back of his eyes. It’d been ages since he cried over someone. The last time that happened…well, he had lost his uncle. In that moment, he realized…he couldn’t lose you. Your friendship was everything to him, and he cared about it more than anything in the world- he cared about you more than anything in the world. God, he might even love you, and yet, despite having superpowers that let him stop a bus with his bare hands, Peter couldn’t find the courage to face you. So when sixth period ended, all he could do was watch as you left the classroom without so much as a glance in his direction.

‘Finally’ you mentally groaned as you unlocked the door to your family’s apartment and stepped inside, tossing your backpack aside without a care as to where it landed. It had been a long day, and you were glad to be home. No noisy classmates. No nosy teachers. No Peter. You changed into your favorite pajamas and collapsed on your living room couch, flipping on the TV and browsing through numerous channels to find something to watch.

The couch engulfed you with its warmth, and you felt your eyelids grow heavy with exhaustion. You’d barely gotten any sleep last night what with Peter’s hurtful words playing repeatedly in your mind like a broken record, so soon enough, you were fast asleep, the remote slipping from your hand and the TV droning in the background as you slept.

“Hey, Aunt May,” Peter greeted over the phone. “Just calling to let you know I’m going to be working late tonight. Yeah, the internship’s been going well. Super busy here. Don’t wait up for me. Yes, I’ll make sure I get something to eat. Love you, too. Bye.”

Peter ended the call and began slipping on his suit. He didn’t want to go home and get bombarded with countless questions about you: ‘How’s (Y/N)?’ ‘When are you going to take her out on another date?’ ‘When is she free? We should have her over again!’

Pulling his mask over his face, Peter webbed himself up to the nearest building, hoping something interesting would happen tonight to get his mind off of you.

Loud rattling woke you from your sleep, causing you to jolt upright on the couch. It was dark out now, and you felt your heartbeat speed up as you heard shuffling from your bedroom hallway.

‘Fuck,’ you silently cursed as you remembered that you’d left your cellphone in your room. You were shaking now, beads of sweat rolling down your forehead as you made out the outline of a large, burly man approaching you. You wanted to scream, to run for the door, but you were frozen with fear. Panic washed over you as you felt cold, hard metal press against your temple.

“One sound out of you, and I shoot,” you heard your intruder’s raspy voice threaten.

July 30th {31/100}

Day 31 of my 100 days of productivity! Today I finally bought the 30 hole ring binder from Muji, which is honestly the only motivation I have to re-write my bio notes. So far I’ve finished all of Topic 4: Ecology and am currently working on Topic 2: Molecular Biology; and just finished 2.4 Proteins today. 

The Most Stereotypical Things the Types Have Ever Said/Done in Our Presence

ISFJ- *Moves car from private parking lot to street* “Yeah, I’m not exactly a rebel.”

ISFP- “This Tornado warning is such a moment for me. It’s so pretty. Despite it not being safe I stood in my balcony, accepting the wind.”

INFJ- “I’m in a really poetic mood so I’m trying hard not to start speaking to you in metaphor and cryptic symbol about vague things like significance.”

INTJ- “I am experimenting on myself for math. I knew this would happen one day.”

INFP- *3 am* “Do you think dinosaurs appreciated stars?”

ISTP- “If we were to sled down ~this~ side of the hill we could turn on the bank near the road to keep going down ~that~ hill, we just have to avoid the river.”

ESFP- “I mean yeah, I was playing the slap game with religious brothers, but the nuns were savage!”

ESTP- “EVERYONE COME LOOK AT THIS! It’s a bug eating another bug. We are seeing natural selection in action- survival of the fittest. So cool.”

ESFJ- “I know you are just dropping this off but do you want some food, I made sofritas.”

ENTJ- “Ah! just the person i wanted to see. I have a business proposition, do you have any experience writing calligraphy?”

ENFJ- *Cries over Lion King* “Can’t you just imagine… what it would feel like… if you lost your dad?”

ENTP- “I lack the emotional depth to deal with you today.”

ENFP- “I don’t usually like gift cards, unless its to Starbucks. Anyone who gets me Starbucks understands me as a person.”

INTP- “OH, I know what Shakira named her baby!… I spend a lot of time on Wikipedia.”

ISTJ- “Touch my binder and I will murder you.”

ESTJ- “Work as fast as you’re talking does not mean you talk slower!”

~Nero & Nike

A day that makes me feel like an adult:

3am: descide to message an old friend from highschool on facebook to ask if he wants to meet up some time now that he’s in the area.

6am: he responds that he does, and we make plans to meet up during his lunch hour today. I promptly go to sleep as soon as plans are solidified.

11am: I awake and get up and take the bus to meet him. I wear a decent looking outfit for my hair color, and my best binder.

12pm: I’m exactly on time and so is he. We have fun conversation about language, and what elements of it if any are not arbitrary. During this were getting food at a place he likes, and I got food that’s probably got more nutritional value than I tend to eat. 

1pm: he has to go back to work, so we part ways. My walk back to the subway was easy and even though finding the right building in MIT was weird, finding the way back was no problem. On my way home I play pokemon go for the first time in a while, and get a Muk from a level 2 raid I carried. 

2pm: Home in time to take my adhd meds and do my homework without issue or distraction. I have the energy to, probably in part because not only did I see someone I haven’t seen in years, but also because the social interaction was short.

3pm: Write this post prior to taking adderall, to allow my brain to shift tasks more easily into homework. 

[1/5/17] I applied for a summer job at my favorite place in the world today! I’m supposed to hear back about an interview sometime this month. I put on my new laptop case so now I can add stickers and I don’t have to worry about it ruining my MacBook. I also worked on some pages inside my binder, I’ll post about it when I finish a few more.

Working a 12-hour shift today and drawing sheebie weebie during my second lunch 🍎🐶✨

whiskeyandstars  asked:

I'm gonna do it. Starting today there's gonna be a whole new me. I'm gonna get a binder, a new wardrobe, cut off all my hair. And I'm gonna start working out and eating healthier. I'm gonna do it this time and I'm gonna be happy and confident. And fuck what my parents think about me. Because this is me, not that little girl they remember who only played with dollies and makeup.

Yes!! Well done being able to admit that, and good luck on your new path -Matt

anonymous asked:

Good vibes! I finally came out to everyone at work today. Had a temporary name tag made with my chosen name, wore a binder...I was terrified at first. Some people didn't really get it since I've been working there for a long time, but I just decided to say screw it! And now I couldn't be happier from the outpouring of support. I finally feel so much better in my own skin!


anonymous asked:

also about the german stationary brands, maybe also stores where you can find them, preferably not online? aesthetics is a really big part of me getting motivated for studying and i really want to become better at studying but i can't find any cute stationary in germany anywhere that isn't super expensive and simply not affordable when you are a uni student.

original question: what are your favorite german stationary brands?


I’ll admit that some of my stationery really is more on the expensive side (my parents and I share a lot of these things because we are all stationery nerds), so I’ll just make a list of everything I know and then indicate how expensive it is! I’ll also make some suggestions down below on where to get cheaper but still aesthetic alternatives. 

These are exclusively German brands but they may be available in other countries too!

  • Faber-Castell (€€)
    • My go-to choice for pencils. They basically never break, they have a great selection of different types (also mechanical ones), and you can also use them for sketching! 
    • I use: Pencil 9000 HB, Mechanical 1345 0,5mm, Polychromos. You can find them in any
  •  Stabilo (€)
    • Heaven of highlighters. I still have ones from four years ago and they still work, so even if they’re on the pricier side, I think they’re definitely worth it! The boxes with several colours are usually cheaper than buying them separately. 
    • Stabilo Boss, Stabilo Boss Pastel
  • Staedtler (€)
    • Their pigment liners are the best ones I know. Smooth in writing, last a long time (even when uncapped for a while), and come in many different tip sizes. 
    • Pigment liner 308, Triplus Fineliners 334
  • Brunnen (€)
    • I used their college notebooks for literally everything in school. They come in every layout and version you can possibly think of! The standard ones have 80 sheets, but there are ones with 160 sheets that have better value for money. 
    • example: college notebook A4 80, A4 160
  •  Lamy (€€€)
    • If you write with any type of pen that has to do with ink, Lamy is a safe choice. They last you for years - I had my Lamy safari for five years in school and it still works today, though I don’t use it as much. 
    • Lamy Safari, Lamy studio, Lamy logo
  • Leuchtturm1917 (€€€)
    • Probably the most studyblr-famous German brand in existence. I use their notebooks as bullet journals and their jottbooks for special projects I’m doing, like as a notebook for an internship. They’re of an amazing quality. They also have great calendars. 
    • Notebook A5 
  • Leitz (€€€)
    • Folders, Binders, Organisers. They come in every colour you could wish for, and I only ever broke one so far. 
    • Leitz style folders

Where to find all this stuff irl: 

  • All of these things should be available in any good stationery store. If not, they can for sure order them for you!
  • Places like Thalia, Hugendubel, and Karstadt often have good offers, especially now during the back to school season. As far as I know Thalia also offers Payback points for every purchase.
  • If you want to save money, go for no-name brands  - especially with folders and binders, notebooks, ink refills, flashcards etc. There is next to no difference in quality or aesthetic. Lidl and Aldi sometimes have surprisingly lovely college notebooks and envelopes and that sort of thing! They’re also great for scissors, glue, correction fluid and all that crap. 
  • If you want to buy in bulk, consider places like Metro (if you have access to it), Kaufland, but also Amazon (where you often get better offers if you buy a lot of something). Otto Office and Viking are also possibilities especially for bulk purchases.
  • I would invest a little more in things you need very often - a good fountain pen for example will pay off in the long run, as well as a good and reliable calculator. 
  • Independent bookstores often have a small stationery section with lesser known brands that make really cute designs! 
  • One of my best friend only ever had plain black notebooks and made her own designs on them with correction fluid. They looked awesome. If you want special designs on a notebook etc, you can channel your creative side and make it yourself! :)

I hope this helped! Good luck in uni :) 

{2/100 days of productivity} | Jan 3, 2016

School returns tomorrow, so I took today to rest and went to see the new Star Wars (still recovering). This is what I need for my class tomorrow: binder, work sheets, new pencil case (finally gave up small ones and embraced my supply hoarding soul), bullet journal, hand cream and iPod (a must have at all times).

Hey, guys! You may have seen me mention it before through an ask or two on my ask blog, but I got my Frog Bra from Title Nine. I’m working out in it today, and it’s very breathable. This is good if you’re experimenting and don’t want/can’t get a binder yet, or you’re transmasculine and need something you feel you can work out in!
Obviously it doesn’t compress like a binder would, but I also have a DDD chest so I can’t speak for anyone smaller.
Definitely a good buy!!